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IC Time: January 17, 2007
Location: Forks - Forest: Cliffs
Synopsis: Alanna turns human again! Darcy and Ramona try and eat her!
Submitted by: Ramona on behalf of Alanna

Not even bothering to check his tracker again, Emmett comes up on the two female vampires, smelling them long before seeing him. His approach is still cautious, but he doesn't make any move to conceal himself, slowing his approach and swaggering through the trees. "There you are," he says to Stasia, eyeing her on top of the boulder, golden eyes shifting to the form beneath her, narrowing. "What did you do to your phone? It's dead." He holds up his, waggling it in his hand.

The voice isn't a huge suprise; Ramona thought she might have senses something. She turns lazily over in the snow in the direction of the voice and quickly locates the other. The snow sticks to Ramona's cold skin and hair, not melting on her cold skin. "Hello," she says coolly, her eyes narrowing slightly. Today they are a grey-blue; she's probably sporting contacts. "Lost? Hardly. This is /my/ place," she adds rather defensively. Emmett's appearance, however, does seem to throw her off for a moment, and she rises to a stand in a quick blur, crossing her arms over her chest and looking between the two, an eyebrow raised high. "What is /this/?" Her eyes flick with interest as she notices Emmett's golden-hued irises.

Ramona nods to Emmett, and then brushes the snow off her outfit, flashing a cold smile and then resuming her narrow-eyed expression. "Yep. Surely you can't claim to /own/ this piece of land. I come here quite often, as does Dahlia." She observes the interchange with the phone, biting her bottom lip. "Are you in the same coven?" she asks cautiously. She thought all of the ones with gold eyes were those Cullens, but Stasia clearly wasn't, and she didn't know about this one.

Stasia takes the spare cellphone, eyeing it suspiciously. "Thank you." She replies, clearly dubious. Then, turning her attention back to Ramona. "We watch one another's backs." That suspicious gaze turns back to the red-eyed vampiress.

Emmett's dark grin doesn't stop as Stasia comes to get the cellphone, head tilting at Ramona. "Ohh, you're one of those, aren't you?" That's right, one of 'those.' "Crimson Delerium, that's right. I remember your face. Ramona, wasn't it? You play bass." He plucks the information from memory, hands loosely in his pockets now that Stasia has her phone, his grin to her isn't threatening - in fact, it's teasing. "Do I need to get you a strap for that? They have them that go around your arm or ankle. Keeps it from falling out of your pockets."

"Ah, I see," Ramona says to Stasia, looking strangely triumphant for a moment — she thought for a wild second that there might be another Cullen female she had yet to meet. She turns to Emmett and tilts her head. He knows her? Well, then he must be… "Yes, that's me, Ramona." She beams genuinely — fame, in any context, was always a good thing. "And you must be a Cullen, yes? Forgive me that I don't know your first name. Your reputation preceeds you." Ramona doesn't sound particularly kind; her tone seems guarded, careful.

Just quirking his head, Emmett's grin continues to be plastered on. "Emmett," he offers, back straightening. "I do believe you met my Rosalie." His spared glances to Stasia don't continue, intent on Ramona. "Why are you lot here? Is Crimson Delerium not hot enough to play in the big cities?"

Stasia glowers darkly at the big vampire, shoving the new cellphone back into her jacket pocket. The name "Crimson Delerium" doesn't appear to mean much to her. She's probably not a rock music fan.

Ramona runs a hand through her platinum hair, which is damp from the snow. Her pale lips twist into a sneer and she laughs arrogantly. "Please. We're plenty famous enough to play in big cities… we were merely interested in this little town. Lots of rumors going around. We're not the only coven that's come," she adds, voice growing softer, as if to prove a point. "Rosalie? The name sounds familiar. I saw her in the park as I was leaving. Such a pretty girl." Ramona turns to look at Stasia. "Did you find a home yet, or still taking to the treetops?" A cruel grin tugs at her lips.

Emmett's eyes darken as Ramona mentions rumors and interesting things going on in Forks and suddenly, there's a thin humming noise coming from his pants. He pulls out the phone and clicks it open without a word, listening to the high, female voice on the other side. All he says is "Okay," before he snaps it shut and shoves it back in his pocket. "I'd love to stay and chat, ladies, but I have a stray mutt to take care of at home." Emphasis is held on the word 'mutt,' probably speaking of the werewolves. With a pointed look at Stasia, he says, "Call or come by the house if you need something." His eyes linger on Ramona for a moment, narrowing again, before he turns and whips back off through the forest, in the direction he came.

