Stasia stops by the Cullens...

IC Time: Afternoon of January 29th, 2007
Location: Cullen Residence - Front Lawn
Synopsis: Stasia drops by the Cullens and has a quick chat with Carlisle…
Submitted by: Carlisle Cullen

It's another cool winter afternoon at the Cullen Residence, and Carlisle has just stepped outside. Perhaps for a breath of fresh air or something. The young doctor stands at the top of the steps leading into the house, his eyes scanning the treeline around him. Most of the other Cullens seem to be out and about doing their own thing as the house doesn't sound very lively at the moment.

"I wonder where they all went…" Carlisle muses to himself softly. He slips his hands into his pockets and just stands there for now.

A large snowy owl is high in the sky, doing a lazy circle of the house and surrounding grounds. The circuit is completed twice, before the vampire emerges from the forest. Petite, delicate-looking, pale as a pearl in moonlight, she picks her way toward the house, gold eyes regarding Carlisle without surprise at his presence.

Some movement high in the air catches Carlisle's attention and he looks up to see the snowy owl flying. A smile twitches at the corner of his lips as he brings his gaze back to the ground, where Stasia now emerges from the forest.

"Good afternoon Stasia" the doctor calls, raising his hand in greeting. He then slips his hand back into his pockets. Carlisle glances up quickly to the sky, "I thought the owl looked familiar" he says softly.

Stasia half smiles, "It's easier, when I'm more familiar with the creature. She can cover a great deal more ground than I can." The younger vampire reaches the patio area. "This area is rich in wildlife, but also rather interesting in other ways as well… home to many unique denizens."

"Unique denizens you say?" comes the slightly amused question from Carlisle as he nods and chuckles softly. He takes his left hand out of his pocket and motions towards a pair of rather comfortable-looking seats. "Would you care to sit down?" he asks her.

Stasia eyes the lawn chair sidelong, before perching somewhat on the edge of it. "The wolves. Two groups of them. I am asking to create treaties with both of them, as I understand you have one with the indigenous people here. Sooner or later the other coven will end up provoking something and I really have no wish to be caught in the crossfire when it does happen." She tenatively sits further back in the chair. "Otherwise, the vampire that turned human has been returned to the one who turned her… before she turned back. And the other missing girl has been changed by the Russian. She's staying in the forest, more or less, but they are teaching her bad habits."

Carlisle remains standing for the meantime, his lips pursing so slightly, his mind obviously ticking over. "Things seem to be becoming more delicate everyday. So are these new wolves? I haven't really heard much of them surprisingly. Tell me about them first if you would please?" he asks her politely as he leans against the railings.

Stasia shakes her head. "I know very little to tell. Truthfully, I'd no idea such creatures existed at all until coming here. They can change form, human, wolf or some sort of mixed form. They don't seem to be related along any kind of genetic lines. The Volturi tried to wipe them out several hundred years ago and for some reason they are converging here." A pause. "They don't like us. Vampires, I mean. But some are more willing to talk than others."

"The Volturi? Ah, I wonder…" Carlisle rubs his chin for a moment, his eyes squinting down at the ground. "Hmmm, they must be" he muses to himself. "And you are sure they weren't our friends from the Quileutes?" he asks her, just to make sure.

Stasia shakes her head. "No, they are not. I am not certain how the two packs will coincide. But they do not seem to be bothered by it." She inclines her head.

"Then they are…" Carlisle starts. He then sighs softly "…Stasia, those wolves you saw are the true werewolves of myths and legends. At least I can think of no other explanation. I don't know if they still call themselves so, but 200 years ago, The Volturi tried to wipe out the Children of the Moon. Those werewolves…"

Stasia half smiles, "Aren't we all? Creatures of myth and legend, I mean." She chuckles, mirthlessly. "They seem to be growing in numbers, gathering in strength and forming into a pack. At least two of them, I would guess are older than half a millenia." She shakes her head at that. "Hard to comprehend."

Carlisle can't help but laugh a little. "Yes I suppose you're right in that sense. Though, what I meant was, unlike the Children of the Moon, the Quileutes aren't -true- werewolves. They're more like shapeshifters in a sense." Leaning back again, the doctor grins, "As for the age thing. Well, I'm 40 years off 400, so I'm only an odd 100 years off that. And well, Aro Caius and Marcus are much older too. I'd say at least one of them is a good 3000 or more…" he grins.

Stasia peers at the older vampire sidelong. "Who?" The names obviously mean nothing to her.

"Aro, Marcus and Caius are the three who lead The Volturi. For all intents and purposes, they -are- the Volturi. There was a time when I lived and learned from them, back when I was a little younger" Carlisle chuckles again. "But I couldn't live with their ways. They are definitely not vegetarians…"

The Volturi. Stasia knows who -they- are, even if she didn't know the names of the ones who lead them. She turns her face toward the forest, schooling her features back to calm, for discussion of them unnerves her. She changes the subject. "The Russian changed the last missing girl. The rest of the coven does not like that."

Carlisle does pick up something in Stasia's expression, and thinks he recognises it. The Volturi do that to most vampires, or to anyone who knows of them. His train of thought is paused as she mentions the changing of the missing girl. "Yes, Lilly wasn't it. I heard about it, from both the news, and also our friends. I just hope the others don't react to it too badly. How much do you know of the matter?" he asks her, knowing that he might as well go on with the change of subject, and this other piece of news.

"Some. I see her fairly regularly." Stasia turns back to the older vampire. "She was ill-prepared for this life and has little comprehension of it. First, the Russian abandoned her and now they are together. Though the rest of them seems to mislike that. Lilly doesn't realize how 'being mean' can escalate into something lethal."

Nodding slowly, Carlisle smiles. "Unfortunately it happens. And even moreso, I do not wish to intrude for fear of inciting unnecessary confrontation. Believe me it's hard. But our main task now is to make sure that our existance, and that of our world don't reach the public eye. As long as -all- our secrets are safe, whether vampire or werewolf…"

"Yes. Humans are too creative, too adaptable…" Stasia shakes her head. "I'd rather this girl wasn't killed outright. But she seems intent to attach herself to them… at least this week. Next week, may spin a different tale."

"Indeed it may Stasia, indeed it may" Carlisle nods in agreement to her. "I think I might take a trip to the office in town, the others seem to be out and about. Did you want a lift?" he asks her.

Stasia shakes her head. "I'd come from town. Saw my sister. It won't be much longer now."

Carlisle nods knowingly, "Yes. I'll check up on her while I'm there…" He slowly makes his way down the steps, and pushes something in his pockets, causing the garage door to open. "Keep in touch Stasia, and take care of yourself" he grins back at her.

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