Jorja Fox as Helena Lyons
Fullname Helena Beatrice Lyons
Birthday March 15, 1981
Species Human
Age 26
Height 5'7"
Weight 125
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Curly Dark Brown
Power Speed
Parents Roger Lyons (father), Janet Lyons (mother)
Siblings 2
Occupation Doctor


Helena was born in Forks, daughter of a local politician, Roger Lyons, and a nurse, Janet. She was an intelligent and serious child, her focus always on her schoolwork through her years. From an early age she decided she wanted to be a doctor and really set to everything she did with that goal in mind. She would be the one hunting down the school nurse if a kid got hurt at school and offering to help out. Who would find wounded animals and nurse them back to health.

With the help of scholarship funding she left for the University of Washington in Seatle. It might not be Harvard but it had a more than reputable medical program. So the next 8 years were spent in Seattle. Of course she came home for brief visits over the school Holidays, but with her studies, those visits were brief and far between.

She was completing her first year as a resident when her mother suffered a stroke. So it is now she returns to Fork, talking the local hospital into letting her serve her residency, so she can be near to help her Dad take care of her Mother. She came to work at the Forks Community Hospital to gain more experience than her book education could even provide.

One night while on one of her usual jogs she was 'attacked' by a werewolf and bitten and now Helena must deal with the double life of werewolf and Doctor, a life she is working at fighting. Trying to get back to business as usual, though she has found an uneasy companionship with her maker, Emma and an odd friendship with the town priest, Vincent.


Character Reactions: Friends-She would be relaxed and in general good humour with her friends, though as she gets used to Forks again she might remain on the outside of social situations. Enemies-I suppose enemies come in many different styles, Work Rivals, the rowdy on the street that wants her purse, the beasts of the night that she doesn't know exists. Living in Seattle for the past 8 years has introduced her to the two former ones for sure. Professional Rivals she would just do her best to make sure she outshines them with her skill. Rowdies on the street she has taken some self defense training for. So tries to be proactive by not putting herself in situations where she might get attacked. Carrying pepper spray with her and not being shy about using it should a situation come up. Beasts of the night? Tales to scare children!

Humor-style: A bit sarcastic really when it does rear its head. No doubt she will face people who watched her grow up challenge her skills as a doctor, a frustration she will try to meet with humor, "Ya know Helena, I knew you when you used to run around in your knickers and now you are wanting to see mine?" "Yes Henry, now its my turn, turnabout is fair play afterall! Bend over."

Attitudes towards Life/Death: To be protected at all costs! She is fiercly dedicated to the life of her patients even when it might be past giving up. She must heal, cure, send them out the door alive and it will be a hard lesson to learn that that will not always happen and to accept that. So is still in the idealistic stage of her career. Surely her schooling has prepared her for it, but what you learn in a book and the real life experiences are often quite different.

Traits: Stubborn and Willful, which should help see her through the trying years of residency back in Forks. Definately not a quiet wallflower, who will sit in the corner while something is happening she needs to comment on, though it might take her some time to get used to being back in Forks again. Country girl gone City girl gone Country Girl again.

Trustworthiness: Fairly trusting nature, though not 'stupidly' so. She will take precautions should the situation warrent it. As far as trusting her, as long as the secret is told will not endanger the life of someone it will be held to her grave.


Name Relation Description
Emma Her Alpha Emma turned Helena during the Full Moon in a fit of panic while Helena was out jogging. Helena causes her quite a bit of consternation with her inquisitive, scientific and stubborn nature.'I turned a geek, how could I be so unlucky'
Luc Friendly Helena took an instant like of this frenchmen. Not only for his looks but his wit and intelligence. She has found a common ground with this man.
Brian Neutral Possible saved her from a second vampire attack by Lilly by his presence. She is grateful to him, yet for trade of information she did extract a promise from him. Emma was not to go to Volterra.
Jacob Neutral Jacob and his tribe have graciously allowed CotM to reside on La Push. Helena met him once by accident, though the she was disconcerted by the meeting, she holds it not against him.
Lorelei Neutral One of the first of the Quileutte indian wolves she met, her first knowledge that there were two kinds of wolves.
Aset Friend of Emma? Helena has not met this person but thinks ill of him as his capture has threatened to take Emma away from her while she is learning.
Abbey Friend of Emma? Helena has not met this person but thinks ill of him as his capture has threatened to take Emma away from her while she is learning.

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Personal Logs

Title: Helena meets Luc at the Smokehouse - 5/25/2007
Quick Description: Helena and Luc have a human moment


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