Emmett goes home.

Emmett has left.

Stasia nods to Emmett, acknowleding his words, then replies blandly to Ramona. "Higher ground has an advantage. There is a tendency to not look up." She dismisses the sneer in the other's voice with a gesture. "How's the formeldehyde?"

"Touche," Ramona responds to Stasia coldly, rolling her eyes and turning back toward the cliff after the beefy one leaves. She swings her feet again, but does not completely turn her back to the other vampiress. "The what?" She takes a few seconds to comprehend the question before rolling her eyes again. "You have no idea what you're talking about, dear. Don't make assumptions."

"It's all right. I'm sure the taste was terrible." Stasia shrugs. "But then, the music isn't something I would like either. So please, keep it down."

In the distance, a strong, snapping sound can be heard, and it shakes the trees. Seconds later, one of the mighty pine trees about a mile away from the cliff teeters, and then crashes to the ground. Dust errupts from the earth, mushrooming and then dispersing into the air.

Another set of minutes pass, where the scent of animal's blood explodes into the scenes of any acute-nosed creature nearby, and it masks the scent of the monster responsible for it. It doesn't take long for Alanna to finish her meal, sucking it dry with the savagery that only a newborn vampire can possibly manage.

The woman /does/ have a point. Ramona nods, reluctant to admit the other may be right. "It was pretty bad." She grimaces at the memory. "Kind of… stale. But it didn't have any chemicals on it or anything. It was just old. And it didn't really stop the burn, if you know what I mean." She eyes the other woman meaninfully, "And I /know/ you know what I mean about that." She refers, of course, to the burn that's never quite satisfied by anything other than a fresh, live mortal.

Then, from the corner of her eye, movement and sound pierce the otherwise still air, and she quickly scrambles to her feet again, peering downward. "What?" Ramona doesn't take long to smell the animal blood, after which she turns to Stasia. "Someone else you know hunting?" she asks.

If Stasia was irritated at the singing, she looks positively annoyed at the unsubtle hunting of the newborn. "Gott in himmel!" She breathes, reverting to her native language. "I think there were one or two people in Seattle that didn't hear that." She tilts her head slightly, half-closing her eyes. Her nostrils flare, searching for the scent of the predator. "No. Not someone I know."

Alanna breathes a heavy huff out, with her mouth hanging open and her sharp teeth bared. The quick gust of her breath causes the leftover blood in and around her mouth to splatter on the snow-covered branch she's perched herself on. She turns around to begin climbing the pine tree beside the fallen one she'd just taken out, when she notices another scent hanging in the air from above. It's extremely faint; too faint for her to recognize the species, and she casts her red-gold eyes upwards to the over hanging cliff. Even then, sight doesn't lend much information either, and she's forced to rely on her hearing. Like a monkey, she swings herself up onto higher branches, until she's reached the peak of her tree. From here, she's plainly visible from every direction.

"Oh, well," Ramona responds back to Stasia, apparently not as ruffled as the other about someone making noise. "So long as it isn't a wolf. 'Sides, whomever is out there is hunting /animals/." She sits back down in a fluid motion in her former spot, where the snow has been cleared off, and prepares to start a new song, but instead finds herself scanning the treeline below until she spots the pale shape at the top of the trees. Dark hair, she can see that. The scent is faint, but surely it's a vampire. Ramona picks up a rock and hurls it at the creature below.

Stasia also spots the vampire in the tree. Her gold eyes furrows, still irritated. "Out in the open, too." She sighs, exasperated. Then, "Come down from there, before you hurt yourself." Her voice doesn't raise that much more, just enough to carry over to the obviously inexperienced vampire.

Alanna's head twitches to the side, in the same manner a dear would while it was grazing. Her nails dig deeply into the bark of the top branch of the tree, and she lifts her chin to smells the air once again. With the light wind, and her elevation level, Ramona's scent is easily recognized. What really gives it away, is the rock thrown. For whatever reason, Alanna chooses not to move. She doesn't even flinch as the rock nears her, and eventually makes hard contact with her forehead on the right. Being a vampire, Alanna's skin barely gives away to the blunt object, however because of the force, she's pitched backwards. Falling, Alanna rights herself, and lands on all fours on the branch below the one she'd just climbed up to, with shards of the destroyed rock hitting the snow along with dribbles of animal's blood seeping from the tiny cut on her forehead.

