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IC Time: January 12, 2008 - Evening/Night time
Location: Outside of the Forks Hospital
Synopsis: While the Cullens group outside of the hospital while Charlie is ill, they have a present dropped on them… that quickly turns the situation into Chaos.
Submitted by: Mercutio

The Ambulance arrives and Charlie is quickly trundled inside, Bella starts to follow until the doors of the hospital open and well she catches a wiff of odors so common to a hospital, namely blood and she stumbles backwards as Carlisle goes in after her father. "Dammit…" She curses as she turns away from the hospital to the parking lot.

Emmett exits next from the ride to the hospital. He spots his mother and sister. "Hey Alice, welcome back." he says in lowered voice. He looks between the two and looks to want to say something but probably not the time afterall. "We'll keep you safe Bella, dont worry you'll be able to see your dad." the usually joking vampire turns to Alice and smirks and lowers his voice so only she can hear "I'm gonna that brother of mine a thumping for standing me up yesterday for the hunt. You probably knew that tho."

Alice looks over to Emmett with a grin and looks to the hole in his clothes and passes him one of the bags, "Best be changing, same colour." She says with a delicate arch of her brow at him. "Of course I know, but it couldn't be helped. He is prepared to play in the snow with you." She says before looking over to Bella as she darts away, "It's alright Bella…" She assures her as she passes the bag containing a shirt to the youngest of the Cullens.

Esme moves to wrap an arm around her youngest daughter. "You'll be fine, Bella. We'll all be right here for you," she point out with a smile. "Emmett, why don't you go change, and we'll go attend to Bella. We'll meet you back here," she suggests with an upraised brow, keeping close to Bella.

Bella remains pacing until Esme stops her with a wrap of the arm and she folds into Esme's arms. "He didn't sound right Esme…" She finally says in a rush of emotion, no doubt compounded by her inability to be with her dad at this moment. "And I can't even be with him…It is too strong…when the door open.." She shakes her head, strain obvious in her body, and not just from her father's illness.

Emmett accepts the bag and smiles with an arched brow of his own. "Thanks Alice." he looks to Bella and than to Esme "Sounds like a plan." he reaches out and tries to ruffle Bella's hair as he passes. "He'll be fine, and you'll be fine. I got this Bella." he whispers "We'll rip this hospital to bits otherwise." and he passes into the hospital and the mens room in the lobby.

Alice looks around the various family members and as it looks like Bella isn't taking the bag, she moves up to her instead, taking her into the other half of a hug. "I would know , alright? Everything is going to be ok, trust me." Alice assures Bella again.

Esme nods towards Emmett, before giving Bella a hug. "It'll be okay, honest, Bella. If Alice says everything will be fine, it will be," she points out with a gentle, loving tone. "You know you want to see your father, and he will want to see you, it'll be fine…"

"I knew something would happen if I tried to go back to school…but I didn't think it would be Charlie…" Ok So Bella is freaking out a little here. Well…she knew one day she would lose Charlie. THat would be inevitable, but suddenly facing with it now? Well just too soon in a world of so much uncertainty. "Esma, it took all my control to get through classes today …" but she did.

Emmett returns back from the restroom in his new clothes the old in the bag, though it's up in the air if his shirt is fixable this time. He hears the family talking as he approaches and points to Alice. "Remember don't bet against Alice. Plus you'll have to go through me sis to get to anyone." he means to reassure. "You will be fine Bella trust me."

Esme offers Bella a light smile. "It's okay Bella. Emmett's right. It's never a good idea to bet against Alice, plus, you'll have to get through all three of us, and you know that's not going to happen," she points out with a shake of her head. "Don't worry. You'll be fine. You're dad will be happy to see that you're okay…" Esme trails off, really just wanting to hold her youngest close to her and not letting her go. "You know this has nothing to do with you starting college. You can't blame yourself, for what happened. Carlisle will know what went wrong, and he'll tell us later."

Alice nods to the words, a reasuring smile coming to her lips, "See everything will be alright. If I thought you going to school would have ended badly, I would have offered to teach you at home…that would certainly been more fun." There would be distractions and of course learning would include shopping cause there is like maths involved right?

