The logs below are listed in chronological order according to IC time. The current IC year is 2008.

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January 07
Title: Young Girl meets Rude wolf
Quick Description: A young girl vampire is admiring items in the Vintage Clothing shop when joined by a pleasant human Jimmi and a rude wolf: Kado.
Cast: Ash (NPCed by Mercutio), Kado, Jimmi

January 11
Title: Jasper meets Jimmi
Quick Description: Jasper meets a young religious man on the Piers of Port Angeles.
Cast: Jasper, Jimmi

Title: Ash versus the Wolves, Take 1
Quick Description: Ash makes a visit to the park and taunts the wolves… it almost ends messily.
Cast: Ash (NPCed by Mercutio), Aset, Kado, Tecoah, Charlie

January 12
Title: Bounty Hunting
Quick Description: Natalia's altercation with a strange wolf leads to a clue.
Cast: Natalia, Theresa, Corin, Stasia

Title: Hospital Surprise!
Quick Description: While the Cullens group outside of the hospital while Charlie is ill, they have a present dropped on them… that quickly turns the situation into Chaos.
Cast: Edward (NPCed by Mercutio), Bella, Carlisle, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie

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