Ramona glances over her shoulder at Stasia, but only for a moment: she wants to see how rusty her aim is. "It won't hurt itself. I could free fall from this cliff right now and then climb back up," she says absently. The rock hits, and Ramona claps for herself. "I should try my hand at baseball one of these days." She watches the shape fall backward, and then hmms. "I think I might know it. It's probably Stacy's newborn. That one's always running around and hunting anything she can sink her teeth into. Mean, too. Even as a human, she had an attitude."

"Oh, I know." Stasia replies, regarding the possibility of the newborn hurting herself. "I was being facetious. But she should try to refrain from knocking down half the forest. I'm unconcerned if she wants to get herself killed. But if her actions inconvenience me, I'll have to take issue." To the newborn, "Come here. And try to leave a few trees standing." The vampiress doesn't sound precisely unfriendly, more like someone who doesn't like children being forced to deal with the neighbor kid.

Alanna's most likely the most clumsy and awkward of all the vampires. Or at least, right now she is. Breaking her own silence, she lets out a little whine, while her hand comes up to feel the wound on her tiny head. Slipping back once again, and nearly falling off, she catches herself with one leg and arm, clinging to the branch like a cat who refused to take a bath. Doesn't take much to realize that, even for a newborn vampire, something's not entirely right. Are they supposed to be…. this vulnerable? Funny, she'd felt fine seconds ago.

She makes her way down the tree, more carefully this time, with her hand over the fresh wound on her head. It doesn't seem to want to heal, even with the venom trying to do it's job and expell the shard of rock from her head. A few minutes pass she she climbs the cliff, with more difficulty than it should, and she hauls herself over the edge of the cliff hesitantly, head held down and the blood dripping into her right eye.

"Agreed," Ramona says lazily to Stasia, watching the 'action' below best she can. She crosses her long legs at the ankle and places her hands behind her, allowing her to move her torso back in a relaxed position. "She /does/ inconvenience me, quite often — if it's who I think it is." She watches the newborn struggle with the tree, and then the cliff; it does not occur to Ramona that the newborn is more clumsy than usual. She merely sees herself as more superior for being able to do those things with ease. "Ah, it is her. Hello, my little pest," she calls in a sing-song voice to Alanna, not bothering to move.

Stasia's gold eyes widen as she takes in the newborn, the awkwardness yes, but more to the point, the slow healing wound. She sniffs the air, carefully, alert for anything that smells out of sorts. "What is wrong with you?" Direct, to the point.

Liam walks over from Forks - Forest: Thorny Underbrush.

Liam has arrived.

Darcy is being rather loud for a vampire herself as she clomps the last 100 feet to Ramona, growling angrily into her cell phone. "No…no…NO! I told you, I'm NOT going to Seattle. Because I don't wanna tell you!… Why don't you just implant a tracking chip in me next time I look less than fully alert or something?!…" And then the sound of her cell phone snapping shut echoes through the otherwise serene wilderness. Seconds later she emerges from the trees looking more than a little irate, still clomping loudly. "'Mona, I have got to strangle the life out of somethin'. Where's the Cullen!?" Oh…why hello…other people. Stasia receives a scowl of recognition. Alanna hasn't even been noticed yet. "What the hell is wrong with /you/?" Yes Dar, she MUST be talking to you.

Alanna's hands dig into the dirt and snow, tightening until her knuckles are prominent and tense. She throws her head back again, baring her teeth and groaning loudly as the shard of rock drips from her skull. The healing is slow, yes, but the wound does manage to clear up soon enough. Flexing her muscles, she tries to pull her lower half up from dangling over the side of the cliff. The rock Ramona had thrown at her is apparently causing her a great deal of pain, and she can't muster enough focus to respond to Stasia just yet. Her whines and whimpers still hold that certain feral sound to them, but the way she lays in the snow so pathetically, and vulnerably, isn't in the way of a vampire. When Darcy busts into the area like Rambo, she flicnhes her head further down to the ground, pressing her injured face against the cold snow.

Liam, having grown bored with walking, is perched on one of the taller trees. He is simply relaxing before he catches that odd scent and then he hears the words from Darcy. A faint grin crosses onto his features as he remains in the tree as though it was a bed. The red eyes focus on the general direction from where these sounds are coming from. For now he is content to simply listen to this group and their antics.

The familiar, defiant voice of her friend perks Ramona's mood somewhat and she stands and turns towards the woods, grinning as Darcy stomps into the area. "Hey. I'd offer that you could strangle the life out of the newborn, but she's been afflicted with something else," Ramona says casually, watching as Alanna lays on the ground. "The Cullen left. He wasn't as bad as the skinny one. He was big, though. And friends with our tree-hopper, too." She nods in Stasia's direction with a smirk, and doesn't bother to clear up the misunderstanding. Ramona paces closer to Alanna and stares at her for a long moment, her smirk wiping away. "Did a… wolf get you?" she asks, a hint of uncertainty edging her tone. What the hell /was/ wrong with her?