Esme offers Bella a light smile. "It's okay Bella. Emmett's right. It's never a good idea to bet against Alice, plus, you'll have to get through all three of us, and you know that's not going to happen," she points out with a shake of her head. "Don't worry. You'll be fine. You're dad will be happy to see that you're okay…" Esme trails off, really just wanting to hold her youngest close to her and not letting her go. "You know this has nothing to do with you starting college. You can't blame yourself, for what happened. Carlisle will know what went wrong, and he'll tell us later," she points out. "And, really, Bella, half of us could teach you, if Alice thought something was going to go wrong. I mean, we've all got enough education behind us…" she gives with a laugh and a, hopefully, reassuring smile.

The reasurances of her family finally cause Bella to look up, to each in turn before slowly nodding and taking a deep breath to try and calm herself. "I think I might wait out here until Carlisle calls just in case…" Bella says before finally looking down at herself and noticing the hole in her shirt. "Well…that's new…"

"We wont make you Bella, but we are enough to keep you in line." he says this looking back to the hospital shifting his stance. "Alice would see anything happening." Emmett says in lowered tones again and than adds "Your clothing isnt a vampire Bella bullets go through it." he chuckles slightly at this sighing

"Yeah…bet you didn't even notice it did you?" Alice comments with a grin as she draws the shirt out of the bag and hands it to Bella. "Now go change, he will be looking for the bullet wound despite any assurances from Carlisle." She looks back to Emmett and Esme and nods, "We got your back little sister.

Esme chuckles slightly at Bella's belated note of the wounded shirt. "Yah, your dad won't believe that you're perfectly fine. If it slices the clothes it should get you, after all, not bounce off you like hitting a cement wall," is given in a hushed voice with a laugh. "We can wait, though, if you want, we'll wait for Carlisle to tell us he'll be fine, and then we can go in," the woman suggests, nodding.

It is one to be fast and immortal, but other than great leaps and bounds, fights with wild beasts, this is the first time her immortality has been tested in the 'human' world. "No…of course I was a little distracted at the time." She fingers the hole in her shirt curiously before looking up to Emmett, "Well of course…" Only then does she relax a touch and manages a small laugh. She finally takes the shirt from Alice and moves around the building to change.
Carlisle has connected.

Emmett moves forward with Bella at least until he sees she's clear of the humans, well ones not in the ladies room.. He moves back to the others. "This was all too wierd." he sighs looking from his mother to his sister. He glances back before asking "Do we know what's wrong with Charlie?" he asks before shifting his stance and waiting for Bella to return.

The Cullen family are standing outside the hospital, awaiting word on the status of Charlie. It seems something has kept them from going into the hospital itself. Alice was waiting there with spare clothes to replace those with holes in them, less Charlie remembers shooting the pair. At the moment it is just Alice, Emmett and Esme, Bella having gone around the hospital to change.

Esme watches her little girl, before shaking her head towards Emmett. "No, we're waiting on Carlisle to tell us what's up. I'm sure he would have told us earlier, but that just wouldn't have made any sense," she states, her eyes never leaving where her daughter disappeared to. "Emmett, do keep an ear on her," she requests. Not that she doesn't trust Bella, she just doesn't want to take any chances.

Carlisle figured that everyone would remain outside. Probably a good thing since they don't all know the type of patients that are within. Pushing through the doors to the outside he heads towards the three. "Where is Bella?" he questions figuring he should wait until she is present before saying anything.

Bella finally returns having changed her shirt. Alice careful to choose shirts that matched those her and Emmett had been wearing. No doubt she saw this coming. She looks a bit better composed from her few minutes away, though that composure drops as she notices Carlisle and she rushes over, barely able to keep herself at a human pace. "What is wrong? Is he alright?"

Emmett nods "I will though." he doesn't need to say that rushing into the ladies room wont cause a scene, but oh well better than someone being attacked. He turns his eyes as his sister steps back out of the room. "See you did just fine." he says low knowing she will hear. He turns at the approach of Carlisle and also waits to hear what is wrong with chief Swan.

