Lilly Carrere
Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lilly
Fullname Lillianna Elisabeth Carrere
Birthday December 15, 1992
Species Newborn Vampire
Age 16
Height 5'7
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Crimson
Hair Black
Power None
Parents Arthur & Marie Carrere
Siblings None
Occupation Eating Humans & Volturi Supporter
Faction Diemos Coven


Lillianna Elisabeth Carrere was born to Arthur and Marie Carrere, in Forks Washington. Her parents have lived there all their lives, but both their parents came from Italy, passing the heritage on down through the ages, making Lillianna the last of their line in Forks. Her Father works at the hospital in the children ward in Port Angeles, as her mother likewise is the admittance clerks there. Lilly has a loving family, both her mother and father are happily married, and life is normal for this teenager.

With a normal childhood, there is not much else to say about Lilly. She is not a very popular girl, but she does hand a small handful of friends, most of them being girls. Her two best friends are called Erin and Dana, and they have grown up together, being friends long enough to have fights, and then to make up. Other than that, Lilly pretty much keeps to herself, only really sharing with her friends and parents. Not being too sociable, Lilly would rather stay at home and read or watch a good movie rather than attend a dance at school or any other social function… but she does go sometimes, kind of enjoying herself, kind of not.

Having just turned sixteen, Lilly is ready to begin a job in the workforce, and to actively plan for college. Her interests have always lain in animals, and her dream is to one day attend veterinary school and get a medical degree. Hopefully, in time, she will be able to get a small part-time job at one of the local animal clinics, for that would not look half bad on her applications when she does apply for college and speaking of college, the farther away from Forks the better.

And then she met Lev Krinov, and oh boy did Lilly fall for him. Having only really spoken a handful of times, Lev finally turned Lilly one night… and things went downhill from there. Ramona Krinov left the band Crimson Delirium, Virginia Krinov stopped coming around… and Danny, the one she felt the closest too (as he was the most kind to her), just faded away in his presence. Even Lev stopped coming around Lilly, the Newborn having to find other people to take her hunting out in Seattle of Port Angeles.

Months pass, and her and Lev decided to be Mates. It was not a healthy relationship for Lilly, as Lev always complained about her, telling her she never thought about her actions, of how she was a child… she was confused, and hurt, as she was a Newborn, of course she didn’t think very well. Why did Lev even turn her? So, Lilly would go hunting on her own, without him. A couple of times she attacked hunters and hikers, though she always disposed of the bodies properly.

Should I mention that Natalia Krinov, Lev’s long lost Mate and Creator returned all of a sudden after thirteen years? Well, she did… though that has very little bearing to Lilly’s story (or perhaps Lev used it as an excuse to cast Lilly away, who really knows).

So! Anyway. It was one of those nights when Lilly attacked and killed a hunter that she met the Volturi Guard Aldo, and, coincidentally, Alexander Diemos. She forged friendships with the two instantly, even joining the Diemos Coven. A couple days later, Lev called her the biggest mistake and said he wanted nothing to do with her… after a brief moment of heartbreak, and calling Caius to tattle on Lev, she moved on with her life. And now? She’s on her way to Volterra with Aldo and Alexander… for a formal and proper education… and who knows… maybe even recruitment.


One could say that Lilly is a lover, not a fighter. She hates any kind of conflict, and the conflict she does come into contact with, she tries to play the peace maker… but that is between two people, not including herself. While she can play peace maker when she’s not directly involved in the conflict, Lilly has a tendency to run away from her own conflict, rather avoiding it than facing it… for that is easier. And if you force her to face conflict? She gets apprehensive, and can revert to petty insulting if she feels threatened. She likes to push buttons at times, especially those of the vampires whom she doesn't get along with very well.

Lilly is also very trusting, and also very trustworthy… however, even though she has not really had her trust ever betrayed, had someone did that to her, this young woman would no doubt never forgive them for they betrayal of that trust, or if she did, it would take a very, very… very long time She fully believes in revenge… and just because this Newborn enjoys picking dandelions and humming softly… she has a evil side to her, and can also be utterly manipulative with other people.

As a Newborn, this female can also suffer from horrible mood swings, crying and yelling once moment, while the next she's starring at a ripple in the river and contemplating life. She's starting to get a better handle on her emotions, though she is more often than not volatile.

She was once called 'the most dangerous thing I've seen in a long time' by a Volturi Guard.


Name Relationship Notes
Alexander Diemos Coven Leader Alexander and Lilly met one night, and then the next day he offered her a place in his coven, and she accepted. He threw a good sales pitch, and since Lev said the Krinov coven was no more… well… why not. Alex did have a good pitch. Lilly picked Alexander a dandelion too.
Rosalie Hale Neutral Rosalie and Lilly just can't seem to have a conversation without one or the other leaving in a huff.
Lev Krinov Creator Lev was the one who changed Lilly, and what seemed like a good idea he now openly calls a mistake. Lilly was going to burn his house down (and maybe with Lev in it), but Caius told her not to and instead allowed her to come to Volterra. While Caius interferred this time with Lev's punishment, he may not the next. Lilly doesn't seem to mind her and Lev parting ways, for they both seem happier. He gave her a nice farewell, and wished er luck in Volterra.
Ramona Krinov Neutral Not much to say about Ramona… really, there isn't. Lilly seems to be able to remain civil to the other vampire, though that is about it. Other than that, they don't have much in common. Lilly is soft, Ramona is hard.
Donny Krinov Friend While Ramona and Ginny don't seem to like Lilly very much, this young Newborn has taken a liking to Donny. She almost seems to look up to him as a big brother, him being the first one to take her hunting… that did not involve animals. Oh, he also bought her clothes. Lilly <3 Donny!
Natalia Krinov Neutral Lilly actually likes Lev's old Mate Natalia, which would seem odd… but the two females actually get along quite well. Lilly doesn't even seem upset that she wants Lev back… for Lilly always thought this day would come when Natalia would return… and she has. Will she be with Lev now? Lilly really doesn't seem to care… maybe her spending large amounts of time with Aldo has something to do with it.
Anastasia Ravenwood Friend Lilly has met with Anastasia a couple of times, and they seem to get along pretty well with each other. Lilly has even asked Ana if she can tag along once she leaves town, apparently needing a break from Forks.
Darcy Bowen Neutral Well, it's Darcy. She has a mouth on her like normal. Lilly just blows off her words, and laughs at the misfit… because it's Darcy, she's always spewing crap.

RP Logs

Title Characters Description
Wolf Baiting Lilly, Aldo, Helena Lilly and Aldo mock Helena into phasing in front of them.
Of Crayons And Crazies Lilly, Aldo, Natalia, Mi'raj Mi'raj meets his first vampires as he arrives in Forks.

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