Jacob S Idea

IC Time: April 2, 2007
Location: La Push - Olympic National Park: Sunlit Wood
Synopsis: Micah and Jacob talk, and Jacob gives Micah a stupid idea.
Submitted by: Micah

Jacob arrives, sitting easily on a fallen log. "Hey Micah, how're you?" he says brightly.

Looking up, questioningly at the voice that says his name. His attention previously focused on the deep green on the forest, his eyes and posture had been one of longing, but with the approach of the new person he turns with a slight smile on his face, "Hey Jacob." his demeanor changing slowly as he walks a few steps closer to where you are, his smile never fading from his lips in the process.

Jacob smiles sympathetically, "Still trying eh?" he asks, referring to the phase-inducing efforts of the young man. "Are you sure it's what you want?" He keeps his voice low, sensitive.

Frowning slightly, "That obvious huh?" his smile faults a moment but it is then reaffirmed with chargin, "Well I can't stay in this half state forever you know. I mean heck, my temperature alone has me lying to a lot of people..and then there is my growth spurt.." he sighs slightly, "And of course if I don't phase…then Lorelei will laugh at me again! Curse her and the marshmallows she eats." the last half of his speech is marked with a little chuckle from deep in his throat.

Jacob says, "Well, sometime soon something will make you sufficiently angry — or scared… and you're not going to have to work very hard at all to make it happen."

With a sigh Micah shakes his head, "Nah, the anger trigger has yet to work. Trust me. I even had Paul hit me the other day…and nothing. I wonder if the elders can do something, if there is any stories about forcing a phase." he thinks to himself, the hundred or so stories he knows rushing through his mind quickly and with a shrug, "But like you said it will happen. If I stay in the woods long enough a Vampire has to show up sooner or later, and then maybe…"

Jacob thinks, "I can take you with me as escort next time I go to the Cullen's place. They're more than willing, under the right conditions, to spar with us."

"You know, I might take you up on that." he smiles slightly, "Not really the sparring mind you. I need to speak to Dr. Cullen, see if he will assist me in my medical training." he looks to the woods as he continues, "Though the elders will not like it, I need to know a little bit more about medicine than the plants, roots, and herbs that are in the forest. Be nice to learn some actual modern medicine."

Jacob agrees. "Might help the pack too — it'd be good to get patched up by one of our own, at least until we can heal. It's not like we can go to a hospital, and we don't want to rely on Carlisle too much — it sucks to advertise all our injuries to the Cullens."

"I guess. Though I do not fear them." he grins slightly, his thoughts running away from him for a moment, "I really don't get why Sam and a few of the others do not like them much. I mean, they are quite intelligent, and very peaceful. I even envy Seth's closer relationship with them, I hope I can obtain that level of trust from them."

Jacob admits. "Deep down I like the Cullen's too. I mean, I try not to see them as a group — that helps. They're individuals. The only one of them I haven't really been able to reach yet is Rose."

Micah nods and says, "I have heard much talk about her. I have never been formally introduced sadly, but I hear she is quite stunning." he looks back towards you and smiles, "But I do not see them as a threat, especially with all the others that have been spotted lately. Not to mention…the other wolves."

Jacob sighs, "There's no threat from the Cullens. Even if they did turn on us we know enough about them now to give them a good fight." "Sam's just being stubborn."

Micah shakes his head again, "No. I mean the other vampires. They have been popping up here and there. One almost attacked a guy on the reservation. But I have, from a good source mind you, that it was stopped. She said there are more coming, the 'red' eyes she called them." he turns back to the darkness of the forest, even though it is mid-day the sun barely trickles through the clouds.

Jacob chuckles, "It's true. One of the blood drinkers lives next door to Bella — well very nearly. We can't relax for a second..", he says emphatically, but there's no fear in his voice. Not Jacob Black. His wolf form is formidable and he knows it.

Micah says, "Yeah. Never relax." he looks around, "I heard from Lorelei Marshall and the others are pulling extra patrols. I know everyone must be tired." his forehead cinches up slightly, a wrinkle appearing on his russet colored forehead and he says, in an older voice, a wiser voice, "A change is coming to our people. I just hope we are ready for it and that the ways of our elders do not cause us to lose our friends and families."

Jacob replies confidently, perhaps overly so, "We're ready." In that simple statement is the ringing confidence of the true Alpha of the Quileute Wolves. Jacob softens shortly after though, and returns to the problem at hand. "Not that we coudln't use another wolf… have you tried something as simple as biting your tongue really hard?"

Micah gives a chuckle, "Lets see. I have been hit, thrown around, slapped, made fun of…" he thinks for a moment, "..I have had a strange feral girl sniff me and berate me. I think I have done everything but drown myself, set myself on fire, or been bitten by a vampire." he gives a grin, though it is quite obvious it is fake, he is not happy.