Alice looks up toward the door as Carlisle comes out to greet them, staying quiet this time to let him speak on what has happened. She gives a glance to Emmett and Bella and a reasuring smile goes to the latter.

Esme turns to look at her husband as he exits. "How's Charlie? Do you know what happened?" she questions, her worried gaze focusing on her husband. As Bella approaches them she moves to stand close to the youngest Cullen, to offer motherly support, and all that.

Carlisle stares at Bella in silence for a few moments. This would be better if Edward was here, "Charlie has double Pneumonia. There is fluid in both of his lungs." reaching out in attempt to take one of Bella's hands to give it a squeeze. "I have him started on ceftriaxone. The next few hours are going to be critical. I also gave him something that will help him get some rest." a sigh escapes him. "He will be supervised around the clock. I promise that he will have the best care possible."

Bella listens to Carlisle as he gives indication of Charlie's condition. Her eyes close for a moment as she tries to keep her calm, there is real fear in her at the moment. "Just tell me he is going to be alright Carlisle…I am not ready yet to lose him." Twenty years from now will she be ready? Thirty? Who is ever ready no matter the time and distance between them.

Emmett catches the look on Alice's face and than back to Carlisle still just listening. The tall vampire listens to the explanation of what is going wrong, he looks to Bella and also reaches out to try and grip her shoulder. "He will pull through, Charlie is tough." he says softly no joking at all at this moment.

Alice steps back from the group, looking between the family, "I should call Edward and Jasper." No doubt because both are needed right now. Jasper to calm the nerves, Edward to comfort Bella. With those words she heads back to her car to call the men.

Esme moves to pull Bella into a hug, if she'll let her. "He'll be fine, Bella. You know that Carlisle will have the absolute best looking after him," the woman points out. "We all know how important Charlie is to you, and I don't think any of us is ready for you to lose him just yet," is stated. "Emmett's right, Charlie is tough, he has to be, he's raised himself a tough daughter," she points out, her gaze following after Alice for a bit.

Carlisle continues to watch Bella, "Tonight he needs to rest. But it might be good if you try to see him tomorrow." This of course is tough to ask of her, "You will be vital to his recovery. He has to know that he has someone to recover for. Charlie is tough but even the toughest of men need family to stand behind them."

Bella listens quietly to Carlisle and settles into Esme's embrace. Her head rests upon her mother's shoulder, though her gaze never leaves Carlisle's. There is a mix of relief and pain at the mention that her visit can wait for tomorrow. Will she be ready to walk into those doors? Well she has a day to prepare herself. She slowly nods, "I will go with Edward…open my shields to him. He will…keep me under control in there." If nothing else she will be focusing so hard on her shields she may not notice the blood.

"We'll keep everyone else safe Bella, you just watch out for Charlie." the hulking vampire says after Carlisles words he is sure they can at least do this much for the youngest member of their family. "We can all help Bella, i'm not sure if gambling on your focus in such a situation will be good." Emmett shakes his head.

Esme nods, gently. "We can go with you if you want. I can cancel my classes tomorrow and stay with you, they'll understand," is stated, simply as she holds her daughter in her arms. "But you'll do fine. We'll have Edward there, and Jasper should come too, he'll be able to keep an eye on things as well," she suggests.

From afar, Rosalie lets the smile show now, slowly, and she leans against the woodpile as she crosses her arms again. "You don't want to know what we do together, Lev." she murmurs, voice low. "Besides, we do not need to make a show of it." Rose quietly wonders why he is behaving differently from the last time they met.. most likely because of the red-eyed attachment. She still waits to see these qualities that Lev insists Natalia has. With an easy blink her gaze moves from Lev to Natalia, but the smile does not fade. "I never worry about a fight." she offers before she motions toward the bike with a nod of her head. "I thought you wanted a car?"

Carlisle shakes his head, "It would be better if I take her inside with Edward. We have a couple of patients that will make the air a little too tempting for anyone else." he sighs deeply. Last thing he would need is Jasper to go into a rage in the hospital. "For now he just needs to rest. You might want to call Billy Black, I know they are close friends and Billy should know that he is ill. Will also help him when you can't be there."

