Fullname Kyler McAlister
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Age 42-ish (Appears in his early 20's)
Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Power Extreme goof-ishness. If that counts.
Parents Leigh McAlister and Jarod McAlister (deceased)
Siblings None (that he knows of, at least)
Occupation Drifter



Being an effeminate child in the land of gun-toting republicans (aka Texas) is probably not the easiest way to grow up. As a child, Kyler got into his fair share of scrapes, though he'd never admit how few of them he actually won. He was a tiny child that looked malnourished, lived in the big creepy house on the corner, and his mother was the neighborhood Crazy Witch Lady. As if that wasn't enough, he actually enjoyed the piano lessons that all the children were forced into back in those days. Needless to say, Ky ended up on the receiving end of the schoolyard bullying far more often than usual.

Kyler never gave any evidence that he was bothered by his classmates' capers. Besides, even the bravest of bullies soon learned not to follow him home, because the only thing more terrifying than a bully was the Crazy Witch Lady. Given that Kyler's mother was the Crazy Witch Lady, it's no wonder the children took care not to pick on him unless they were sure they would not be caught. Now, popular culture would have you believe that the Crazy Witch Lady is really just a misunderstood, mislabeled woman who has many good qualities if only the world would give her a chance…

Kyler would cry bullshit on that one, if he could remember his childhood growing up in the house of the Crazy Witch Lady. Of course, no one now knows that Kyler's mother was the biggest bully of them all. The truth is, she is responsible for many of Kyler's idiosyncrasies, and even had a hand in setting him up to be turned into a vampire, though she didn't realize it at the time.

All in all, Kyler was an odd, happy-go-lucky child. Although he still had (and perhaps has to this day) invisible friends, he eventually learned that there were things that are "real" and things that are "not real". And the "real" people tend to lock you up if you go around talking about the "not real" people. Even the bullies got bored with Kyler as his Swiss-cheese memory tended to blank out any traumatic experiences they might put him through. And for all that he lived in an odd fantasy world of flexible time and invisible people, Ky was remarkably cheerful, and shy enough that even the teachers could overlook him on a busy day.


Kyler never really wanted to go to college in the first place, but he'd learned at that point that when the Crazy Witch Lady says "do this," it's probably best to just get it over with. So he landed in college, where his lack of organizational skills and general obliviousness found him barely passing the few classes he dared to enroll in. On the bright side, he ended up a music major, which put him in a group of people almost as weird as he was. For the first time in his life, he found a group of people who found his oddness to be a good thing. No one dared to call him crazy. Instead, he was deemed creative and a risk-taker. In spite of his lack of academic prowess, those days were surrounded by a rosy glow of contentedness that he'd never known, for all of his stubborn good cheer.

If he'd continued on this road, Kyler could have lived out his days in contentment. He would have likely dropped out of college but no one would ever really believe that the guy who plays the beautiful background music in the mall is really entirely off his rocker. He could have grown old to be the crazy old man in the ramshackle house on the corner, yelling at the kids to stay off his lawn before retreating into his house to play classical music much too loud. Unfortunately, destiny did not have this fate in store for the young Kyler. As a 20-year-old sophomore and piano savant, Kyler ended up on the wrong side of the teeth of a vampire. The experience was not only traumatic, but nearly led to Ky's true death when he awoke ravenous, strong, and deadly fast in the local hospital.

Of course, all of the preceding details are no longer known to Kyler. These traumatic events have been wiped from his memory along with many others. Although they may still exist in his subconscious somewhere, he professes to have no knowledge of his childhood or the circumstances of his rebirth as a vampire.


Kyler's first memory is one of terror and chaos. Not for himself, of course. He experienced only ravenous hunger and joy at the chaos he was creating as he stalked through the hospital, gleefully pouncing at passing nurses and giggling to himself as they scampered away like terrified mice. It seemed that all about him was the smell of blood and fear, and it was glorious. That is, it was glorious until he was carelessly tossed on his butt by another vampire who took offense to the chaos Kyler was creating.

