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Fullname Faith
Birthday December 12
Species Werewolf (CotM)
Age 60; appears 30
Height 5'5"
Weight 126 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Parents Fern
Occupation Free spirit, writer

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Faith was born as LeeAnn Pines in Windsor, Ontario during the year 1947. She had seven brothers and sisters and her father left her mother when she was only two years old. Her mother, Jane, was not a strong woman, and under the pressure of raising eight children and working in a sewing factory, had a mental breakdown. The government found her unfit to be a mother, and with no living relatives nearby save for a senile grandfather, the eight Pines children were put into foster care.

Foster care wasn’t that bad for Faith. She stayed with a well-to-do family a few miles off until she was thirteen. She grew attached and knew no other way, but when the father of her foster family lost his job, the couple could no longer afford a child and insensitively put her back into the system. An attractive and smart child, she was quickly taken in by a whimsical older woman named Fern.

Fern, despite being nearly fifty years old, was a hippie at heart. She did those stereotypical things that a hippie might: burned incense, smoked pot, went to too many concerts. Her long gray hair was worn in dozens of tiny braids. “Life is bigger than this,” Fern would say. She home-schooled Faith and was the first to call her Faith – “Your name doesn’t define you. I will call you Faith, since you reminded me that there is something more in this world.” She was always saying things like that. Then only thirteen, Faith wasn’t always sure what she meant, but she went along with it.

Faith developed into a dreamer, a poet. She had many boyfriends throughout her teenage years, girlfriends, too, and plenty of drugs. Still, she remained good at heart, never turning dark and cynical. She aspired to be a writer. After she turned eighteen, she got into a community college in Michigan, where Fern and she had been traveling.

Faith worked in a Wiccan shop throughout college, though she didn’t believe in its tales, she enjoyed the quirky tastes of the store’s owner and the cheerful customers. She dated few men, preferring to spend her free-time writing many failed manuscripts that publishers and agents never gave a second glance to.

After graduation, Faith travelled to Boston, hoping to become inspired by the intellectual community and history. She opened a tea shop in the suburbs and taught off-beat writing workshops to gothic high school students for $10 a class. It wasn’t much of a living, but she was a free spirit, and she did enjoy it.

Faith was twenty-five when she saved enough money to go back to school, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Maybe, she mused, she could write for newspapers and finally move into a house of her own instead of renting too-small apartments in shady areas. Faith was hired in at a suburban newspaper chain outside of Boston, but the 9-5 grind quickly wore her down, and by the time she was 28, she was itching to get out of Boston and reinvent herself.
She visited with Fern in Ontario, but found the older woman to be bitter, changed. Resilient, Faith moved west, earning money here and there. She settled down in British Columbia, working at a resort as a writing teacher and nature guide. It was there she met Todd.

Todd appeared in the woods one day, strangely enough. She mistook him for a lost hotel guest and guided him back to the resort, but he claimed he was more interested in her than the hotel. They went into town and grabbed a bite to eat, and ended up not returning back until 4 a.m. Todd was unlike most men she met. He wasn’t flirty or boring, he was exciting. He’d traveled the world. He had no money, only the clothes on his back, and he had no regrets. Faith became enthralled with him and they dated for a few weeks on and off before he left her.

Morose, Faith prepared to leave BC and head somewhere else in early 1977. On the night she was walking to the bus stop, she cut through the trails and suddenly saw Todd – when she glanced again, he was gone, and a wolf was in his place. She woke up hours later, changed, and already healed. Todd was standing above her, and with anger and confusion, she tried to leap at him, only to change into a werewolf herself.

Life went on at a steady pace. The two adventured together, travelled North America. As long as she was with Todd, she had no regrets; it was all a new adventure for her. One night in 2003, however, the two were hunting when Todd was killed by human hunters in Alberta. Grief stricken, Faith headed south, staying in her wolf form for months at a time. Though it was a wolf’s nature to protect humans, she once or twice struck out at them, injuring a child with her paws once, and biting her share of humans.

In fact, in late 2006 she changed a young man quite by accident near Portland, Jesse Poole. He’s been following her even since, and she’s been trying to get him off her tail… she’s been in Forks almost by accident, but staying because the town has some most curious smells.

Skills and Weaknesses

Writing – Faith has a talent for writing and thinking up new creative ideas.
Nature – She is one with nature, completely comfortable being outside.
Jack of all trades – Faith has had many jobs, from retail to gas station attendant. She’s resourceful and will do just about anything.
Free spirit – She goes where the wind takes her, nothing affects her too much.

Fear of commitment – Since Todd died she doesn’t want any friends or relationships.
Jaded – She doesn’t care about much right now and can be dangerous.
Slow to heal – For whatever reason, her wounds don’t heal as fast as other werewolves.
No knowledge – She has no idea about CotM legends and such.


Faith is a free spirit. She doesn’t care what people think of her. She doesn’t like material thing like money and belongings. She values creativity, love, and the Earth. Now that she’s been changed to a wolf, she’s still a free spirit, but the death of Todd has jaded her. She changes people when she wants. She isn’t too concerned about the safety of others, making her somewhat dangerous to be around; though she is not a very angry person… she just doesn’t care. Right now, Faith is afraid to get attached to anyone, so she’s running from one of the wolves she made, who is currently chasing her.


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