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IC Time: January 11, 2008 - Morning
Location: Public Park - Forks
Synopsis: Ash visits the park and taunts the wolves, almost to a messy end.
Submitted by: Mercutio

It is early morning this Monday; and most kids are at school. Or should be. Beginning of the new semester and all. This makes the park rather quiet except for young adults and older people enjoying the dazzling, gleaming ice and the bright white snow.
Amongst these, wandering about, is Ash. A twelve year old looking girl that is walking at a slow pace, humming cheerfully to herself as she meanders about.

So much is buzzing around in his thoughts. With three missing persons Charlie isn't looking forward to the upcoming venture into the woods. To prepare himself he has decided to take a walk through the park, also it gives him a chance to do an early patrol. Readjusting his hat to be a little more comfortable not something he normally wears but beats his head freezing. A loud cough surfaces causing him to cover his mouth and try clearing his throat roughly.

Hearing the clearing of the throat, Ash turns sharply to face Charlie. Oh fun… a policeman! Of course, being a vampire, one loses track of time, and sometimes… one forgets when appearances mean keeping to your age. Unfortunately, all the other 'kids' her 'age' are in school. She moves through a couple of older crowds of people, inhaling the scent of impending death of the elderly as she passes with a carefree giggle before she turns to fall; right into a thick snowbank at the base of a tree, moving her arms and legs to make a snow angel.

Charlie notices the young girl now in the snow bank. Checking his watch he grumbles to himself lightly about kids. Moving in her direction nodding to a few of the people that he knows. Rubbing his hands together he coughs into them again before reaching into his pocket pulling out a small cough drop. Unwrapping it he plops it into his mouth tossing the wrapper into a trash can. "Little late for school aren't you?" he inquires of the girl.

Ash stops her playing in the snow, instead laying there watching Charlie as he approaches and speaks to her. She looks a little crestfallen, pouting as if her candy had been taken away. "Mum said not to go back until tomorrow. We have plans for today. So not school for me. Is that okay?" She grins. "Excused is good?"

Making his way through the park at a leisurely pace, Aset steps into view of the policeman and perhaps the young girl in the snow as well. He looks the fool considering his choice of clothing during these winter months, a simple dress shirt and wrangler jeans with beaten hiking boots adorning his feet… At least the man has enough sense to keep his hands buried within his pockets as he continues his stroll. Nostrils flare briefly as he comes closer, his scent undoubtedly carrying to those sensative enough to pick it up just as another scent reaches Aset..

Charlie listens to the excuse given by the child. Really he has no time to deal with stray children running around Forks. "Is your mother in the park?" he asks looking back and forth along the path. Adjusting the zipper of his jacket bringing it up further. Noticing Aset he looks back towards the girl. "That is between you and your parents. They are close right?"

Kado arrives in the park as well, adding to the growing number of people already present. He seems to be just cutting through, wearing a leather jacket over his long sleave shirt. He stops for a moment as a mixture of scents reaches him, his eyes scanning over the area before falling on the other two men before they move to the little girl. He looks at her for a moment before he rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh. "Damnit. Not this pipsqueak again." He looks down as he shakes his head slightly, cursing under his breath. "This is going to be interesting."

"She's across the street. Close enough? Plenty of people around, not like someone will run off with me." Ash giggles and hops up to her feet rather gracefully, dusting the snow off of herself. Inhaling, her gaze slides to Aset, and then Kado, the latter… she makes a face at. "He's really rude. Can you tell him to be nice to me?" She points at Kado.

Aset's brow furrows as an equally familiar yet less alarming scent hits him in the face, and looks to Kado just as the girl points to him, meeting the other man's gaze for a few moments. He spends seconds in silence, enough time for Charlie's gaze to take in the man that the youngin' had pointed to as well before cutting in. "Ah-hem… Excuse me. Chief Swan?" he says, moving again to march through the snow as he approaches Charlie.

Charlie turns his head coughing again. "Alright." As she points out someone he looks over towards Kado. Obviously he can't or won't say anything since the guy is only walking today. Though before he can really react he turns around towards the man approaching, "Yes?" he inquires pushing the cough drop from one side of his mouth to the other side.

