An evening at the beach...

IC Time: Evening of January 20th, 2007
Location: First Beach La Push - Bonfire Pit
Synopsis: Darian happens upon Ellie who's sitting at the beach in the cold weather. They then start a small campfire and sit and talk a little before Ellie's mother calls her home. It is late after all…
Submitted by: Darian

On this cold evening, it's rare that anyone would be outside, let alone at the beach. But for Ellie it seems like her favourite place to be. She is currently sat on a rock with her thick purple coat on, buttoned up to the top. Although hidden by her blonde hair, it is obviouse she is listening to music because it's pretty loud, and occasionally she will hum along.

As the waves crash into the rocks and splash across the shore, First Beach in La Push in January is a serene place filled with the sounds of nature, no matter how cold it can be. It's actually rather dark, with only a remnant glow of the Sun, now beyond the horizon. It is a cold night, and there aren't usually many people seen at the beach, if any.

However, Darian manages to find himself taking some much needed alone time on the beach lately. Just a quick escape from reality if you will. Needless to say, he's surprised when he sees a rather bulky looking figure sitting alone on a rock. The young quileute slowly makes his way towards this person, slowly hearing the loud music and the girl's humming the closer he gets. When he reaches her, he leans to one side hoping to catch her gaze.

Ellie does in fact see Darian and she jumps a little when she see's him. Pulling out the headphones from her ears she smiles "Hey…Darian right?" She recognises him from before. "You gotta not sneak up on people like that." She says and giggles a little.

Darian's mouth forms a small 'o' before it spreads into his all to familiar smile. "I'm sorry. Ellie isn't it?" he chuckles, recognising her too now that he can see her face. "And yes, it is Darian" he grins, nodding his head.

Straightening himself he stuffs his hands into his jacket pockets as his gaze looks over the girl for a moment. The young quileute's lips purse as if in thought. "Cliche but - What's a girl like you doing in a place like this…at this hour?" he asks her, a slight curl in one corner of his lips, expecting she'll most likely retort his question with a similar one.

Ellie smiles at the boy and nods "Yeah, Ellie." While wrapping her headphones around her iPod and putting it into her pocket she says "I dunno, been here a few hours now, must've lost track of time I guess." She shurgs "It happens….call me strange but I really like the beach, reminds me of where I grew up."

Lost track of time she says. Well, it does happen to him too sometimes. However, the mention of Ellie being reminded where she grew up manages to pull a curious tilt of the head from Darian. "Where did you grow up?" he asks her kindly. A decent gust of wind hits the duo, bringing it a spray of salty sea-water, even this far away from the shoreline, Darian could still taste it in the air.

Ellie shivers a little at the gust of wind. After all she is only human XD. "I lived in Cornwall, in England." From her accent it would be difficult to tell though. She must have lived in La Push for a long time now. "I used to love the beack there, granted it wasn't as cold there though." She laughs as she shivers once more.

Darian does notice Ellie shiver and can't help but chuckle softly. "I see" he says, trying to contain himself. Humans are so…fragile…he thinks. "Is that coat just for show?" he finally asks, supressing his laughter. It sure looks thick enough, but if she's still shivering, one wonders.

Ellie laughs and wraps her arms around herself. "It's cold in case you hadn't noticed! Like really cold! It's winter!" She shakes her head with a smile and looks out to the sea.

Unable to contain himself Darian lets out a roar of laughter, shaking his head and grinning at the blonde girl. "I know it's cold. But look who put herself on a rock in the middle of a beach in -this- weather!" he laughs.

As Darian's laugh dies down, he steps a little closer to the girl and jerks his head upwards away from the shore. "Come on. Why don't we get a little fire going at the pit. Might help a little" he suggests, throwing her a wink for extra measure.

Ellie jumps a little at the laughter then join in. "Yeah, I'm guess I'm pretty stupid fro that….but you're here too, so we equalize in stupidity." She smiles at him and then nods enthusiastically. "Yes fire sounds good." She smiles again at the wink.

Leading the way, Darian walks up towards the bonfire pit. It's rather large, built for a decent bonfire, but they'll only be lighting a small fire anyhow. Which begs the question, where are they going to get the wood. "Hrrmhh" he mutters as they reach the pit "We need some wood" Obviously.

