Helena Meets Luc At The Smokehouse

IC Time: May 25th, 2007
Location: The SmokeHouse
Synopsis: Helena and Luc meet
Submitted by: Helena

It's Friday night. The bar is hopping — tables crowded, music blaring. In the corner, Luc plays darts without a competitor. He's long established his uncanny skill, and nobody seems up to the challenge. Luc aims a dart and throws it, hitting the bullseye with a bored sort of satisfaction. He heads toward the dartboard to grab the darts, on the way, picking up his scotch.

Helena has not exactly made much time to socialize since the 'changes' in her life, but well sometimes you just need to get out and away and get a drink. She steps into the bar wearing a simple black shift dress than ends right above the knees and black heels. The girl can pretty up when not in her usual sweatsuit. She walks to the bar and laughs, "Robert? You are working the bar? Last time I met you you thought alchohol was the devil's drink." The man grins at her, "Well sometimes you need a little sin in your life." Helena shakes her head at the old friend, "Well scotch on the rocks…" She orders, not having drunk since her change, not even thinking about the change might effect this. She takes a deep breath and it is then she notices a familiar smell in the room and her narrowed gaze shifts to seek it out and it falls upon Luc.

Luc sips from his own scotch, scanning the room. His eyes go to the bar, perhaps looking for Brian, but finding instead, Helena. He takes the drink from her lips and raises it gently in greeting, his lips falling into a smile. "Evening," he calls, though it's likely lost in the music and beat of the bar. He pauses for a moment, glancing to the dart board before taking a few long strides in the other wolf's direction. "Scotch? A woman after my own heart." Luc's smile fades slightly, "I did meet with Emma — thank you for your assistance." He pauses, "How's your car?"

"Well I am a doctor now, I can't keep drinking crap beer like I did at University." Helena responds to Luc as she slides the glass to her lips and takes a sip. She glances down at it for a moment in surprise. "Huh…it tastes a bit different now…" She murmurs before glancing up to Luc and holding her glass out for a toast, "So, safe to drink now?" She asks with a laugh before setting it to her lips again. Her already racing heart has increased a little as he moved to sit next to her, though at least she doesn't act like some flustered schoolgirl. "Hanging in there like always…" She leans in closer, "Emma thinks it would be safer running then in my old girl, but I am not quite ready to get rid of her yet."

"A bit more complex, no?" Luc says, adding on to Helena's suggestion about the different tastes. He samples his own drink and then sets it down carefully, very aware of when Helena leans in closer to comment about the car. He looks away for a moment before responding. "Keep the car," he suggests warmly. "They might be slow, but there's something comfortable about driving. Besides, the mechanics are amazing. They've come so far in the past fifty years. I've been itching to get myself one of those hybrids," he muses. Luc's cheeks color. "…Sorry." He goes to the drink quickly, then clears his throat afterward. "So, when I saw Emma yesterday, she seemed to be doing really well. Civilized, I mean."

"Yeah…I suppose its not all bad…" Helena murmurs as she takes another sip of the drink, relishing the flavours. "Well I suppose I should spend a paycheck to get the engine worked on…She was my first car. I suppose I am a bit sentimental about it. Emma won't ride in it…" She says the last with a bit of a laugh. She tilts his head at his apology, a raised brow in curiosity as to what he pertains to. Though when he speaks of talking to Emma, her own cheeks take on a bit of colour. "Yes she said she talked to you…"

Luc shares a laugh with Helena about Emma's reluctance to ride in a car. "I can't see her wanting to hop in any car. If you need a good place to get it fixed, I know this place up in Port Angeles. If it could make it there," he jokes. Luc rests his arms on the bar. "Oui — she talked more to Brian, though. Gave some information about the Volturi." He appears for a moment worried, tired. "I hope it works out." He rattles the ice in his glass idly. "On a brighter note, I was a bit taken aback by Emma's er, ability. Read my mind. I'm a little jealous." Luc glances toward Helena, "Wish I could do the same sometimes, you know?"

Helena reaches out and nudges his shoulder, "No picking on my girl, she got me here from Seatle and back several times, she can make it to PA." She responds. Its just hard stopping it has problems with! She looks down into her glass for a moment, trying to focus on something to cool down her cheeks before taking another drink of the cold liquid. "I sorta feel guilty about that…but well, I am not settled in enough to be…alone." She says vaguely, in a low voice. She looks up sharply at the last words, "Yeah, I am still getting used to it. I can't…read her so well unless I change." She tries to keep the terms vague in case they are overheard in the crowded bar. At the last words she flushes and looks away again. "Sometimes that can be dangerous…to know too much…"

"If you say so… I'll make sure to pack my chains in case I see you on the side of the road and need to give you a tow," Luc responds lightly, going slightly tense with Helena's touch. He exhales slightly, realizing suddenly that he feels more /human/ than he has in a long time. At that, he smiles, and extends his smile toward Helena. "Don't feel guilty. Brian understands Emma's committment, as do I. The truth is, there's probably not much anyone can do," he says bluntly, lifting his glass and finishing the copper liquid. Realizing the sobriety of his statement, Luc tries to lighten the mood. "I suppose you're right. Mysteries are a beautiful thing in themselves, non?" He flags down the bartender, preparing to order another drink. "So, tell me more about your practice. What sort of doctor are you?"