The harsh clomping of yet another disturbance in the tranquil forest sets Stasia's teeth on edge. Darcy is on the other end of her irritated glare. Bad singing, yowling newborns and now, loud cellphone conversations are almost too much. "Be quiet." She hisses to Darcy. "If you can manage." Back to the newborn Alanna, "Get hold of yourself, child. Now. Focus." Not unkindly, but obviously not one of great patience for such things.

Darcy is ready to spit nails, so to speak, or at least actually choke something into permanent silence. But she rips her eyes off of Stasia for long enough to survey the situation. "Like a bad case of loud mouthed retard, or what?" She answers 'Mona, throwing a glance towards Alanna and sneering, apparently unfeeling for her obvious suffering, even though if Alanna is miserable enough she CAN actually feel it. "What'sa matter, pookie? Was Rover mean to ya?" She perks up at the mention of a large Cullen because that means a worthy opponent! "Oh really? Bigger they are, harder they fall and all that crap. Can we play with him instead of the skinny one?" OH wait…Stasia, no you di'nt! Dar's eyes snap back to her and she sets one hand on her hip, glaring pure venom at Stasia, "Make me." Oh to be mentally 16 again…

That's easy for Stasia to say; she didn't have a rock lodged into her forehead! With the cooling snow on Alanna's forehead — and that's strange, the snow actually makes her /cold/ — the pain is soothed. Finally, when the opening in her granite skin is sealed, she lifts herself up onto her knees and elbows. Her whimpers become subdued, like she's suddenly conscious of the other vampires around her. Her blackening eyes glance around, as panic washes over her. That alarming feeling only increases when she smells another vampire nearby, and on a higher level than the cliff. For some reason, she can't quite smell it like she should. It's not as potent, like it would've been to her hours ago. "I wasn't attacked at all… Ramona just threw a rock at me…" She murmurs, while her eyes then shift upwards to look at Ramona standing over her, and then to Stasia. While Darcy looks about ready to kill, that feral, crazed look has disappeared. Instead of looking like a newborn vampire… the expression on her face looks a little more… human.

His boredom getting the better of Liam, he slowly gathers himself on the tree and then leaps through three of the largest trees so that he is fairly close to the other Vampires. He continues to say little, but his scent would now be unmistakable. He has a wider grin on his face while his red eyes look more closely at the three women. Liam slowly focuses on Darcy more than the others, very curious about the woman.

Stasia barely spares Darcy a glance. One does not reinforce the behavior of tantruming children by paying attention to it. Neither does she seem overly concerned with the pierced vampire's threatening stance and glare. Her focus is on the newborn, until she picks up the scent of yet another vampire. So much for a quiet wilderness retreat.

"What do you want?" Presumably to Liam, but she doesn't look at him.

Darcy waits for Stasia's response with an expression that clearly reads 'Do somethin''. When she gets no response she nods slightly and mutters to herself, "That's what I thought, punkass…" Yes, you obviously terrified her into silence. Now her attention can return to Alanna who she regards like a particularly interesting disection in bio class. "So…do you just suck at being a vampire, or what? It's a /rock/ not a silver bullet or somethin'." She crosses her arms over her chest and her upper lip curls ever so slightly as she examines Alanna with a predators eye and lets herself pay attention to the emotional vibe coming off of her, "You…feel weird," is all she can do in the way of an explanation, giving herself a bit of a shake and then looking for something less disconcerting to direct her attention towards. The familiar smell of Liam finally makes it's way into her nostrils as she takes a breathe, and he finds himself at the end of her glare. "Trying to avoid that new fangled rock music and those kids with their baggy pants out here, Mr. Kennedy?"

"Funny. Yep, real funny." The Irish vampire lets out a sigh as he examines the newborn. He continues to stare at the creature before he says in an almost dismissive tone, "Newborns are so predictable. This is far from that. Learn a new thing every damn decade." The eyes roam over towards Stasia and Darcy before he is in a more calm tone, "Uh, anyone have any idea what is wrong with that thing?"

