Portrayed by Laila Ali
Full name Gwendolyn Mariah Etienne
Birthday December 20, 1880
Species Vampire
Age 127 (25)
Height 6'3
Weight 160+
Eyes Crimson
Hair Dark Brown
Power Shadow Manipulation
Parents George and Mary (Deceased)
Family Benjamin (Dead Husband), Johnny, Jim, and Josiah (Biological Triplet Sons, now vampires)
Occupation Biker


1880. Has it really been that long? Time seems to fly when you're having fun…or stop needing to breathe. I was born free. Gwendolyn Mariah Etienne, an early Christmas present you could say to my mother, the cook, and my father…the boss who couldn't socially claim me as his own. Officially, my father was a fieldhand named George. He may not have birthed me but he sure raised me. He didn't have a son, he had me. So between trying to be a good girl for my mother and learn how to cook and curtsey and such…and then dealing with my father in the fields picking whatever crop that was the boss was growing, I had a rather diverse upbringing. My father taught me that if somebody hits you…you hit them back basically. Simple rules. When you're bigger than the boys as a little girl though, you don't get hit that much. I've always been big. I've always had a wicked right hook and I rarely ever gave a damn about anybody but myself, and my family.

I grew up this way. Learning to fight, loving to ride when allowed…living a life that didn't stray far from the bossman's property. I was set up to marry old Big Joe's son, Benjamin Bratford…I remember now. I think he was the only boy who proposed to me because he was the only boy who's head didn't come up directly to my chest. It was a spring wedding I think, his folks were Bayou folks. My dress was white…and simple and my mama had made it herself. I was a wife once, I was pregnant once too…I had three little boys. Johnny, Jim, and Josiah. They were babies when I left one day to go on a trip to Shreveport with my mother in law. Then I died. I remember it…in a way. I also remember trying to fight, hit that terrifying perfect angel of man who was eating my mother in law. I think I broke something. Then I died. I've been dead ever since…

Timeline and Current Plots


Gwendolyn could be a southern belle if she wanted. She's got the manners in there somewhere. She just doesn't care anymore and has always had the size and distracting good looks to get away with quite a bit. She's friendly on the outside if she's in a good mood, but not afraid to tell it like it is. She's also got a temper that makes it dangerous for her to try to go around other species…humans…or even little ducks when she's mad, things usually die. Confrontation excites her, even if she's not planning on following through…just the tension and potential conflict. She cares about herself and her family…if she gets close enough to somebody to feel protective over them for any reason…usually they amuse her in some way, she'll extend that care to them as well. She's a survivor, concentrating on what she has to do to keep her, her species and her boys alive.


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