Bounty Hunting

IC Time: Late night, Jan 12
Location: The highway between Forks and Port Angeles
Synopsis: Natalia's finds a clue and cashes it in.
Submitted by: Portia

It's in the wee hours in January. Even the most ardent shoppers have already gone home and the icy road between Port Angeles and Forks is abandoned… or nearly so. The night is clear and cold, wind occasionally kicking up flurries, drifting across the barren highway like ghostly snakes. Natalia's car is the only one on the road. The hunting in Port Angeles was good and as a bonus, the victim had just bought a /lovely/ pair of diamond earrings for someone. The drive back is rather lonely, however soon, the vampire's sharp senses pick up a lone figure, walking in the middle of the highway.

Natalia is hardly paying any attention to the road in front of her, it's just out of the corner of her eye that she spots the figure in the middle of the road. With a muttered curse she pulls the wheel sharply to the side, so as to avoid hitting the person, it's not that she's feeling charitable and couldn't use another bite, she'd just prefer not to have her meal splattered across the highway in the process. Once the car has almost come to a stop, Nat gets out of the vehicle and quirks a brow, taking in a deep breath as she prepares to give this being a piece of her mind.

The highway-walker, a teenage girl by the looks of it, moves quickly at the sound of the squealing tires. Very quickly. In fact, as soon as Nat opens the door to the car, letting in the air, the scent hits her. It's a wolf.

About the same time, the girl realizes that the driver is a vampire. She tosses aside her backpack and growls… but the sound breaks off and she beings to laugh hysterically.

Natalia wrinkles her nose at the scent of the wolf and immediatly moves into a defensive sort of position, crouched down, ready to spring as is necessary. The laugh of the wolf only brings a faint smirk to the vampires lips, as her crimson eyes stare at the mutt.

The girl spins once in a circle, childlike, her peals of laughter ringing through the night. Just as suddenly as the hysterics began, they end and her body beginst to tremble violently as it changes to the half-wolf hybrid form. "Bat in a belfrey!" She crows, "And a cow jumped ooover… theee… MOON!" The high pitched sound breaks off into a snarl as the transformation occurs.

Natalia quirks a brow. "Bloody wolf's lost her marbles," she mutters as she launches herself, pushing off the ground, towards the halfling, ready to take the wolf out while she's at it. "The crazier you are the more fun you are to end."

The remains of her clothing and belongings tear and scatter on the highway as the teen's form expands. The lupine muzzle snarls at the wolf, a terrible sound, then she launches at Natalia. The attack is an un-subtle frontal assault, blindingly fast with taloned hands grasping, but it does not demonstrate any of the feints and slashes that more experienced wolves might employ.

Natalia offers a fierce growl as she grapples with the teenaged wolf, trying to distinguish it's weaknesses as she tries to get teeth, or what have you, into the wolf. She also attempts to avoid any slashes and such, but it's inevitable that the vampire would get a few cuts. Of course, when her shirt gets ripped by the talons she glowers. "You RIPPED my freaking TOP!"

Talons rake, shredding clothing and skidding painfully across the marbled flesh of the vampire. The maw lunges, teeth clamping on nothing but air. The next instant, the wolf is pushing away from the vampire, emitting high pitched whines and squeals that are almost painful to the ears. She lunges once more… this time at Natalia's car, shredding the vehicle.

Eyes widen as the wolf takes for Natalia's car. "Oh you… oh HELL no!" she bellows as she launches herself at the wolf, hands moving in a fashion as to end the wolf, up to the head, to snap the neck, though she'll go for anything she can. If she can tork a limb enough to cause it to break, she might be mildy appeased.

The wolf seems to ignore the attacks and the subsequent damage, tearing into the car with a frenzy. In fact, once the car is flipped over, she rips into the undercarriage as if she were disembowling a deer… but unfortunately it is the car that got disemboweled instead. It is only when Nat is able to latch onto the wolf's neck, does self-preservation seem to kick in. There is another painfully high noise, filled with madness, as she tries to get away from the vampire.

