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Fullname Jason Dorne
Birthday Sept. 20, 1979
Species Werewolf
Age Late 20's
Height 6'4"
Weight 190 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Power Highly athletic.
Parents Tyler and Brenna Dorne (mother and stepfather). John Jessop (Biological father)
Siblings some half-siblings, on both sides of the family.
Occupation Teacher and football coach at La Push High School.


Though Jason was born in the Forks area, he remembers very little of it. His parents were very young: his mother was a teenager at Forks High School while his father was a seventeen year old dropout in La Push. Though both sets of grandparents were very supportive, the two teenagers were too young and immature to make a relationship work between them. Three years later, his mother was able to graduate high school (with a lot of help) and moved with her young son to San Diego. Jason had infrequent contact with his father throughout his early childhood and almost no contact after he was in high school. By then, his mother had re-married and Jason got along very well with his stepfather.

Jason was a rarity for the time. He was a "smart jock", excelling in two things: football and math. He was the starting quarterback for his high school as a sophomore and following graduation, received a football scholarship to USC. He would have been a shoo-in for the NFL draft, but in his junior year in college, he injured his knee during a game. Much surgery and physical therapy later, he recovered from the injury, but his window for getting into the NFL was closing. He did play as a free agent, a second-string Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, but when it became apparant that his shelf life was expiring, he retired from professional football.

Jason went back to college and finished a degree in Math and Education. He wanted to encourage kids that excelled athletically, to /also/ excel educationally. When he began looking for high school teaching jobs, he came across an opening in La Push. Jason hadn't thought much about his biological father, or that half of his culture nd heritage at all, but on impulse applied for the job. La Push was happy to have him… and happier that he also agreed to become head coach of the football team. Over the summer, Jason moved to La Push. He found a house and began to re-connect with his relatives… many of which he'd never really met before.

But then, the Quileute culture connected to /him/ in a big way. The shape-shifter gene resided within Jason, even though he was not a full-blooded Quileute. Once he was exposed to the critical element, vampires, that gene expressed itself. Jason found that his entire world turned upside down and even more surprising, some of his own students were just like him!

Jason might classify himself as a "late bloomer" werewolf. Though he is considerably older than many in the pack, he is still a young werewolf. His age, maturity and life experience has helped him cope with the hot temper and mood swings, associated with young werewolves. But by the same token, he is now taking orders from high school kids.

But at least his knee is totally healed and he's faster and stronger than he ever was before.. if only the Dolphins could see him now!

Skills and Weaknesses


Athletic: Jason is one of those people with a naturally athletic gift. He picks up on any sport or athletic activity quickly and makes it look very easy.

Maturity: Jason is an adult with some life experience and maturity behind him. This has helped him cope with the emotional tolls of being a young werewolf. He's less likely to lose his temper than most.

Employed: Jason has a full time job and regular source of income. Even retirement benefits! This may cause some problems along the way, but he has the means to pay the bills.

Intelligence: Jason defies the "dumb jock" stereotype. He has a quick mind, logical and analyticial. He excels in mathematics, in particular.


Young Werewolf: In spite of his age, Jason is considered a "young" werewolf. Though he has better control than most, he is still subject to the hot temper and mood swings afforded to new werewolves.

Cultural Outsider: Jason is of mixed heritage and grew up outside of La Push. He has not had the benefit of growing up with the Quileute culture, including hearing the spirit legends over and over. He underestimates the spiritual portion of what it means to be a Quileute wolf.

Competitive: Jason always plays to win. It isn't in him to not try his best at everything he does. He does not know the meaning of the words "friendly game."

Authority Questions: As a teacher, Jason is the authority figure over most of the pack, as many of them are his own students. However, those same young kids outrank him in the pack. It can be a source of conflict, moving between the two roles.


Overall, Jason has an upbeat and boisterous personality. He's got a lot of patience, used to working with moody and angsty high school kids. He enjoys being a teacher and helping high school kids achieve their potiential. He is the sort of teacher that kids would consider to be "cool". He knows when to listen, when to lead and when to "crack the whip." His maturity and life experience has helped him cope with these major changes but the supernatural world is still very overwhelming. He also needs to resolve the role-reversal. In school, he's the teacher and the authority figure. But in the pack, he is outranked by some of those very same kids.


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