Portrayed by: Isla Fisher
Fullname Isis O'Conner
Birthday Nov 8, 1978
Species Vampire
Age 28
Height 5 ' 3"
Weight 105 lbs.
Eyes Garnet
Hair Crimson
Power Pyrokinesis
Occupation Tattoo Artist


November 8th, 1978 - as cliché as it is to start our story here, it seems only right to note the girl's birth when years later it will alter not only her life, but the world's. Isis was born by a wholly different name, Kayla, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her mother, Shannon, only eighteen at Isis's birth, was an Irish beauty with a temper to match her fiery hair and a love for nothing other than money and propriety. Kayla spent her first three years in the care of her mother - being forced into frilly gowns, taking tea with napkins in her lap, and tasting caviar, only to return to their shanty apartment each night where mommy left her with the sitter. Her father, Harry, twenty at Kayla's birth, returned from his service in the Navy. Failing to find a job immediately, he was not required to pay child support - Shannon dropped off her daughter one week later and ran off to Wisconsin with the heir of the Sargento cheese fortune.

Isis’s life quickly became a game of survival. From a young age, her father’s remarriage gave unto her a step brother with an abusive streak. Between this and her family’s constant war of divorce and custody, by the age of five Kayla forced herself to cry – a tactic of survival that would later become a curse of its own, the inability to express emotion. She walled herself up, digging deeper into the fiery pit of her own hatred with each new abusive relationship – some would consider it bad luck that she found herself in so many wrong companionships. However, if you ask her, she’d say she has a gift for “pushing peoples’ buttons” to their breaking point. At eighteen she changed her name to Isis and took the first beeline out of her life – she began to apprentice as a tattoo artist while bartending on the side. By twenty, she was well accomplished at, and well known for, both.

It was just such a run of accomplishment that had her catching the eye of a completely different sort of predator. A walk home from the bar was really nothing more than a walking Vampire morsel. She fought. She always fought. And even in the face of an immortal predator, that did not change – only, this time it did no good. Turned, but left without care by the overeager leech, Isis was abandoned to fend for herself. And that she did, with fervor and hunger that claimed a few lives. Isis quickly began to see her turning as a gift – she was no longer the victim in her own life, she was the predator.

Isis’s compulsions, live free attitude, unerring drive, and touch of spontaneous instability made her particularly charismatic. It did not take long for the young Vampire to create for herself a small coven of like minded, wild Vampires. The called themselves The Phoenix Coven – their new turning was their rebirth. Webster was a small town, but not small enough. She got cocky, and it cost her. She isn’t sure who, as she has never heard word of the Volturi, but she returned home one day to find her coven slaughtered. She had been spared, weak without her companions. And for them she could not cry. She’s left quickly, arriving here in a fresh small town with every intention of reestablishing her place and her coven.

Timeline and Current Plots

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Isis is a complicated creature. She strives for power in believing that it will save her from a past wrought with victimization. She is a cold being more often than not – standoffish, protected. And, yet, her drive to take life with both hands and ring from it every drop she can is compelling and charismatic. She is a woman of fickle moods and easily triggered temper. A slight phrase, a wrong look, or even just a whim might set her into a tiff. Perhaps it is her Napoleon Complex – she is a tiny and rather adorable redhead despite all, after all.

Finally, though, Isis has but two extremely redeeming traits. The first is honesty. Having been lied to again and again in her youth, she will not force such wrongs upon others. She couldn’t if she wanted to – she’s a horrible liar. However, keep in mind the truth is a fickle thing that can be bent to accomplish her own means. Second, she is unerringly loyal. She is much like beauty wrapped in barbed wire – forever difficult to reach, but once one finds themselves within the protection of her shields, she is forever loyal and protective of them. Friends, after all, were the only outlet let to her to replace her broken family given to her by birth.


Isis has a good eye and hand for art and design. She is a trained tattoo artist and enjoys indulging such art and work only upon other Vampires – she prefers not to waste her art on humans given the likeliness that their bleeding might send her into a hungry frenzy.


Isis fills physically ill and nauseous each time she attempts to outright lie. Even if the attempt is made, it's usually obvious for the falsity that it is. Do keep in mind though, that the truth is a fickle thing. While a horrible liar, she is quiet adept at wording her comments to her benefit unless presented with a clear question that cannot be skirted.


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