Jacob says, "Well that settles it. I'm going to have to almost kill you."

Micah smirks somewhat, "Jacob…do you really think I am afraid of you? Even as a wolf." he knows partially he can rely on his own healing abilities, but also he knows the pack, "You would never hurt me. So I don't think it would be real fear or anger. I mean…who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" his jokes reminds him of his last meeting with Lorelei and he chuckles some.

Jacob offers a lopsided grin, lighting his face. "Oh I don't mean to scare you Micah. If you're really that desperate… when you get that desperate, I could simply injure you so badly that you'd phase out of instinct. Course, you might die — but you've already got the healing part down…"

Micah gives an audible hmph at that idea, "I doubt your father would enjoy losing one of his prize pupils." he grins slightly, "I mean not many come around to learn the old ways from him much these days." he walks towards your area and kicks the log you are sitting on, not hard enough to move it, "Plus what would your girlfriend think if you hurt me?" he says the last part as a verbal punch, since he can not smack you for the earlier idea without hurting himself.

Jacob has to admit, "It's not the best idea." He thinks again for a long time, "… Don't you have a little sister?", he asks, his grin is a bit ruthless. That ought to be a tender spot.

Micah blinks and shakes his head, "Really Jacob….you have been dipping into the pack-mind a little too much. Or do us humans all look alike to you these days?" he emphasis the word human and with a grin pushes you some, just for fun, "I am sure if I was chasing after someone drooling over that hot Cullen boy I might be confused all the time too.:

Jacob barks a laugh, "I'm not confused all the time." "I just thought, if you had family…"

"Just my mom and dad. I am not worried about anything happening to them. My mom can take down an entire army of vampires with his cooking, or so a lot of people say." he gives a grin, it is somewhat convincing, but in reality he always worries about him. A flash rips through his mind and for a single half second his grin falters slightly but he quickly hides his pain again.

If Jacob notices the pain on Micah's face, he doesn't comment. Let him keep his secrets a little while longer. "Well, there's little hope for you then, you're just — stuck this way. The only other advice I can give you is try to think… naturally and instinctively. Take your mind down to survival mode."

Micah idly looks through the forest, down the path that leads to First Beach and grins, "I can think of one other idea." he thinks for a moment, "But I will leave that for later. Best done when by oneself and all. Hate for my first act as a wolf would be to hurt someone." he looks at you out of the corner of his eyes, "And I will try…it will be hard but I am a focused person."

Jacob puts up a hand, "Don't get me wrong. I don't want to rush you, really. We could use another wolf like I said, but you know — it's a huge deal and it's not… it's not as good as you may be thinking it is so, maybe you're just trying too hard.

Blinking slightly Micah says, "How can it not be great? The strength, the speed, the invulnerability…not to mention the senses, the healing, the becoming one with everyone. Not to mention the immortality…" his facial expression shifts from pained, to curious, to glee, and back to pain, "You do not know how lucky you guys are. I mean I know it was hard on some of you, you did not know what was going on. Billy told me. But I do. I am ready for it."

Jacob corrects him gently, "We are not invulnerable and we're not immortal. You can be hurt and killed, your heart still beats — you just heal very, very quickly. — and we don't age while in wolf form — but we do age."

Micah grins slightly, "You do not age, unless you stop allowing your spirit-wolf to overtake you." he quotes it, from one of Billy's stories, and hrms, "But true. Not invulnerable. Just a little tougher.." he rubs his wrist some thinking about the pain of hitting Quil one time, something he will rectify in the future, "But still. It is a nice package all around."

Jacob knowledge shines in Jacob's eyes. "I have some regrets." "But not many. I think if you stay positive about it, it's going to go very well for you." "It's only as much of an adjustment as you let it be. If your mind is already ready for it… no problem." "…I could push you off the cliffs.", he suggests in a last-ditch effort.

"Oh I am ready. And I will change, just to prove Lorelei wrong." he grins and is surprised at the mention of the cliffs, but tries to hide it for that is his own plan, something he will do alone, but he focuses back on the present and dwells no more in the near future, "I think I will do fine on my own Jacob. You really want to end someone's life don't you?"

Jacob reads Micah's face more correctly this time, "You can't do the cliffs on your own! Didn't anyone ever teach you you shouldn't swim without a buddy? If something goes wrong somebody's got to be there to pull you out… stupid." He shakes his head. "Use your head."

