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IC Time: January 11, 2008 - Very Early Morning
Location: Los Angeles Pier
Synopsis: Jasper meets a young religious musician.
Submitted by: Jasper

Even fair weather on a winter night can be uncomfortable and harsh for some people, even moreso on the waterfront with the current winds that hit those closer to the edge of the Pier. Not many are out this hour; leaving those who wish for privacy to find it without recourse. One such person being, Jasper Hale. His hands are stuffed in the pockets of his thick coat, muddy amber eyes of growing hunger painted on the dark horizon; a fine line that would escape human eyes with the absence of the moon.

Even with the cold and the late hour, Jimmi Graves is one of those people willing to brave the Pier. He's bundled up in thick coat, jeans, boots, and knit gloves with the fingertips cut off. He's sitting on a bench half hunched over a guitar as he softly plucks out a tune, seemingly lost in thought. He sighs and turns his attention away from his music for a moment, his blue eyes sweeping the area as though seeking inspiration and finding the bundled form of another guy seemingly as lost in thought as he was. The teenager lifts his chin, nodding his head in greeting, "Hey."

As the music ceases and a voice takes its place, Jasper's gaze slips from the depths of the far away ocean to Jimmi. He tips his head in his own greeting, intoning a simple: "Hello." Though as much as he wouldn't mind letting the dead air hang, he adds: "You play very well."

"Thanks." Jimmi shrugs a little, "Just trying to work out a new song, but it isn't coming." He pauses for just a moment, unable to stand complete silence for very long, "What brings you out this time of night?" Seems he's a nosey fellow, too. Or at the very least friendly to a fault.

"Give it time, I'm sure something will come to you." Jasper offers, at least attempting to be helpful. Though perhaps for Jimmi its a good thing that he is talkative; a trait Jasper lacks considerably with humans. "Good place to think." He pauses, a slight smile of amusement coloring his features as he adds: "Couldn't sleep." Ode to irony.

"I've got a basic idea, but it seems to want to be stubborn." Jimmi nods confidantly, "I know it's there, I just can't hear it yet." He looks around again, "It is at that…" He looks vaguely sheepish as a thought suddenly occurs to him, "I, ah… I'm not bothering you or anything, am I?" He makes a face, "My parents keep telling my I should really try to be a little more considerate, but I just don't like when it's too quiet." Or still, either, aparently. He never seems to stop moving. At the moment, he's tapping out a constant rhythm with his toe. Steady as the sound of a leaky faucet.

Despite Jimmi's constant movement, Jasper could be considered his complete opposite. Still as a stone statue, muddy amber watching the human carefully, though he does at least answer when spoken to. Most of the time. "It is alright." He reassures. "Sometimes breaks in reverie can be a good thing." At least offers time to hide from one's thoughts.

Maybe the movement is to keep the blood circulating in the cold? More likely, Jimmi's just a naturally active person. He nods, "It helps me compose sometimes." He runs through a quick, though quiet, scale, his fingers moving as fast as humanly possible on the strings. Either he's showing off, or he's done it absentmindedly, "Do you play?"

The ill fated question. Jasper's gaze slides over the instrument, taking it in for complete detail, but he does offer a light nod to the question. "I used to. I haven't played within the more recent months, however. I played what could be considered… country?"

"Country never bothered me." Jimmi grins, "Heck, gospel music is practically country!" He plays the first few cords of a very much country-fied version of Amazing Grace, "And I play in a band at my dad's church. I cut my teeth on gospel." So he's one of /those/ people: A religious nut.

Jasper chuckles, great. Religious people. If only he knew… "I've just gotten used to the music these days revolving more around rock and other forms of electronica music. Not that I mind it, but I don't play it." He gives a light nod to Jimmi's guitar. "May I?"

"I've been known to play a little of everything… We had a gig over at the Blackbird the other day, actually." The coffee house over on East Eighth. He nods, "Hey, it just isn't for some people. I like to play it, personally." He grins a little and gingerly holds out the instrument, "By all means! I'd love to hear another musician."

Jasper takes a few steps near Jimmi, his hands pulling out of his pockets in favor of tugging off his gloves; stuffing them both in one pocket on his right. Now bare handed, he reaches out to take the instrument, careful; even a bit respectful to the guitar. Though he doesn't sit down. Instead, he keeps a spot a few feet from Jimmi, standing, turning the guitar around gracefully to rest back against his stomach. Fingertips gracing the string along the neck, he familiarizes himself with it for only a moment; playing a few cords before he launches into a tune.
The melody is certainly of Southern origin; Texas old style country if any could peg the specifics. Despite not having played for months, as he said, he is extremely good; not missing a single note or beat. Comes from well over a century of practice.

Jimmi watches almost curiously as the other guy treats his practice guitar with such respect, "You know, that's just a cheap thing I picked up for next to nothing in a pawn shop…" He obviously doesn't hold it with as much reguard as this self professed country artist does, though it is a nice enough instrument. He leans forward slightly, stuffing his hands into his coat pockets to listen. When Jasper starts to play the teen looks suitably impressed, "Dang…" Make that 'in awe', "I'd love to hear when you /have/ been playing." His voice is kept low in reverence of the music and the tapping of his foot keeps time with the music.

