"I forgot what sad was."

IC Time: February 5, 2007
Location: Forks - West Fern Hill Road
Synopsis: Yves meets a strange girl in the middle of the night in the pouring rain who changes her life completely.
Submitted by: Valentine

Night. Rain. Perfect for hiding. Humans don't go out in weather likes this, so it leaves Yves to herself, to brood. Or sulk. Or both. She's walking down the road, kicking gravel where it suits her, hands shoved into a long black trench coat though she's hardly wary of the weather. Her hair is slicked down around the sides of her face and, were she human, she'd look like someone who'd just gotten dumped and is on the verge of suicide… Well… Her thoughts are on her husband— no, her thoughts are on Ronan— no, her thoughts are on Brian and what he once was and though she feels little in the way of sorrow, something is tugging at the back of her brain and she can't seem to forget about anything. The rain picks up, cold, large drops half-sleeting from the sky, and her red eyes flit up to the cloudcovered sky with little interest to the rain. She does, for posterity's sake, stop under a widely branching tree near the side of the road, leans against it, and stares; thinking.

Since her interaction with the Alanna girl, Rebecca had tried to avoid not only the human community but the wolf and the vampire one as well. The delicate looking girl wanders down the road in the rain, blond hair plastered to her form as she hugs herself. The thin dress she wears is saturated to her skin and the jacket she has on would do nothing for a human in this weather. Crimson eyes flit around the road, almost ferally, as she searches the shadows. It doesn't take her long to feel Yves down the road and Rebecca immediately halts in her progress, eyes growing large and round; frightened.

It doesn't take Yves long to notice movement, and her eyes flit to the arrival; something she didn't expect. A cursory examination labels the girl as a vamp, easily, but the longer she looks the more she feels something like sympthay rising in her.. though, surely she couldn't have /feelings/. Her gaze is steady, but she doesn't move as she scrutinizes the girl, feeling her fear rise and surge within the strager; she could intensify it and drive her away, but something in Yves gives her pause. After a moment, she reaches out with a gentle mind to try and coral, to supress, that frightened rage, though she says nothing.

Rebecca locks eyes with Yves for a breif moment and the blond haired girl sucks in a breath she didn't need. She stands in the pouring rain looking like a lost child, her thin arms hugged tightly around her. She watches the woman frightenedly, what she was frightened of however was not Yves but the fact that Yves may approach her. Rebecca continues moving forwards, her head tilting down as she averts her gaze but at the same time keeps a wary eye on the other vampiress as she moves through the rain. As she nears Yves its rather noticeable that the girl is also barefoot.

… It doesn't seem to be working very well. Maybe her 'gift' only works in one gear; forward. Yves still says nothing as Rebecca resumes her frantic walk to no where, but as she gets closer the older woman shrugs out of her heavy, long jacket and bunches it up in one hand, holding it out until the girl is closer. She could probably wear it as an evening down, at this rate. "I know y'don't need it," she says, little emotion in her words and even less on her face, "But y'look awfully suspicious. That kind of thing gets a human's attention, and then the police feel the need t'get involved. Take it." Yves waits, and considers just throwing the damn jacket at her, red eyes… almost bored. "Your not very at a hiding." Her accent is thick and she almost drawls, not noticing and not really caring.

The thrusting of the jacket in her direction is answered with a quick sidestep from the frail looking girl. Crimson eyes meet Yves' somewhat suspiciously as she eyes the jacket and then hears her words. "I… need to hide…" she murmurs. She seems confused, her head shaking as she holds a palm to her forhead as if suffering from a headache. "I need to hide.." she finally says again, nodding her head in confermation. She reaches a hand tentatively out towards the jacket thought snatches it back rather quickly and seems to be torn between a decision. A frustrated look covers her face and the girl lets her arms fall to her sides, tiny hands balling into fists.

Hide? Yves blinks in confusion as she watches Rebecca's reaction, eventually giving up and she lightly tosses her jacket at her, whether she's ready to catch it or not. The girl's indescisive behavior is strange and Yves takes a moment to ponder through it all by running her fingers through her soaked hair, piecing it out into clumps at the sides of her face so she can see. Her eyes narrow and she pushes away from leaning against the tree and faces the girl, "Hide?" she echos, "Why?" Surely, they all need to hide, at one point in time.

