I'm So Done

IC Time: January 24, 2007
Location: Forks - Nature Center: Outdoor Classroom
Synopsis: Ramona meets Darcy, Lorelei, and Lilly in the woods. Lilly takes off quickly, but a verbal confrontation between Lorelei, Ramona, and Darcy occurs. After Lorelei leaves, Darcy and Ramona discuss future plans.
Submitted by: Ramona

Notes: Contains adult language. Also, this is only the part of the scene Ramona was in.

Lorelei tilts her head, gold eyes drifting over Lilly before she huffs a bit. "Right.. how are you her and then not her? Not such a smart idea to stay around a town where everyone freaking knows you." She points out with a thin tone and just blinks before sighing as she glances towards Darcy. "What makes you think we want them around?" The pack wants nothing to do with newborns.. "Since your all into talking tonight.. Who made the ill tempered one over there?" Meaning Lilly. Well she can undersand why she feels this way but still, she's a newborn and as long she sticks to the forest and away from the people Lore isn't fully sure what she or the others in the pack could truely do about it. She blinks at the questions from Darcy and ahs a tad. "Ya sure.. How would you suggest working out that idea?" She heard Lilly say Volturi and will make sure to tell Jacob and Sam about that later for sure.

"Someones been talking to Ramona," comes Lilly's still amused voice. "Call me what you will, but Lev and I are together now. He asked me to stay with him, forever, I have agreed." Turning her eyes from Darcy as if dismissing her, the female scents the air once more, a narrowing of her eyes in the darkness, as if /barely/ picking up a scent, before she idly murmurs, "Too small." Another deep inhale, the blackness of her eyes growing just a small tick, enlarging. With a large jump, she's landed perfectly quiet on the stage, slinking along closer to the forest. "The Volturi /are/ here, just thought you would like to know," she murmurs to Darcy, barely registering the other vampire as she seems to be on the trail of something that smells decently well, "I saw him in the old logging camp, but he is coming to town."
Lilly tacks on, "I already chatting with the Volturi guard, he was nice and polite, and moved on. He is not out to destory me. Sorry Darcy."

Darcy shrugs in response to Lorelie's question, "I dunno, dude, I'm just a grunt. I do what good little vampires do and do my best to destroy those idiots that want to wreck it all for the rest of us. Should I have my dictator call yours? They could have a board meeting. I mean, the veg-heads have some sort of truce going on with all of you, why shouldn't the carnivores too? Newborn vampires encroaching on our food and territory isn't any better for us than it is for you." She draws in a breathe and heaves a sigh as Lilly starts speaking again and gives Lorelei a long suffering look, "Newborns…can't live with 'em, need back up to kill 'em. Sorry ya gotta listen to her prattle on, I bet your ears are as sensitive as mine." She lazily glances back over to Lilly, her eyebrow lifting again as she does so and waits for her to finish yammering before replying. "Oh are you? How nice. You met him what…a week ago and now you're gonna be together forever all in love and happy? Cause that totally happens. What the hell do you think this is? Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets the Hills?? Listen up, slut, in this 'reality tv show' we don't spread rumors about you when we don't liek you. We take you from non-living to non-existing. Dig?" She sends another long suffering look towards Lorelei, "Kids these days…all living like they're in a goddamn after school special." Then she looks back to Lilly, "Not yet. But give it time. Oh, and the Volturi have been here for well over a month. Almost two now. Thanks for the update though. Before you start slingin' insults about what I am to human society, you might wanna start thinking about what I am to VAMPIRE society. And what you are. On the bottom rung, irregard, of who made you." Hmph! "He who did the deed was Lev Krinov, by the way, lassie," she happily rats him out.

Lorelei just peers at Lilly a few moments, listioning to what she says and ponders.. Lev hum.. Well this is all rather interesting. She blinks and glances over to Darcy as she goes on and one, someone put a cork in her mouth please. "Right.. Ah I dono, you hurt people so that doesn't deal with a treaty with us." She glances from one to another and lifts a hand to rub at her eyes as she seems to be getting a headache. "Alright children.. Enough.." Is said with a faint tone as she doesn't want to be in the middle of there little 'fight'. She blinks and looks to Darcy a few moments. "Lev did it?" Is finally questioned while she looks towards Lilly. "Why would you want to be with the one that turned you into.. that?" Someone has a warped idea on love it seems, or perhaps its just her? "Bloody hell.. This place has all gona to hell in a basket lately.."