Ramona was quiet for a long moment, watching Alanna with a slightly incredulous look, and then piping up with Darcy. "Yeah, it was a rock. It should have bounced off." She takes a step back, her lips curling with revolution. "Freak," she murmurs. She begins to strike up a conversation with Darcy: "I think we should play with him instead of the skinny one. This one's mate is that really pretty one, Ros—" She realizes mid-sentence the others were addressing another one of their kind, so when Liam appears, she gapes at him for a moment, then nods approvingly. "Well, at least you're not a damned wuss," she murmurs, noting the eye color. A sweeping glance is taken of the area, and the rockstar exclaims: "What is this, anyway? A damned party?" Her eyes slant downward. This was /her/ place.

A damned wuss. The smirk on Stasia's lips is sardonic, cold. Indeed.

From atop her boulder, she straightens slowly. "I don't know." She replies to Liam. "Disturbing." Whatever possibilities she is considering, she keeps to herself. Finally, she turns her head enough to regard Liam from her periphreal vision.

Darcy smiles impishly at Liam and then winks at him, "I know," she answers pertly. "My wit is unrivaled in this part of the world." Then her gaze goes back to 'Mona as she now makes a mental attempt to block out Alanna's projections of discomfort. "I think I've seen her at school… And I wouldn't be so quick to label him, I think he was trying to tell me yesterday that he doesn't approve of my destruction of western civilization through snacking." Dar sticks her hands in her pockets and then takes a look around at all the vampires congregated in the woods. "I guess so. What do you expect, dude? You're a rockstar." She smirks impishly at Ramona and then starts in on teasing her, "Aren't you use to people following you places? I know these ones aren't edible but they're kind of interesting…" Her eyes slide back to Alanna and her eye brow slowly lifts, "Especially the one who's allergic to granite. That's seriously all that happened to you?"

Liam looks back to Ramona before he says in a rather soft tone, "Whuss eh? I guess everyone has their own perception on what makes someone a whuss."

He seems to be greatly amused by this and ends up offering a little laugh. At Darcy's comment Liam looks down to the ground with a rather curious look on his face. He seems to steel himself as he says to Darcy, "Well, I don't really think you would be up to the job for destroying all of civilization. Hell, probably couldn't even take out Connecticut."

Liam slowly crosses his arms over his chest, the red eyes glaring at this newborn.

Alanna's not not normal, even for the abnormalities that come with her species. A sound emits from her, a very familiar one that every vampire can easily recognize. However, a noise she hasn't heard inside of herself since she died… A heart beat. The thud makes her choke on her breath just as she sucks it inwards. The blood left over from her wound isn't completely composed of animal's blood; there are tiny traces of a human's mixed in as well; her own. Her black eyes are dark, yes, but if one looks hard enough, they can see the faint tinge of natural blue there. "Fuck…" Alanna murmurs, her voice and body trembling with fear, and her expression screwing over in confusion. with every slow, haggard thump of her awakening heart, the newborn's body twitches and convulses.

Stasia's jaw drops hearing that telltale sound.

What the….?!

Alanna now has her full attention. Her shock so severe, she says nothing.

"I know, I know. But most of these people aren't fans, just annoyances," Ramona says to Darcy, eyeing Stasia and Alanna with some contempt. She regards Liam with a look of considerably less respect after the news from Darcy. "Seriously? Please! What is this town? A cogregation for vampires that wish they were still /human/ or something? It's ridiculous. I come all of the way here from the great city of New York only to find—" The blonde stops her tirade as the sound of the heartbeat echos in her ears. At first, she's confused. She did not smell a human. She peers over her shoulder, squints into the woods, and then finally zeroes in on Alanna. And then she pounces for the newborn, fully intending to land atop her and investigate this very intriguing… problem.

Darcy makes a playful face at Liam, lifting her eyebrows and miming shock, her mouth opening and her hand going to it, "Touche, salesman. Care to make a wager on that?" she waggles one eyebrow and then laughs. apparently she has complete confidence in her ability to wipe out Conneticut and the rest of the East coast. Then she begins commiserating with Ramona, "TELL me about it - I go to school with the High Priests and Priestess' of this ridiculous little cult! Honestly, fu-…" She too stops mid expletive, but her predatory gaze goes straight to Alanna rather than search. She stares at her unblinkingly, sniffing the air and waiting for the next heart beat to confirm the impossible that her ears are trying to tell her. A feral growl escapes her lips and she flows into an aggressive stance, fingers curling slightly and pupils expanded to the point of nearly hiding her whole iris. "Fight ya for her…" she hisses at Ramona, smirking but never taking her eyes off Alanna.