A short gasp comes from the girl as Yves tosses the jacket to her and slender hands snap up to catch it. She holds the object away from her body for a moment before she pulls it closer and eventually slides it over her shoulders and onto her arms. Crimson eyes flit up to Yves and the tiny girl purses thin lips together as she points at her, "..You.." she murmurs. Eyes widen once more as she begins to peer at her even more curiously. As Yves pushes away from the tree to face her Rebecca takes a step away from her, eyes almost bugging.

"From me?" Yves almost scoffs, flicking away water as it runs down her freshly exposed arms like it was nothing more than an annoying bug. She shakes her head, feeling tiny rivers of water down her back and her face, but not being bothered by it. "Not from me, girl." She offers then, though, Yves watches with narrowed eyes when Rebecca keeps the distance between them the same. The woman shakes her head; in another life she'd be sad. "Look, girl," she lilts, "I'm not after you an' I'm not with /them/," she waves dismisvely with one hand, sending droplets soaring. "If anything, I'll run from you."

As the woman speaks Rebecca begins to laugh, a tinkling almost bell like giggle. "I don't think you're after me.." she says delicately, almost gently. Rebecca watches her, head tilting to one side, "You looked… sad…" she murmurs randomly. "When I saw you from down the road.." she points behind her with a tiny finger before looking back at Yves. She clasps her hands infront of her, the sleeves of Yves' jacket hanging almost inches past the tips of her fingers. She looks genuinely curious, almost angel-like, as she peers at Yves.

The tonal shift is something she notices right away and, curious, Yves lifts her eyes to watch Rebecca intently, downturned features soften very slightly at the action. She 'hmms' lightly, but doesn't initially reply, and instead tears her attention from the little angle in front of her to look down the road— she started to look like Juliann, and even she can't take that. "Sad?" she asks, voice barely whispering, gruff, "I forgot what sad was." Yves shakes her head and wipes rainwater from her face, peering at the dark sky as it shows no sign of relenting. "If you're worried, you should find a place to stay for a while."

Rebecca peers at her, head tilting to one side, "You should never forget your emotions.." she murmurs gently, "Just because your heart stopped beating doesn't mean it has to die." Rebecca watches her intently for a moment before, "Worried? What should I be worried about?" she questions curiously, big eyes blinking even though they didn't need to. The downpour around her didn't seem to phase the girl who almost seemed to be in her own world, her own time and place.

Yves almost laughs, almost, but the sound comes out more like an annoyed snort, still not daring to look at the tiny girl in front of her. "Y'don't get it. Things that happened over 700 years ago aren't easily forgotten, though y'wish they were." The woman shrugs, attention falling to Rebecca's face. It's there that her blood eyes freeze, locking with the other's, and the girl's second question is answered without hesitation. "You said y'needed to hide." The blink catches her off guard, and Yves finds herself doing the same, feeling something deep in her chest stir but she can't place it and it… disturbs her.

The girl nods her head, "Yes, from you," she points again. It seems to dawn on the young girl that Yves had no idea and Rebecca smiles gently, "I could kill you." The sentence is said with a happy little smile as she turns left to right the way a child would as she humms a tune to herself. Rebecca purses those tiny lips, "Maybe if you haven't forgotten something in over 700 years, then it is not ment to be forgotten." The girl watches Yves intently, anglicly, "You miss someone don't you? My mother used to get the same look when my father would go away to war.." she murmurs softly.

With her eyes locked intently on Rebecca's, Yves' doesn't give her too much satisfaction from her killing comment. The corner's of her eyes barely twitch, and she issues a light huff through her teeth, not amused. She opens her mouth to speak, to say something effective, but the girl's halo of innocence has her on edge, and the wide-eyed recollection of a father going to war sends Yves reeling. She inhails sharply and quickly moves away from the girl, blood eyes wide and wary, breath coming in short, quick gasps out of fear, not necessity… She backs up toward the tree again, eyeing this tiny girl in an oversized coat, looking like her daughter. "I think you should leave," she finally manages, wary. "Now."