After another day in the city, Ramona's returned to Forks, but in a most unconvential way: she's tearing through the forest at top speed, coming in south of town and a bit off, according to the map she balled up in her back pocket. But it's not her slightly off sense of direction that stops the rocker, it's the sound of voices coming from the nature center, and one name in particular: Lev Krinov. "Come to think, that voice sounds familiar," she murmurs to herself, throwing herself past a thick tree trunk at top velocity and approaching the nature center with a slight grin on her face.
"Daaarcy! I hear ye!" she calls, voice shrill, and cracking some. As she breaks though the woods, she catches sight of her least two favorite people, and her face falls visibly. "Gross! Hanging out with a slut and a bitch?" The blonde snarls rudely and then walks slowly toward Darcy, a thumb slung in the belt holder of her jeans.

Lilly gives an utterly bored look Darcy's way, before her eyes turn back to the direction of her food that she's hunting idly. "Really Darcy, stop being a bitch. We already have Ramona for that job. I can only handle the rantings of one." And then Ramona enters, a laugh from Lilly, "Speaking of her." A glance to Lorelei, an almost apologetic look from her, "Thank God I'm not in school with Darcy anymore, you could hear her noise ringing through the halls. It was nice to meet you," which is directed to Lorelei, "Perhaps under more pleasant circumstances, we can talk more about why I am with Lev, when he wa…" then her words are abruptly cut off, the Newborn suddenly racing from them, fast, beelining through the darkness towards the food she smells. Dinner time. Looks like Lorelei and Darcy, and Ramona are going to get some alone time together.

Darcy smirks at Lorelei, and then clicks her teeth sharply at her, "Only a tiny bit… for some of them the pain is over very quickly." She only responds to Lilly by flipping her off, and with a mocking, "Keep talkin', big shot. 'Mona's got meaner friends than you do." She then turns back to Lorelie before Lilly can finish, apparently having heard all she wants to from the Newborn. "Speaking of hurting people… I think I have a little story to tell you about some friends of yours and some friends of mine. How do you feel about…" she stops mid-sentence, turning quickly at the sound of Ramona's voice and exclaiming jubilantly, "Oh thank CHRIST! 'Mona, save me! I hear ignorant slut is contagious!!!!" Her diminutive body takes on a much more relaxed stance, a gleeful smirk across her face now. "Tell me about it, dude. It wasn't by choice." She looks to Lilly's fleeing form and laughs, her voice grating like a rusty gate closing, "You're like cryptonite for dumbasses, god you're fantastic."

Lorelei just peers at Lilly, she wants to talk to her?.. Well this is interesting. "Perhaps we could.." Well she is curious as to what all Lilly might have to say about dear Lev. Her gaze drifts to Darcy and her eyes narrow slightly. "What friends might you be speaking of?" An then another voice enters into the mix and Lore looks over and blinks. "Oh for the love of.." The rest is mutterd to herself while she lifts her head, arms folding in front of her while she smirks. "Ah Ramona.. so you finally crawled out from under some rocks, how nice." She says with a faint tone.

Ramona sends Lilly a scathing look, especially after she mentions Lev again, but turns delibrately away, seeming to think the newborn is unworthy of her attention. She smiles at Darcy winningly. "Oh, darling. I heard it was contagious too, but you don't need to whore yourself out to get attention," she purrs to Darcy. The comment about the cryptonite gets a laugh out of her as Lilly runs off — Ramona notices a look of thirst in Lilly's eyes, but says nothing. "I mean, you already have that adorable boy…" She glances at Lorelei, and then back at Darcy with a wink. "But you were just saying something about that, weren't you?"
Ramona stretches her arms above her head and seems to be waiting for Darcy to say something to Lorelei, but in the meantime, her gaze toward the trees is distint, but clearly royally pissed.