The park seems to be a popular place to be this morning and that makes one of those missing people pause at the treeline for a moment. Tecoah is wearing a pair of ratty old jeans, t-shirt, and a jean jacket, her arms wrapped around herself when she catches a familiar scent and clambers over the top of the wooden fence to land lightly on the other side. She shudders when another scent hits her nose and rubs it with the back of her hand. The young woman doesn't look very confidant in being around so many other people, but seems willing to make the effort.

Kado eyes Ash as she speaks to Charlie but as he gets distracted by Aset, he grins and flashes a wink to the child leech before he starts to walk again in the direction he was previously, towards Ash, but stops again as a familiar scent of human and booze reaches him. He chuckles and nods in recognition.

There is a beaming smile of satisfaction at Charlie, though also a pout since he doesn't outright deal with Kado. Oh well. Ash backpeddles a few steps, sinking her slippered feet into the thick snow at the base of the tree, hands stuffed in pockets as she leans back against the trunk. As yet another makes their way nearby, she makes a slight face. Three wolves. One vampire. Lots of humans. Mmm. Kado's wink is met with sticking her tongue out at him. Though as Aset approaches Charlie and garners his attention, her gaze focuses on him.

Aset doesn't waste any time, his expression stern despite the upward turn of his mouth. "Aset Ma'at," he introduces himself, squinting just slightly as his pupils shift within his skull to wash over the young girl with the Cold smell. "I don't think we've met before, but I remember seeing you around town from time to time when I was visiting friends in Port Angeles that liked to go camping in Forks," is explained, and his grin widens ever so slightly and a hand is outstretched in the manner of formal greeting. "I…" Aset starts, only to pause once Tecoah's scent reaches him. Clearing his throat, the dark-skinned man offers a quick, "Excuse me… I hear you're having trouble with wild animals around here lately."

Charlie just watches Aset offering a nod as he introduces himself. "A pleasure to meet you." he folds his arms lifting a brow. This makes him wonder about the three that are missing and if he may know something just by the question. "It seems we have that problem a lot as of late. Have you come across any?" he questions his voice a little hoarse.

A faint frown creases Tecoah's forehead when she sees Kado and her eyes widen when she sorts out the scents of not one werewolf, but two. She waves hesitantly and her eyes scan the park as though she's trying to find where the second were is. Loathe to get any closer than necessary to the little girl, she hangs back for a moment, but just can't seem to resist creeping closer to the others. She wraps her arms a little tighter around herself, pausing again when she finally sees Charlie standing so close to the familiar dark form of Aset and looks like she might just turn and run back for the forest.

Kado offers Tecoah a slight wave before he looks towards Charlie and Aset as they are busy before he looks at Ash, chuckling as she sticks out her tongue before he starts towards Tecoah, keeping the others just on the radar. "Hello again." He says to the woman as he arrives close enough.

"There are animals around? I haven't seen any. Do you get people dead around here a lot?" Ash asks innocently of Charlie; putting on the perfect young and curious facade. Much practice into 'acting how old she looks'. Though, considering Charlie is not that far from her, and Aset is near, with two other wolves not far off, Ash can't help but laugh. "Doggies like the cold." She giggles brightly.

Aset shakes his head in a quick response to Charlie's question, and frowns briefly upon replying. "Sadly…I have not. Sorry. I was actually a little curious about what you know so far about the situation… What kind of animals, round-a-bout where they went missing exactly..? See, I'm planning on moving here, buying up some property. Guy has to earn a living, and I figure maybe the Forks Police Department could use a part-timer with a lot of tracking experience. Resume‘ is pretty good, if I may say so," Ma’at explains; the stern look remaining though again his mouth curves upward. Ash's presence continues to be no less disturbing, however with the presence of the other two wolves he can't imagine anything ugly coming about. Again, though, Aset turns his entire head toward Ash to hide his expression from Charlie and a 'friendly' smile is offered. "Hello there, little lady…" he greets in a cheerful tone only for his eyes to speak volumes more, as he squints venemously before returning his gaze to Chief Swan.