Natalia growls, fiercly, as she keeps an arm wrapped around the wolfy's neck, while she takes one arm and attempts to grab onto the nearest limb. Presuming she catches a hold of one, she'll tork it with all of her strength, whether to break it or rip it out of it's socket, who knows. "You're a dead little wolfly, you crazy monster," she hisses into the wolf's ear. "I'm going to have fun with this. Though I suppose I should at least keep you partially intact, take your hide to the Volturi, won't they be happy," she grins, though her voice is high, piercing, almost as though the woman's gone mad.

The wolf shrieks, the keening sound carrying even over the *snap* of her clavicle. Her teeth gnash, ineffectual in the air as she tries to twist and sink her fangs into the vampire behind her. Too late, that self preservation has kicked in.

Natalia cackles in a maddening fashion. "What? Didn't think that you'd become strips of flesh on the road? Poor little freak," she gives, that hand moving back up to the wolf's neck. "Time to say goodnight. I hope you told your mama you loved her when you left home this morning, she won't even get your body back," is noted as she moves her hands in opposite directions, presuming that wolf's self preservation hasn't kicked in enough to get the canine away from the vampire. "At least I got to keep the earrings, Levvy can buy me a new car…"

The banshee-like wail cuts off abruptly as the wolf's neck breaks and the body goes limp. She remains in her half-wolf form, tongue lolling from between her teeth.

Natalia smirks. "You're even disgusting when you die," is muttered as she pulls the body off the road, so that she can come back and relocate her car, after pulling out what she needs of it, and pulls the plates off of it. "Well well, little freak, what say you we find our nearest Volturi representative, wouldn't that be fun? I bet they need a new wolf-skin rug…" good thing there's nobody around to hear Nat, she'd sound like a psycho.. but then, maybe she is.

Predictibly, the wolf doesn't respond. And the stink doesn't go away after they die. Now it just smells like /dead/ wolf. The creature's clothing is pretty much torn shreds on the road, but her bag is intact and laying near the roadside.

Natalia looks around, and grabs the bag, of course, can't leave any traces of the wolf in the area. "Alright, mutt, what's in here," she gives, as she moves a fair distance from the dead wolf, and starts to dig through her bag, discarding anything that is of no use to her. "Maybe some cash, that'd be good, though, judging by the looks of you…"

Inside the bag is some cash… but it's in Euros (about 300 Euros). There is identification there (possibly a fake ID, but it passes a casual inspection) and a passport. Looking in the passport are three visas. Two are expired (Romania and Italy) and a current US visa. The ID and passport are both French in origin.

Natalia smirks and pockets the Euros, it's always possible to exchange them for American currency later. "Italy, huh? Paid a visit to Volterra?" of course she doesn't expect an answer, and she's really not worried. "In that case, I bet they'll love to see one who's been in their own backyard, serving as the rug in front of their fireplace," all figurative, of course.

Cut Scene to the Olympic Towers, Port Angeles, later that night.

As so far as meetings, Corin makes himself avalable in the hotel sitting in one of the more empty rooms in a leather chair with his feet propped up upon an burnished oak desk. His attention remains drifting across the city outside, the lights, the sounds, the scrape and grind of life that keeps him so entertained.

Stasia lingers nearby, standing along the wall like a guard. She is dressed up a bit more than usual, in an ankle-length skirt and sweater combo. Having done a turn below as "lobby guard", she must dress the part of a professional-looking guest in the hotel.

Natalia makes her way into the hotel, with a large duffle bag slung over one shoulder. The bag appears to simply be dead weight, which the vampire feigns a bit of a struggle to carry. Really, strolling through the hotel with a duffle bag, probably not the best idea. The vampire slows her pace slightly as she see's Stasia, giving the other a nod. "I've got a… delivery…" she notes, with a slightly crooked smile.

For all his feigned dilligence in watching the windows Corin's attentions do drift to the door at the sound of voices. Though he does not move from his perch against the plush leather, draws out a jackknife from his pocket and flicks it open with practiced ease. He twists the knife around faintly and starts looking at his nails.