Darcy turns her gaze back to Lorelei, her arms crossing over her chest as she smiles devilishly, "Actually, I think she crawled out of the second guest bedroom. She's living with me now." She snickers in response to Ramona's wit, "Thank christ for that, I don't know what I'd do. I'd have to move what with the over abundance of trollops in this area." She reaches one hand up and starts to twirl a piece of hair around her fingers, "Oh Trevor… he is damn cute isn't he?" She looks sidelong over to Lorelei, and licks her lips, "I could just spread him on a cracker and eat him up, in fact. Trevor is my human…friend. We're quite attached to each other, actually. Too bad that untimely accidents seem to happen to my human toys. I'm quite rough with them. My human toys…and their friends, and families." She looks to Ramona, "He seems to get along just smashingly with my new house guest as well, actually. Maybe we'll have to invite the whole kit and kaboodle over for a dinner party. I wonder if Thomas or Sin know his cousin, Sarah, or any of her friends or co-works? We have quite a large house and we /must/ invite them too to be polite."

Lorelei eyes Ramona thinly a few moments before she glances back to Darcy and watches her a few moments before blinking at she starts naming humans. Well she knows three of them this Trevor fellow she has no idea. "You had best leave them out of any little plan you have going." She states with a thin tone, a faint growl escapes chest while her arms lower back to her sides. "Your little friend Lev is in toruble for turning that human, do you want to be added to the list as well?" She questions with a thin tone. Personally Lore would love having a real reason to take Ramona out, you know other then just hating her guts type reason.

Lilly walks over to Forks - Rugged Ridge Trail: Rock-Strewn Path.
Lilly has left.

Ramona watches Lorelei's reaction to Darcy's comments about Trevor, laughing perilously when she comments about the cracker comment, as well as a few others. "Sarah's his cousin?" She didn't know that bit, and clearly seems pleased. "How very nice indeed. This whole little town's all related and such. Anyway, as you already know Darcy, I simply love the idea. I mean, Thomas and Sin don't ever leave La Push, from what I hear. Kind of sad, it's like… they're scared or something." She laughs again.
Lorelei's comment about Lev turns her wide smile upside-down. "Lev is no friend of mine. I hereby consider myself a free agent," she hisses. "Although, I'll stay in the band," she adds, somewhat more cheerfully.
An idea hits the erratic rockstar quite suddenly, and she turns to Darcy and seizes her hand, not minding Lorelei. "We shall be a coven of our own!"

Darcy puts on a look of mock innocence, her hand going to her chest, "Plans? What plans? We're just young and in like, is all. He was even nice enough to come over and help me with my biology homework the other day. He really is /very/ sweet…in many ways. But don't worry, I have no intentions of turning him at this point. But I can't promise I won't have to have a taste at some point." She looks back to Ramona and cackles, "And I mean…even if it's not him, he has so many friends and relatives that I'm sure would make adequate substitutes." She laughs maniacally again and then claps, bouncing in a positively gleeful manner at 'Mona's suggestion. "How did you ever manage to get to be the brains AND beauty of this little operation!! We could even start a /far/ superior band!" She squeezes Ramona's hand and grins widely, "This is why you're my /favourite/!"

Lorelei snorts faintly as she listions to the pair, and she is getting sick of it all. "If either of you mess with my friends there is going to be a very real problem.. If another human dies or turns an I find out you had a hand in it you should be worried." This said with a thin tone as she turns and starts to leave having gotten tired of being near them. "Great.. all we need is another stupid group of freaks pretending they know how to play music."

Ramona grins back at Darcy. "That we could, my friend. You can sing, right?" She seems both engulfed with the idea of creating a new band and slightly shaky at the same time, clearly on an emotional overload. Lorelei's sharp voice from a few feet away act as a saving grace from her emotions, however, and she snaps back into her ice queen person in an instant, shooting Darcy a look and the smallest motion with her head before leaping quickly toward Lorlei, intended to land squarely in front of the wolf girl.
"Now listen here, my freaky, furry friend. /You/ are in no position to make threats. You aren't listening to us, obviously. We have one of your little human dearies completely and totally devoted to us." Well, Darcy, but it was good to generalize. "We /will/ hurt him or someone close to him if Thomas or his digusting little girlfriend Sin make one wrong move. We don't take well to humans knowing about our elite little society, y'know?" She glares at Lorelei and looks to Darcy.

