Genevieve Rose
Portrayed by: Alyssa White-Gluz
Fullname Genevieve Alynn Rose
Birthday March 08, 1980
Species WereWolf
Pack Pathfinders (Former)
Age 27
App-Age 19-21
Height 5'0"
Build Trimly Curved
Eyes Very Pale Sea Green
Hair Platinum Violet Blue
Parents Unknown
Siblings None
Occupation Owner of The Vintage C&C; A Clothing Store and Cafe

Current Plots

Building a Vintage Shop and Cafe


One of the older country homes on East Fern Hill Road in Folks has been reclaimed, updated, and turned into a vintage clothing shop and cafe on it's first level, the work has been going on the last few months, and it's only now that a face can be put to the building. Word of mouth Rumors and a small Ad in the local paper has shown that the Vintage C&C is hiring.
(Contact Genevieve (G) on the Game, Read BB2 and BB6)

Head Cashier (1)/Coffee Attendant (2) - Waitstaff (2-3)
Baker/Sweet Specialist (1) - Cafe Fare Chef (1)
Dishwasher/Cleaner (1-2) - Salespersons (3-4)
Tailor/Seamstress (1) - Leatherworker/Metalworker/Jewelry (1-3)
Computer Specialist (1) - Gardener (1)

Rebuilding the Pathfinders/Finding former Packmates


Genevieve was part of a very old pack that had settled into the NorthWest and Canada after they went into hiding in the 1800's. Packmates were added at the death of others, or when needed. The pack itself ranged from 3 to 8 members at it's strongest. Genevieve was the youngest and the only female, and served as the second in command to the Alpha before his death. The pack followed the formers alpha wishes three years ago and spilt in search of others of their breed, to gather again together in a place where they were needed. Genevieve belives this is Folks.

(The following list is of the former packmates that are up to be claimed and made after speaking with Genevieve (G), if the former members can not be found, there is also possiblities for Werewolves made by the former members, or those Werewolves that the pack found. If you have ideas feel free to contact me on the game. The following ages can be changed within 50 years. (Check BB6))

Loran Darling(445) former Alpha, maker of Doren, Genevieve and Todd. Assumed Dead.
Travis Sanderson (198) formal Beta to the pack, Tactician.
Doren Darling (117) great(x5) grandson to Loran, Playboy/Scout
Herb Sosa (101), former Military, Best Brawler.
Harry Mercy (59), youngest male member of pack, Commication Specialist.



Genevieve has always been a tiny girl, almost always the smallest in the class, the newest, the palest, etc. Because of this she has a hidden core of strength that she hides from most people. She doesn't seem to push what she thinks of herself instead she lets others make up their mind on what they think she should be or what she is, but deep down she has a true sense of self that no one can shake.

Gothic in appearance, she seems to shine brightly when she is playing the outgoing Gene, or the beautiful Rose. But it's the pale woman that watches others and remembers details that is the true Genevieve. And it's Howl that comes out when she sings, with she lets her passions lose and shares her songs with those she trusts.

Genevieve does trust easy, and it takes a long time for someone to gain insight into her little world, but once she lets someone in, she stays true to them. She's very much a pack animal and seems to shine the brightest when she's part of that pack, or a group, taking and sharing strength with those around her.


Basic Human

Skin of the palest cream, hair of the fairest platinum and eyes of a of winter sea have been highlighted with color on this striking young woman. Long waving curls of thick platinum hair has been dyed a deep violet-blue, shocking against the paleness of her face and throat. Strands have been woven with platinum ribbons and braided in places as it falls heavily down her back while twin curls framing her delicate cheekbones. The softest hue of pink crests the tops of cheekbones and is echoed in the pink shell of her full lips which are turned slightly at the edges. Her eyes bring the next touch of color as they are framed with thick sooty lashes and fine arched eyebrows; a star-burst of pale violet, blue and green make up eyes that shift from a frosty evening sea, to a misty forest morning and end with an intense foggy afternoon in summer. Her ears and chin are slightly pointed and the former holds two golden cuffs, and three sets of earrings, a platinum hoop has been etched with roses and has a matching circle in the cuff on her lower lip.

Small of form, but not lacking in womanly curves Genevieve stands barely five foot tall while making use of every inch of her pale body. A blouse-like chemise dyed of a soft pale magnolia and woven of a fragile cotton, clings to her shoulders and flows down her arms to be gathered at the wrists with antique buttons of a brushed platinum. The v-cut of the fabric gives a view of her fine throat and the golden necklace that drops down below ones vision. Gathered under her breasts is a fine bone corset of leather etched with a pattern of roses and gathered tightly at the back with ties and laces of platinum, adding a touch of color to the ebony midnight that forms her trim waist. A skirt of flickering layers falls from her clinched waist to just above her knees, in a mixture of platinum, sapphire and ebony hues, each layer interwoven with the next to give an vintage visage with a modern twist and still freedom of movement. Her firm legs are encased in clinging leather boots, that add no more than an inch to her height but flow up towards her thighs and are turned down into cuffs. A pack of dark clove cigarettes is tucked into one thigh-high boot, while a golden lighter seems to be tucked into the other.


Name Relation Notes
Holly Co-Party Thrower Gene met her on the beach during her first few days in town. Cool enough girl, seemed to like Gene's hair, which is always fun. Invited her to a party being thrown at her house, something about trying to get more people there than Tiago. Gene invited her over to the house/shop to see about a job later. Some boy/girl/family connection to Tiago.
Tiago Co-Party Thrower /Employee Gene met him on the beach during her first few days in town. Hot guy, who seems to think very highly about himself, but atleast he was honest when called on his "lines". Also invited her to the party at his/Holly's house and told her of the contest the pair had going. Gene thinks he might be worth getting to know and invited him over to the shop. He also commented on her hair, so he can't be that bad. Some girl/boy/family connection with Holly. Tiago is now working at the shop as a Delievery/Stocker/Heavy Lifting Guy.

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