The family are standing near the ambulance bay this afternoon, discussing the state of Charlie who was just brought in. Alice was here first with shirts for Emmett and Bella since they accidently got shot by a frantic feverish Charlie. They have sense changed and Charlie, Esme, Bella and Emmett are huddled together in conversation while Alice is at her car calling in for reinforcements.

At the mention of Billy Black, Bella nods slowly, "He will know that visiting will hard, maybe he can…help." She scrunches her nose and shakes her head, taking another breath to cleanse her head and looking back to Alice and her car to see how things are coming there before looking back to Emmett and nods, "Of course…protect everyone else…" She says absently.

It doesn't take long for Edward to arrive, closing his cell phone as he moves to the hospital proper and tucking it back into his pocket. He gives a light nod to Alice for the call, though his utmost necessity here is Bella. He picks her out of the family huddle, moving to try and wrap her up in a tight protective, but reassuring hug. A look to Carlisle as well; to get the mental report of his 'father-in-law's' health.

Emmett looks to Bella removing his hand from her shoulder as another brother approaches. He turns his golden-eyes on Edward nodding. "Of course, whatever everyone thinks is best." he says removing his phone from his pocket looking to the time. "I need to go get Rosalie." he looks to his family before back to Bella as he walks towards the lot reaching out to ruffle Bella "He will be fine." he says in his deep sure voice.

Esme quirks a brow. "Carlisle, you know our control is not so tenuous that we can't walk into the hospital. I do it on a regular basis to visit you," she points out. "Emmett and Rose's control is exceptional, and Jasper's doing quite well, Alice is also exceptional," the woman points out, in an entirely gentle and tender tone, from where she stands, she doesn't loosen her hold on Bella unless the younger vampire desires her to. "Everything will be fine, Bella. You know that Carlisle will make sure your father has the best treatment possible," she notes as she releases her hold on Bella so that Edward can take hold of his wife. Once she's let go of Bella, Esme moves to her husband's side, wrapping an arm about him. "He will be alright though, right?" she questions with an upraised brow, she truly is worried about Charlie.

Jasper is on his favorite motorcycle as he pulls into the parking lot, pausing his bike behind Alice's car almost looking like he's blocking her in. But, its at least a spot where he knows some idiot won't back into his bike. He turns the key off and dismounts, looking off towards the family even as he holds out a hand for Alice to take to join him. He's braved the hospital once today. Twice might be pushing it.

Carlisle was beginning to wonder if anyone was listening. Once Edward joins them he looks towards him sending his thoughts, 'double Pneumonia' before watching as Emmett leaves to go get Rosalie. "He will be fine." he finally says even though he already told them the next few hours are critical but hopefully the Cheif will be just fine. 'Time is critical right now. But he should be fine' Carlisle again sends towards Edward then over to Jasper as he joins. Slipping an arm around Esme he kisses her forehead.

Bella recognizes the sound of Edward's car, it is one she anticipates whenever he is away from her. She turns from the conversation about control and focus. Who would be better in the hospital and out of Esme's embrace until she is rushing to Edward's arms. Without the effort it once caused her she opens her mind to him. Of course her view of the events will lack the 'rationality' Carlisle's might.

Edward wraps Bella up tightly in his embrace, pulling her close. Lips rest lightly on her forehead as he looks to Carlisle, offering a small nod in reception before offering a quiet smile down on his (short) wife, "He will be fine, Bella. Just have to be patient. Carlisle is the best doctor I've ever known, he couldn't be in better hands." He tries to reassure her and calm her down. A light nod is given to Jasper as well.

Well you never know with Alice, she might just do it as an excuse to buy him another bike. But today is not to day for such pranks, as the hand is offered to her, she moves out of her bright yellow car and moves to his side. A arm sliding about his waist as she moves beside him.

Esme settles herself against her husband, nodding at his words, trusing in what he says. "See, Bella, Carlisle says Charlie will be fine, and you know that Carlisle won't lie to you," she states, intent on believing her husband's word, he is, after all, the best doctor Forks has. Outside of this, Esme says nothing, she just listens and watches.