Darcy follows 'Mona's lead and leaps, landing to flank Lorelei and stand there as the 'strong, silent' back up. She lets el capitan do all the verbal work.

Lorelei blinks at the movement and stops as Ramona is in front of her and Darcy rather close as well. If it was just Mona she might have taken this a step further and turned into a fist fight like they normally might have. Her eyes narrow as she looks to Ramona watching her a few moments. "Why would they do anything like that? We have as much to lose as your little group of rejects do." Lore points out, meaning the pack. She takes a step forward, closer towards Ramona. "They won't do anything.. An if you want to blame anyone for all these problems you best blame yourself. You are the one that went after Thomas at the festival, you are the one that torn up my shop and attacked them yet /again/ while they was there. It is /your/ fault that either of them even know about your worthless kind. Don't threaten the humans Ramona, it never ends well for your kind." A faint snort escapes her. "..Move.." Lore wants to leave and if they don't move she will make them.

Darcy stays silent, deferring to Ramona and oozing menace rather than her usual razor wit.

Ramona considers Lorelei's point of view, but in her greatly skewed mind, it makes no sense, and only elicits a scowl across her face. "So, in other words, you're keeping the two in check for us?" She smiles widely, ignoring the comments about the whole situation being 'her' fault (well that just wasn't true, it was obviously /Donny's/ fault!). "Wow, that's quite nice of you all. But I don't trust you and I don't trust them, so our threat remains. 'Sides, Trevor is kind of fun, isn't he, Darcy?"
The order to move makes her smile wider, and glance at Darcy. "No thanks, we're quite comfortable. Walk around us," she mocks.

Darcy smiles widely and nods in response to Ramona's comment on Trevor, "Oh very! He's going to make sure i get an 'A' in bio. We're lab partners. Oh…and he's kind of snuggly too. Gets all concerned because I'm always cold. It's veeeerrrry precious. I had him out climbing on my roof with me recently…maybe I'll have him on a motorcycle soon enough. I do so love life threatening activities, after all." Smile.

Lorelei just eyes Ramona a few moments while taking in a breath and rolls her eyes. "They won't do anything like that. They have no reason to.." She points out with a faint tone, a slight frown seen as the boy's name is brought up again. Well there is no way that she can worn them seeing how there humans. Great, Darcy is taking the kid out on her roof and now talking about motocycles in winter, yes that's just GREAT ideas. Her eyes narrow as she hears Ramona, a faint snort escaping her as she moves to the side and moves to walk around Ramona, her shoulder going to slam into the others as she goes.

Ramona smirks at Darcy, tucking a short piece of slightly curled hair behind her ear idly. "Always cold, hmm? Tell him you have low blood pressure. Or better yet, tell him you're anemic," she cracks, eyes lighting up impishly. She turns back to the wolf girl in front of her, and makes a face. "Yeah, right. That boy was in some club about finding bigfoot. He's just /dying/ to go to the press." Which would have no effectiveness in the mortal world, but could potentially give Ramona some heavy issues with the Volturi, her main concern.
As Lorelei walks by and slams into her shoulder, she stands firm, letting out a low growl and not issuing a goodbye. She stays like that for a long moment, before turning to Darcy with a somewhat wary expression. "Shit. I cannot /believe/ he's 'with' that slut. She said that, I heard her. I'm so gone. Really, I'm just… I'm uggghhh!" She stomps her foot in great annoyance.

Lorelei doesn't seem to care what Ramona says about Thomas, seeing how he isn't in to that anymore to start with. A faint growl is offered back towards dear Ramona and then she moves off through the forest heading homwards. Seems there is lot for her to talk about with the pack, Thomas and Sin.