Ky never knew if the vampire who saved him at the hospital was the one who had turned him. He never dared to ask, and before he could get an answer, it was much too late for that… He woke in a sturdy cage in a plain, boring basement, starving and with a pounding head. The next few months were a blur of snarling, impotent anger alternating with long stretches of boredom.

Over time, however, Kyler learned that his captor had a name… Thomas Hearn. Thomas was more patient than any other vampire would have been, but Kyler did not know enough to question it. He didn't realize that many vampires who felt the way Thomas did would have killed him outright, without a second thought. But Thomas cared for Kyler, and taught him to drink blood from bags stolen at the hospital, or from animals, rather than taking from humans.

By the end of his incarceration, Kyler adored Thomas as much as any child might adore a parent. After Kyler was released and the two began to travel the country together, this fragile relationship blossomed into a powerful friendship. One thing led to another, and the two ended up as lovers.


Kyler's clearest memories are of those happy days he spent with Tom. They didn't do anything spectacularly exciting. They lived, loved each other, and tried to make each other happy. Kyler adored Tom, and every move he made was done with an eye toward keeping the man happy. Sure, Ky had his less lucid times… After all, he was plagued with strange visions and phobias whose origin he couldn't quite remember. But all in all, this was a happy time. Positively glowing with cheesy, romantic happiness.

They had a brief decade together after Kyler became a vampire. Although Tom probably knew how unlikely it was, Ky was convinced that they would spend eternity together. Perhaps this is why it hit him so hard when Tom was killed.

It was a curiously anti-climatic sort of event. They were taking a vacation in a forest near their most recent home. Kyler was playing around, teasing Tom as he often did. They must have edged onto the territory of a local werewolf. Or perhaps the werewolf had learned that a pair of vampires had taken up residence, and had come to wipe out the threat. Kyler would never know the why or how. All he knew was that one moment they were playfully teasing each other, and the next moment, they were engaged in a battle with a blur of flesh and fur that even Kyler couldn't follow with his heightened vampire senses.

The last time that Kyler saw Tom, he was fighting the clutches of his werewolf aggressor, dragged forcibly away from Ky. Of course, Kyler made chase. His poor legs ran fast and faster, but he couldn't keep up with the werewolf. Tom was gone, and Kyler could never get him back.


The most recent decade of Kyler's life has been marked by an endless search. At times, he is aware of how pointless the search is. If the werewolf killed Tom, he would have burned him, destroying any possibility of Kyler being entirely certain of his lover's fate. If Tom had survived, he would have found Kyler by now. And yet, most of the time Ky is convinced that Thomas is still alive and wandering the earth in search of him. Ky strongly believes that if he were just to look in the right place, he would find Tom.

In the meantime, he has slowly devolved, leaving behind many of the ideals that Tom had taught him. He's indulged in hunting humans for food more times than he can count, though he's also suffered occasional bouts of guilt. More often, he walks a line somewhere in the middle, doing whatever pleases him at the moment and avoiding anything that doesn't.


Of course, given that he is still on the lookout for Tom, it's no wonder that he would eventually make his way to an area known for having the highest concentration of vampires in the world. While Tom's death has had a lot to do with the shaping of Kyler's personality, and even influences decisions that he makes on a regular basis, it isn't something anyone will find him talking about. In fact, it's doubtful that anyone in this tiny town will know about Tom anytime soon.

Kyler is also still known for some rather strange behaviors, though the worst of these have long been under control. Two in particular stick out, though you'd have to know him well to find out about it, and even then he likely wouldn't admit it. First, he will not go anywhere near a library. In fact, he has a pathological dislike of books in general, and has a nasty habit of gleefully tearing them to shreds when one crosses his path. Second, he is terrified of being trapped in a small space. The idea of being enclosed at all makes him uncomfortable, but the smaller and more confining the area, the more panicked he becomes.