Ellie smiles "Nothing gets past you does it?" She says sarcastically and looks around. "Me and my friend got some from….oh shoot where was it?" And she continues to look around the beach, from what she can see. "There were like some bushes."

Darian throws Ellie an incredulous look, cocking one eyebrow. "Bushes?" he asks her sarcastically. An exaggerated 'o' forms on his lips as he takes out his left hand at jerks his thumb at the forest bordering the beach. "You mean those bushes?" he grins teasingly.

Ellie blushes a little while smiling. "Yeah probably. I dunno, I didn't do any of the dirty work, I sat here and warmed up." She laughs a little. "Besides my friend was much stronger than me, so she didn't midn doing all of that."

Darian nods with a kinder smile this time. "Wait here, I'll be right back" he says simply, as he walks towards the forest. To get wood of course.

Ellie nods and stays sat down. She watches him as he walks towards the forest and then turns back to where the fire is soon to be, if he can get in started of course, because she certainly won't be able to.

A few moments later Darian steps out of the forest with a decent bundle of wood. For some reason though, they look a little heavier than what a normal person would carry. Anyhow, the young quileute crouches down and starts stacking the wood in the pit. "Found some" he grins, as he looks to Ellie.

Ellie doesn't really know the average amount of wood a person of reasonable strength should carry, all she knows is that she would never have been able to carry those. So a little "woah" esacpes her lips. She smiles back at him as he starts to set up the fire. "My hero." she says again quite sarcastically but with a grin.

Chuckling, Darian shakes his head as he stands up and rummages his pockets for something. Jacket, Trousers, No, Jacket, Ah. The young man lifts a lighter into the air and waggles it. "Your hero almost didn't have a way to light this thing" he grins as he picks up a thinner plank of wood and attempts to set it alight.

Ellie laughs as he waves the lighter. "If that were the case I'd have to go and find another hero. A better equipped hero." She shakes her head and leans in closer to watch him light the fire. "Don't burn yourself or anything! Couldn't have that on my concience."

Shaking his head in resignation, Darian manages to light the fire without incident. He waits a few moments to make sure the rest of the wood catches alight, and finally it does. Patting himself down, he moves over to sit next to Ellie. "Well, I didn't burn myself" he grins.

Ellie nods and she moves backupright as he moves to sit next to her. "Well I must say Darian, I am impressed. Looks like I don't have to find a new hero afterall." She chuckles a little and watches as the fire gets bigger and warmer.

Darian's gaze rest on the girl next to him, lingering for perhaps a moment longer than it usually would. A smile creeps into his face as he turns back to face the fire. Wonder what's going through his mind. "Well, plenty of heroes around here I would think…" he muses. "So…"

Ellie misses the gaze because she remains looking at the fire. "So…" she repeats. Then looks at him. "We've established that I can't keep my eye on the time, but we haven't established whats brought you here at this time?" she asks him curiously.

Darian glances at Ellie then back at the fire. He's shoulders lift in a little shrug. "I like the beach" he says simply. His short, undetailed question gives the impression he's teasing the blonde girl next to him.

Ellie shakes her head and chuckles at the young mans short answer. "man of mystery?" she asks him, obviously commenting on his short answer.

"I'm a Quliete Ellie, La Push is my home. So, by extent, so is the beach" he grins happily at her. Interestingly the flickering fire casts some strange shadows on Darian's face. Shadows that seem to belie his young age.

Ellie nods at his words "fair enough, makes sense I guess." She smiles back at him equally as happy. "Well, La Push is my home too now, so technically this beach is also mine."

Darian winks, "Touche" he chuckles. "So what do you do?" he asks her, "I mean, student? work?" he adds, holding up his hands to the fire. Like he needs it.

Ellie giggles and does as he does and puts her hands up to the fire. She does need it. "I'm still in school, really wish I wasn't though. But I also work at a clothing store in Port Angeles. Praying that one day my boss will decide to sell my designs. I make clothes you see, it's what I've always wanted to do, ever since I moved to America."

"A designer?" Darian asks, a little surprised. "That's different, I don't think I know any designers" he smiles. "What sort of clothes do you make?"

Ellie grabs onto Darians hand as he helps her up. She does notice the heat of his hand but simply figures it's because he's had his hands in front of the fire. "Yeah see you around!"

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