Lev Krinov
Lev Krinov
Stuart Townsend
Fullname Nikolev Aleksandrovitch Krinov
Birthday March 19th, 1890
Species Vampire
Age Apparent - late 20's
Height 6'2"
Weight 130
Eyes Crimson
Hair Brown
Occupation Rockstar


Nikolev Aleksandrovitch Krinov was born March 19, 1890 to Karil and Colinne Krinov in , Russia. His birth did not come at an easy time for his struggling family. Karil worked three jobs just to make ends meet. When Alek was three he lost his mother when she gave birth to his sister which also died at three days old.

Alek spent most of his days with his grandparents, as Karil continued to work hard. Charity wasn't something welcomed to the Krinov family. Whatever they have is what they earned. Alek started working when he was seven running errands for the local general store. Never having to go to school, Alek lost his father when he was nineteen due to a mill accident.

When he just turned twenty Alek joined the army. Changing his name to Lev, he felt it suited him better to try and break away from his past. He was considered a loner but one guy managed to teach him how to read. At the age of twenty-three while at war most of his troop was wiped out. Laying in a trench barely clinging to life, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen shows up and he feels she must be an angel coming to carry him home. Though he was bitten not realizing that he was meant to be her meal, being left alone his suffered for three days though his personal hell.

Waking into his new life, Lev instinctively feeds upon many different soldiers. Until he crossed path with his creator. He followed Natalia from then forward.

After his first encounter with the Children of the Moon, he flees to Canada with Natalia. Over the next few years he began to educate himself. Reading books and even learning different dances of the era helped pass the time. Stating a theater troupe he was jealous when Natalia began to toy with many different guys. On in particular enraged him to the point that he attacked him, sending him sailing into the concrete with every intention of killing him. Being distracted he hid him away never returning to him again.

Lev was surprised when Donny showed up a week later. Being this was his creation, he took the time to explain everything about the new life before him.

The next five years went rather quick. Lev started to learn to play the violin and it went rather well. Donny ended up leaving them and he insisted to Natalia they find him. His mate was able to track the boy into the United States. Finding Donny holding onto a girl in the final stages of her turning, a rage causes him to lash out at Donny. The two fought until the newborn known as Virginia leaped up declaring her love for Donny and that she won't see any harm come to him.

Moving his coven from place to place, they finally landed in New York forming another theater group in 1968. A girl named Ramona had become his new toy. When he felt she was ready, he allowed Natalia to deliver the bite that would turn her into one of their own. A run-in with the Volturi guard was his first time learning about the laws. Running the coven leaves Ramona to fend for herself.

Ramona caught back up with them in Canada, and the coven moved to Texas in 1990. Lev decided he was tired of moving and wouldn't budge. In 1994 his mate disappeared from his life. Looking for a while, Lev finally accepted that she was gone when word came that the Volturi had gotten a hold of her.

The coven moved back to New York. Lev went into a deep depression and it was Donny that was able to help him through it. He became more like a brother than just a coven-mate. Not have touched an instrument in years, he learned to play the guitar. The remaining members of the coven formed the band 'Crimson Delirium'.

In the first of 2007, the coven came to Forks for a concert. Due to his own stupid choices the coven has broken up. Lev tried to move on with a girl he created named Lilly. One faithful night though his world changed when Natalia made her return.


These days he hardly trusts anyone, he wanted to try and be better but is slowly sinking back into his evil ways.


Natalia Krinov Mate His creator and love returns after being absent for thirteen years. They are trying things one more time, hopefully if she decides to cut and run again she will take him along.
Ramona Krinov Friend Even though she left his coven, he can't help but still feel protective over her.
Donny Krinov Friend He is like a brother to him. They at times don't always see eye to eye but are always there for each other.
Virginia Krinov Friend?? She has returned from her wanderings and there is maybe still friendship if not tolerance between them.
Lilly Carrere neutral He sired her fighting off the temptation to just take her life. They tried it as mates but have parted ways.
Beverley McKinnon ??? His newest newborn. He doesn't know anything about this female but plans to find out.
Rosalie Friend? They have an up and down friendship. She has recently decided to help him change. Is he really changing or is she just another caught into his game?

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