Portrayed by: Dominic Purcell
Fullname Gregori Romanov Volturi
Birthday Jan 23
Species Vampire
Age Appears mid-twenties.
Height 6'6"
Weight 250 lbs
Eyes Crimson
Hair Brown/Black
Power None
Parents Deceased
Siblings Deceased
Occupation Volturi Bodyguard


Gregori was born to a lesser branch of the Romanov line, a cousin to Emperor. His upbringing reflected everything that a high ranking nobleman of the day should. He was well educated and served as an officer in the Russian army, befitting his rank and status. A marriage was arranged with a Germanic noble daughter and he stood to inherit his father's lands and fortune.

The uprising in 1918 changed everything. Along with the senior branch of the Romanov family, Gregori's parents were murdered. Wanting to avenge his family, while trying to avoid the same fate, Gregori returned to St. Petersburg from the field, disguised as a commonor. While searching for a means to his revenge, however, he was noticed by a nomadic vampire and turned.

Gregori took to his new life very well, a fact that surprised his maker. While Tatiana had turned him in hopes of creating a consort for herself, it was quickly apparent that Gregori did not return her affections. Not only was she a commoner, but the shiftless existance of simply feeding and travelling from place to place did not appeal to him. Gregori was unfailingly polite, however, having been weaned on the ways of chivalry from his human years. They parted ways amicably, though Tatiana continued to hold out hope for a later union.

When Gregori learned of the Volturi, however, he realized that there was a purpose greater than a nomadic life. Like humans, vampires had their ruling caste, their royalty and Gregori wanted to be a part of it. The young vampire journeyed to Volterra a mere five years after his creation and presented himself to the Brothers. Though he lacked a special "talent", his old-world courtesy, mannerisms and his "royalist" beliefs were enough to convince the Brothers to grant his petition.

Presently, Gregori's duties are as a bodyguard for the ancient vampires. His courtesy and chivalry have made him a favorite among the Wives and on the rare occasions where the ladies make an appearance, he will undoubtedly be there as well.

Timeline and Current Plots


Due to Gregori's imperial upbringing and heritage, he is very much a "royalist". He believes in the "divine right of kings" and sees the Volturi as the true and correct leaders of vampire-kind. He accepts the leadership of the Brothers in the same sense that he accepted the leadership of his cousin, the last Emperor of the Romanov dynasty. He believes in the Volturi cause: to protect and enforce the lawns of secrecy for the betterment of the vampire species. Unlike many in the Guard, Gregori does not see this as a means to further his own personal power base. He genuinely believes in what the Volturi stands for.

Gregori is every inch the nobleman. He is unfailingly courteous and polite, considering lesser behavior a reflection of lesser blood. He is quite chivalrous, which makes him a favorite of the Wives. However, some of his beliefs are considerably "dated" and are in conflict with more modern ideas. He does not discount the usefulness of the women of the Volturi, but has difficulty when they are in combat positions, often seeking to protect them. He also has a highly developed sense of honor. He will not soil his honor with rude or inglorious behavior, believes in fulfilling his duties to the best of his ability and always treats women with respect and courtesy. However, he is quick to respond to slights or insults to his honor and other members of the Guard have learned to avoid triggering his temper.

Skills and Weaknesses


Combat Abilities:Gregori is not only physically imposing, he is a skilled combatant. He is trusted as a personal guard of the ancients, particularly the Wives.

Reputation: Gregori has a good reputation among the Guard as an honorable and skilled individual. It's no secret that the Wives hold him in high regard. He is generally considered to be honest and dependable.


Chivalry: Though the concept pre-dates him by a few hundred years, Gregori believes in the tenets of chivalry. He will face an enemy with honor, he will treat all women with courtesy, he will defend all slights to his reputation and will always conduct himself with grace. He sometimes makes the mistake of thinking that everyone else will operate on these same principles. Also, his beliefs demand that he protect women, so he sometimes has difficulty when female members of the Guard are in a combat position.

Temper: In spite of his chivalrous beliefs, Gregori does have a temper. He will always respond to a slight on his honor and will react harshly to those who he considers to be dishonorable or inglorious. His buttons can definitely be pushed.


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