Charlie doesn't pay attention enough to where Kado disappears too. Though at the question from the child he tries to ignore much as possible. "Wel…" the sound of his phone cuts him off. Pulling it from his belt, "Pardon me for a moment." he says walking away answering it, "Chief Swan."

Tecoah's nostrils flare when Kado approaches, her eyes widening. This guy's the other werewolf? She's almost hesitant when she answers, "Um… Hi." She gives herself a small shake and watches, almost in relief when the police chief's phone rings. That's one less person around if this gets ugly.

As the Police Chief wanders off, Ash snickers, smiling bright and innocent to Aset. "Hello there." She waggles her fingers at him, though low to where he can hear, but not the humans, "Puppy, puppy!" She giggles brightly and pushes off of the tree, dancing through a passing crowd of people to go twirl and dance in an open area amongst the humans.

Aset also appears to be rather thankful that Chief Swan's phone rang, and as the man moves off to answer a brief look of relief washes over his face. Exhaling, he looks again to Ash and his eyes narrow once more. "Git…" comes his quiet reply to what he can only surmise is a taunt from the vampire in the guise of innocence. No way he's following her into that crowd, which is likely the other's intention… None the less, Aset's left hand dips into his left pants pocket as he continues to watch the twirling 'juvenile'. "So, one of you I know… The other I don't. We should get better acquainted, and…keep it down," he murmurs to the other wolves, his eyes still glued to Ash as she appears and disappears over and over among the humans.

Kado glances over his shoulder as he hears the taunt from the child and then looks to notice that Chief Swan is gone. He smirks as he looks to Ticoah and nods towards Aset before he starts to move towards the man, glancing back towards the dancing midget girl.

Tecoah stops breathing for a moment when the little vampire goes to dance in the middle of a group of people, her eyes franticly searching faces. She relaxes marginally when she doesn't find the ones she was looking for and closes her eyes briefly with a softly murmered, "Oh thank God…" She looks over at Aset and blushes faintly at some memory as she trails after Kado, shuddering faintly at the potential for disaster not near far enough away.

Her bright laughter and soft hummed tune continues as she twirls around freely. Ash gets near some humans, keeping an eye on the wolves, but outwardly, she seems to be just a young girl enjoying the snow and a free day from school. The taunts from Aset only make her laughter brighter. And lo! She stops her spinning suddenly when a five year old falls nearby after trying to follow her. She kneels to help the young one to his feet, getting dangerously close with an innocent smile. How far is she going to push those wolves? "You okay?" She asks of the kid.

Aset's hand moves within his pocket, visible to those with keen senses alone as the very subtle squeezing and releasing of perhaps his hand, perhaps a stress ball betrays his nervousness at the vampire's proximity to other children. "So, you're Shadow Stalker… Or at least staying with the current Alpha," he states, having heard some of Tecoah's back story before. "You… I don't think that you are Shadow Stalker…"

Kado nods his head. "Hai. I am. I work with the Alpha." He says in response to Aset, his voice lowered so no humans can hear. "She and I have done battle together on a few occasions." He says after a moments pause to look at Ash then back to the other.

A low, definately distressed growl comes from Tecoah when the vampire gets so very close to another kid and she squeezes herself tighter, managing to make it look like she's just hugging herself against the cold. She looks a little confused at the name, "Shadow Stalker? There's a name for it?" She shrugs, "Yeah, I guess I am." It's not entirely clear if she means she's a member of the pack or just that she's crashing at the house. The word battle has her shuddering again and she looks at Kado with an odd ecpression on her face.

Ash brushes off the kid she is helping, grinning at the young boy. "You'll be okay. See? All better now." The parents don't mind her so much considering she looks like just another young kid. Not like the creepiness of an adult showing such attention to a child. Ash giggles at something said between herself and the child, a wink given before she rises and takes his hand, heading off to the playground.