Darcy snarls softly and takes a pace towards Lorelei as she slams in to Ramona, but lets her go with nothing more than a low, rumbling, warning growl. She waits until Lore is out of sight before she speaks to Ramona, turning to face her with a slight smirk, "Well..sounds like that problem is getting handled, at least." Her smirk quickly changes to a sneer of disgust as the subject changes to Lilly and Lev, however. "Yea…that's fucking ridiculous, dude. When did he meet that airheaded whore? Isn't he old enough and shit to know better than that? I mean…he's a bloody vampire, any girl he picks is going to be a fuckin' trophy wife, why HER? Forget about him, 'Mona. He's obviously got some serious screws loose upstairs if he's trying to stick all of you guys with that skank."

"True, I am a bit amused, really," Ramona says in reply to their little 'human' problem. "The pack won't let them say anything. They must not realize the Volturi would fry us if those humans somehow let it get out. Which goes BACK to me just trying to kill them again. I mean, why the hell not?" She kicks at the dirt angrily, and then proceeds to pace, hardly realizing it.
"And about Lev, I know. It makes no sense. He's been moping about his missing mate for the past twenty years and suddenly some child arrives and she's 'one of us?' That's bullshit. He's a shitty leader. I was /serious/ about that own coven thing. I'm going to do it, and I think you and me should stick together. Ditch Tiernan."

Darcy shrugs, "We can kill them if you want, 'long as we don't get killed in the process. I'd really like to avoid that whole ceasing to exist thing. If we kill them do I get to keep Trevor, though?" she digs at the dirt herself, though this time in an attempt to seem nonchalant, "It's always good to have a possible snack on hand, right?" Ramona's pacing makes her agitated, so she starts the game of braiding and unbraiding hair, her eyes following the pacing Ramona as a slight growl starts to build in the back of her throat. something about the head lioness being on edge puts her on edge too. "Will Virginia want to ditch Lev too? I can't see how she wouldn't want to with that little cuntrag hanging around. She's beyond annoying." The growl falters now, though, at the mention of leaving Tiernan. "Ditch Tiernan…? But… He made me. He's where all the money comes from, too. And…he made me so he wouldn't be alone." Running off on him kind of puts a kink in that plan.

Ramona tilts her head in thought, but does not cease the pace. "Yeah, me too… I'd like to continue to exist. Whatever. I can't think about that right now. All I know is that if those two blood bags appears in my presence, the results will not be good." The comment about Trevor quirks a brow, but she doesn't say anything besides a nod. "Sure, why not? It's rather fun to have fans. I should know," she says, a cocky edge to her voice.
"Well, you don't have to ditch him yet?" Ramona offers, trying to compromise. "I know how hard it can be to leave, but sometimes you just get pushed to a point — I guess Tiernan's okay. I just don't think he likes me very much." Speaking of liking. She glances at the tiny space carved out into the woods, eyeing the nearby nature center, and makes a powerful, elegant leap for its sloped roof, seeking a place to recline. She does so, gazing out into the woods with a dead expression. "I'm going to tell you something, but if you tell anyone or if you laugh or something stupid, I swear I will light you on fire."

Darcy smirks at Ramona, "I know, I'm one of 'em, remember?" She nods at Ramona's advice, her slight smirk staying in place, "Yea, you're right. And don't worry, if you think he doesn't like you that means he does. The man calls me 'Satan' and he apparently loves me, so I wouldn't get too concerned. Besides, he said to me the other day that it was 'nice to have more people in the house'. You're in." Dar stops braiding and unbraiding as Ramona's tone changes as her smirk falters and disappears. However, she can't help but quirk a brow in interest. "'Mona, you know I wouldn't tell a soul. Or a soul-less for that matter. And I won't laugh. Scouts honour." Besides, Ramona lives in her /house/, you don't laugh at people that can light you and everything you own on fire!

Ramona laughs. "You sure he didn't mean people in the literal sense? As in, Trevor smells hella good?" She lounge on the cold roof of the building, watching the treetops sway in the gentle breeze.
She quiets then, and crosses her legs at her ankles. "Alright. So you know I don't like Lilly, right? She's just not a very good candidate for a newborn. And really, she rather whored herself out to Lev, it disgusted me. How would you feel if Tiernan did that to some teenager? Anyway, I digress." She lowers her voice considerably, "The other reason it pisses me off is because /I/ was the last newborn made in the coven, and after I was created, they all left me to fend for myself for years. Apparently, it was no big deal to leave me alone, but Lilly… Lilly needs us to take care of her?" She searches for something to throw, but there's nothing but a bit of snow.