Alanna's hand comes up to her chest, feeling over the hard granite skin of hers that shelters the cavity in her body that is home to her now functioning heart. Each beat feels like the thing's going to burst from her skin. The feeling is so alien to her, after spending months without so much as a gurgle from within her body. Her eyes dart around the group, who're starting to look more and more beautiful and dangerous with every passing moment, and she's forced to release her breath. The need to breathe grows stronger, as her lungs cry out and struggle to pump oxygen to her muscles. That burning thirst for blood is dampened, but still present.

Then, she's pounced upon. She flies back into the snow, her head partially hanging off the edge of the cliff. As if the surprise isn't bad enough, the fact that Ramona's body slamming against hers feel like being hit by a brick worsens it. When she hears another beat from her heart, she forces her mouth open, and cries out over the cliff. And literally, she cries, with a clear liquid falling from her eyes and everything. They're not tears, however… but the substance smells exactly like the venom any vampire's body produces. At the same time, she spits up more of that clear mucus over the side of the cliff, throwing it up in the same manner a human's body woud vomit out poisoned food. She struggles underneath Ramona, but in such a shocked state, she's not good for much other than that.

"Well this is…uh, interesting." Much more is going on in Liam's head, but that is all he says. He covers his face calm expression to further hide whatever it is that he is thinking. He slowly looks over to Stasia and then Darcy. After a moment, Liam says in an amused tone, "I am not changing the diapers."

As Liam looks towards Ramona closely, "I still drink blood. You would be shocked how easy it is to order blood over the internet…or how amusing it is to break into hospitals. All done with fair ease." And now, even though his gaze returns to the newborn, it is merely out of a sense of curiosity and little else.

Ah hell!

Figuring out the mystery of the newborn… or incompletely transformed… is one thing. Eating her before determining how this happened and more importantly, whether it constitutes a threat, is something else entirely.

"Enough of this foolishness." Stasia growls in an almost leonine fashion, baring her teeth. "Stand down! You don't know anything about this. Or whether or not her condition is transmissible. Biting her, might be an extraordinarily BAD idea."

Ramona's expression is similar to that of a child opening a gift on Christmas morning. She presses her weight down on the smaller girl, her hands on Alanna's thin shoulders. "You stupid bitch. Now I get to taste a little revenge for the incident at the pier," she hisses, lowering her teeth close to the others' skin, until Darcy's low hiss causes her to lift her head and stare down the other girl. "I have a score to settle, Darcy, but if you want the vein in the groin, we could sharrrree." She's acting in a way her publicist would strong urge her not to: animalistic, predatory.

That is, until Liam says something that distracts her, and she snorts, ready with a reply until Stasia growls at her. Ramona's eyes flash. "Don't tell me what to do! You don't have enough vampire in you to fight /me/!" But at the mention of the transmissable disease, the blonde looks disgusted, and leaps off the poor girl's body, instead standing near Stasia with a scowl.

Darcy would be drooling now, if she wasn't being careful not to. The waves of terror she feels physically hitting against her being projected by Alanna are enough to make her rumble in a soft feline growl continuously, her eyes dilating and expanding rapidly as she sniffs the air in deep gulps taking the smell as well of the feel of fear in, "Hot damn, it's like the tangy zip of miracle whip. But half the fat!" Her nose wrinkles slightly at Ramona's offer, though, "I don't wanna go anywhere NEAR /her/ groin, thankyouverymuch…But you gotta let her run. It's no fun if she doesn't…" She licks her lips and begins to pace back and forth in a very short half circle, like a stalking leopard. She can't even spare a disdain filled glance for Stasia, "Shut it, skank. Just TRY and keep me off of her. Besides, she smells CDC approved to me…" Ramona might be off of Alanna, but the very WORST thing she could do right now is run.

Ramona's hands leave two light bruises on Alanna's shoulders, and she gasps for air once the weight is relieved. The sheer confusion and fear she feels is enough to get her fatigued heart pumping even faster, and generating small amounts of human blood back into her body. For every ounce of blood that is produced, Alanna vomits out the equal amount in venom over the edge of the cliff. Not only that, but her nose, eyes, and ears also begin to secrete the venom as well. She twists her torso, struggling to move with every painful convulsion of her body and heart. She can barely register the words of the people around her as coherent sentences. "What's wrong…?" She doesn't seem to be asking anyone in particular, as she watches the vampires around her, more specifically Darcy. The girl backs up even closer to the edge of the cliff, pushing snow and dirt over the side until there's nothing but an inche between her and the air.

"Not enough vampire? That is just amusing given the whole…having the willpower so that you can actually avoid giving into your deepest urges? Almost an analogy about being an alcoholic." Liam seems to be talking to nobody in particular as he says this even though he has yet to take his eyes off of the scene unfolding before him.

