Liam Martinez
Portrayed by Paul Wasilewski (aka Paul Wesley)
Full name Liam Alexander Martinez
Birthday August 9
Species Human
Age 18
Height 6'
Weight 170
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Power N/A
Occupation College Student


Life is easy if you ignore the bulk of it and take the rest with a grain of salt. That’s the approach Liam takes to every single solitary hurdle that life gives him. Step around it, and mosey on your way. With a father that died only two years ago, a step mother barely 7 years his senior, and an ‘step-aunt’ that is /3 months/ his junior, life never fails to present him with new hurdles to sidestep and responsibilities to avoid.

Liam has been in Forks for roughly two and a half years. A quiet boy that spends his time behind a camera or a book, hiding a rather vibrant personality for no other reason than it just seems…easy. Plans of course are ever growing complicated as the days till college count down before his eyes. After all, there’s no use in running away from your future. Right?

Timeline and Current Plots


It was once stated that the universal opinion of Liam was that he were born into the natural art of 'fraternity survival'. A free thinker with immeasurable artistic talent, an outlandish idea of humor, and a lack of self control that could make the pope himself blush with shame. Put that together and what do you have? Every high school guidance counselors worst nightmare with a very hot mom and absolutely no road plan for the future. Liam lives with his stepmother and 'Aunt' in what is 'technically' their home. A two bedroom apartment that he mainly shares with himself, and occasionally Sara. Thanks to a shop in Port Angeles Liam sees his step mom only every few days, she does however take very good care of her family, and for that Liam shows the woman all due respect. For the most, he's an okay guy, if not a little arrogant around the edges.


Name Portrayed By Relation Notes
Andria Logan-Martinez
Amanda Crew Step Mother Andy is none other than Liam’s 26 year old step mother and to most extremes, she’s all he has. While the two have a strained relationship full of wavering parental instinct, one must appreciate the attempt at mothering she offers. Andy works hard at her shop, a Antique and Flower shop located in Port Angeles. (This Character is Open for Application)
Sara-Beth Logan
Ashley Benson Step Aunt Sara is the very definition of all things that make Liam twitch. Beautiful. Popular. A cheerleader and staple in social circles throughout the local high school. In Liam strives to be the very definition of all things she loathes and hates. Artistic. Different. And less thrilled about the sale at Macey’s. Most of the time. The two share a home and a breakfast table, and while on occasion they also share conversation of limited matters. More like familiar strangers in passing. Who he might flirt with just a little. (This Character is Open for Application)
Ellis Valencia
Elisabeth Harnois The "Prom Date" Liam took Ellis to the prom his senior year, an action that was ‘unappreciated’ by various Forks individuals. He did however have a good time and managed to complete the date without making a mockery of modern dating. He also proved he can’t dance. At all.
Blyth Marks
Gabriella Cilmi The "Girlfriend" Blyth and Liam are an ‘on again’ ‘off again’ feature of his life. Currently, they are ‘on’, of course with the girls sketchy behavior and random bouts of absence from Forks, there’s no set plans for the future in play, though Liam seems content to lay back and ride out the girls emotional tsunamis.
Carly Robertson
Caleigh Peters The "Interest" This girl managed to work her way into Liam’s world completely by accident. Still, despite the fact Carly seems unspoiled by the evils of the world, she is not /exactly/ Liam’s lucky charm. In fact, thanks to Carly’s honesty Liam found himself with one foot in a cast and his shame in a sling.
Holly Magnuson
Skye Sweetnam The "Curiosity" Liam hasn’t even officially met Holly yet, but he has at least a full roll of film of the girl to date. It’s creepy sure, but the girls managed to intrigue him for the whole two months he’s been seeing her around. Of course his distant fascination is just deeper proof of his ‘mad game’. And the lack thereof.
Tambrey Callidus
Aria Giovanni The "Pal" Liam is obviously missing a very important part of the brain to be ‘just friends’ with Miss Tambrey Callidus, but much to the distress of his friends he stands firmly on the account that he and the new girl are just friends and remains completely oblivious to the fact she’s built like very naughty web art. She’s sweet and she didn’t scream rape when he almost pantsed her in the pizza place.


Title Artist
Little Red Riding Hood Sam The Sham And The Pharaoh's

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