Helena actually does laugh at the teasing this time, relaxing for the first time in a long time. With her mother ill, school, moving, then changing, things have been entirely too serious for Helena of late. "Thanks for that…" She murmurs as she finally looks back at him. "I am used to doing stuff alone, but this is so far out of my league." She explains before tipping back the last of the scotch and sliding the glass over the counter, "Can I have more sin please." She teases her old friend who laughs and looks curiously between the pair before getting up another drink for each of them. "Well I am just a resident at the moment, my main area of interest was emergency medicine…"

Luc nods understandingly. "It's good you have a mentor of sorts," he offers, looking, for a moment, lost, as if thinking about the past. He shakes the thoughts away, instead focusing on Helena. "Emergency medicine? Ahh. Engaging — coming up with split-second decisions and diagnoses. What's it like to save somebody's life? I mean, that's strange question, but I guess it must feel wonderful." No, he has no experience in that, even as a wolf. For that, he slouches, and is thankful for the drink when it comes.

Helena shakes her head a bit, "yes and no…She is no new, she can't answer even half the questions I have asked her. She said she never bothered to find out." There is a certain note of frustration to her voice. She is a scientist, she likes to study, to understand, to question something. And THIS is a big something. As the glasses are returned full she gives a nod to the barman before continue the low spoken conversation. She runs a finger over the rim of the glass, "She suggested…that I might be better asking you…that you have been around for awhile." She cants her head to him curiously, "I am not quite sure I want to know how long she meant…" She says with a nervous laugh before relaxing at the question of her profession. "I think too much, it helps me focus my thoughts and forces me to make decisions on my feet." She shrugs a bit, "Its like winning a game…all the pieces fall into place and you get a good outcome, in emergency medicine though…the pieces don't always fall into place, not like in surgery."
Luc leans one elbow on the bar and places his chin in his hand, thinking and listening before he closes his eyes for a moment and opens them again. "Are you calling me old?" he finally settles on, smiling crookedly and straightening his posture. His brown eyes grow serious, "I can tell you if you really do want to know." His palms sweat, afraid that his answer might frighten her. "Beyond that, I can answer any questionsd you have about… us." Luc coughs. That came out weird. "I mean, our kind." Looking away, Luc turns back to listen to Helena talk of medicine. "Must be exhilirating. That's what I love about historical research. When you finally uncover what /really/ happened, it's quite victorious. Not that something as mundane as newspaper clippings and artifacts can compare to the importance of a human life, but, I try." Luc smiles gently.

Helena laughs at the question, "Well, I suppose I am, though you are well aged." She responds as she glances over at him. Yes there is an appeal there, mentally and physically. Maybe the attraction enhanced by the full moon only days away. Maybe it is natural. Maybe just an escape. "I am taking the information as it comes, just a little bit at a time, but the surprises are starting to overwhelm me sometimes. I wonder if I should just sit down and find out everything like it or not." She tips the glass to her lips as she listens to him speak. She is quiet for a time before canting her head to him, "Ok, I bite…how much of your history is…first hand research?"

"Merci — Thank you, I suppose," Luc says, with a grin, sipping his second scotch. "Depends what you like. If you don't like surprises, I'd recommend just sitting down for a good… four hours and learning. More, if you're particularly interested in the history of the Children of the Moon," he adds. Helena's last question causes the man to gently arch his brows. "I'm not so old that it would be impossible for me to be alive and still human, if that's any comfort," he says quietly. "After all, I can still pass for thirty, right?" His eyes twinkle. "…107." Luc drinks to that, mainly because he feels he'll frighten her — might as well get it over with.

"Four hours? That's not so bad." Helena says with a light laugh and another sip of her drink. She isn't even really noticing the effects of the drink yet with her increased metabolism. As he gives his age, Helena actually looks a bit relieved. Obviously she was imagining a much higher number than that, though she still tips her drink back and sets the glass on the counter again. Helena looks over to Luc for a moment before nodding to one of the booths.

Luc watches Helena's reaction carefully. Though she looks relieved, she doesn't respond. His jaw tightens and he drums his fingers on the bar for a moment. When she nods to a booth, he exhales — maybe this wasn't so bad. Luc rises in a clean motion and retrieves his wallet, laying down some money before he heads toward the booth, in case they decide not to drink anything else. "I would never ask a lady her age, but I'm quite sure you're much younger." Luc hesitates. "I understand if you feel… well, nevermind."

