Actor: Camilla Belle
Fullname Inari Neville
Birthday May 19, 1990
Species Vampire
Age 19 (16)
Height 5'2"
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes Thistle - Can Vary
Hair Inky Black
Power Inari can hear lies and tune into others much like an empath.
Parents Lillian & Manfred Neville (Alive)
Siblings None
Occupation Destiny Chaser


Inari was born in a small countryside village in France. The majority of the villagers were miners for the local mine. Some were satellite occupations, dealing in stone/gem cutting, metal smithing and jewelcraft. And of course the necessary support infrastructure of dairy, farming, and some grocery shops. All-in-all, it was a very peaceful and self sustaining little village that attracted a fair share of its tourists, mostly for the results of their mining and wineries. The local countryside was also beautiful and attracted just as many tourists for hiking and other outdoor adventures - to even include a designated landing field for glider planes.

Inari has no siblings but she had virtually her entire extended family and their families present. Almost everyone was related to her in some fashion, if not - a very close family friends. There were only six or so extended families in the entire village. Her father was a gem cutter and her mother ran an Inn for the simple flow of tourists. Inari spent most of her days helping her mother take care of the day to day activities at the Inn. Cleaning, cooking, accommodating their guests, sometimes even as a tour guide as she grew older. Her most impressive skill was probably her easy acquisition of languages. She learned to speak various languages beyond her native French, to include English, Italian, and German and even a smidgen of Spanish. None with any great fluency, but enough to communicate with the tourists.

Even as a small child it was apparent to her village that little Ari had an uncanny ability to tell when somebody was lying. As she grew older and understood that not everyone could do this, she kept it more to herself and a secret. But it was still a well known rumor in the village and people were careful around her. Friendships were hard to come by and romantic ones near impossible. She learned to accept that people are of two or more minds in many cases. Still, when serious unsolved crimes were committed in their village it was Inari they turned to and then simply acted as if they didn't know anymore.

Unbeknownst to Inari, or any of the villagers, for that matter one of their more infrequent visitors was a vampire. The local rumors caught his interest and he had been keeping an eye on Inari. Watching and letting her grow. His interest in her was as a stepping stone to possibly gain some favor from the Volturi, as he knew Aro collected such talents to him. When he recognized such agents in the village during his last visit, he decided to claim her before they could become fully aware of her potential and report it back. His hand was forced a little earlier than he had contemplated.

He hired Inari's services as a tour guide. She was unafraid because he answered her parents questions truthfully, at least with his perspective. He meant her no harm and would protect her from such. Alone, Jared, the vampire in question told Inari exactly who he was, what he was going to do and why. She was reluctant but he also told her she was not going to have a choice, as others would come for her. So she was turned. And her short relationship with Jared commenced. He taught her about her new existence, taking her all over Europe in the process. He never lied to her which she found peaceful and comforting. He told her hard truths and she truly learned to respect and was thankful for it. Eventually, he carried out his initial goal and delivered her to Volterra. Gaining an audience with Aro was not as easily done however. He simply left her with some small bits of advise and of course a message to give The Volturi when they did take a formal notice of her beyond a simple temporary guest. That's where she stands today.

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Inari is pretty much a loner. With the exception of Jared she has always found that people will ultimately not only disappoint her, but themselves. She finds periods of happiness with others but is very pessimistic about anything long term. Also, the constant grating of lies tends to make her seek solitude away from other beings. She is slowly learning to come to terms with the reality of sentient thought, but for the moment she prefers her own company to that of others.

Inari is strangely attracted to people who don't lie. Much like a moth to fire. She is scared that they might eventually disappoint her but she really can't help herself in the short term. She relishes their company. She misses Jared considerably as he has never lied to her and is the only one to still not have lied to her.

Inari is pretty docile around people that make demands and threats and she's determined that they will carry those threats out. No hard task for somebody with her talent. She's slowly beginning to realize that she's not a fragile human anymore and has other options and that their words and threats are simply that - their own perception, and not necessarily reality.



Name Relation Notes
Beverley Aquaintance Inari finds the courtship between her and Connor rather amusing and currently a bit grating. She isn't quite sure what to make of Beverley during their last encounter. She seems different.
Amaya Aquaintance A flightly girl to say the least. Few know she can play basketball. Gives Inari pointers. Inari and Amaya are planning to exchange language skills. She will help Amaya with German in exchange for learning how to read English.

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Personal Logs

Title: Reestablishing the Link - 6/2/09
Quick Description: Inari's brothers and sisters break stealth and reestablish their Link with her.

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