Aset offers a light nod, still eyeing Ash as he replies to Kado. "My mistake.. In that case it's nice to meet you. My name is Aset," he offers. "Co-Alpha of the Shadow Stalker Pack… Or, at least I was the last time that I was in town," he notes, brow furrowing slightly as he ponders his current status. Tecoah is favored with Aset's actual gaze as it finally slips away from the lethal little girl and actually offers her a smile. "What are your names? …I believe you are Tecoah, if Cain was not mistaken by the description I gave." By the time that Aset looks back, Ash is moving away with the human child. "…Problematic…" he murmurs.

Kado raises a hand slightly to Aset. "A simple mistake." He says before he looks to Tecoah and chuckles. "It is the name of the pack." He explains to her, not sure if she knew it already or not. His eyes wander over to Ash as she helps the kid, frowning slightly. "They should all be destroyed." He says to no one in particular.

"There can be two Alphas?" Tecoah just gets more confused by this life as time goes on, though she does remember to keep her voice low enough that they can't be overheard. She can't stand to watch the vampire with the little boy anymore and angles herself so that she can't actually see them, but can't resist stealing glances at them every few minutes. She nods in responce to her identification, "Yeah, I'm Tecoah. I suppose you could both call me Coah or Tec if you want… All my friends do, and I guess you can't get much more friends than pack…" She just shudders again and looks over her shoulder at Ash.

The little boy is helped into the swing before Ash steps around behind him to start to gingerly push him. Though while the child enjoys swinging and being pushed, Ash's dark gaze is watching the trio of Werewolves with intensity, a little grin, as if trying to taunt. A few times when the boy swings back, she even leans forward… getting very close to where she could -easily- harm him, but doesn't. What are you going to do wolfies?

Aset hums softly to himself at Kado's common stance on vampires. Indeed, they are an extremely dangerous lot, and the most powerful coven among them is decidedly wicked regardless of their civilized pretense. "Perhaps… Some of them don't feed on humans, but even those still seem to stink." Lifting his right hand, Aset strokes the stubble of his cheeks and chin before nodding to Tecoah. "If it makes you so uncomfortable…" he begins before starting to stroll into the direction of the playground. "Then you should probably go."

Kado nods his head slightly before he looks to Aset. "I am sorry. I am Kado." He says to the others before he starts to follow Aset, glancing back to Tecoah. "We out number her. You won't be harmed."

"I…" Tecoah takes a deep, hopefully calming, breath, "I need the practice…" Practice holding herself together when there's trouble so very close. She shakes her head, "I'm not worried about myself." From her tone it's probably the first time she hasn't been scared to death either for or of herself since this whole mess started, "I'm worried about all of them."

As the wolves start to make their way towards the playground, Ash can't help but giggle even brighter. Oh fun! Here come the doggies! She keeps pushing the kid a few more times before she stops the swing and leans down to murmur in his ear. The kid pouts, but nods and goes running off back into the crowd; probably back to mom and dad. In his place, Ash shifts to sit on the swing and starts swinging innocently back and forth, humming some child's play melody.

Aset's gaze travels to the boy and watches as he runs past him, headed back to his parents though this does little to ease his mind. The vampire had obviously been trying to bait him and the others, and so the man stops short just on the outskirts of the playground itself. Still, close enough to be heard his eyes squint as he stares at Ash. "Nice to meet you, Kado…" is finally replied to the other male wolf before he gets to business. "Who are you…? Why are you in Forks?" he starts, only to add after just a moment of pause. "I hope that you are prepared to observe the official 'feeding' policy of the region…"

Kado watches the exchange between Aset and Ash, letting him to the talking since he holds the higher position within the pack. His eyes stay on the vampette as Aset speaks to her, watching her for any signs of fight or flight.

Tecoah gives herself a small shake as she lingers back where the others had left her for a moment, sighing with relief when the little boy runs back off into the crowd. She hurries to catch up to the two men, hanging back a little and visibly fighting with herself on whether to be brave and stay or whether to turn tail and run as fast as she can. She shivers at the mention of 'feeding', but manages to hold her ground.

