The Way of the Wolves...

IC Time: Afternoon of January 29th, 2007
Location: La Push - Meinkoth Residence
Synopsis: Darian visits Lore just before he goes on Patrol…
Submitted by: Darian

Lorelei has just got home after going on patrol, she's tired and very much so wants a shower and then sleep. Not that she expects to get it in that order. At the moment she is at the front door flipping through the mail she picked up while trying to find her keys that are hidden in one of her jaket pockets.

Padded thuds of heavy steps make their way towards Lorelei, coming from behind her. "Heya Lore" comes the slightly dull greeting from Darian. The young Quileute's bike is nowhere to be seen. Hands stuffed in his pockets, he nears Lorelei. "Just got back from patrol?" he asks her.

Lorelei blinks and peers over at the movement, she didn't expect Marshall to be outside. She ohs and smiles a moment while nodding. "Hey Darian.. Ya I did, how are you?" This questioned as she finally finds her keys and opens the door. "Come on in."

"Yeah, I'm good thanks…" he replies as he follows her into the her house. "…how was patrol?" he asks her, turning back towards her as he steps in. It's a nice house, despite there being a few boxes still lying around. Rather homey like.

Lorelei nods while she sets the mail down along with her keys onto a table. "It was alright.. Quiet as normal so I won't complain.. You got it tonight too don't you?" Heck she is lucky to keep up when she goes out let alone everyone else.

Darian nods slowly, slipping out of his jacket. It's find now that he's indoors. No need to keep up the facade. "Yeah, I'm due in a little bit. It's why I'm walking, left the bike at home." The young man takes a quick look around the house, "Marshall out?"

"So it seems. I'm sure he'll be around sooner or later." Lorelei says while she moves on towards the kitchen. "So, how you been?" Not like they often talk to one naother after all.

"I've been alright I suppose. I mean, between patrols and bumming around, not much to do you know…" he chuckles softly. Darian finds a nice spot of wall to lean on as he looks back to Lore. "I heard you had a run-in with some of those vampires. Wasn't the Cullens was it?" he asks her, a little more seriously.

Lorelei picks up the tea kettle and fills it with water before placing it on the stove. "Me?.." She chuckles and smirks. "I always run into vampires." This said as she flicks the stove on and peers back at him. "An it wasn't the Cullens."

Darian chuckles as he shakes his head. "You're a magnet for vampire trouble aren't you? I'm surprised you haven't had any more during your patrols." He starts thudding the back of his head lightly onto the wall behind him. "I wonder what's going to happen now…so much seems to be happening around Forks nowadays."

Lorelei smirks at this as she shrugs and leans back against the counter while the water for the tea starts to boil. "Give me time.. I'm sure it'll happen at some point." She pauses a moment. "A lot is going on now.. Lilly really was turned into a vampire, an by Lev it would seem."

Darian sighs heavily. "Yeah, people are turning vampire left-right-and-centre. I wonder if they'll be any more of us coming along soon. I mentioned to Jacob and Sam that we need to watch out for our own in town, just incase there are signs of them turning as well"

Lorelei nods slightly at this. "Well.. there is the other pack out there to.."

"You mean those -true- wolves?" Darian asks Lore.

Lorelei makes a face at that before nodding. "Ya.. that's them. I've meet some of them too. They don't seem that bad. I was trying to get Sam and the rest of us to go meet them but Sam said he'd think about it."

Darian nods simply. "Yeah, the last thing we need is something bad happening. We're all wolves after all. Besides, I still like to think we're the better ones, and need to help them out. I mean, they can't really control over when they phase, do they?"

Lorelei shrugs at this. "I dono anything about that.. When I talked to them they was all in human form.. Well save for one but he turned back into a human without a problem."

Darian too just shrugs, "Oh well. I'm honestly more worried about those other vampires that are still hunting around for humans and whatnot. I mean, the hardest thing is keeping this side of life hidden from all those normal eyes isn't it?"

Lorelei shrugs a moment while glances out at the window. "Well ya there is that.. I mean look at what happened with Thomas an Sin." She pauses a moment. "Have you even seen them lately?"

"From time to time, but not much lately. Been so busy with Patrols, and I think Sin is a little upset with me because of it. But as long as I know she and Tom are safe. Then I'll keep doing my job…" Darian replies with a soft smile. "Something makes me thing we're getting a harder job than our ancestors did…"

Lorelei huffs softly. "Gee, what gave you that idea?" She questions with an amused tone. "Well.. Next time you see them tell them to look me up alright?"

Darian grins as he retrieves his jacket from a nearby chair. "Yeah, I will. I best be going before my head gets filled with shouts from everyone." he laughs, "Take care Lore, say hi to Marshall for me. I'll probably see you again soon." he says as he reaches the front door.

Lorelei smiles and nods as she waves after him. "Talk to you later. Don't do anything crazy out there now."

Darian laughs, or did he bark? "Like what we do isn't crazy enough!" he says as he steps out, and lets the door close behind him. Within moments he's gone from sight. And a low howl sounds not far from the house.

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