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Eventide MUSH is the original Twilight-themed MUSH, started in September 2008 by Cordelia, supported by Titania. Our purpose is to provide original and canon roleplay experiences in the Twilight setting. We are only loosely based on canon, so new players do not need to have read the books to play. We welcome new players at any time and offer vampires, humans, shape-shifters, and werewolves for application.


While Edward Cullen was busy falling in love with Bella Swan, the world of the supernatural went on. Vampires around the world continued their secret feedings and murders of humans, covens met and fell apart, and the Children of the Moon, the fabled werewolves of old, began to come out of hiding after losing a war to the vampires long ago.

It was no coincidence that after the Cullen family and their shifter allies from the Quileute reservation vanquished a great evil from Forks, Washington that a new generation of both good and evil began to filter in. The stage had been set for the meeting of three distinct, super-powered groups, and there was no way of stopping it.

The vampires came seeking revenge, companionship, and answers - after all, there were reports of a "werewolf" pack in La Push, and the Children of the Moon were long extinct, according to legend.

The Children of the Moon came for some of the same reasons, crawling out of the corners of the earth where they had hidden from their mortal enemies in hopes that the shape-shifters in La Push might symbolize hope for their kind.

In the meantime, the shifters and the Cullens had to deal with changes within their own groups - the sudden rush of outsiders was not welcome, and they have had to change their plans accordingly.

Despite the tensions brewing between the three groups of supernaturals — the vampires, werewolves, and shifters, Forks remains populated by humans with hopes, dreams, and fears. Unknowing to these humans, the vampire governing body, the Volturi, has ordained their protection after a series of murders and disappearances hit town. For now, the residents will be safe. For now, no war breaks out: but the meeting of four different species in one small town is bound to create trouble at some point…

Eventide is based off the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. The setting takes place after the third book, Eclipse, and the year is 2007 (as of 01/09 in real life).

Simple Summary

Our theme does not revolve around the Cullens or any canon characters. This is your story — whether you play a FC or an OC. It's a small-town setting with the potential to move and visit the surrounding larger cities. There is a lot of social-type RP: town football games, concerts, hanging out at the book store, going to the beach. There's also political RP available within vampire covens and werewolf packs. Combat does happen, but not everyday. We're Twilight-based, but this is not necessarily a romantic game — it's a supernatural game where just about anything can happen. And you don't need to know anything about Twilight to play.

TPs and PrPs

  • Staff does run tinyplots (TPs)
  • Players are able to run Player-run Plots (PrPs)
  • At any given time, specific TPs and PrPs will be posted on the boards


Q. Do humans with no knowledge of the supernatural get a lot of RP here?
A. Yes! We have lots of players that play humans. The RP is 'social,' meaning a lot of times players just hang out around town, spreading gossip and drama. You can be a shop owner, a student, a high ranking official… the sky's the limit.

Q. What's the best way to get involved in the RP? Do I have to play a FC?
A. No way! The best way to get involved in the RP is to create a character with a link to someone on grid. You can make an OC relative of another character, a coven/packmate, a co-worker, anything. Ask staff what's needed of look at board 3.

Q. How old are most of the characters?
A. Most characters' ages range falls from 16 to the mid 20s.

Q. Will the events in Breaking Dawn happen in Eventide?
A. We're hoping not — we're aiming for a completely different result, although it is up to players to determine their character's destiny. In fact, Edward and Bella or most other couples aren't even required to stay together (although there would have to be extensive plots and realistic reasons).


You will need some way of accessing the Telnet protocol. Windows and Linux have built in Telnet programs that you can connect through.

On Windows XP, access Telnet by going to Accessories > Command Prompt. When it opens, type 'telnet' (with no quotes), and then then 'open 4201' with no quotes. You'll be brough to our login screen and you can follow instructions from there.

We recommend downloading a client to play the game on, it's much easier. Google Simple MU* or MUSH Client, both great, safe programs. Use the following information to connect to us:

PORT: 4201

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