"Like I would do something that idiotic on my own Jacob. Give me some credit." his words sound truthful and he is glad his mind is his own or else the ruse would be completely ineffective, "Plus I have jumped off the lower areas, I know the tow. The worst that would happen is I get banged up, and I heal just as you do…even though I am a human." he says that with some pride, happy that he can do at least one thing the wolves can do.

Jacob calms a little. "Okay, but I'll remind you that if you're knocked unconcious and then hit the water it won't matter how fast you heal, you won't be able to breathe. Charlie will be fishing out an undamaged corpse."

With a slight tinge of defeat in his voice Micah says, "There will be no undamaged corpse for Charlie to fish out Jacob. Like I said, I am smarter than to do something like that." his mind wanders, knowing that it will work therefore he did not lie, he won't be a corpse, he will be better, but he composes himself, "Plus Charlie has other things to worry about, like Edward Cullen connected at the hip to his precious Bella." He says the last statement with some venom in his voice, to distract you from his own plans.

Jacob growls under his breath, sufficiently distracted. "Stupid wedding.", he mumbles.

Micah's thoughts proclaim his small victory, men are so easily swayed in their thinking, "But I would not let it get to you. I am sure she will make the right decision." Though Micah knows which decision is right. He has seen them at least, he has seen the look they give each other, "No sense getting angry about it, last thing I need is for you to get all hairy, cause then Lorelei will get mad…she always does."

Jacob is sidetracked further, "Why would Lorelei get mad if I phase?", he asks

"Just because." he says, trying to dismiss it but also thinking about how she would react to everything he has said today. He idly runs his hand down the moss covered bark of a tree and comes up with something suitable, "She is still mad I made a joke about her weight the other day. So the marshmallow comment from earlier will really get her going…she has already threatened physical violence." and with that he gives a soft grin.

Jacob doesn't quite follow, but that's all right. He doesn't have to understand his 'family' all the time. "It'll be a lot easier once you can 'talk' to us.", he admits. "Words are so… shallow."

"I don't know. That will be the only odd aspect of changing. I mean..I know the way it works, but can you shut down part of your thoughts? Cause I might drive everyone crazy you know." he taps his head slightly, "You guys have no idea what goes on up there, it never stops." and he grins, slightly more devilish that normal.

Jacob admits, "If you try really, really hard and do nothing else, you can think distracting thoughts and keep something from the pack for a short time — but even that doesn't work for long, and besides, we hear your distracting thoughts so even then we know you're up to something." He chuckles, "It sucks."

Micah visible cringes slightly at the news and shakes his head, "Man…everyone is going to give me such hell when I change." he grumbles some and peels some of the moss off the tree, "Of course I could just run around in human-mode for most of the time until the wolf is needed." he ponders this thought for a while.

Jacob says, "That's true.. but the minute you change, we all get caught up on the latest news. It's only a temporary reprieve."

Micah sighs again, "Well you guys better get ready, cause the second it happens.." he tries to think how to verbalize what will occur and then things about what he has heard from Seth, "My thoughts will probably make Leah's a walk in the park." his face has a slight look of pain on it, and he sounds quite serious.

Jacob shares his soon-to-be-brother's pain as visibly as if it were his own. "Do you want to tell me now?", he asks "Might help if at least you can get it out before it's… before it's forced out." He doesn't like the full disclosure of wolf form either and it shows in his grimace.

Micah sees the grimace and says, "Yeah…no. I think I will wait. At least after I phase I will have the speed to at least run from the pummeling." his normal attempts at giving some humor to a situation, "Lets just say…if it comes out like a movie in your head. I am not responsible for any thoughts related to any of you. It is nature's fault." he gives a goofy grin this time.

Jacob tries to be comforting, "It's not exactly like a movie. I mean, we do see events but we also get the full emotional side too, you know? So, we'll feel, for example, your anguish at having to finally reveal it, your shame, your reluctance, all of your reasons, everything. It makes it easier, because if you are okay with whatever it is, we see all the emotions that lead to that… the pack will forgive because you forgive yourself."

"If they are forgiving…that might be something of a comfort." his tries to sound reassured but he knows things will not go that smoothly. He bunches up the moss in his hand and finally just drops it from his grasp, "But hey. I might not even phase." he smiles somewhat. "But I know if I don't…it won't be because I am sitting around here." he looks through the forest and then back to First Beach.

Jacob stands, "I should leave you alone to your naturalistic thoughts.", he grins, and tilts his head, "Hang in there… nature will take its course eventually."

"Oh I am quite sure it will." he gives a knowing smile and then looks down the path to First Beach, "But nature will have to wait a moment. I know my mom is wondering where I am, she is too over protective at times, so I will probably run home and grab some food before your dad comes over or we go to talk about stories or plants again." he gives a feigned look of horror and starts to slowly walk away.

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