Jesse Brock Poole
Portrayed by: Caleb Lane
Fullname Jesse Brock Poole
Birthday April 21
Species Werewolf
Age 20
Height 6'
Weight 173 lbs
Eyes Gray
Hair Blond
Power Tracking
Parents Ted & Marie Poole
Siblings Tony, 22
Occupation Ex-Student/Farmhand

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Jesse Poole had a live many would envy. The third child of two doctors, Ted and Marie, he lived in a rich suburb outside of Portland his entire life. Vacations were spent in Hawaii, Italy, France, and even Japan. He got to see the world at a young age, and quickly developed an enthusiasm and curiosity for life. Jesse attended a private school with his siblings. There were a small number of children at the school, but he was proud to call most of the children there his friends. He was a popular child, good at sports, remarkable at math, and though he rather sucked at spelling, he still made high marks.

When Jesse was 11 years old, his older sister Brianna, then 16, was diagnosed with lymphoma. It hit the family hard. Before, the Pooles had lived a relatively carefree life. Now, Ted, Marie, Jesse, and Tony, 14, tried best to support Brianna and her treatments. For a year and a half, the family frequented hospitals across the country. Jesse and Tony were pulled out of school to travel with the family. Brianna passed away at the age of 17, and the family stood changed.

No longer did the Pooles vacation every year or live quite so large. Marie and Ted became born-again Christians. On the outside, Jesse seemed unchanged. Though melancholy at times, he still played sports and had a lot of friends. Inwardly, he became less of a dreamer and more of a person that just accepted life as it came. Not particularly religious, Jesse managed to stay out of trouble by playing baseball on his high school’s team.

Eventually, Jesse won a scholarship to the University of Oregon, where he decided to study secondary education. Always a social person, he thought teaching math to high school students might be fun. He blossomed in college. He was accepted into a fraternity, and spent his weekends drinking and his weeknights studying. He didn’t have to work; his parents were funding his education.

His life would change forever one night on a fraternity camping trip. They stayed in tents that hardly stayed up in the wind and rain. Jesse slipped out shortly past four a.m. that morning. He just needed to pee! And his spot was selected in a section of the woods just feet from the camp site. Unknowingly, he walked in the path of a hunting werewolf, which attacked him in confusion for its actual prey, the deer standing behind Jesse.

Jesse cried out, but the wind and the rain carried away his cries. His friends found him in the morning, badly bitten. They began to pack up camp to take him to the hospital. Before that could happen, however, Jesse transformed. He was walking to the lake by himself to cleanse his wounds when his mother called with news of his grandma’s death. Overwhelmed with sadness, Jesse’s body transformed into a wolf. From there, instincts took over. He ran, following the scent of another wolf, no doubt the one that bit him. He’s transformed into a human only a few times since then; he’s close to catching his assailant, and it’s brought him to Forks.

Skills and Weaknesses

Jesse is a tracker; he has a sense of determination and an excellent sense of smell that can lead him to almost anyone. He’s also quite athletic; he has excellent hand-eye coordination. He’s also hearty and can survive a lot if he has to.

Jesse's standing on his own two feet right now, something he's never before had to worry about. Because of the stress of dealing with so much so quickly Jesse has a habit of pushing people away, which completely goes against his otherwise accepting and rather pleasant nature. He is also a missing person in Oregon right now, and he intends to stay that way.


Before he was bitten, Jesse was a typical college boy. He was flirty with the ladies, could play a good game of beer pong, but also had a studious side. He had ambition, wanting to excel like his parents had in their careers. He could make friends with almost anyone. He had money, and there was a certain arrogance in him for that fact… he was a bit of a snob. Still, having a sister that passed away, his life was not without hardships and he reacted well to problems. For all his popularity, Jesse was terrible at telling jokes and had a tendency to be a little too stubborn. Now that he’s been bitten, he’s turned more determined: who bit him and why? What has he become, and where does he fit in? He’s still the same college boy, but he’s been forced to do some growing up and soul searching.


Name Relation Notes
Ellis Valencia
Elisabeth Harnois Pretty Neighbor Ellis’s aunt is Jesse’s savior, to a degree. The woman provided Jesse a place to stay and a job when he happened up at their house naked in the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, there’s been many an awkward moment at the breakfast table of the house, but he works hard and he enjoys the small conversations he gets to have with Ellis.
Carly Robertson
Caleigh Peters Hitman Jesse met Carly when she ran him down with her car. Literally. He survived, much to Carly’s relief, and the two had a nice talk as they made the one mile hike back into town.

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