Holly Magnuson
Portrayed by: Skye Sweetnam
Fullname Holly Derloitte Magnuson
Birthday February 6
Species Human
Age 19
Height 5'7"
Weight 130ish
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Parents Leo Magnuson
Occupation Student
Journal Holly's Notebook


People are quick to judge. I went through a stage – okay, still am, maybe – where I liked to dress a little different, listen to my music a little too loudly, and of course, brag I’ve tried every drug under the sun when in reality, I have not. Anyway, it often gets a reaction out of the older people. A reaction that seems to say, what happened to that girl? Her life must have been tragic.

That’s where they are wrong. My life has been completely unremarkable… It’s actually been rather good. I can’t recall a time in my childhood where I felt particularly unhappy. My mom, Sarah, and dad, Leo, lived together with me in our renovated farm house in the town of Forks, Washington. I went to daycare because my parents worked everyday – my mom as an orderly at the hospital, and my dad as an engineer at a small company outside of Port Angeles.

Growing up, I wanted a sister or a brother desperately, but all I got was a cat. I hated cats. Not so unfortunately, the cat ran away after I left the door open one night. I guess my parents caught on, because instead of getting the brother, sister, or even dog I’d rather have, I got a fish. I wasn’t a spoiled child, despite our comfortable living situation. I didn’t get allowance, I had an embarrassingly early bedtime, and my birthday parties consisted of lawn chairs and cake in the backyard. I blame mom for how strictly I was raised. Dad? Well, he was rather detached. I watched him come and go to work, not saying much, not sparing too many smiles.

They got divorced when I was thirteen. Later, my grandma would say she saw it coming all along – my mom was a flighty bitch. I don’t think so, even to this day. She was just tough as nails, and didn’t want to take my dad ignoring her anymore. She wanted me to move with her to California, but I refused. Asking a thirteen year old girl to move is not a good move. By that time, I was well-established in middle school with a group of friends, a secure spot on the volleyball team, and a boyfriend that held my hand between classes.

Dad and I lived together rather well. He didn’t have as many rules. I stayed out late with my friends and my boyfriends over the next few years, but I never strayed from the robust morals my mother had instilled in me – I still had to see her once a month, and she quizzed me ruthlessly about everything you never want to talk to your mother about. I was a good girl, I got okay grades, and for the first three years of high school, I dated the same guy. His name was Bryan, and later, I would cite him as the reason for spiraling into “depression.”

Senior year of high school, Bryan and I broke up on the day of prom. It dramatic and ridiculous, as one might imagine; but in the mind of a seventeen year old girl, it was devastating. I stopped talking to my friends and holed myself up in my room. By that time, my dad and I hadn’t been talking much for years, anyway, so it was easy not to speak with him. I met a new group of friends during senior year – the ones that looked bad, acted bad, and talked bad, but who were really just good kids seeking something new. I quickly became like them, dying my light brown hair, loading on make-up, and buying clothes at Hot Topic.

My dad only seemed to really notice when he lost his job. Conveniently, it was just as school got out. I was doomed to a summer of facing my dad every minute I was home. Our relationship changed. Suddenly, he was interested in what I was doing. Suddenly, there was a curfew, an interest in my boyfriends. I guess he had nothing better to do. I was angry at first, rebelling at every chance I got, but after a few months, it got old. We begun watching movies together, hanging out when I was home. It was going pretty well – he even had a job offer in La Push – and then, he found World of Warcraft, and consequently, Maria.

Maria’s, my dad’s online girlfriend. At first, I thought it was just a thing that would pass over. However, my dad proclaimed they were in love and after awhile, that Maria was actually moving in with us, and bringing some punk son of hers. Suddenly, my rather cozy living arrangement isn’t looking so good anymore.

I guess I’ll go back to school, but if that fails, I seriously am going to have to explore drugs or something, and not just pretend to.


Couch potato – Holly is somewhat lazy. She doesn’t like doing things that take a terrible lot of effort, preferring life to just slide by at a leisurely pace. She gets annoyed when she has to take action.
Pretender – Holly, deep down, is a person with morals and reservations, but outwardly, she tries to act tough and streetwise. She is neither, and her acting skills aren’t great.
Dislikes children – She hates kids. They annoy her to the point where she’s yelled at parents for out of control children before.
Trusting – Holly tries to act tough, but in reality, she’s very trusting to anyone that puts on a good show… she’s a bit easy to manipulate.
Flirty – She’s been through a slew of boyfriends and has no problem being forward.
Social – Similar to above, she’s not the typical quiet emo girl in the corner. She will engage in conversation with almost anyone.
Chameleon – she’s a bit two-faced, but not intentionally so: the girl will change her personality subtly to act like those around her. Again, she’s easily influenced. On the positive side, she’ll pretty much go with the flow with any situation.
Irresponsible – She loses stuff all of the time, and blows her money on unnecessary items. She’s also a mooch.
Hydrophobic – She cannot swim and is afraid of the water to some extent.
Neat – despite her laziness, she’s a bit of a clean freak.
Moody – she's relatively mercurial when it comes to happiness, sadness, or anger.


Name Relation Notes
Brian (NPC) Ex-Boyfriend On-again off-again boyfriend and booty call and boyfriend, Holly's relationship with Brian is going nowhere, but it's something she still clings to from time to time. It's a relationship of convenience and distraction, wrought with hurt from old wounds.
Carly Acquaintance Holly doesn't know Carly that well, but she can appreciate the younger girl's enthusiasm… secretly. She does have a punk image to maintain.
Charlene Friend A relatively laid-back, normal girl that Holly enjoys venting to.
Liam Acquaintance She met him at the Halloween party after several beers — he seems like an all-around good kid. Maybe too good. He did, however, have the decency to take care of her after she near passed out from drinking too much, and didn't even hold a grudge over the fact that she almost killed him with a ladder.
Trevor Acquaintance Another kid she knows vaguely from FHS but only recently begun talking to. She suspects he has feelings for Piper.

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"Sweet Misery" by Michelle Branch

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