Joe (Deceased)
Joe (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Justin Hartley
Fullname Joseph Dean McKinnon Jr
Birthday December 18, 1986
Species Human
Age 20
Height 6'0"
Weight 176
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Power n/a
Parents Joseph Sr & Mary Ann
Siblings Eliza Jane, Beverley, Helena, Andrew, Erin
Occupation Firefighter


Born in Belfast, Ireland the eldest of six children to Joseph Sr and Mary Ann McKinnon. He mainly helped out his Grandfather and Grandmother in their Inn. Really they were his heroes and he resented his father for moving him away at the age of ten.

Moving to Forks, Washington wasn't his idea of fun. Not fully understanding why they had to pick such a one horse town. Joe became a rebel against his parents, always getting ionto fights and never being the big brother any of his siblings needed. He managed to go to college in Port Angeles which later he went to training to become a Firefighter.

During his training he quickly made friends with two people. One was named Conrad that quickly has become his best friend. The other is Jenna that went from friend to girlfriend. Once training was done Conrad moved to Seattle and Jenna called off their engagement.

Time has changed him into someone better than he was.. Joe wants a second chance to prove to his family that he is better.

Timeline and Current Plots

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Joe has separated himself from family for about four years. Mostly he kept in light contact with his mother and sister Beverley through various emails. Still snappy at those that piss him off, he has a new attitude of wanting to help people and do that through firefighting.


Name Relation Notes
Beverley sister Right now they are estranged.
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