Jasper Hale
Jasper Hale
Jackson Rathbone as Jasper
Fullname Jasper (Whitlock) Hale
Birthday September 14, 1844
Species Vampire
Age Apparent - 19
Height 6'3"
Weight 165
Eyes Amber / Black
Hair Honey Blonde
Power Empathy/Emotional Control
Faction Olympic Coven
Occupation Student


Jasper was born in Houston, Texas to a small southern family in early 1843. Times were tough then as wars were brewing and income was low. The best lifestyle to be had was in the army; you were guaranteed food, shelter, but at the cost of fighting in some other man's war. He was young when he first went into the army at 16, faking his age for the chance to fight and serve his country; bringing him into the Confederate Army and the war of the South. He was very charismatic, catching the attention easily of his superiors as well as those around him, building bonds and loyal friendships even at a low rank. Because of this, however, he rose through the ranks rather quickly, as well with his battle prowess until they made him the youngest Major in the history of the Confederate Army. At least; that he knew of. They thought he was two years older.

However, it was shortly after that promotion that his esteemed position and his ability to conform those around him easily to as he persuaded them in battle to lead, or to calm them and cheer them moods when things seemed dire… that he caught the attention of a certain Vampire: Maria. She stole him from the war and turned him for her own purposes late 1863. Such began his unlife, and that which could be the most torturous years of his existence.

His first vampire kill was one of the two that Maria had with her, considering them of no longer use and their life was extinguished. However, now into his newborn time, he also found that he had an exceptional ability: He could feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him. An ability that Maria put to very dangerous use. She made an army, with his help; comprised of Newborns and he was the one that led them. The Southern Vampire wars.

He sustained many scars in the vampire wars; even though they are invisible to human eyes. Many bites, scratches and other descrepencies in his skin from the many, many battles that occurred. However, during this time, he met a particular newborn named Peter that he befriended, and because of this friendship, Maria decided to let him live… better to keep Jasper under her influence, right? Well; when Jasper was ordered to kill a newborn named Charlotte, learning of Peter's love for her, Jasper instead let them go… Maria never knew the truth.

A few years later, growing to detest what he had become and the evils he had committed, coming into a better sense of what was going on… Peter and Charlotte arrived to save him from himself just at the right time. They told him of the vampires in the North, how differently they lived, and how a vampire could relatively live at some peace. He followed them willingly, though a few years later left their company to go about on his own. It was later that year after almost eight months of seclusion that he met Alice, and his life changed forever.

She told him that she was waiting for him, and unable to say much else, he went with her. Little did he know of what the future had in store for the pair. Through their journeys, they went from companions to friends, to inseparable lovers and married in 1950. Alice shortly got a sight of Carlisle and his coven and they followed that vision to Carlisle's doorstep. Surprisingly to Jasper, Carlisle invited them in and let them join their coven; showing Jasper a whole new way of living. No more killing humans, no more emotional torture, no more evil… live off of animal blood, live amongst the humans. Have a life.

Jasper changed his surname to “Hale” to go along with the appearance that he looked a lot like Rosalie, them passing off as twins to the human population wherever they lived. However; even as they begin their new life, Jasper finds a new battle to be fought. He was never trained restraint against humans, and now forced to live among them, he has the least resistance to human blood… and becomes the most dangerous link of them all as he tries to 'kick' the addiction to the most satisfying blood of all. He was never taught how to control his blood lust, or keep his thirst in check. Thankfully… the cullens are patient with him and helps him adapt to this 'new life'.

Life goes without much fanfare and event until they move to Forks… where their quiet life is rather disrupted when Edward finds love in a human girl: Bella. So much worse for Jasper that her blood smells exceptionally good… and makes her so much harder for him to resist killing. He manages with Alice's help to restrain himself from Bella, though he somehow becomes her silent protector in Edward's stead when it comes to taking her from James to Phoenix, AZ in order to save her life. However, in the first time in a long time, that is where his battle prowess comes to show, as the fight with James in tearing him apart is only a tear from his past… and something that didn't bother him at all in doing.

Again, things go rather quietly until Bella's 18th birthday. He had started to somewhat get used to Bella being around… until she cuts herself on a present from Esme and Carlisle. Jasper immediately lunges only to be repelled by Edward and held back by the others. Forced outside, he falls into a dark depression over what almost happened, and despite being consoled by the others, he almost doesn't pull out of it. He still wonders if Edward would have ever forgiven him if he actually killed Bella.

The Cullens shortly thereafter leave once Edward tells Bella that they can no longer be together, trying to protect her from the Vampires that are his own family. Of course, Jasper goes with them. Life is quiet, though tense with Edward's worry and Alice's visions, even more so when Alice mentions that Bella might be dead by her own hand. Jasper tries to calm the others, though Edward had strayed by himself… and no thanks to Rosalie found out about Bella's 'almost death'. Jasper remains with the family in anxiety when Alice goes to Bella's home, and further to Italy to stop Edward. Only to be utterly relieved to meet with Alice once again at the airport. Sometimes he doesn't realize how much he loves her until she isn't at his side. When it comes to the table meeting of Bella bringing up her mortality to becoming a vampire into question, Jasper uncannily gives his own approval with the joke: “It would be nice wanting to kill you all the time.” Which, inevitably, was the truth.