Wreck his bike to give him a new one and you'll have to deal with Rosalie, since she works on it. Bad Alice! Jasper slides his arm around Alice's shoulders, tucking her into his side as he approaches the family. Though considering he heard of the reassurances on the approach, he doesn't feel the need to ask.

Carlisle has really nothing more he can say about it. Chief Swan has to rest and he can't do more tonight than he already has. Just holding onto his wife watching between both couples. He'd love to bask in the moment in having his children close but now is not the time for it. "The scent isn't strong in my office. If you rather go in there than hang out here. I could even open a window."

Bella nods to Edward looking up to him to seek out any thing else in his gaze. Is he just protecting her, has he heard elsewise from Carlisle. Satisfied that he doesn't seem to be she turns back to Carlisle and nods. "Yeah…hate to have someone walk past unexpectantly." Bleeding all over the show.

Rosalie is no match for Alice…Alice can hide better. Oh but the thought is gone as quick as it came and she looks to the family, her face intent on Carlisle's as he gives reasurance. She looks up to Jasper and nods, "That might be better Carlisle."

There is just the faintest sound of movement on the roof of the hospital; but very quick, short bursts. Within seconds, two bodies are unceremoniously dropped from the lower level roof; but the assailant that did the dumping is gone in an instant. Cover of night is great for getting around quick.

Moments after they are dropped; two bodies of two young adult males land in the soft pad of the snow, groaning and crying out in agony. They are shirtless, and bleeding from their chests from the carvings of words done there; eyes scratched to the point of bleeding and stitched shut; tongue gone so they can't form words. They are both bleeding fairly badly; barely alive. Both of them have a message carved into their skin, however.

Edward almost seems to sway for a moment, looking for a moment as if the air was kicked out of him. His arms tighten on Bella as the bodies fall, turning his head away to try not to inhale the large volume of blood spilling from them. "Inside.." He hisses. Bella is still a newborn, he knows she has more strength than he does. This… should be fun.

Esme can't help but be distracted by the sound and movement. Quickly Esme moves towards her daughter. "Bella, hold your breath," she requests before doing the same thing. To Carlisle she nods, motioning with her head that she'll go in to his office, and take Bella with her if the younger vampire will permit it. The woman moves to grasp her youngest daughters hand, should she take it, holding her free hand out to any of her family that wish to take it. Esme's first priority is, always, to protect the kids.

Jasper smiles a little at Alice, taking an inhale to speak just as the bodies fall and the blood pools… So strong. His expression immediately falls, lips parting as the mouth watering sensation of anticipation of the blood starts to fill him, his grasp freeing Alice. He is tense, leaning a little forward as if he's about to launch. But just as when Bella cut herself; the large volumes of blood to him are about the same as a drop of her sweet-smelling blood. He tries to move towards the bodies, his expression nearly ravenous.

It was like a scene out of a horror film. As the two bodies rain from the sky Carlisle presumes the rest will take care of themselves. Approaching each one taking heed of the words carved into their skin. This is when they need Emmett the most and he is not here to help reign in Jasper. In a flash he moves towards Jasper, "Don't risk exposing yourself. Go inside!" he insists in a raised voice. Reaching into his pocket in a desperate attempt to distract the scent he breaks a smelling salt capsule just about lodging it in his nose, "Alice get him away!"

It is those moments that dizziness overcomes Alice and she is blinded by the vision of what is about to happen. Frozen by her own gift Jasper escapes her grasps and she turns in horror reaching after him as he rushes towards the bloodied bodies.

It is not the site of the bodies that first touches Bella as she is shielded from them in Edward's embrace. Its the scent. Fresh blood spilling in the snow. Oh she has terrific restraint for a newborn, really. Though since the 'weasel' incident she has not met one who was bleeding. The crowds at the university were a challenge, though she overcame it. Just. This scent though hits to the very instinct in her and her body goes rigid in Edward's arms, every muscling tightening as if to fight towards them, pounce and put an end to them.

