First Meeting

IC Time: 1820s
Location: Volterra
Synopsis: First meeting between Afton and Chelsea
Submitted by: Chelsea

Chelsea was found in the slums of London by a 'recruiter' who recognized her latent talents, clear even in her human forms. (maybe even Eleazar himself) She was brought to Italy and presented to Aro and he was pleased with her and she was pleased already by the dresses the recruiter did purchase for her for the journey over. Pleased to by the riches and promise of immortality. Aro himself changed her and in the months that followed did take her under his wing. Forming those early bonds to tie this powerfully gifted young woman to him. Though even he had to pass on her training to another after a time as more 'recruits' were brought in. Others that required his attention more than she.

So she sits now in the library of the castle in a divine form of white silk. Perfect ringlets framing her angelic face. Reading books as assigned to her by Aro, books on Italian language and culture though she looks little happy about it. Her gift is still in training and has been met with mixed results due to her easily distracted nature of a newborn.

Considering Afton was brought in off assignment of being out amongst the public, and working some loyalties of the more wealthy nobles and gentlemen of the time- he is still dressed of this age. Ebony jacket, slacks and shoes, crushed red velvet in the front, silk beneath- dressed like a true man of wealth. He even carries a tophat in one hand and a cane. His hair is short, as it was in the modern times, still keeping to the sleek style of someone of class.

His steps are slow as he enters the library, bright crimson eyes seeking the one that he has been sent to find. To train. A new pupil; and it just had to be a female. In these times, it makes it all the more difficult.

Chelsea tosses her current text towards a table in frustration, boredom at the homework and is quick to her feet. Well groomed she is, one might even believe her to be an angel come to earth save for her vivid red eyes, brighter than Afton even. As the door of the library opens she turns quickly to face it, a little wary it seems of those she does not know and perhaps still a bit put out that Aro has 'dismissed' her in her mind. "Wot you want?" She asks in a accent thick cheapside cockney accent, though to a human at least it would still sound music to their ears.

Despite Chelsea's lack of true common language- or perhaps its just the heavy accent, Afton's voice rings like the most expensive velvet, creamed with culture and education. "I am Afton, Aro has entrusted you to me to continue with your training." A simple answer, but there is an underlying nudge from his power in the hopes to calm her down.

Not knowing his power Chelsea does not realize that her shift in mood is altogether his fault. Well spoken and well he is handsome. Those factors alone could settle her mind surely. She looks him over curiously, a faint look of concentration on her face as she sets her own gift to work, but only to look, not to effect as Aro has taught her. The last few words cause an arching of her brow, "Fightin or the mind stuff?" She asks abruptly as she approaches him slowly. A panther approaching another predator it might look like if she was crouching, but she approaches upright and with her head up high. There is a certain pride to her to be sure, especially in the face of such 'nobility'.

Afton has always carried himself with a noble's grace, pride and confidence. It is only amplified with his vampiric nature- such things as easy to him as breathing air. Her approach and demeanor only brings a smile to his lips, one hand keeping his hand clutched between two fingers while his palms fold over his cane in front of him. "I'm here to teach you integration, my dear. How to be among humans, to pass off as one of them and keep them in the dark. The sublties that are a necessity of being part of the Volturi Guard."

"Well I was human not too long ago, I reckon I could figure it out on me own." Chelsea replies with that same touch of pride in her voice. Her footsteps pause a few feet away as she looks at him. Her words losing faith as she does remain …too still, her breath too infrequent. She cants her head slightly a touch of amusement on her lips at some thought passing through her mind. "You come to teach me to about being all posh like you, ain't ya?"

He can't help but grin some at that. "Being a human amongst humans is natural, being a vampire amongst humans is a whole different world. We move different, we don't breathe, we don't eat, we don't sleep. There are certain steps we have to take such as the appearance of blinking and breathing to make us look normal." At the latter, his grin widens. "Posh, not technically, but perhaps on the terms of teaching you to be a Lady, possibly."

