Portrayed by Katherine Heigl
Full name Kalie Selena Paxton
Birthday July 16, 1962
Species Human
Age 45
Height 5'9"
Weight 135
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Power None
Parents Erika and Matthew Spencer
Siblings Robert James (older brother) and Kristie (twin sister)
Occupation Biology teacher


It was a warm, summer night, or very early morning, on July 16th of 1962 when Kalie Selena Spencer was born, just ten meager minutes before Kristie Sabrina. The pair are the youngest two of three children, their parents, Erika and Matthew having had Robert James one year earlier. Kalie was a well behaved child, she listened to her parents, respected her brother and treated Kristie nicely, for the most part, just like every other child, she had her moments.
Growing up in Forks, everyone knew everyone else, and everyone went to the same schools, the grandparents grew up best friends with their children’s parents, and the parents grew up with their children’s parents. Kalie and Kristie’s family was no exception, their grandparents grew up in Forks, as did their parents, and now they would grow up in this small little town. Neither of the minded, they had each other, after all, they would grow up together, be at each other’s weddings, raise their children. As twins their dreams included each other. Occasionally they would get tired of the other’s presence, as they were in class together all day, get home and spend their time at home together and participate in many of the same after school activities, that is until the girls hit middle school
Once the duo entered junior high, Kristie took a liking to the more rough and tumble activities, partaking in football, soccer, rugby and the like, while her sister tried out for the cheerleading team, and made it, donning the uniform every time her teammates did. The girl was light enough that she became a flyer, often finding herself at the top of the stunts. Despite the differences, the girls never parted ways. They took care of each other and would cheer on the other at whatever the other would endeavor, not once did they let a boy get in the way, at least… not until grade nine.
In grade nine Bruce Paxton, who Kalie called Nate, officially entered their line of sight. The girls shared similar interests in the male variety at that point in time, and Nate was exactly that person for both of them. They fought about him often, though he was, officially, nothing more than a friend to either of them, and when Nate took up football in their freshmen year, Kristie’s interests quickly moved away from him, as she decided she couldn’t date someone who would rather devote his time to football then to her. Kalie, however, had no problem with this, especially as his presence on the team allowed her to cheer for him every game, as she had made the cheer team at Forks High.
In her senior year Kalie was elected the homecoming queen for the year, an honor that she was truly pleased to have, and was happy to share it with her best friend, Nate Paxton. Though Nate had never asked Kalie out, she continued to harbor feelings for him, though she wouldn’t dare let this on to him, instead contenting herself with his friendship, up until he asked her to prom. This was the evening when they’d shared their first kiss, and, though she’d dated many other guys in her time in high school, he was something different, what she didn’t know, not yet, at any rate
The couple dated for several years, Nate taking on a job in Forks, while Kalie went to Peninsula College in Port Angeles, and eventually obtaining a degree in education, majoring in sciences. During her time obtaining a post-secondary education, Kalie took every spare moment to spend, split between friends and family, including Nate in as many things as she could, it was clear to her, at this point, that she’d quite fallen in love with him. This knowledge became even more obvious when he asked her to marry him, she was over the moon with joy, and became a happy bride in 1985, when the couple went from simply high school sweethearts to newlyweds.
tThey’re life was simple, and fairly uncomplicated. Nate worked as a mechanic and handyman, which was very useful around the house, while Kalie obtained a job at Forks High, as the biology teacher. This continued until 1992, when Kalie informed her husband that he was to be a father. The couple were overjoyed, happy to be bringing a little bundle of joy into the world that they could share their love with. Neither of them knew, at the time, that it would be two little bundles of joy.
On November 15, of 1992, the pair welcomed their twin children, Wayne and Traci into the world. Since then Kalie has strived to help her husband raise their children properly, being a good role model and a good mother, supporting her children in any way that she could.

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Kalie Paxton may not have been raised as a very religious person, but the time she’s spent with her husband has brought that into her life, and as a result she’s a God-fearing woman, who attends church every Sunday, along with the rest of her family. Her relationships with her God and her family have taught her to be loving and patient with those around her, taking care to instill what she’s learned from her husband and church into her daily life. She’ll treat most everyone with respect, save those odd few who manage to find themselves in her bad graces, though she’ll try to never say a slanderous word about them, she’ll certainly do her best to avoid having to spend too much time with the individual in question.
Towards her students Kalie is as pleasant as she can be, though sometimes they do drive her nuts. She understands that teaching teenagers is not the easiest task, having a set of twin teenagers at home who don’t always want to listen to what their mother says. In general, though, she’s a bubbly and energetic person, a bit of a hold-over from her days as a cheerleader at Forks High.


Name Relation Notes
Nate Paxton Husband They were high school sweethearts, and are still sweethearts
Wayne Paxton Son Kalie and Nate's son, Traci's twin brother (Open)
Traci Paxton Daughter Kalie and Nate's daughter, Wayne's twin sister (Open)
Kristie Spencer Sister Tomboy/wild child, Kalie's twin (Open)
Robert James Spencer Brother He's one year older than Kalie and Kristie (Open)

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