Klara Lisiewicz
Portrayed by Rosamund Pike
Full name Klara Lisiewicz
Birthday January 18, 1914
Species Werewolf
Age 93 (30)
Height 5'7"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Power None
Parents Deceased
Siblings Deceased
Occupation Piano Teacher


Klara Lisiewicz was born in 1914, the year in which the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand began the War to End All Wars. If her parents had known then that it was only a precursor for what was to come when the Third Reich invaded their home some twenty-five years later, perhaps they might have moved their family to Switzerland when Klara was still small enough to be carried on her mother's hip. Her father, Feliks, owned a small company that built and repaired pianos out of Warsaw while his wife, Irena, offered private lessons out of their home. As a result, Klara grew up with an ear for music and a passion for the arts, so it was a surprise to both her parents when she chose to enroll in nursing school rather than stay at home and continue refining her skills under the tutelage of her mother as her two older sisters had done before marrying and starting families of their own.

Irena's pleas for more grandchildren did not fall on deaf ears, however; while away from Warsaw, Klara met Aleksander Lisiewicz. Aleksander was fair, handsome and came from a family whose material wealth and social status closely mirrored Klara's own, but most importantly he possessed political views that aligned with hers. They were married the same year that they met, 1933, though it wasn't until several years later that Klara gave birth to their first child, Aleksy. Less than nine months later, Klara was pregnant again, and Aleksander insisted they relocate back to Warsaw so Klara could be closer to her family, the children could meet their grandparents for the first time and Aleksander could open a private practice in a densely-populated area where business would be guaranteed.

And it was, as the Americans say, "in spades." 1939 brought the Nazi invasion of Poland, the occupation of Warsaw, and the beginning of ethnic cleansing targeted not only at the nation's Jewish population but ethnic Polish gentiles as well. Feliks' business was shut down and his property confiscated. He shot himself in his study shortly after, leaving Irena a widow and forcing her to move in with Klara, Aleksander and their family. In 1942, two years after the occupation began, Klara and Aleksander joined the Home Army, a resistance movement loyal to the Polish government in exile, and committed themselves to treating injured resistance fighters at Aleksander's clinic right under the nose of the Gestapo. Although they were never discovered, Aleksander was taken into custody in January of 1943 during a random round-up of Polish civilians and transported to a labour camp in Germany. Klara struggled to keep her husband's business in operation and provide for her two children, six-year-old Aleksy and five-year-old Sara, but even with Irena's help and the help of her two sisters and their husbands who she had also recruited to the Home Army, the Gestapo smelled blood in the water and moved in to shut it down.

Not only did Klara fail to prevent the seizure of the clinic, but in the process of pleading with an SS Officer drew attention to her family as well. Noting strong Aryan characteristics in Aleksy and Sara that deemed them "racially valuable", he recommended them for the Nazi Germanization program and removed them from their mother's care. Klara was told her children would be sent to a SS Home School where they would be reeducated and adopted out to German families. "Their lives will be better," he said. "They will endure no more suffering."

Irena was convinced. Klara was not. Her sisters went into hiding with their husbands, fearing that their children would be targeted next based on their familial ties. Klara never saw them again, and to this day does not know what became of them even after years of extensive but fruitless searching. When Irena's health began to decline in the winter of '43, Klara devoted herself completely to her mother, suspecting that what time they had left together was limited to a few months. Months turned into weeks, and by the time Irena passed Klara had sold the house she had shared with Aleksander and their children, the majority of their possessions and disappeared within days of her mother's death. As she had devoted herself to her mother, she devoted herself to the resistance movement, which culminated in August of 1944 as the Warsaw Uprising and the chaos in which Klara was bitten by what she thought was a rabid dog while she and other resistance fighters took shelter in the remains of a desiccated building and the city smouldered violently around them.

Her first change occurred several days before the Polish surrender on October 2, and resulted in the deaths of everyone in hiding with her, including a family of Jews with children Aleksy and Sara's age. What happened between then and the end of Nazi occupation remains a blur to Klara even half a century later, but she eventually found herself in Germany and in the company of one Peter Walker, an American soldier who smelled of wolf and agreed to teach her English and help her track down her missing children in exchange for simple companionship. Together, they followed the childrens' trail across Europe. He provided a shoulder to cry on when Klara discovered that Aleksy had perished at Auschwitz after being deemed unfit the Germanization program and later supported her decision to leave Sara, then nine years old, with her adoptive family in Munich.

Peter and Klara spent the next few decades together traveling Europe, never staying in one place for very long, though Klara developed a fondness for St. Petersburg and its people in spite of the Soviet occupation of her country after the Nazis were forced into retreat with their tails between their legs. Now, their attention turns toward Port Angeles and La Forks, Peter's ancestral home and a purported hotspot for supernatural activity…

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