Picture of Kinjid
Michael Mahoney playing Kinjid
Fullname Ryan "Kinjid" Peters
Birthday August 23, 1988
Species Human
Age 19
Height 6' 1"
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes Deep Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Power N/A
Parents Marvin & Julie Peters (Alive)
Siblings None
Occupation N/A


I was born in the town of Sanderson, TX. My mother died one month after my birth due to a illness known as Pneumonia. My mother had originally caught the flu, and having not had vaccinations for the flu, they got medication, but not before pneumonia began to set in..

When they realized what had happened, it was too late for my mother, and she passed away. My dad re-married when I was 6. The women he married was a nice lady, only one year younger than my father..

I didn't like my real name, Ryan, and in-school I got myself known as Kinjid, similar to one of the characters out of a book I read. I was later deemed to bear the name 'Kin' as to most of the folks in the city, I was like family.

My school life was nothing short of boring, keeping mainly to myself as the school system focused alot on athletics such as football, and basketball. When I refused to join these two sport, most of the kids shuned me, and only having found one other kid with the same interests we became best friends.. We both graduated top of class in high-school, and the whole school was having a party, as was every year.

The party ended and we were all leaving, as we were walking out into the parking lot, we heard a loud screeching sound, the one of tires peeling out, and I looked over to where my friend had been walking, and yelled for him to move, the car on a direct path for him, but it was too late, the car hit him from behind.

The impact crushed most of his pelivic bone and lower spine. also breaking 3 different bones in his legs. The collision from the drunk driver did end up being the cause of death 3 hours later in the hospital. The driver was arrested and was sentenced to prison for Murder and DUI.

The accident affected me so much as he was the best friend I had there… I didn't feel I could stay there any longer so I got all my savings together, and got a car, and with a help from my father and step-mom,I was able to afford a home in a small town, way up north in Washington called Forks…

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Meeting Kyler June 17 Kinjid finds himself meeting an Interesting character…
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