Inari With Marcus

IC Time: May 24, 2007 4 AM
Location: Marcus' Chambers, Volterra.
Synopsis: A brief meeting with Marcus. Marcus' report included to his Brothers.
Submitted by: Inari

The two guards outside Marcus' chambers don't wait for Inari to speak. One simply opens the chamber door and informs her in a calm cool voice, "Marcus is expecting you."

Stepping inside, Inari involuntarily surveys the room, having never been inside. Marcus is seated on a black velvet couch, legs crossed casually. His head is propped up by a one hand, the elbow resting on arm of the couch. One finger is extended along the side of his pale face and his expression is rather apathetic. In front of him, on a mobile tray is a laptop, and his attention is one it, if one could call it attention. He seems rather indifferent. As if dragging himself from a deep reverie, only his eyes move and and those crimson orbs towards Inari. He says nothing.

Feeling quite pinned by both Marcus' gaze and the circumstances of her visit, Inari says nothing for a few long moments, letting the Elder simply consider her, thinking perhaps giving him time to see her and become curious he will do what she wants entirely on his own. She wants a reading. A reading from the Master of the connections between all sentient beings, dead or alive, seen or unseen. She desperately needs answers. "May I impose, Master Marcus?" So polite. She's always polite, especially to Elders. Being only three…

"Aro has already informed me of your problem. Of ~our~ problem, Inari." His voice is flat, with only an inflection on the word 'our', giving it a doubtful resolution. Marcus' ability is far more than most people, even those who know what he does, can possibly fathom, without having the ability themselves. He sees connections, and understands them. This makes him a tactical genius, in all faucets of sentient interaction, realized or not. A simple glance and thousands of years of experience make him unmatched in evaluating potentials. "… And. I've already given Aro my assessment. You may go." His tone indicates little to nothing but perhaps a bit of amusement at Inari's expense. A simple flick of his finger dismisses Inari so that he can go back to whatever it is that actually draws his attention, if anything.

Inari too, has an ability. She detects lies, and can attune to individuals much like an empath. She doesn't dare, with an Elder, not without their express permission. But Lies. Those she can't help but hear ~and~ feel, sometimes even smell. She blissfully senses no discord in her being at Marcus' words. This alone tends to comfort her. She's completely baffled by the entire encounter, but doesn't question the Elder. "Thank you." Always polite. Yes. Turning smoothly, her expression one of confusion and a bit of worry, perhaps exactly what Marcus wished to induce, the start of small amusements to make his day to day existence have tiny moments of interest. Little sparks of happiness quickly drowned in simply existing without his beloved.

Marcus' Report to Aro, and Caius.

Dear Brothers,

It is my recommendation that Inari be terminated.

Tactically speaking, she is a pawn. A spy. Unwittingly, yes. It makes little difference.
These conclusions I have come to by the simple number of connections, not relationships, that exist, are implied or otherwise even known. Powerful individuals have made her a priority and this priority is increasing. These connections lead to her, not out from her. Her loyalty remains ours. But the risk is simply too great. Execute her.

If I were to speculate and or care about the identity of these connections I would simply point out to her missing memories, not to mention our own. Abilities are at work, abilities not under our control. If your curiosity is greater than mine, and it assuredly is, seek out her Creator, for I have no doubt he will be at the root of it all.



P.S. You may tell Chelsea I have found no evidence of any external active link of the sort she would be capable of perceiving, as I understand it. Perhaps if I had seen it when it was active I could make a better assessment.

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