Feature Character Application & Policies


Before application:
Please talk to staff about your intent to apply.

After getting the FC:
-FCs must roleplay (not just be online) at least 4-6 hours per week
-FCs must stimulate and participate in public RP

Public scenes are scenes in grid areas where anyone can join (i.e., not somebody's house/local hideout). The scenes should also have different kinds of people in them besides the FC's usual faction to encourage more RP.


Please copy the application into a word processor, fill it out, being as detailed as you can, and then paste it into the body of an e-mail addressed to eventidemush @ gmail.com. You may want to write in on a word processor first to ensure correct spelling, grammar, etc.


  • No plagiarism! Don't copy and paste stuff you didn't write.
  • Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure count.
  • If possible, notify staff you are applying. This way, you won't run into trouble with another person apping at the same time.

I. OOC Information - all OOC info will be kept private and only read by staff.

Name/Alias (first):
Age (over 18 will do if you are past the age of 18):
Roleplay experience (where else have you played? For how long?):
Twilight knowledge (have you read Twilight? It's okay if you have not.)
Alts (on this game):
How many hours a week can you roleplay on the game?
When are you typically online? (include timezone)

II. IC Information - about the character

Full Name:
Race/Species (human, vampire, werewolf, shifter):
Faction (coven/pack):
Position (i.e., job):
Apparent Age (how old does s/he look?):
Home town:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Claim to Fame (how is the character known around town?):

III. Detailed IC Information - at least two paragraphs are expected on each item below.

Description (appearance and clothing)

Powers (if applicable):

Skills (at least three, see skills):

Weaknesses (at least three, see weaknesses):

Personality and quirks (how does the character act regularly? When mad? When sad? Is s/he loyal? What's different about the character?)

Background and history (several paragraphs, try to be creative, don't just list events that happened)

Family (short paragraph explaining family situation):

Sample Pose (type an example of a pose you would use on the game. Make up the situation and any other characters involved.)

IV. Character Development Questions

1.) What are your OOC plans for the character? (i.e., I want him or her to get married, I want them to be bitten by a vampire, etc.) List any tinyplots you'd like to see the character in or any player-run-plots you'd like to do.

2.) Who does your character trust most?

3.) Would you character ever compromise his or her morals in a life threatening situation? Explain.

4.) Does your character have any dark secrets? If so, explain.

5.) Describe your character in one word.

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