Stasia's eyes widen at the burdan Nat is bringing in and moves to 'help' her with the large bag. Of course, either one of them would be able to carry it easily, but there are standards to maintain. "This way." She murmurs, in that sub-audible manner that vampires have, "Corin will see you." And she 'helps' carry the bag toward the office.

Natalia offers a nod of thanks for the help, as unnecessary as it is, around humans, it's always important to put up a show. "Thank you," she gives as she carries her share of the burden to wherever Corin happens to be.

Corin as noted had established his rein of ennui into one of the assorted offices but he's not incredibly hard to find. Coming to his feet slowly as the two arrive, "What do we 'ave here?" He mentions with his thick irish burr that he never felt the need to quell. "I was of the hopes something interesting might sneak on past and here you are. Out with it?"

"Corin, this is Natalia Krinov," Stasia makes the introductions in a soft voice. "She says she has a delivery." Once they are out of the public eye, she lets the bag fall with a wet-sounding 'thud'. It reeks. Of wolf. Of /dead/ wolf.

Natalia offers a cheery little smile, and, really, with the sweetheart face, it's not hard to see how she gets away with murder, literally. "Oh, just your everyday, psycho canine, walking in the middle of the road… she wrecked my car," the last is stated as if it was the greatest offense possible, all of it is said with that heavy Russian that she's quelled after decades in America. "I thought you might like a new wolf-skin rug."

Theresa has been at the desk as the desk clerk for the evening, and was on the phone while Stasia stepped over to help Natalia. With the phone call gone she steps up and moves after to see what is going on, or to any around to help the others. THe scent of dead wolf hits her as she pauses at the door and smirks faintly. "Looks like someone had fun.." This said before catching the wrecked car comment.

Stasia's little nose crinkles at the stench. "I think they smell /worse/ when they are dead." She mutters thickly, holding her breath out of disgust. "What happened?" she asks Natalia.

Natalia crinkles her nose. "I agree, the stench is awful," she gives, waving a hand in front of her nose, before giving Theresa a nod. "She was in front of the car, I didn't exactly want to leave a bloody wreck all over, so I stopped. She decided to attack. She must of been a young wolf, didn't even know what she was doing, a raving lunatic, too," the woman gives with a faint laugh, very faint, not wanting to take a deep breath.

"God's bones.. is the car alright?" Corin asks first as he walks around the desk to check upon the package himself. The jack knife comes back out again, as tearing things open with his fingers would be so much more messy. Though opening the bag might do the trick as well.

Theresa lifts a brow while she peers faintly at Natalia, a faint ah escapes her. "True true.. Well another one bites the dust aye?" She says with an amused tone while fiantly touching the bag with the tip of a foot.

"Raving lunatic?" Stasia is still holding her breath, brow pinching when the bag is opened and undoubtedly more dead-wolf stink is released into the air. Arm & Hammer might not do the trick to get the stench out of the carpet. "Like more than the average wolf?"

Natalia smirks. "Of course not, she ripped through the under carriage like those Cullen freaks rip through a deer," she gives with a frown. "Aye, more than the average. Wolves don't often go into a fit of hysterical laughter just because a vampire decided not to hit them with their car," she points out, shaking her head.

Theresa ohs faintly while she peers at Natalia. "Hysterical laughter?.. Sounds like she was sick. I wonder if they can get diseases like other animals." Wouldn't surprise her.

With the bag open Corin's focus is less upon the words and more upon the body, he drags the corpse out onto the floor paying little heed to the tile that will later need to be replaced and crouches down like a gargoyle. "Oh this is lovely, not in terrible condition either. The burns here… and here. I will assume were from the muffler and engine eh?" He mentions as he traces a circle about some of the areas in the air with the point of the blade. "Now what ever posessed you to use a car, or for that matter bring us this little prize?"

The corpse is still in its half-wolf, hybrid form, as the moon is not full. Cause of death appears to have been a broken neck. There is also a broken clavicle. Bits of metal can be found under the claws and in the teeth, if one were to look.