Darcy snickers, the mood lightening momentarily, "Yea, could be that too. I think he's worried for Trevor's continued safety at our hands, so prolly not though." But then back to seriousness, and Darcy's expression darkening to an indignant scowl. "That's fuckin' ridiculous. And unfair. And I'd be royally pissed too! That's such utter bullshit! What the hell is wrong with Lev?! He prolly feelsl ike he has to babysit her because he knows he screwed up when he made her! She's not going to cut it in this world, she's from fuckin' planet 'Look at Me Look at Me' and thinks she's hot shit. Someone is going to cut the bitches head off and incinerate her if Lev doesn't keep a rein on her." Dar looks positively enraged at this point, her fists clenched at her side, "Regardless, it's bullshit. No one should be recieving that kind of favouritism, even if she is suckin' him off."

"Trevor's safe. He's still a bargaining chip — you saw the look on Lorelei's face when we started laying things out nice and clear for her — she didn't want us hurting him or her friends." Ramona wears a look of satisfaction: her pale lips press together and she tilts her chin skyward slightly, basking in her small victory from earlier.
"…Yeah, so that's my story, and that's why I refuse to follow Lev anymore. He told me in the woods the other day he wasn't taking her in, and it appears he is. And as for what you said earlier, I'm not sure Ginny will leave, too. I mentioned it to Donny and her in a fit of rage and she seemed a bit startled." A shrug rolls off her shoulders. "So, /can/ you sing?"

Darcy nods, "Yea, she seemed none to pleased about us having his entire entourage over for a feast. Can't imagine why…" Smirk. "you did a good job, 'Mona. You cleaned up the mess your coven made /without/ Lev. Forget him, he doesn't deserve anyone's loyalty. Ginny and Donny will see it soon, too, don't worry." At the mention of singing, she chuckles and shrugs, happy to talk about something a little lighter. "Well…kinda. It's more of a snarl. You know Lamb of God? Kinda like their lead singer."

Ramona stands steadily on the roof, and then jumps off in a fluid motion, landing on light feet. She dusts off her bottom and back, both of which have some dirt on them from the roof. "I agree. I've been a better leader than him, as of late." She pauses, and adds a belated, "thanks, Darce," while avoiding eye contact. She's not one for those awkward touchy-feeling sorts of things. Reel in Dahlia for that.
"I've heard of them, they're pretty good. We could do a different sound… something distinct. Crimson /does/ get a little too mainstream for me. Anyway, you can play guitar, right? Ginny does drums, if we could recruit her. I mean, let's face it, people aren't in /love/ with Lev. They're in love with me and maybe Ginny. We have all the style and sexiness, and you could totally fit in with our new image. America eats up that rebellious-edgy thing, you know?" She walks toward the path, waving a hand in a friendly fashion to encourage Darcy to join her as she heads back in the vague direction of the Bowen mansion, undoubtedly chatting animatedly about music and such the whole time.

Darcy sticks her hands in her pockets and hmmms, "Actually…you can sing, right? The wanna-be hardcore culture is really in to the whole screaming, snarling aaaand crooning right now, especially if the crooning is something that's not a standard singing voice. Something different." She shrugs at the guitar question, brow furrowing slightly, "Well…yea, but not great. I'm not as good as Donny, that's for sure. I can make it work though. Or, I could play cello. I'm much better at that, and that band Apocalyptica is making cello rock big now…evne though they're just ripping off Rasputina. Assholes. I'm /positive/ your fanbase will follow you and Ginny, and besides…where Ginny goes, Donny goes, and where Donny goes the screaming teenage girls follow. We'd be set for both genders." Her expression has slowly morphed from pensive to demonically exuberant, "This could actually work. In fact, it could work amazingly well. But does this mean I have to smell all those lusty teenage boys all the time? I dunno if I could handle a stadium full of that - lust makes me /hungry/." She follows along happily beside Ramona, tilting her chin up to look at her while they walk, chattering away about their latest and greatest scheme for world domination.


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