Jobs List

Below is a list of jobs taken as well as available for the town of Forks (La Push will be added shortly as well). If you have any job ideas or add ons please do so — if you're interested in one of the jobs for your character please fill the spot as needed. If your character already has one of these jobs, please fill in his or her name in the spot available!

Jobs in FORKS ->

Title Job Filled By
Mayor None
Council None
Attorney / Planning None
Building Inspection None
City Clerk / Treasurer None
City Event Coordinator None

The elected positions (5 council members and the mayor) are unpaid and consist of 4-year terms. All council positions are at-large and, along with the mayor position, require residency within the city limits.

Title Job Filled By
Chief of Medicine None
Doctor(s) Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Tyler
Helena Lyons
Intern(s) None

Fire Department
Title Job Filled By
Chief None
Fire Fighter(s) None

Police Department
Title Job Filled By
Chief Charlie Swan
Officer Sarah Smith
Dispatcher None

Animal Control
Title Job Filled By
Worker(s) None

Title Job Filled By
Bartender(s) Brian Landon
Hostess(es) None

Title Job Filled By
Stockboy/girl(s) None
Cashier(s) None

Title Job Filled By
Cashier Lorelei Meinkoth
Cashier Marshall Starstalker

Waffle House
Title Job Filled By
Server(s) Beverley

Pawn Shop
Title Job Filled By
Owner Trenton Veele
Helper Derek Bannon

Forks High School
Title Job Filled By
Principal None
Teacher(s) Harry Zale
Janitor(s) None

Newtons Outfitters
Title Job Filled By
Cashier(s) Mike Newton
Stocker(s) None

Ice Box
Title Job Filled By
Cashier None

Nature Center
Title Job Filled By
Park Ranger(s) None

St. Anne's Catholic Church
Title Job Filled By
Preacher(s) Father Vincent LaRoe
Attendant(s) None
Volunteer(s) Emily Young

Jobs in LA PUSH ->

( Coming Soon! )

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