Helena lays some cash of her own on the bar, before following Luc to the booth, making her way neatly through the crowd. Occasionally stopped by some person or another familiar to her from the hospital or from before she left. Mostly male. She slides into the booth neatly, sitting across from Luc. She can't help but laugh at his question of her age. "Well I was feeling quite old till a moment ago, I am 26 in …human years." She says with a wrinkle of her nose at the term before canting her head, "Three weeks old otherwise." She explains, glancing down at the table, for her part worrying he will find her far too young.

"Twenty six?" A small amount of color comes to Luc's cheeks. "Mon dieu. I'm sorry," he offers, "for the way I was acting… if it made you uncomfortable." Hitting on somebody seventy years younger? She was probably repulsed. "But… on the other hand, I really will answer any further questions you have. There's something I forgot to tell you last I saw you. I was thinking of our discussions about the gene mutation. As you know, it wasn't transmitted by birth, as are most. After bite," his voice drops, "some process occurs where the genes /safely/ mutate into something completely different. The DNA patterns rewrite, apparently. Like I said, I'm more of a historical guy, but even I can see the potential use in discovering that process and using it to help cure inherieted diseases and conditions…" his voice trails off. Ah, yes. Always turn to academics when the moment gets uncomfortable.

Helena bites her lower lip at his response and looks down at the table. Yep awkward moment until his apology and she looks up sharply, "No…it was nice, there is nothing to apologize for…It was flattering. I haven't exactly felt…like a woman since all this happened. Hard to feel beautiful when you think you are a monster." She lets her words trail off quickly thinking she might yet offend him. Her fingers drum on the tablet top for a moment before the 'safe' topic comes up and she looks up again with a bright light of interest in her eyes. "It is probably worth looking at the differences in coding between the Indians and Us….I am told they 'inherit' this differently then we do? Compare those differences to a normal human. Find what the change is. Gene therapy is advancing every year…" She wrattles on for a moment before her voice trails off and she looks up at Luc, "This is nice, I can't talk about this with Emma…"

"A monster?" Luc nods his head with understanding, his eyes searching Helena's. "I know how you feel, trust me." He reaches a hand across the table and tries to take Helena's, if she permits it. His skin is warm. "But you… you're /not/ a monster, Helena. True, I haven't known you but a few days, but you've saved peoples' lives. You still do. You've never hut anyone; plus, you've made me feel more human than I have in years." He looks away and then tries to drop her hand, embarrassed by his speech. Back to the safe topic. "…I'll take some samples and we can send them to a secure lab. We could talk to the Indians."

Helena's gaze looks down at the hands as his takes hers, her heart rate increasing a bit more at the touch. "I think I can almost believe it when you say it." She says in a quiet voice before looking up to him. "I suppose I more or less still feel like me, I just got a new …hobby." She gives a little laugh at that and shakes her head. "What a hobby…" She snorts indelicately before looking back to his face, his eyes. As he tries to let go, her hands tighten on his. "Well you have made me feel more human than I have in weeks…I don't mind spending more time with you if you can ignore…the age difference." A odd look of amusement on her face at that. Well direct isn't she? "So…give me some history…"

Luc 's heartbeat quickens for a moment at Helena grabs his hands. He focuses on her words though, and laughs. "I like it. A hobby…" A blush comes to his cheeks at her return compliment, and then — "It doesn't bother /you/? I don't mind," he says quickly. "And as for history? The bar doesn't do it justice. How about you come over my temporary place tomorrow night and we'll talk? I'm living in an apartment in Port Angeles. My house er… burned down."

"Well…if I don't cure this thing, I could be 107 someday with a hot bod…would that bother you?" Helena drops her gaze for a moment shaking her head at the crazy sound of those words. "You hardly look your age, and well I would be lying if I said I didn't like the way you look." She laughs at the invitation, "Yeah, if my car can make it." She brings back from his teasing earlier. Maybe the boose is helping her to relax, maybe just him. "Its nice to talk to someone who understands what I am asking." She finally says in a more serious tone when she looks up directly into his eyes again. Not just the bod it seems.

Luc laughs. "That's true. 107 and wearing that dress? I wouldn't mind at all," he says, leaning in for a moment and meeting Helena's gazxe. "Thanks. I feel the same way. Intelligent, beautiful, and in on the little secret. What more could one ask for?" he barely whispers, unsure if he does want her to hear it. "I'll see you tomorrow then? I have to catch up with Brian about the whole Volturi business." He frowns and stands up, waiting for a goodbye before making an exit.

"This old thing? If I had know you were going to be here I might have worn something nicer." Helena responds with a touch of laughter to her voice. Mostly relaxed she is, and well seeming quite confortable in the company of men. "Well it certainly satisfied the neccessary criteria." As he moves to leave she scoots out of the booth as well. Her body tenses at the mention of the Volturi but nods. Well she did make them promise to ensure her Alpha didn't go, she can't exactly back out now just because she thinks one of them is hot. "Take care of yourself, I will call you from the road if my car breaks down." She says in a teasing tone.

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