Lue Kado

Note: Kado is currently looking for members for his crew. He is putting the word out through the underground criminal channels as well as in the street racing scene. If anyone is interested in joining, contact Kado or Miyuki in game to discuss it and possibly run a scene to join the crew.

"Who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are."

Sung Kang as Lue Kado
Full name Lue Kado
Birthday July 9, 1987
Species Werewolf
Race Japanese
Age 20
Height 5'10"
Weight 157 lbs
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown with Honey Chestnut Highlights
Parents Lue Makoto (Father) Kobayashi Aiko (Mother)
Relationship Status Kokeshi Miyuki (Complicated)
Occupation Thug, Street Racer, Mechanic
Theme Song Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) by Teriyaki Boyz

Kado's life while growing up on the streets gave him a hard exterior. He can handle him self and knows that he can. He will do whatever it takes to keep himself alive and it doesn't matter who he has to use to achieve his goals. Kado is extremely loyal to his friends until they give him a reason not to trust them any more.


Kado stands at a lithe 5'10", his body the build of lithe athleticism without being bulky. The one good thing about being Asian; very high metabolism. Which is amazing since he always seems to have a snack, sandwich, bag of chips or something in hand.

His hair is short, but tapers from the front down to his shoulders in a slight mess of layers, some of the strands falling to obscure his left eye when disturbed. The color is of a dark brown, highlights throughout of honey chestnut. Slender eyebrows rest above almond shaped dark brown-near black eyes, a larger nose resting blow than most Asians. His lips are small, beneath them showing a full mouth of pearly white teeth. Like all of his oriental background, he has absolutely smooth skin, making him appear younger than he really is.

On his torso he is wearing a simple white and grey striped shirt, the sleeves long to keep him protected during the cooler months. A pair of dark blue, slightly worn jeans hugs his lower body, the cuffs resting over a pair of simple white and black sneakers.


Lue Kado was the second son of Makoto and Aiko on July 9, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. His childhood was one that always involved cars as his father was a mechanic and his mother was a receptionist at the shop. His father tried to teach young Kado from a young age how to fix up and repair cars and as Kado grew older, cars became his passion. Kado did well in school, learning to speak English as well, but his mind was always on cars.

Kado was a good kid until he entered High School. He started to run with the wrong crowd and soon he fell into one of the local thug gangs. He started stealing cars and soon he became very good at what he did. When he turned sixteen, his father gave him his first car. A 2000 Nissan Silvia S15. It was a run down junker that his father bought at the salvage yard, but his father hoped that by having a car that he could work on, he would leave the gangs, but that didn't happen. Despite how much his mother begged and pleaded, the money he was making was way too good.

He started boosting cars again and eventually started up his own crew. He found a young prodigy in a girl named Kokeshi Miyuki. He took her under his wing and taught her what he knew about cars and stealing them. He sent young Miyuki out on a job in Okinawa that was to be a big score for Kado and the crew. But she got caught and was arrested. Kado was furious to say the least. He went to his family's shrine to calm down and seek advice from his ancestors. While he was meditating, he was ambushed by a large wolf which, unknown to him, was a werewolf. He fought to keep the animal at bay, but he was bitten by the animal before it ran away. He spent the next three days trying to heal his wound, but he found that the wound healed by the third day. The next night, the full moon came.

He underwent his first change becoming overwhelmed by pain and confusion during the change. When he awoke, he was naked and in the park. Disoriented and unable to remember what happened to him. He rushed home and stayed there, trying to figure out what to do. Not knowing what else to do, Kado fled. He tried to learn how to control things on his own, but the learning was hard and tedious. He decided he had to get out of Japan. The only thing he could think of was to go to America and find Miyuki. After some research, he found her and found himself on a plane bound for Forks, his car a few days ahead him in a shipping container.



Kado is of Japanese origin and is fluent in writing and speaking in his native language. He can speak English and sometimes will slip a Japanese word into his English for a word he does not know or understand the English version of it.

Car Mechanics

Kado was taught by his father how to work on cars, fixing them and repairing them. His time on the streets taught him how to hot wire and steal them. He can steal and drive nearly anything with four wheels.

Self Defense

Kado is trained in Aikido and can defend himself if he needs to. He keeps up with his training during his down time.

Lone Wolf

Because Kado has never been apart of a pack, he has had to rely on himself to fight his battles and is able to do so without the pack to back him up. He has a difficult time adjusting to fighting in numbers.



As a werewolf, Kado can transform to his wolf form at will.


As a werewolf, Kado can outrun a vampire; but not a shifter. In human form, Kado is able to run faster than the average human.

Endurance and Strength

Kado has heightened endurance in wolf form, he can keep running for long periods of time. He also has immense strength, able to lift several times more than his body weight.

Resilience and Healing

As a werewolf, Kado cannot be harmed as easily as a human, though he may be less armored than a vampire. He can heal at an accelerated rate, usually within three days of being wounded.

Heightened Senses

When transformed, Kado has an animal instinct and sense, and therefore can smell, see, and hear better.

Deadly Bite

When transformed, Kado's teeth can penetrate a vampire's skin and significantly damage his opponents.

Infectious Bite

Kado can bite others and make them into wolves with his saliva.


Non-Pack Mentality

Kado has never been apart of the pack and has had to rely on only himself. If he comes across a pack, he has a hard time relating to them and adjusting to the way things with within a pack.


Kado is severely allergic to fake silver. He will start to break out in a rash anywhere that the metal touches. This is not due to his werewolf nature, but it does cause him to be more of a cliche than normal.


Kado is new to the country and is not fully aware of the cultural differences between the two countries. It is obvious at times that he is definitely not from this country.

Unstable Shifting

Due to not having any formal training in his abilities, Kado does not have full control over his shifting. If he gets angry enough, he can shift forms even when he does not want to. On the reverse side, he can also come out of a shift when he doesn't want to. If he does shift without him wanting to, he has to try to fight it as hard as he can which usually tends to fatigue, headaches, nose bleeds and, if severe enough, unconsciousness.

Telepathy Inept

As Kado has not been with a pack and has spent his life as a werewolf alone, he has a hard time developing telepathic bonds and if he is able to establish one, it takes nearly twice as long as normal. Because of this, it is nearly impossible for him to establish a bond strong enough to carry over to his human form.


Human Characteristics

Kado's heart pumps at a faster rate than a normal human's. Because his heart does beat, he can be harmed and killed, as opposed to vampires, which can only be completely killed by fire. However, Kado can heal a lot quicker than humans.

Animal Instinct

Because of his wolf nature, Kado can become out of control easily and harm even people he loves and considers his friends. He is constantly trying to learn to control his animalistic instincts.

Mortal Enemies

Because of his werewolf race, he has been marked as the mortal enemy of the vampire. The vampire population is significantly larger and he is very out numbered.


Because werewolves reproduce by bite, Kado cannot have children biologically.

Roleplay Logs

Date Time of Day Name Description
None as of yet


Name Race Notes
Miyuki Werewolf Miyuki and Kado go back a long time. Back to Japan. She worked for him in his crew until she got caught and sent away. He had taken her under his wing and she blew a job. He still considers her a friend, but she'll be an even better friend when she pays him back the money she owes. She is working for him as his mechanic until she can pay off the money she owes. Since they've been reunited, they've gotten closer than they have ever gotten before.


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