"I don't tell my name to strangers. Mommy wouldn't be happy." Ash replies, still swinging carefree as she laughs brightly. "I'm here because I am, I don't answer to you, so why should I tell you? And why does it matter? Do you ask everyone else this when they come here? You must be busy, then, puppy." As he brings up the feeding ban, she only laughs brighter, swinging up high before doing a back flip out of the swing and landing flawlessly on her feet. Not that much of a merit considering kids her age could do that easily. The taller ones would just have to watch their heads. She approaches a few feet, her hands clasping behind her back as she goes up on her tip toes; standing only five feet from the wolves: "Not banned anymore. Its okay. So nothing you can do about it!" She smiles sweetly.

Aset's gaze remains even as he listens to the vampire speak as vampires do… Secretive, arrogant, carefree. They really do have quite a bit in common, which is too bad considering the darker nature of the leech. "On the contrary…" Aset says, his head canting to one side as he continues to eye the vampire-girl. "It is still banned…by those with greater numbers in the here and now. That is the ultimate authority within the region, and as a result… No feeding on humans."

Kado crosses his arms across his chest, chuckling at Ash's child act. "Can it, leech. We know the mommy shtick is bullshit." He adds before he lets Aset continue, his eyes not leaving the vampire, frowning at her stench.

The vampire's aproach has Tecoah taking half a step back before she can stop herself. The new werewolf stiffens, standing up taller and dropping her arms to her sides, though her hands ball up into fists and shake faintly. To any human that notices her, she just looks like any other college student having a bad day. She rubs her nose with the back of her hand, trying to be unobtrusive about it.

"I don't answer to you. None of us do. You can do what you like and try what you want, but… I don't care." Ash winks. "You see… -our- power in the area… outnumber you. And is far greater. You'll be dead soon anyway. They want you dead."

Aset glances toward Kado as the other wolf speaks up, and then looks to Tecoah, noticing her nervous mannerisms. "You sound fairly certain of that…" the dark wolf offers, and finally his left hand slides slowly from his pants pocket revealing what it had been cradling for some time. "Tell me… Friend. What do the Volturi do to those who reveal themselves in the presence of humans?" he asks, his fingers unfurling to show the vial of dark crimson human blood.

Kado smirks as he watches the vampire, remaining silent for a moment as he gives Tecoah a reassuring glance over his shoulder, nodding slightly before he looks back to the vampire.

"Oh God…" Mention of death has Tecoah closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around herself again, her voice the barest of whispers as she takes a step closer to the other werewolves. There's safety in numbers, after all.

"You must be stupid." Ash laughs. "I already fed very well this morning. And of course they kill any who are stupid enough to reveal themselves. But. You can't goad me into doing something I don't want to do. In fact, I'll be leaving now." She lifts a hand to waggle her fingers at the trio of wolves. "I hope you all have fun. I'll leave you all a present." She blows Aset a kiss before turning to start to wade through the people to disappear back into town… unless stopped.

Aset offers a light nod to Ash as the 'little girl' takes her leave of the group, watching until her visage is nothing more than a memory. "…They go rabid in the presence of blood. Even the most controlled among them. I daresay even those that refer to themselves as 'vegetarians' would lose it if this vial were to shatter." After another moment, Aset turns his back on the direction into which Ash disappeared to face the other two wolves. "Getting the Volturi to do the killing for us… It's crude, but it keeps our hands clean." Having fought them for so long Aset almost seems to forget that Tecoah is quite ignorant about the war.

Kado shrugs his shoulders to Aset. "Do what you got to do. Just don't let my car get damaged." He says to the man before he looks to Tecoah for a moment before he looks back to the vampire once more. "Ready when you are." He says to Aset.

Is that satisfaction on Tecoah's face when she hears that the Volturi would kill any that aren't careful enough? She relaxes when the small vampire decides to leave, but stiffens again at the mention of a present, "That doesn't sound good…" She nods, shuddering again and hugging herself tighter, "The Cullens have pretty good control, actually… Long as it's not a lot of blood at least." Sounds like there's a story behind that comment. She nods and tries taking another calming breath.

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