Liam slowly looks around again before he slowly moves over towards Stasia and stands with her, but if it is loyalty or safety, nobody would know.

The attack comes in utter silence. There is no warning snarl, no visible tensing for the strike, nothing to advertise her intentions. One instant, Stasia is crouched on her boulder, the next instant, she is flying through the air at Ramona. A master of ambush tactics, she uses her experience and skills to her advantage. The strike comes blindingly fast, crashing into Ramona with the force of a soundless freight train, knocking the blonde vampiress toward the cliff's edge.

Twisting in mid-air, Stasia flips back to her feet before the next eyeblink, facing Darcy.

This is no brawling newborn or pacifist Cullen. This is a lethal predator. Skilled. Experienced. Silent. Deadly.

In a defensive stance, one arm extended in a motion that suggests genuine training, she faces Darcy. And her fingers twitch in the 'come hither' motion. An invitation to the dance.

Ramona remains in a defensive position, her back bent low as she bounces on the balls of her feet. Her body does not face Stasia on the boulder, rather, she faces Darcy and Alanna, her eyebrows knit together ever so slightly. "I don't know, Darce. She's heaving venom," she remarks, accompanied with a nose wrinkle. The man's defiance distracts Ramona — she's confused at first, but then realizes he must have taken her comment to mean /him/. "Willpower? I'm sure some would find that… admirable, but personally, I think—"

She doesn't have time to elaborate on the thought. Stasia's form comes flies at her, and Ramona doesn't realize it until its too late. Indeed, she is not match for someone trained in the art of fighting; the blonde's mouth is certainly a bit louder than her fighting skills. She tries to keep her footing solid on the rocky edge, but to no avail. She falls off the side of the cliff at an oddly graceful angle, letting off a screech that's nearly as annoying as her singing voice.

But, alas. Might as well take advantage of the situation. The world seems to move in slow motion as she heads for the ground. Ramona arranges herself into a perfectly dive position for the least wind resistence, and aims right for the top of a pointy evergreen, where after a few quick seconds, she lands, arms outstretched to grab the tip. Unsurprisingly, the tree falls, again disrupting the quiet of the forest.

Miles below, Ramona blinks, her injuries healing quickly. After a few moments, she rises and dusts herself off. "Aw, fuck you." Her phone is ruined.

"….oh dear."

The Irish vampire just watches the fight unfold. He does look at Stasia for a moment before he says, "I guess you are more…aggressive…than I thought. Interesting…interesting."

Liam grins another moment before he edges near the cliff to see Ramona. He grins a moment before he calls down to her, "Hope you didn't break any bones." But, the tone in his voice clearly betrays that he doesn't mean what he said.

Darcy is at a clear disadvantage here. She might as well be a newborn as far as Stasia's concerned, she can barely take her eyes off of Alanaa - who., despite her spewing, is driving her into a frenzy- and now her partner in crime is out of commission. Apparently none of this goes through her head, though, as she doesn't even hesitate to dive at Stasia, barely registering the invitation to 'dance'. All she knows is that Ramona just got chucked off a cliff…and she doesn't like that very much. She's not silent, though, she screaming expletives and threats in near incoherent rage, throwing her tiny body in a linebacker's tackle directly at Stasia (who isn't much bigger). Honestly? Liam could sell tickets to this throw down…if there was pudding involved. Her fighting skill is good - unparalleled among humans, but against another vampire with training? She doesn't stand much of a chance of landing more than one, maybe two punches or grappling for a few moments.

Bodily cleansing isn't as relaxing as the media seems to portray it. At least, not when your body is expelling the very thing that killed you in the first place. Alanna dry heaves over the edge of the cliff, her screams cut-off by her coughing. Thick venom dribbles from her face, splattering on the forest ground below. Luckily, none of it seems to hit Ramona. It causes her hair to stick to her face, eventually hardening. She looks like she's just caught the worst cold in existence. her eyes snap wide open when all the snarling, screaming, and snooty remarks register in her mind. Turning… she can barely see a thing. The venom caught in her eyes makes it difficult to see, and even then, Darcy and Stasia are moving much too quickly for her brain to pick up. "Ana…" Her fear turns quickly into sadness as she listens to her own heart beat, with her body partially off the cliff. She just lets herself hang there, too tired to follow through with her thoughts of suicide and throw herself off, or get up and make a run for it.

