Idrissa Cusati
Portrayed by: Jessica Alba
Fullname Lucia Allesandra Cusati, AKA Idrissa
Birthday October 31st, 1800
Species Vampire
Age Appears early 20ish
Height 5'5
Weight 140ish
Eyes Crimson red, yet with contacts can be any color
Hair Dark Brown
Power No 'powers'
Parents Father Alessandro and Moother Rosia
Siblings Brothers: Alessandro II, Benny, Michael, Steven, Mario, Sisters: Alessandra, Genoveffa, Alyssia, Sophia
Occupation Odd Jobber


She was born near Naples, Italy the year 1800. Her full name was one Lucia Alessandra Cusati and she was the tenth and last child of Alessandro and Rosia. Her father was a jewelry maker along with owning several small farms along the outskirts of the main city so having such a large family was not unheard of.

Lucia had a rather happy childhood; she played with the rest of her siblings and other children in the city, and never had a problem with friends seeing how her family was slightly wealthy then others in the area. She did not have a need for anything her parents still wanted her to learn the meaning of work, so at the age of five she went with her siblings to work on the family's farms. While at first she didn't have complicated jobs, feed the chickens, collect eggs and the like she found that she actually liked the work. She was away from the smelly city and off near the forests and in the trees half the time. As she got older she was given more jobs about the farm, tending to the fields and helping with the larger animals. In the end her parents turned her into a young woman that loved anything dealing with nature. Animals flocked to her as she was often calm and soothing to them as she never harassed or bothered them like her dear siblings would. Over time she had a good amount of animal friends, normally one or two following her around the farm as she worked.

Still her parents made sure she had some education in her background, when not working on the farm a private tutor would come and school the children in different subjects. While none of this applied to Lucia she stuck to it for as long as she could handle it. Often she would sneak off to go wandering in the forests around her home with friends to cause problem and have funs. One thing that she did enjoy learning was music; while she wasn't much into singing she did enjoy playing the violin. Lucia seemed to have an eye for detail and doing everything (that she wanted to do) to the best of her ability. Her siblings could never match the skill she had with the instrument, and often teased her over it. Over time she became an expert violinist, gardener and as her siblings put it animal whisperer.

The world around there sleepy city was not all safe though. In the year 1820 Austrian armies came through and crushed many uprisings that happen thanks to Napoleon and other problems around the area. She meet a young farmer named Amadore Eligio and the two struck up a rather quick friendship which lead the two too marriage a year later. By 1825 she had three children and had inherited two of the family farms so they were doing rather well from themselves. That is until one group of Austrian soldiers came through the quiet town. The soldiers came though one night and took what and who ever they wanted. Lucia's home was one of many that were destroyed along with her way of life. Many had to leave the city in order to live, Lucia and her family included. She moved the family to Naples to move in with family there, the family was not use to live in the city; Lucia herself had a hard time of it.

In the year 1827 her life changed drastically. Her husband died of some disease, which was a rather common thing during that time. Lucia struggled to make enough money to feed herself and her children. One night after a long days work she was making her way home and this is when she found out what evil creeps in the night. She met a young man by the name of Alexander, and they spoke of many things and found that thought very alike. Perhaps this is what spurred what happened next, to this day Lucia never questioned more than a few times why. Alexander was a vampire and she found him rather beautiful to say the least and was completely taken with him, so much so that she didn't realize that something was wrong until it was too late. Alexander turned her that night and during the change he took her from the city out far enough away that no one would go looking for her. Instead her family did look for her, they searched for weeks but never did find her and in the end her children and other family members figured she ran off with the mystery man and thus disowned her seeing how to an Italian family means everything.

She awoke four days later, a burning hunger in her, Alexander and his sister Angelica did their best to keep Lucia under control and it worked until the three left the only home that Lucia ever knew. The first few weeks was the hardest on Lucia, she killed a few people without even thinking, and afterwards tried to kill herself a few times feeling that she was a monster. During this stage she found out from word of mouth that her family disowned her and attempted to go home several times, Alexander stopped her knowing that emotions would cloud her mind and she could positional harm her family. Once she came to grips that she would never been able to see her family again she was able to move forward. Over time and with both Alexander and Angelica was able to make sense and she started to understand that she was not a monster and then there was a reason for her being what she was. It didn't take long for her to enjoy her 'job' which was to purge the new virus (humans) from the world to a more manageable number. Once she had gotten use to her new life she also changed her name. She came up with Idrissa after remembering it from a book and it happens to mean immortal which is rather fitting for a vampire.

The years have passed quickly for Idrissa, she's seen the changes around the world, either from being there or from reading or seeing about it in the news. She's stayed with the Alexander and his sister and was one of the first vampires to join the Diemos Coven. At first she wasn't too thrilled about the idea, mostly because she didn't want to deal with newborns, but after she found out that she could help shape and mold a new vampire onto the right path she didn't mind it as much. It was also easier to blame a newborn for something that she might have done. Lately she has been in Italy checking in on some of her distant family, curious to how they have gotten along over the years. Yet with a call from Alexander she is on her way to meet him in Volterra. The thought of going there bothers here, seeing how the Volturi are there and anything could be happing.

Timeline and Current Plots

Revently Idrissa has travel to meet up with her coven leader Alexander in Volterra. She isn't to sure what is going on, but comes when ever her coven might need her. She has meet a few of the Volturi since then, Stasia and Aldo. Out of the two she could careless about them, though Aldo seems to get on her nerves and and enjoys getting on his.


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