Human charactersplay a significant role in the game. As a human, you can still have interaction with the supernatural, although your character may not be aware of their abilities and species. There are a few important things to note when playing a human character:

  • A human knowing that vampires exist is in danger of being murdered by the Volturi in order to protect secrecy. However, there are many work-arounds to this. A human knowing about vampires does NOT mean they will be killed.
  • A human with knowledge of the werewolves or shifters is not in danger, but this is extremely rare.
  • Human/vampire relationships are a restricted concept; werewolf or shifter and human relationships are normal.
  • Shifter imprinting is somewhat restricted — staff permission is required.
  • Though humans are fragile, this doesn't human characters will have no role in the game and the conflict. Be creative, but stay realistic.

Humans are excellent characters to develop. For the most part, they are neutral in terms of any conflict — it is often fun to see how the character's opinions develop. In addition, humans have the possibility to be turned into a vampire or a werewolf in the future. Playing a human is highly suggested for all players, even if it's just as an alt. The possibilities for humans are truly endless.

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