2007-01-30: Fashion Everywhere, Thanks You


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Summary: Lacie and Beverley chat about fashion and Lacie resolves to through a party.

Date It Happened: January 30, 2007

Fashion Everyhere, Thanks You

Public Park - Forks, WA

The weather in Forks is overcast, as usual. Sitting at on a bench that lines the park's sidewalk is Lacie Lee. Her hair's down and her legs are crossed. She's seems to be just watching the wind blow through the trees with her gloved hands in her lap and a zoned out expression on her face.

Beverley quietly makes her approach into the park, where she dismisses her younger siblings from her presense to allow them to play, while she goes and supervises, as usual. A quick cast around the park she spots Lacie Lee, LL, and makes her way to her friends side, wherein she immediatly settles herself at her friends side. "Hey Lace," she greets, snickering quietly.

Lacie shoots a look of disapproval as her friend uses her given name. "People could hear you," she chides. "I have appearances to keep up, you know. Even in the middle of nowhere." Then she cracks a grin and nudges Bev with her shoulder. "What took you so long? I've been freezing for, like, ever. I never would have frozen in LA," she remarks with more than a little hint of melodrama.

Beverley smirks. "Who's gonna hear you? The tree's?" she enquires with a bit of a laugh as she crosses her legs, the sound of leather on leather as her nearly knee high boots rub against each other is faintly audible. "You're just a wimp, Lacie Lee," she notes, with a snicker.

"I am /not/ a… wimp…" Lacie practically whispers the word, as though the winter winds might carry it to someone's ears. "It's comments like that that make people ignore me at school. People never used to ignore me," she sighs. Then she throws an arm around Beverley's shoulder and pulls her over. "But you don't ignore me, do you Bev? No, you don't. You are the one light for me here in Forks. Though I suffer under the oppression of Shannon, you give me hope." She glances down at her friends boots and nods approvingly, "Beverley, fashion everywhere thanks you."

Beverley laughs. "You are if you can't handle Forks weather after having been here since July, you're a wimp," is given with a shake of her head. "And no one ignores you, they all think you're too high society for them, so they just act like you are. There's only a few people who could be higher society than you," is noted, with a smirk. "But they don't go to Forks High, anymore…" Bev states, before looking at her boots, and shrugging. "Eh, they're nothing, just boots."

Lacie narrows her eyes, "They are very nice boots. Especially for Forks." Then she looks suspicious, "They didn't come from my closet, did they? Oh well," she waves the comment off with a shrug. "Back home, if you were lower class then someone, you would go out of your way to make them notice you. Not ignore them. I still think it's another peculiarity of small town life. But, alas. And I'm /used/ to the weather. Doesn't mean I have to /like/ it."

Beverley laughs. "As if I'd steal them from your closet, they're from my own closet, along with the rest of my wardrobe, too," she points out, just shaking her head as she does. "You could try all you want to get them to notice you, LA, but they don't take heed of anyone below them…"

"Doesn't surprise me," Lacie bobs her head repeatedly in agreement. "Seems to be that way, like, everywhere. Suppose I just have to suffer through it as I do with Shannon. You do have good taste, though." She smiles and gazes out at the park, "Are you ready for the test next week? Or are you gonna be busy studying all weekend? I mean, someone should through a party or something around here on occasion."

Beverley can't help but chuckle at her friends commentary. "I try, as much as I am a poor farm girl, that doesn't mean I have to be fashionably challenged," a wink is sent to her companion. "If you really think someone should throw a party, feel free, not sure who all'll show up, especially with exams, people're studying, an all that.:"

Lacie looks generally pleased. With Bev, with herself, with the idea of throwing a hardcore party in the rainest city on Earth. "No kidding. A real party. With music, food, fashion, dancing, and maybe even some cross-gender witty banter." She wiggles her eyebrows at Bev, "Life can be far more fun when you have a boy to bat your eyes at." The mention of exams turns her smile to a frown, "People in middle of nowhere study too much. Then need to learn to loosen up. Like in that movie with Kevin Bacon… You know. Footloose."

Beverley listens to her friend witha certain amount of ammusement. "If you can get the students away from their books for long enough to go to a party," Bev states, a certain amount of laughter in her tone of voice. "And, seriously, what else do we have to do in this town? Study."

Lacie shakes her head. "I never understood that. In the movies, there are so many things that people do in smal towns. Garden, ride horses, pet rabbits with frightening intensity," the last being said of Of Mice and Men. "But in reality, you guys just kinda sit around. It's not as quaint as you think when you're watching it on the silver screen. Really, it's kinda boring. But, as I was saying. A party…" she closes her eyes and nods several times in thought.

Beverley shrugs. "Well, small town life isn't as fun as they seem to push in the movies. I don't ride, I don't think we actually have any horses around here. I suppose some people garden, I'm not a gardener…" she trails off. "But, yes, you should definately plan a party."

"Now that you mention it," Lacie opens her eyes. "I don't think I've ever seen one around here. Shannon has some old saddles. But they just kinda sit there in her attic. Collecting dust. When should we hold it? Next weekend? Maybe there will be more people if we wait a little longer. Let them get most of their tests out of the way and everything. Of course… we'd have to find somewhere to hold it. Or we'd have to get Shannon to let me use her house. Don't know how we'd convince her to let me throw a party. She's worse than Shannen Doherty's character on Charmed. Which," she giggles slightly, "is a little ironic if you think about it."

Beverley shrugs. "I don't think we've got any stables around here, I mean, c'mon, small town like this, you can walk anywhere in under five minutes," she gives with a snicker. "Can't use my place, I've got my siblings and my parents, and it's small, so it won't be of any use. And who's Shannon Doherty? I'm presuming this is a TV show, right?"

Lacie tries her best not to look shocked. "Yes," she gives a heavy sigh. "It's a great show. It's got this three sisters in it. Well… four. But Shannen's character dies and then the other sister shows up… but, the bottom line is they kick ass and look /incredible/ doing it." Of course, the fashion has something to do with her fascination. This /is/ Lacie, after all. "But, I'm sure there's something we could do to convince my aunt to let us hold it at her place. I don't know what yet, but never fear, I'll figure it out in time to finally get some attention around here. And you can get some with me!"

Beverley quirks a brow. "Maybe I'll see it, someday," she gives with a shrug, not overly worried about it, apparently. "I hope your aunt will let you throw the party, I can't think of anywhere else big enough to have a place. I mean, I think there is one place around Forks that's big enough, but… well, it's someone's house, no way you'd be able to have it there."

"Well I wouldn't want to hold it at someone else's house anyway," Lacie pauses. "Unless it were to completely bomb. I mean, I don't want them to get credit for my awesomeness, but…" her voice trails off for a moment. "No, no. Still better to be seen as the person who tried to increase the cool factor in this town and failed. Not that I will, of course!"

Beverley grins. "That's good, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to bribe them into letting you make use of their home, anyway," she notes, with a laugh before she stands to gather her siblings. "Alright you two, let's go," she summons the younger two, who hesitate in joining their sister, it takes a slightly harsher tone from the almost middle child. "Anyway, Lacie Lee, I have to get these two back home," she gives with a grin. "I'll see you in class tomorrow."

Lacie nods her head happily. "Of course!" She seems far more content now that she's got a mission to which her oh-so-special skills are better suited. "And I'll be there armed with ideas for the party."

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