Jacob Black
Portrayed by Taylor Lautner
Full Name Jacob Black
Birthday December 18
Species Shifter
Age Late Teens
Height 6'7"
Weight 165 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Power type here
Occupation Student


Jacob was born into the Quileute tribe. Like most of the boys on the reservation he had many people responsible for his early care. The tribal Elders, of course, followed his progress growing up with interest, given his ancestry, and he was carefully steeped in their lore from an early age, although the teaching was subtle enough that the student didn't always realize he was being taught. Still, his family instilled in him the loyalty and strength that would serve him well. As he got a little older, he took a larger role in caring for his heavyset father Billy who is confined to a wheelchair. For the most part, he fills this role willingly, although there are times when it gets on his nerves, and he teases his father about it. Some of the people around La Push say he and his father have races now and then to see who is faster, and as long as its downhill, they say his father has a fighting chance.

Long time friends of the family say that something happened to Jacob in his sophomore year of High School. One minute he was a lanky and awkward teenager and almost overnight he became more confident and went through an impressive growth spurt. A lot of the older people just shake their heads and smile, and say, it was only a matter of time before Jacob sprouted. A few of the Elders, when asked, simply smile and say nothing, at least to outsiders.

Whatever the reason for his new found confidence, he's certainly a 'in demand' with the young ladies of his tribe. He's polite, to be sure, but his close friends say he doesn't date much. His closest friends know why. Some of the boys look at him funny, for he seems to have a lot of things going for him, but doesn't take what life is offering. /They shake their heads as he turns down girls, delicately, that they themselves pine away for.

It's strange too, that even the Elders seem to give him his space, no small measure of respect now. Those who knew him before the age of 15 just shake their heads and wonder who he paid off to get that kind of treatment.

Timeline and Current Plots


Jacob doesn't get overtly mad. He's not a yelling and screaming type of person. But, when he does get mad, he'll cut you to ribbons verbally. He'll get under your skin and truthfully and bluntly point out your faults for you. He calls it like he sees it, bloodsuckers! — :) and he's secure enough in himself that he doesn't care whose toes he steps on. He's got a temper but he's a slow burn, quick finish kind of person. That is, I think it actually takes a lot to make him really mad, then he's fully mad for a short time, then it fades quickly.

Jacob also has a very strong 'sense of tribe and family' He knows where he belongs and more than that, he's also going to make sure you feel like you belong, inspiring an easygoing loyalty in his friends.

Jacob is absolutely devoted to those he loves. He's part wolf, they mate for life - enough said. He'll put aside his own concerns for someone else, in a heartbeat - sure, sure!


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