Lemonade At The Cullen S

IC Time: May 7, 2007
Location: Forks - Cullen Residence: Backyard
Synopsis: A brief chat between Bella and Micah.
Submitted by: Micah

So another day of work and the mudpit has become paved and lined with stones. Why wait for contractors and human builders when you got super strength wolvies and vamps. Definately makes for quick work. Bella of course stays out of the project considering her natural tendency to find danger anywhere, especially a deep ended hole in the ground. What she does do, is something she does best…food. So as dusk starts to fall she brings out some platters of food for the workers who have stayed on. Might as well find some use for the rediculous amount of food Esme keeps in her fridge.

Seeing the addition of food into the area a few of the wolves transverse the short distance to the woods to change into something a little more comfortable. One such individual, Micah, emerges from the woods moments later in perfect attire with not a single strand of hair out of place, nor a single smudge of mud or dirt on himself. He strides back to the platters of food and gives a soft smile in your direction as his gaze quickly darts back down to the food, "Thank you. It looks appetizing." his smile returning for a moment.

"I rather think you lot care more about quantity over quality, there is more on the way." Bella says with some good humour in her voice. She sets down the platter on a patio table and heads back in, returning with two pitchers of lemonade and sets them beside the platter. There is a glance towards the slowly finishing project, a brief look a loss might be seen on her face, though she tries to hide it. "You all did good work together…"

"Some of us have more refined pallets." he gives a soft smirk, chiding the other wolves rather than truly meaning it. As the lemonade comes back he takes a small glass and looks at the developing project before turning back towards you, "Yeah. I still do not get why some of the others simply refuse to help due to them being what they are. But even without everyone we will get this done quickly. Really they should think about collaborating more often. They would probably be amazed at what we could accomplish." Micah does not express himself like some of the others, as shown. He is more open and honest about what he thinks.

Bella takes a seat down at the table, picking lightly at some of the nibblies. She tilts her head curiously to Micah as he starts to speak. There is a touch of a smile on her lips, "Well…this was better than a year ago, which was better than the year before that…" She says as she glances out to the pool. Maybe it was just a pool, but well it means a bit more than that. It was created through the shoulder to shoulder work of sworn enemies. "I suppose it is not easy for some to see the difference between vampires like Cullens and other types."

Micah nods slightly to your words, "True. Quite a few of my friends need to realize though we are both after the same goal, protecting those we love." his mind wanders for just a brief instant and then refocuses, "Plus. Some of the Vamps are cute." a cheesy grin crosses his face in an attempt to focus on something less serious, he gets enough of that from Billy Black and the Elders. "…too bad they are off limits. Especially that Edward." Micah uses the knowledge garnered from the pack mind to poke and prod at you somewhat.

"Well …what is the saying …time heals all wounds? They were invited to the bonfire the other day…Alice and Esme really enjoyed themselves." Bella replies as she leans back in her chair and sips her lemonade. At the cute comment, she can't help but smile. "Yeah, I kinda think so myself." She responds with a faint blush to her cheeks. Then we he admits his particular interest, she looks over to him with surprise, blinking for a moment, "Oh yeah…um…he is off limits. We are getting married in two weeks."

"Can't fault a guy for trying." he says with a smile, but it slowly vanishes at the mention of the marriage. He does not mind it, but all the time hearing Jacob's thoughts and the others leads to the formation of a frown on his face, quite noticeable. He looks at you, a sadness in his eyes, and says, "That soon huh? Time sure does fly these days. Feels like yesterday that all this just started." he peers out at the horizon, "Can't believe this much time has passed, that events have moved this quickly." his words holding numerous double meanings, voiced in a somber tone.

Bella looks curiously at Micah and shakes her head, "We have been betrothed for a year now…we waited, I had hoped it would be easier for everyone that way." She says, though there is a question inher own voice, perhaps in regard to Jacob. "Well I should get back to my studies, exams don't go away for pool creation. Enjoy the food Micah." Bella says with a thoughtful look upon her face as she heads back towards the house, before pausing and looking back. "Thank you."

"Your welcome." he says as he stands up himself and looks at the setting sun, "Hope you have fun studying." he says with a smile as he starts out across the yard, stopping a moment to look into the progress of the pit before turning around, "..and have a good night." his voice dropping some as he heads into the woods, not looking forward to phasing back into wolf form, he knows he will either be yelled at or thanked for what little he did say.

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