What do I do at Eventide?

Eventide is an online roleplaying game. You make up a character or use a character in the Twilight series and then interact with other characters. In a sense, it's a mix between acting and collective story-telling. There are no monsters to kill, points to get, or dice to roll.

What is a MUSH?

A MUSH is a text-based online social medium through which multiple users are connected at the same time in order to role-play. Often times a MUSH is said to be a Multi-User Shared Hallucination (or Hack/Habitat/Holodeck). It's an online chatroom that's been modified for roleplay. If you have ever roleplayed on a forum, you'll love the fact that poses/posts are sent in live time, you no longer have to wait a day or two to continue your RP.

Some great MUSH resources for beginners are:
MUSH Resources: Beginner's Guide
MUSH Client MUSH Playing Guide

How does that differ from a MUCK/MUX/MOO/MUD?

Most of differences are in the backend of the code (i.e. how it is programmed). However, there are a few functionality differences that you can learn about in the game by taking a look at the help files (+help).

Can I look around before I decide to join?

Yes, you can connect as a guest character and chat and learn about our game.

What type of character can I be?

You can play a character of your own or you can play one of the characters seen in the Twilight series. There are different guidelines for each. Staff will be monitoring the activity of Feature Characters and making sure they are played in a way that doesn't deviate far from how they were written. Original characters must fit the theme.

How do I apply for a character?

There are two ways. Feature characters (from the books) need to be applied for via e-mail, so connect to the game, read all of the news files, then submit an application (located on the game) to moc.liamg|hsumeditneve#moc.liamg|hsumeditneve. Alternately, you can create an original character right from the login screen and then write a background, personality, powers, and appearance for them. After staff approval, you'll be ready to go.

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Please use the 'Connect' link on the menu. Once on the game, type +staff to see who is a staff person that can help you out.

Where can I connect to the game?

You will need some way of accessing the Telnet protocol. Windows and Linux have built in Telnet programs that you can connect through.

On Windows XP, access Telnet by going to Accessories > Command Prompt. When it opens, type 'telnet' (with no quotes), and then then 'open eventide.genesismuds.com 1202' with no quotes. You'll be brought to our login screen and you can follow instructions from there.

We recommend downloading a client to play the game on, it's much easier. Check out Simple MU* or MUSH Client, both great, safe programs. Use the following information to connect to us:

ADDRESS: eventide.genesismuds.com
PORT: 1202

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