As the woman begins to back away from her Rebecca smiles approvingly, "I guess I was right.. Is he alive? This man you miss?" She questions genuinely curious. As Yves stands, back to the tree, Rebecca takes a tentative step towards her. The opposite of what she'd done earlier, however not close enough to where either of them could touch each other without leaning heavily forwards. At Yves' suggestion for her to leave Rebecca's face twists into that of a faint pout though she does take a step back, furthering the distance.

Is this what fear is? She'd forgotten. That back of the throat flutter.. Yes. Must be. The storm is forgotten, the cold, the rain, Yves' wide eyes on the girl in front of her, "Jul—" she stops, shaking her head, disgusted. That girl is /not/ her daughter. "Aye, he's alive," she finally spits out, though, something inside her wishes she didn't. The vampire stops then, trying to compose herself, feeling almost… guilty… about shunning the scared little girl from her. No. She's dangerous. She prooved that. But. Still. She finds herself taking a cautious step, eyes looking Rebecca up and down, trying to figure her out. "How do you know that?"

Rebecca frowns softly, "Rebecca.." she says. "My name is Rebecca." She didn't know what Yves was about to call her nor does she ask. As Yves tells her he is alive the girl simply smiles, "Then you should tell him." Such a childish thing to say. As the teen watches her the woman's next question gets a somewhat curious and un-needed blink. "Know what? That you miss a man? I dunno.. I've seen that look in plenty of women's eyes.." Yves' tentative step towards her gets the same reaction from Rebecca, only the same as before, it is away from Yves.

"He…" Yves begins, her footsteps halting when Rebecca moves away. The girl's gaze was almost trancelike and she had to stop and think a minute, registering her name and not the name of her once daughter. Mm. "Rebecca," she echos, managing to lift her mouth in the barest of smiles, "Pretty name." A long silence then, and, as if remembering the rain, Yves looks up at the darkness and the water splashes across her face and in her eyes, but she doesn't blink away the moisture. Creepy. "He… already knows. He doesn't care." Pause. "Well, he cares, but, maybe too much. He'd be better off not knowing anymore." That's.. that's what he said.

Rebecca can only smile at the woman before she glances up and down the road. Attention settles on Yves and she lets her eyes fall to her bare feet, toes wiggling in the mud. "I am sorry ma'am.. but maybe it will change?" She questions innocently. "Your a nice lady.. I should leave…" before something bad happened. She pulls Yves' large jacket off and gingerly holds it out to her, sure to lift the object up high so Yves can grab it without making contact with her.

Strange. That's all she can come up with about the girl. She acts her age, sometimes so young, sometimes beyond aged with knowledge and Yves can't understand it at all. The apology is met with a shake of her head; nonono, it's fine. She only spent 700 years looking for him only to be shunned upon finding him again. That's /fine/. She watches as the girl removes her jacket, light clothes plastered to her body, sheer, dangerous. "No," Yves shakes her head, reaching out her hand to push the jacket back, "Keep it…" As she says this, her hand falls over the girl's enclosed fist as she pushes back, but something flashes in her mind, her eyes widen, and, as if bitten by a snake, she wrenches her hand away. Yves would scream, but, stunned, she can't, and only looks with a horrified expression at her open palm, feeling the vague, tingling sensation; like burning, but, distant. Attention moves to Rebecca. To her hand. To Rebecca. To her hand.

As the woman reaches out, Rebecca's eyes widen to saucers and she can feel the transfer as Yves touches her wet skin. Fist opens and the large jacket flutters to the muddied ground below. "No… Oh no…" is all the frail girl mutters as her hands tuck back against herself and she quickly strides away from the woman. "I'm so sorry…" she gasps, large red eyes looking as if they could burst into tears; if they could. Rebecca shakes her head furiously, features stricken with fear and frustration and without another word turns and takes off down the road, nothing but raindrops where she'd stood a moment before.

Yves can only stare at her hand where she had touched the other, her arm shaking… in fear? The woman's eyes flash up to see the girl already gone, jacket collecting puddles of freezing water and the indentation of bare feet quickly filling up and disappearing. Yves gasps, one hand cradling the other as something begins to creep it's way up her arm, slowly, disgustingly, like it's oozing through her skin. Unable to understand, she grabs her muddied coat and takes off down the street, /away/ from the darkness that Rebecca disappeared into, not knowing where she's headed…

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