Though she may look it, and even have the grace of a vampire, she still has much to learn on being a lady. Manners and the like. She wrinkles her nose at the mention of eating, "Well people don't eat or sleep all the time, thems easy enough to deal with, especially for a girl." She flutters her eyes in a caricature of a proper lady, "Oh I could not possibly, the corset is just far too tight today." She rolls her eyes at that, her toungue running over her teeth. Her mind already setting in the direction of hunger even at the talk of human food.

"You look a vision, Chelsea, but I can teach you to use your mannerisms, once honed, your beauty and your power to be able to bend humans and vampires like to your will. Under the direction of the Volturi, of course." Afton smiles, bowing his head slightly in a more relaxed gesture. "I have arranged for us to attend the party in a few days in France; a number of the notables will be present. One of which Caius has asked me to talk him into doing business with us; a boon to our funding, considering his wealth. Politics, but a good learning opportunity for you to attend."

She can not help but smile at the compliment he gives her and she does a pirouet on the spot. So she is a little vain and spoiled. She is a beauty, and one that has been spoiled by riches and clothing of late, the kind she has never known before. "Why thank you sir." She responds with a light chime of a life. His mention of power though does brighten her eyes further and an power hungry grin does touch her lips. "Aro has told you of my talents?" She asks far too casually as she starts to walk around him, as if to examine him instead.

"You are deserving, my dear." Afton returns to her thanks with his own charm, though her latter question makes him grin. "Protocal dictates I know as much as I can to better understand an apprentice to teach them as best I may. So yes."

Chelsea does a full circiut around the man, her red eyes afire with intensity. "Your bonds are strong to him…to them." She says casually, almost with a tone of disapointment and curiosity as she notes no others. She would have liked to play. A smile touches her lips as she goes about setting a bond between them, but her attempt lacks little skill at this stage. "What do you think you can teach me on the matter?"

"Your skill of manipulation isn't far from my own, though mine acts from words- yours is much more silent." Afton replies, feeling an oddity, but dismisses it for the time being. He hasn't learned the feeling of her tugs or bond-magic just yet.
His words cause her to pause and look upon him with wariness and distrust. Though she has been trying to do the same to him as he has done with her. "I would ask you not manipulate me with your…words." She sniffs in disdain as she moves to look around him again. "So…what can you teach me in three days?"

"Your not a target of mine, Chelsea. You are here to learn, not to be forced into something against your will. .. Well, except training. Perhaps some dancing, socializing.." Afton chuckles. "First, we leave tonight for France, but will run most of the way- will get us there about a day faster, and give us time for your preparation. We can talk about what you will learn then."
At his suggested mode of traveling Chelsea gives a curious look, looking down at her frock then back up him. "I might need time to find suitable clothing for the trip." Her silk frock and little satin slippers are hardly condusive to a run to france. She has little left the castle, relying on Heidi and her 'buffets' to keep her fed and to protect the city from the hunger of a newborn.

"Find something comfortable enough to run in and meet me down in the lobby. Don't fret about packing clothes- I have a present waiting for you when we get there." Afton smiles and turns to leave to get changed himself for the run there.
Chelsea looks over him for a moment as if weighing his words and then moves in a flurry of white silk down to her quarters. When she does meet with him she is in a dark traveling dress of a polished cotton with a woolen cloak. With a casualness of her former station, she hitches the skirt up enough to give freedom of her legs to run, revealing woolen hose and the bottoms of frilly bloomers. At least should they come across people she could unhitch her skirt and not be seen as uncouth for wearing pants.

Afton is waiting for her wearing pants of wool, finding it more stretchy than traditional cotton. Though for a shirt he wears a simple white poet's shirt to offset the black of his pants- and the knee high leather boots that have seen their wear in travel. His hands are also encased in black leather gloves. "Ready, then?"

There is a look of appreciation for his own look, but his question causes her to pause. She has not left this place since she has been brought here. A curious look of trepidation. She looks past him through the door and beyond before she settles herself, her pride winning out over her fear. Chelsea then dashes out the door past him.

"Tell Aro we will be back at the end of the week." Afton offers to one of the other guards before he takes off seconds after her. The run itself takes two days, far faster than it would be on Carriage. Towards the end of the first day, Afton brings them into a small city just on the edge of France. Here, they are a day away, but surely Chelsea needs to feed. "Hungry?" He offers in pause outside the town under the cover of the forest.

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