Edward keeps a firm grasp on Bella, looking painfully to Jasper. Alice doesn't match Jasper's strength and Emmett isn't here. Bella is stronger than Edward and even Emmett right now. What to do… His arms remain clamped around Bella and he looks to Esme: "We need to get her away. I need your help to keep her under control." He grunts.

Jasper's mode of attack was interrupted when Carlisle inserted himself in his path; some registration of the man through his bloodlust giving him a second's pause. His wrist is captured by his wife, but he is still not detoured from his path; reason and logic failing him when he is in a blood frenzy. Much like at Bella's 18th Birthday, Jasper tries to evade Carlisle and get past him; attempting to continue his assault on the two barely living men.

Esme nods towards Edward as she moves so that she can place herself between Bella and the bodies. Bella will have to go through her to get to them. "We have to control Jasper," she says to her son as she steps closer to Bella and Edward. Turning her gaze, for just a moment, she uses all the authority in her voice. "Jasper Hale, get over here and help us get into the hospital," she orders, hoping that the tone will break threw to her son.

Carlisle knew it would take Edward and Esme both to fight to keep Bella in check. Unfortunately the /tone/ from his wife will not be enough to stop jasper in this ravenous state. Plotting their position outside he basically knew the layout of the hospital so his next move should work is done correctly. Much like Emmett once did to him he runs in a blur towards Jasper with the attempt to wrap his arms around his waist and send them both crashing through his office window. If he misses then the doctor will take this journey alone and these men will likely be dead.

Edward would get hit with a full sense of bloodlust from Bella before her shields snap down around her mind. Her eyes close trying to close out everything in the world around her but the scent is far too strong. "Edward…hold me…" She growls even as her arms start to rise to fight off the embrace. She is stronger but fighting it as well, but just barely. She hisses and suddenly pushes out of Edward's arms and looks black eyed towards the men on the ground. Teetering on the edge of a precipace, half her wanting to run, a stronger half wanting to devour. Now that she sees the men and not just smells them that stronger half starts to win and she heads in their direction, though almost in slow motion as if fighting herself.

Considering Edward has had his practice in resistance, especially against Bella, he is able to keep his head in the situation. Bella's harsh impact of bloodlust in his head doesn't help, but as she wrenches free of him and starts after the two men, he launches himself after her, "Bella, Stop!" giving Esme only a small look of asking for help before he tries to tackle his wife into the pavement. "I have to get her away from here.. help me get her to the car!" He growls.

There is a resounding thud as Carlisle slams into Jasper, sending them both through the window with a crash. No telling if they manage to land on the floor, but it would be a better option of trying to explain things than demolishing his desk. With Jasper effectively removed from the situation, he breathes the cleaner air of the office, and goes limp in Carlisle's grasp beneath him; giving up the fight. There is pain on his face, though, at his lack of control and nearly exposing them all. He doesn't even realize what is going on with Bella outside, his mind a fog with his self loathing at the situation.

Alice does not hesitate to dive after Jasper and Carlisle into the office, her actions far more…graceful an entrence than the lads. Though once inside she is quick to rush to Jasper's side and hold onto her husband, setting her lips to his to distract him with the sense of her and her scent of her as well. Though in that moment she darts a look outside before closing her eyes, a pain washing over her features before she looks to Jasper again. "We will all be alright…"

Thank goodness Esme had returned her attention to Bella, just in time to spot her daughter get out of Edward's grasp. With a bit of a growl Esme, quite literally, launches herself towards Bella. She'll put all the strength she has in that launch if necessary, to stop her daughter from getting to the bodies. Out of the corner of her eyes, she sees that Carlisle has, effectively, taken Jasper out of the situation and, as such, she can focus her attention on Bella. Presuming she and Edward manage to get a hold of Bella she will look to her son. "Office or car?" to join the rest of the family, or lock themselves in a vehicle, essentially.