Stasia looks at it with an expression of disgust. "A crazy wolf. I hope it was a loner. That's all we'd need: more of them."

Natalia nods slightly. "The car was still running, I hadn't turned it off when I got out," she points out, shrugging. "And a car looks more human than running, the distance that a vehicle can easily travel, at least to the humans," the Russian states. "She looked like a loner… not that that's any indication, she was crazy, to be certain."

Theresa tilts her head while she eyes the corpse curiously as she listions to the coversation. "Hopfully she is a loner. Aren't most wolves crazy to start with though?"

Being the utter joy that he is, Corin goes over the talons first, then the teeth, checks the eyes and ears of this half formed animal. "Well isn't this lovely.." He smooths the pelt over the burns, then inserts the knife with skilled precision above the groin and starts to carve upward faintly humming an old tune as he does. "Die Moritat von Mackie Messer" anyone? - "Oh yes, we do have a bounty as well that will be paid in kind. Oh will you look at that, quite a healthy specimine slightly engorged liver." Oh yes he's getting right in there isn't he.

Stasia raises both brows as Corin delves in. They'll /never/ get the smell out now. "I… don't know. I've never met one that tried to gut a car before." She manages a stoic expression, but there is something gross about dead wolf entrails, even to a vampire.

Natalia tries not to look faintly disgusted by Corin's dissection, though she holds her ground, a quirked brow offered as she views. "I'm amazed she could possibly be healthy with her… mannerisms, probably a problem up here," she taps her head lightly, before laughing a harsh, bark of a laugh.

Flesh and muscle peeled back Corin starts to sort organs out onto the remains of the bag, "I'd place her at about.. oh lets say fifteen at just a glance. The liver makes me wonder a bit, but that could be from injesting junk.. hmm, nothing strange about any of it really." Corin idly takes a small bite out of her heart and chews thoughtfully before placing it to the side. Though he does pause, grimice, roll his tongue about in his mouth to push a shard of metal out from between his lips. "Yep, muffler."

Theresa lifts a brow as she watches Corin and steps back to avoid any blood or guts getting on her very clean clothing. "Really Corin.. Of all places to do a half ass autopsy on a animal you pick here?" She makes a face as he actually takes a bite of the animal, a unsure glance is offered towards Stasia and she just shakes her head.

"Do you see anything that would account for it?" Stasia swallows any discomfort. And well, there's a very good reason that Corin is known as "Jack" by some of the Guard. Then she asks Natalia, "Did she say anything? Do you have any idea where she came from?"

Natalia crinkles her nose before rummaging around in her purse. "Here, some stuff that was in her bag. ID, passport… that kinda stuff," she gives, offering them to either Stasia or Theresa, seeing as Corin is elbow deep in entrails…

"Lovely isn't it." Corin mentions faintly, "Compact organized, so many small things can break tear and go wrong and the animal keeps going. It's really time tha… ah, and we had arguments about nature Stasia you've caught me at a fault now." The elder Volturi sits back upon his heels letting the grimy knife dangle from his gore coated hands "We'd need a much more detailed search of the body and alot of these samples sent down to our labs to determine anything critical. If your wanting to have at it.. have at it. If not well all thats really left is the brain." He does not rise as he is offered criticism at his choice of where, "Remind me who this is Stasia?"

Theresa hums softly as she chooses to just ignore Corin while she takes the items that Natalia offer out. She flips through the passport curiously. "Seems she was either just travling or perhaps getting ready to do so."

"This is Theresa, Jack." Stasia supplies, looking at the dissected corpse with sort of a morbid fascination. Can't look away, like a car wreck. A glance at the Asian vampire, "Does it indicate where she was going?"

Natalia examines her nails for a bit, or at least she pretends to, more like, not exactly wanting to keep an eye on the stench filled entrails. "She didn't look to be anybody of any significance, at least not to me…"

"Ahh yes now that rings a bell. Perfect, well she was somebody to somebody.. now she's a potential carpet. Suppose I'll have to pass the unimportant bits over to Dim to see if he wants anything." His gore coated arms cross over hus middle as he leans against the desk, "Was she really acting so strangely as to be out of character with wolves, I've seen some angry dogs before but.. was this one mad? In of most I'm asking, do you think this warrants further investigation of just the weight, and physical observation?"