When the newborn army by Victoria's hand rises, Jasper has no problem taking his stand with the rest of the family in fighting them, though his priority is shown as protecting Alice. It is in this time as well that he explains to Bella what newborns are; and explains a bit more to the rest about his past that he hadn't brought to light before. Victoria in some sick way reminded him so much of Maria. It only put fuel to the fire in his fight against them. Pre-battle tactics and strategies are proven as he puts his strategist side to good use in forming a battle plan with the werewolves before they actually go to spill the blood of the newborns.

Once the war was over and life settled again, the next large step in his life was accepting Bella into the family officially as Edward's wife… and a newborn. He tried his best to explain some of the newborn flaws… and strengths, but he could not be more amazed of her with how she handled her resistance to the thirst. Her self-control simply amazed him. It was late that year that Kyler came into his life, and brought him and Alice a sort of son that they both grew very close to. His own semblance of a family. Unfortunately, as events took place, Kyler found it best to take his own path away from them, and according to Alice, was not planning on returning. Ever. This struck Jasper hard, but he remains strong for Alice to help them both through the holidays and past the temporary son that they had.


Jasper is loyal, protective, strong, depressive, and quiet all in the same sense. When it comes to his family, Alice above all, he is loyal and protective to the point of putting himself in harm's way if necessary. He has a strong sense of will in knowing what is right and wrong, but yet has many internal battles with himself considering the evil things he was forced to do in the past; and his own inability to resist human blood as well as the other Cullens. Almost feels himself to be a burden upon them because of this fact. He at times falls into bouts of depression or simple silence when emotions run too hard on him, or he gets into a simple mood of mulling on the past a bit too much. He, however, has a strong militaristic sense, and when it comes to battle or chaos suddenly breaking out; his past as an Officer and a leader in battle shines through as he is a strategist and a charismatic leader.

Power - Empathy / Emotional Control

Because of his Charismatic personality of being easily liked and easily influential as a human, he has come into a two-fold power as a Vampire. He has a sense of the emotions of those in a close vicinity of him; as a home, or in a larger venue such as a hotel or school, within a few rooms of himself. Limited, but even that much can still be overpowering on his senses depending on how many are around him. It can be difficult on feeling other's emotions considering he can't turn the sense off. He always feels what others excude, and if there are too many about, it can come to headaches and utter discomfort.

However, he also has the power to influence the emotions of those around him, much to save his own discomfort at times. Such as calming those with strong depression or anger in an attempt not only to save their own mood, but his own. If moods are strong enough around him, it has a chance to influence his own, which is not always for the good. Though those that know of his influential abilities aren't always pleased to learn that he's pushed them in a different direction… even if trying to help.


Martial Combat: Having been not only in the Confederate Wars but also the old Vampire war, he is skilled by experience and training in forms of hand to hand combat against humans and vampires alike. He also has some old world rifle training, but that has somewhat faded since becoming a vampire, since he hasn't had to use it in over a century. Out of all the Cullens he has the most fighting experience, and is the best at martial combat.

Computers: Being one without an artistic skill to speak of, he more relies on his technology experience. He has learned computers rather well and is known to be able to hack or create false documents for the ease of extended living when necessary for the Cullens' use when they move about… or need to purchase this or that under psuedo names.

Speed: Next to Edward, out of the Cullens, he could be considered to be the second fastest. His speed and prowess in battle earned through years of experience.

Charismatic: Along with his special ability, he has brought his powerful charisma into his vampiric life. Like with his vampire abilities of voice and influence, he has moreso from his human life. Those will strong wills have better defense from him, but he can persuade people rather well when he puts his mind to it.


Maria: An easy way to raise his ire is to bring up Maria; a rather chagrin part of his past that he still becomes depressed about. The things she made him do he is still trying to, in a way, to atone for. And he still feels the pain of the evils he committed in those years.

Overpowering Emotions: Emotions that are strong enough can influence his own mood, and often for the worst for distracting headaches or sour moods. Large groups of depression or strong enough anger can pull his attention away and distract him in battle at times.

Human Blood: Being the least used to Animal Blood and with little resistance built to human, under the right circumstance, and no one to stop him, he would not be abhore to take a human's life. He still feels the strong calling of a human's blood, and has demonstrated in the past his weakness to it by on many occasion nearly killing Bella when he smelled hers.

Loyal: As much as it can be a strength, it is also a weakness. He is utmost loyal to Alice, but also to their chosen Coven. He will do whatever necessary to protect them, even putting himself in the line of fire, so to speak. Alice, above all, is a weakness to him because of this, as when she is in danger, she is his utmost priority.


Alice Cullen Wife Love of his life.
Carlisle Cullen Father Father/Mentor
Esme Cullen Mother She is a mother to him.
Rosalie Hale Sister-Twin They call themselves twins so the Mortals don't pick up on their lifestyle. She is a confident.
Edward Cullen Brother A brother and sparring partner.
Emmett Cullen Brother Rosalie's husband, brother, and friend..
Bella Swan Friend Edward's love, and his wife's best friend..

Roleplay Logs

Date Time of Day Name Description
January 11 Very Early Morning Jasper meets Jimmi Jasper meets a young religious musician on the pier of Port Angeles one very early morning.

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