Josinda Whitetail
Full Name Josinda Ilynn Whitetail
Nickname Sin to her friends, Josie to her family
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Human
Faction Quileute
Alignment Good
Height 5'2
Weight 112
Hair Black
Eyes Violet

She was born the youngest child of Jeckson and Miranda White. They had four children before her, all boys, the oldest of which was 18 when she came along-Randall (18), Marcus (16), Neil (15), Tayler (13). She knows nothing of her childhood beyond the events that happened on November 10. on that day, when she was 3, she was found wandering in the woods outside her family home by Billy Black. He took her to a local family who were desperate for another child, he knew she'd be safe there while he and the Elders went in search of where she came from. They found her hom and inside, they found they family dead, murdered. How she survived is still a mystery that she's desperate to solve. She was raised in La Push by a family that she now calls her own, and loves them as much as such. She has taken on many of the household responisibilities and finds them satisfying. She often aspired to be a teacher growing up and one day hopes to teach her own children at home. No one in town really knows Josinda-because she rarely left the house. When she must leave, it's always under the cover of darkness, or when nobody is around. She's always been afraid of something, not quite sure what that is.She's always been aware of the stares the adults in town give her, and the desperate need for them to keep her away from their children. At 17, she realized it was time to leave the house and start working, learning to live her life. She's never really experienced life, she's been too afraid. The town of LaPush has secrets. She thought they were just old legends until her adoptive brother phased, and she saw him shift. Now the quiet whisperings of what happened to her family scare her even more. Maybe what they say is true, vampires probably did kill her family. And she's frightened that they might come back looking for the one that got away. After leaving the house for the first time, she began to make new friends in the nearby town of Forks. The night before, she had asked one too many questions of her brothers and in the midst of their physical confrontation, she was kicked out of her home. Having no where to go but the woods.

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Name Relation Description
Lorelei Meinkoth Friend Lorelei is a friend and neighbor
Marshall Starstalker Friend Marshall is also a friend and neighbor.
Ramona Krinov Enemy Ramona is after Thomas, and has involved Sin.
Emily Young Friend Fellow Quiluete, teacher and recently became good friends.
Elijah Shayffer Friend Sin met EJ on his first day in Forks as a Police Officer
Sarah Smith Friend Recently became a friend, and confidant.

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