Carlisle has to think fast since innocents are involved. "This is not your fault." he tells Jasper nodding towards Alice glad she joined them. "Stay with him I must attend the wounded. Deciding to leave through his office door he pulls it shut. "I am alright." he tells a nurse that was just about to walk inside. "We need two gurneys out front stat." heading for the front doors he goes into doctor mode. "Hurry!" he yells to the nurse watching her go and call a code. Heading outside he goes back to check the two men having to assume Edward and Esme have Bella under control.

With the combined weight of two Cullens, Bella goes down into the snow, her hands digging gouges into the earth trying to get away from them. Her breathing heavy and harsh , only making matters worse for her really. "Let me go…" She hisses then growls "Take me away…" Caught in a dichotomy of the moment, her mind and instinct at war with each other.

Edward keeps Bella face down, wrenching her arms behind her back before he picks her up, much like a cop would. Arms behind the back and pinned by one hand, his other arm coming around tight to her neck and shoulders to hold her against him. "Stop breathing." He hisses in her ear, a glance to Esme follows as he tries to walk her forcefully towards his car. "Car. She can't be here."

Esme fishes in her purse for an extra set of keys to Carlisle's car. Grabbing them she sticks close to Edward, should Bella get out of control again. Once there she opens the back door, holding it for Edward and Bella to get in. For a moment Esme turns her gaze to her husband and shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I can't…" she states, before she climbs into the front of the vehicle. She just can't stay where she can smell all that blood, her control is good, but not that good.

There is a brief struggle as Edward picks her up, and a moment more before his command drives other thoughts out of her head. She presses her face against him and breathes in his scent before holding her breath. Her body tense and trembling in his arms. Her hands curling and uncurling in fists to clawlike fingers. Enough to force someone into Multiple personality disorder.

Esme nods and moves towards the vehicle, pulling open the necessary door for Edward to put Bella inside. That done she turns her attention to her husband, before she moves towards Carlisle's car. She, at the very least, needs to get some 'fresh' air before she can even think of getting close to her husband right now.

Edward hefts Bella into the back of his car, offering a small nod to Esme, and a long look to Carlisle. Only a moment's hesitation before he gets into the driver's seat and shuts the door; roaring the engine to life. "You will be okay, Bella." He promises, putting the car into gear to take it out of the parking lot and to the main street.

Checking the men Carlisle sighs as both men are already lost. Once the gurneys are brought out, he instructs that neither man shouldn't be moved. He does however cover them with a sheet putting the message into memory. "No. Chief Swan is by no means to be disturbed. Call a deputy." he instructs one of them knowing this will be a long night. Waving to those in the car, "Go." he mouths.

As she is tossed in the backseat of Edward's car, Bella curls up in a tense ball, covering her head with a jacket of Edward's found in the back seat. Trying to wash out to the scent of blood from her nose. "Keep driving…" She orders in a strained whisper. Her mind opening up to her husband once more and its images of her father's face upon the men in the snow. Fears of what she would do to him in that hospital.

Esme spends a few moments in Carlisle's car, before she takes up an errant scarf… and wraps it about her, making sure it's covering her mouth and nose, before she steps out of the vehicle and takes slow, careful steps towards her husband. "Too late?" she questions, gently.

Carlisle doesn't move towards his wife but takes a step away. Looking down at himself he has blood on him obviously from somewhere. "Yeah." he answers lightly wondering how things went to hell it seemed. "I need to go freshen up and wait for the authorities. Go to my ofice with Alice and Jasper." Looking at his wife he too vanishes into the hospital and towards the locker room. His phone begins to ring as he does and he answers it, "Hello?"

Esme shakes her head, faintly as she watches her husband, keeping his scarf firmly about her, pretending to ward off the chill. When he disappears she walks into the hospital, looking as though nothing's wrong. She knocks gently on her husband's office door.

PHONE CONVERSATION: Edward -> Carlisle

Carlisle's phone begins ringing…
Edward says, "Carlisle. I'm sorry, but I have to take Bella away. She's not ready for this, she needs more time."
Carlisle voices is very calm but strained, "I understand. Keep in touch and I will call when I have updates on Charlie."
Edward, "Alright. We're going to Alaska; I can't risk taking her on a plane to Europe right now. If we move locations I'll let you know. … Take care." *Click*

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