Liam, who had seemed to be a pacifist, changes beliefs very quickly. In a moment he is at one of the small trees near Darcy. In one quick moment he grabs the tree with both of his hands, raising it above his head. He takes three steps to build up as much momentum as he can directly towards Darcy. He says nothing, but on the third step he hurls the entire tree towards Darcy. He then comes to an abrupt halt, letting his red eyes remain focused on his target. He has none of the true skill of Stasia, but his is creative at least.

The antithesis to the raging Darcy, Stasia is cool and calculated. She matches the furious blows of the other, turning them aside, but one or two do manage to slip through her defenses, but the damage is minimal. Darcy is unable to latch onto her long enough for her teeth, the vampire's true weapons, to inflict harm.

As the tree comes flying toward them, Stasia changes direction of the dance, manuvering her furious opponent directly in the path of the missile. She does not relent, following up with gleaming teeth.

There is the metallic sound of tearing flesh, a sharp snapping sound, echoing off the cliffs.

Stasia withheld the killing blow, inching her teeth up enough to tear the metal piercings off of Darcy's ear, shredding the flesh, intead of separating Darcy's head from her shoulders. The snapping sound came from the fingers of Darcy's right hand.

Spitting the metal into her hand, Stasia growls at Darcy, "Leave now, young one. While I am still in a charitable mood. Cross me again, and I will not be so forgiving."

Her eyes flick at Liam, acknowledging his assistance.

Darcy finds herself on the losing end of this game so very quickly that she now looks confused rather than enraged…well, at least for a moment. She almost wiggles out of the way of the tree, and would have avoided it if not for Stasia giving her a friendly shove into it's path. She's driven through the air, taking Stasia with her by virtue of her death grip on the other, the tree snapping all the ribs on her left side as they go. Good thing she doesn't need that lung or anything. An animal 'yowl' of rage and pain escapes her throat, echoing along with the metallic snap, her voice rasping like rusty metal on metal. She lets go of Stasia with one hand to her ear, pinkish venom oozing through her fingers and the other mangled one held to her chest, and slides through the snow on her side a few feet. The look of berserker fury returns as she gives her head a shake and pulls herself into a crouch, her healing hand still cradled against her chest as the wound on her ear struggles to heal. "I am going to find you, and I am going to nearly kill you once for every earing you ripped out you fetid BITCH!" She shrieks, standing warily and then shooting a glare of pure menace towards Liam, "And YOU are going to find a coniferous tree up your ASS sometime in the very near future. And with that, she stomps towards them, or so it seems until she jumps as only a vampire can, right off the cliff. She's going to go bitch and moan to 'Mona about this one. And offer her her spare phone, of course. That is just too much indignation for one vampiress to let another suffer.

It's times like these that Alanna wished her possum powers worked. Passing out completely in light of such unforgetable and unrelenting pain would be ideal, however, it only works when someone other than herself is in danger… And even with her body's conversion back to a human's, she still can't manage to black out. The noises all around her, with the combination of a terrible headache caused by her own heart's beating, make her wince again in pain. It seems that, for now, her (re)transformation has taken a hault, and she's stopped hacking up globs of venom from within herself. Likely to keep her alive. Her eyes, ears, and nose still drip slightly, however. The blur over her head looks a little bit like Darcy… But she can't tell anymore. Nothing made sense to her; not to her mind, and not to her body. Part of her - the dying part - wanted to stand up and hunt, while the other just wanted to go to sleep. Aside from the breathing that she's once again, required to do, Alanna lay in the snow, with whatever little body heat she's producing melting the white snow around her.

Liam slowly looks towards Stasia and cannot help but offer a grin and a wink. He then looks at the woods around him before he says in a soft tone, "Well, Stasia. It is Stasia yes? I might venture a guess that you never thought someone with red eyes would help you." He offers a slight chuckle before he heads over to the amber-eyed Vampire. He looks around the woods another time before he says in a calm tone, "This town certainly does live up to what I have heard. Complete and utter chaos."

The red eyes return to Alanna as he says softly, "I don't get this. What the hell is wrong with it?"

Opening her hand, Stasia counts the earrings. "That's five, then." She says, helpfully.

Turning to Liam, "Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate it." A pause, "I've fed upon humans before. But that course of action lends itself to danger. Survival depends on the ability to adapt." She moves over to the semi-conscious Alanna. "I have no idea." She gathers the girl in her arms, as easily as if she were an infant. "Time to go, before they regroup." Without looking to see if Liam follows, Stasia springs deeper into the forest.

Liam offers the faintest of shrugs before he calls after Stasia, "I am sure I will be seeing you around. Sure is a small town."

And with that, Liam also fades into the forest to go wherever it is he will be going.

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