"We've met before." Theresa states as Stasia tells Corin whom she is. "Seems the passport is French, there is a curent US via that looks to expire at the end of the month. There are expired visas from both Italy and Romania as well." She pauses and blinks slightly while pausing on a page. "She was in Italy during the attacks, at least that's what the dates would lead me to believe."

Stasia raises both brows, looking at the corpse with renewed interest. "She was?" Her expression goes thoughtful, then she shakes her head. "A crazy wolf couldn't have pulled off that. Alone."

Natalia shrugs a little at Corin's enquiry. "If it were me, I'd be curious. It's not everyday a wolf cackles maddly and then mauls a car," she points out. "She had no ideas of self preservation, not until I snapped her clavicle, too late at that point. Even a young wolf would be smarter than to let a vampire on their back, at least I would presume they have at least a few braincells up there…" she trails off, listening to everyone else.

Corin rubs at his chin faintly leaving an unplesantly colored smear, "Well then, lets have all the bits and portions shipped out to a lab to be checked over with care. Suppose I'll need to write up the prelims.. I hate paperwork." Corin offers a faint shrug of his shoulders before drawing off his sports jacket to start cleaning up his hands, plucking out the few implements he keeps inside. His cellphone, and another couple sharp things just in case.. well and a lovely pen. Once his hands are clean he dials the phone and walks back behind the desk.

Theresa nods slightly to Stasia while she peers at the corpse slightly for a few moments, pondering. "I wonder.. Why would she go to Romania.. An if she went there for a reason." While the war between the Volturi and Romania happened way before her she doesn't remember reading things about it. A glance is offered to Natalia. "There beasts, who knows what they think if they can actually think when in that form to start with."

"The bounty will be paid, of course. But if this checks out, there will be a more substantial reward." Stasia speaks to Natalia while Corin is on the phone. "Your actions today are appreciated. Since your car was wrecked, do you need transportation?"

Natalia nods, politely. "Just doing my job," she points out, and it sounds as if she actually means it. "And I appreciate the offer, but it's not a long walk back to where I'm staying," is given by the Russian with a nod and a smile. "I hope this beast," she uses Theresa's word, "can help you out."

"Yes ice, alot of ice.. look, no, yes. Okay, and cleaning. Good. See you." Corin mentions on the phone though most of the inital conversation happens in arabic, then partly in latin oddly enough before he clacks the set closed and drops it on the desk. "Well this won't linger for to long then, if you'd all like to play at fishing with the rest of the information given till the zealots of science have at the rest of the corpse. Do so with my she can have one of mine if she promises to take better care of it."

Theresa smirks fiantly as she listions to Corin, a glance is offered towards the door as another from the front comes to get her. "Excuse me everyone." This said as she offers the passport and so forth from the fallen beast. With this said she turns and leaves going back up front to take care of something that needed her attention.

"Thank you," Stasia tells Natalia. Then, with a glance at Corin, "You need a shower, Jack." Her nose wrinkles. Maybe heavy-duty fumigation will be in order.

"Cleaners are coming up inside the hour… dear." Corin mentions with dry amusement sitting back down on the desk he digs about into his pocket to fish out a battered pack of lucky strikes and plants one between his lips. "And I'll shower in somebody's room or something."

Natalia crinkles her nose and shakes her head. "I need a shower," she gives with a laugh before giving a nod to both Corin and Stasia. "You have a good day," she gives in a bright fashion as she moves to head out, eventually to the street.

The young vampire gives Corin a narrowed-eyed look. If her room smells like dead wolf guts, she's not going to be happy. She will politely walk Natalia out. In a few days, Natalia's bank account will probably see a sudden influx of funds. If nothing else, the Volturi are seriously wealthy.

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