The easiest way to describe Kyler's personality is "capricious." He might decide that he loves you for no apparent reason, or he might decide that he hates you for equally obscure reasons. Although he may appear to follow no real pattern, the truth is that there is a method to his madness, so to speak. To use the above example, you may think he loves you for no apparent reason, but it's most likely that you said something he remembers Tom saying, at some point. On the flip side, he may decide he hates you because your eyes have what he considers to be a peculiarly wolfish slant to them. However, he's not as difficult to get along with as that may make him sound. Aside from the occasional phobia or imaginary friend, he can even be rather adorable at times. Just don't let him catch you calling him adorable. He prefers "rakishly handsome" thankyouverymuch.


Name Relationship Description
Henry Best Friend Henry is Kyler's imaginary friend. No on really knows anything about him, though Kyler occasionally will introduce him to new friends. Henry is apparently very shy, and likes to hide from strangers.
Jasper Dad! Jasper apparently has a certain fondness for Kyler. Who knows what's going on there. But it's too late to back out now, because Kyler is now firmly attached to the man. Woe be unto those who would harm the Jasper.
Alice Mom! In typical Alice fashion, shortly after meeting Kyler (and giving him a makeover), she went to Jasper and said, "Jasper, we have a son and Kyler's it." After they convinced Kyler that they were serious, they moved into a treehouse near the Cullen house. Unfortunately, in spite of Alice's best efforts, Kyler still manages to escape to roam the forest fairly frequently.
Bella Close Friend The dynamic between Kyler and Bella has been tumultuous at times. Surprisingly, Bella has turned out to be one of Kyler's biggest advocates, along with Jasper. She may or may not truly understand him, but they do seem to connect on some deeper level, somehow.
Esme Mom-mom Esme still isn't sure why Kyler insists on calling her "mom mom". Alice and Jasper haven't exactly been /hiding/ him from her, but they haven't gone out of their way to tell, either. Esme has a rather strange relationship with Kyler. She pretends to despise him, but still allows him in the house (or at least, doesn't scalp Jasper for leaving the window open for him…). She is perhaps the only person alive who can actually succeed in making Kyler clean up after one of his messes. She's also one of the few people whose anger can inspire true fear. Luckily for pretty much everyone, Kyler is slowly learning how to distinguish the play-anger from the real thing.
Carlisle A really nice man (Dad-Dad?) Carlisle once gave Kyler an old electronic pda-type thing. Kyler has no idea what it's for or how to work it. But it lights up with pretty colors and beeps when he pushes the buttons, so he knows it must be a good thing. He doesn't see the Cullen patriarch very much, but he does seem to have a very uncharacteristic respect for him. He's never once tried to pull a prank on him, which is probably some kind of record.
Amaya Friend Amaya has been patient enough to develop a strange sort of relationship with Kyler. On the one hand, she isn't the type that he'd usually consider "food", so normally he'd leave her alone. But she's one of the few people who doesn't treat him as though he were a particularly dense 5-year-old (even if he does act that way, most of the time). Consequently, she is tentatively grouped among those he regards as "friend." Of course, that doesn't mean he won't be tempted to eat her someday. But he would feel really really guilty.
Aset Enemy Due to recent events, Kyler pretty much despises Aset. Then again, that tends to happen when one invades another's home and proceeds to threaten them with violence and insult their dead lovers. This encounter ended in something of a tie, but Kyler is making plans to get back at Aset.
Abbey Target Kyler doesn't really have anything against Abbey personally. However, he is aware that she's close to Aset, so she's got points against her in his eyes from the get go. On one occasion, he attempted to blow her up with one of Aset's "toys", and another time, he taunted her into falling into a pit, though she hopped right back out again. She probably doesn't have any warm fuzzy feelings toward Ky, but the feeling is pretty much mutual.
Lilly Friend As a newborn vampire struggling to find herself, Lilly reminds Kyler of what he once was. He feels some vague sense of responsibility toward her (probably because Tom would have wanted him to help her), but he isn't exactly sure how to live up to that responsibility. He has resolved this at least once by bringing her a "present" of a child-molester to eat, so that she doesn't have to risk eating someone she knows.
Elizabeth Target Ky pretty much despises Elizabeth. He calls her the "Witch Doctor," which makes sense somewhere in Kyler-land. He spent some time harassing her with various pranks, and would have eaten her a long time ago if she hadn't mysteriously dropped off his radar…

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