Practice instrument or not; Jasper has to take care. Vampires have incredible strength, and instruments can be such delicate objects. His eyes closed, lips having the ghost of a smile up at the corner in some minor satisfaction of showing his skills off. The song goes through many phases; melding from one type of tune to another seamlessly that it also seems like a tale of a life with the various smaller melodies instead of simply different songs. Joy, sorrow, depression, mourning, happiness, love. It all interchanges, though as he brings it to a close, he plays the last few notes and lets it die to the silence of the breeze before handing the instrument back to Jimmi without a word.

Yes, that's definite awe from Jimmi now. He gives himself a little shake and reverently takes the instrument back when it's offered, seemingly loathe to break the music's spell, but eventually he just can't help himself, "Man… You have /definately/ got some talent." He silently fingers a few of the cords the other played, "I've never managed to get a guitar to talk to me like that." He stands and offers a hand, "I'm Jimmi. Most people call me Gravy." He pauses a moment, "Lead singer and guitar for the Mustard Seeds."

"You just have to stop trying. Natural musicians don't force it. Just let it come." Jasper offers in an attempt at reassurance. As the hand is extended, he is partially glad for the cold outdoors; at least explain why his skin is ice cold. He shakes the other's hand, but briefly, faking a slight shiver before he puts his gloves back on. "Jasper Hale. A pleasure."

Jimmi nods and shrugs faintly, "I just need this song for practice this week… We haven't had any new material in a while and neither of the other guys write much." He shivers a little at the other's touch, even if it is just fingertips against flesh, and crams his hand back in his pocket while he balances the guitar on his lap with his other hand, "Trust me, the pleasure is all mine." He looks thoughtful, "You know, we're looking for a fourth member, just to even things out a little. You're welcome to come by the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon right after school to meet the other guys… Maybe stick around for the service?" He sounds vaguely hopeful, "We play for the youth group and have an awesome youth paster. The message is always amazing."

Church? Jasper? He'd probably be struck down before he even touched the door knob with what he's done. He bows his head, unable to hold back a soft laugh that escapes him at the thought. Turning his attention to Jimmi again, he forces his utter amusement to be toned down to a simple apologetic smile. "Between school and my adoptive family I wouldn't have enough time to commit, I'm sorry." Youth group. Small room, lots of energetic humans… Jasper shudders, but tries to play it off as a cold chill. For him to 'go to church' it would be a slaughter. "May be best if I don't." He manages. And if Jimmi is hurt or has bad feelings because of it, Jasper would subtly try to improve his mood.

School and family are two reasons Jimmi can understand, but the laugh has him frowning faintly, wondering what's so funny about an invitation to church and meet with the band. The teen nods disapointedly and shrugs, "Well, maybe sometime." He gives the other another of those curious looks, "You're adopted? That's pretty cool." He's not one to let much of anything get him down, even if it means he's got to delude himself about certain subjects.

Cruel irony is always funny to Jasper. Unfortunately, he can't quite explain why. His light amusement fades as the conversation shifts. "Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme adopted myself and my twin, Rosalie Hale." Been quite a while since he's had to spin this tale.

"Not a family I'm familiar with, but my parents may know them." Jimmi shrugs, "It's pretty cool that they'd take in both you /and/ your sister, though. Not many families I know could do that." He bounces lightly as though dancing a little to a tune only he can hear, "Do you go to church anywhere?" Uh oh… maybe he's looking to share his faith?

Jasper inwardly winces. This guy is going to be insufferable if he keeps going back to church topics. "No… honestly I don't attend service." Sure; but honest and open a whole new line of questioning. Good going Jasper.

Jimmi nods and finally drops the subject about the other going to church, "Grew up in church myself. Anytime the doors were open, pretty much." He shrugs, looking a little amused, "That's what I get for having a dad thats a pastor, though." He strums a couple of cords and frowns a little, on the verge of an 'ah hah' moment with that song he was attempting to write, but it slips away again.

All that Jasper can offer as the church subject continues is a faint smile, though he easily takes the few cords played as a new course. "What kind of tune are you looking for?"

"I'm really not sure… I've got some lyrics, but it's just not coming together." Jimmi shakes his head, frowning faintly and finally sighs, "I probably should put this up and be getting home. I'm sure to get in trouble if I'm not there when Mom and Dad wake up." He reaches under the bench and pulls out a beat up old case, "Not much point in keeping trying if I'm so tired it keeps slipping away."

"Take your time. Don't force it." Jasper tries to console, one musician to another. As the other makes to leave, Jasper takes a step back, distance is always good. "Have a good night then, and a safe trip home. Until next time, Jimmi." Though as Jimmi makes to leave; Jasper isn't really going to go anywhere. Once the younger man is gone, Jasper will remain to fall back into his train of thoughts.

"I'll do that." Jimmi finishes packing up and picks up the case, "You too. Drive safe." With that, the teenager quickly walks back toward his waiting car and civilization.

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