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IC Time: Jan 08, 2008 - Evening
Location: Vintage Clothes and Cafe - Forks
Synopsis: Young female vampire is milling about the store when joined by a pleasant human and a rude Wolf.
Submitted by: Mercutio

Within the store is a young girl; couldn't be older than twelve, who is hovering by one of the racks of clothes with some interest. She hums a soft song that resonates with its beauty throughout the store; her long fingers drifting against the cloth of a few pieces before she moves down to the next.

Kado moves into the shop, looking more for the coffee instead of the clothes. He pauses in the doorway for a moment as he brushes the sleet from his jacket and mutters to himself in Japanese. He glances around as he moves towards a table, sitting himself down and looks over the menu. The vampire stench not reaching him yet.

Even while the dark eyes of the young girl slide to the door as it opens; her soft humming does not cease. Instead, she moves around the rack she is at to look at some of the older vintage dresses; her soft, unwavering and beautiful melody continuing. There aren't many others in the store this close to closing for the evening; making her song almost the only sound aside from the dull sounds of the workers.

Kado sits at a table, looking over the menu for a moment before he looks up as the sound of the humming reaches him followed shortly by the smell of vampire. His eyes narrow slightly as he searches over the room, looking for the source.

There is finally a break in her constant melody when she reaches a certain dress that is rather beautiful; corsetted ivory with a forest green dress, golden thread trimmings. Though, for whatever reason, Ash turns to look over her shoulder, catching Kado's wandering gaze. She waits patiently until he looks at her and gives an innocent, sweet smile before waving.

The door opens and Jimmi slips in out of the cold. He unzips his coat and pushes his hood back once safely ensconsed indoors and makes his way to a table, pretty much ignoring the other store patrons in favor of food.

Kado's gaze stops on Ash as she waves to him, sniffing at the air slightly as she watches the girl, his gaze broken only at the appearance of a waitress to take his order. He orders a coffee and breakfast for himself before turning his attention back towards the spot it was before.

When Kado gets distracted, Ash laughs, a little giggle that quickly fades as something else catches her gaze; something shiny! A necklace up at the counter. She fawns over that for a few minutes before the smell of wet human hits her nose, this time turning to gaze at Jimmi; and after Kado. "Do they have good food here?" She casually asks across the store at the two.

The question from the pretty little girl does catch Jimmi's attention and he looks over at her, "What?" Oh. He shrugs a little and gets a menu, "Oh, I really wouldn't know. First time I've been in." It's nearly impossible to hide a good restarant from a teenage boy, though.

Kado watches the two, but makes it a point not to stare too long at Jimmi. He glances down at the cup of coffee that is dropped off by the waitress, giving her his thanks before he takes a drink from it and sits back against the seat, waiting for the food to arrive or for Ash to make Jimmi lunch.

Ash giggles, her smile bright for Jimmi. Innocence is grand, isn't it? "Really? I've heard good things. I'm new to town; Been thinking about sampling the different cuisine… but I just ate too long ago. Maybe I'll come back some other time to try." She ponders aloud. As Kado keeps his silence, she laughs brighter. She knows very well what he is, of course. "Your a quiet one."

Jimmi looks pleased with that little bit of news, "Good. I'd hate to think I picked someplace nasty for my first meal in Forks." So he's a stranger to town, too. He nods absently, his attention already on the menu, glancing up only long enough to make sure she's not still talking to him.

Kado nods his head slightly as he looks to Ash as she addresses him. "One would not need to answer if they are not being addressed." He then turns to glance at Jimmi, sliding his own menu aside as the plate of food arrives in front of him. He doesn't dig in just yet.

"But conversation is such a good way to get to know someone." Ash retorts with a small glimmer of amusement before she turns to regard the necklace once again. A truly beautiful piece. Would go great with any formal wear. Hmm. As Jimmi regards his menu, she turns to regard him for a long moment, the faintest wetting of her lips; pretending as if they were dry. Is she staring? Only for a few minutes then she pretends to have some other piece of clothing catch her eye.

The waitress arrives and Jimmi orders a burger and double order of fries accompanied by a glass of soda. He glances over at the older guy, giving him a strange look for his starnge way with words. He glances up at the little girl one more time once the waitress leaves, not noticing her staring, and lets his eyes roam the pictures on the walls.

Kado shrugs slightly as he watches the girl. "Perhaps, but I don't think your mommy would like you talking to strangers." He says to the girl with a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice before he looks to Jimmi for a moment.

Kado's sarcasm seems to hurt the girl's feelings with the show of such that crosses her face. "Your a very mean person." She states with a dejected tone, turning towards the coat rack by the door to grab her long winter coat. Seems his rude comment makes her want to leave.

Feeling eyes on him, Jimmi looks back at Kado giving him a look as though to ask what he's staring at, "Hey, if the kid wants to talk to people, let her talk. Isn't like /I'm/ going to do anything to her or anything." Not that that guarantees that the other guy won't. He sighs and shakes his head when she starts to leave and gives the other guy another look. There. See what you did?

Kado shrugs his shoulders as he watches the girl start to leave, knowing more than Jimmi what she really is. He turns down to his plate, taking a bite of the eggs. "Well, it's probably past her bed time and she should be getting home." He says to Jimmi with a smirk before picking up a piece of toast.

Ash makes a face at Kado and smiles genuinely to Jimmi: "Thank you for being nice." There, see? Good little child-vampire! She tugs her coat on in place, flipping her hair over the back before she pulls the hood up. Have to take human appearance after all. She gives a finger waggle to the two and a secretive 'Bird' to Kado before she slides out the door, humming brightly some jaunty toon as she skips out the door.

Jimmi gives the kid a friendly smile, "Hey, no worries. Have a good night." He rolls his eyes at Kado and shakes his head. Some people are just rude! He leans forward on the table, resting on his elbows as he waits for his meal to be delivered.

Kado offers a wave to Ash as she gives him the bird. "Watch for the leeches." He says to her before Jimmi responds, returning to his meal before him, starting to dig into his meal fully.

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