Ski Plot - Part 3

IC Time: February 18th 2007
Location: White Pass Ski Lodge - Slopes
Synopsis: The skiiers bundle up for a final night on the slopes and get more than they bargained for.
Submitted by: Staff

[A card game is going on prior to the scene.]

Mitch Anderson comes strolling out of the staff area. "Who's winning?" he asks abruptly, without bothering to say hello. Before he can receive an answer, he says, "Might want to finish up before too long. About time to hit the slopes."

Time to hit the slopes indeed. The back door opens after Mitch finishes speaking and Justin stares into the room. He's wearing a snowsuit — pristine white — and holds a ski pole, poking it inside and then gesturing back out. "Final ski night! All the lighers'er on. C'mon folks."
Just in time, Joy appears from the cellar, carrying all of the dried snowsuits and clothing. "Here we are. Everyone's stuff is clean and dry. Snuggle up, it might get cold out there."

Anastasia tries not to chuckle at Bev's remark, looking at her own cards. She glances up at the sudden entrance of the Terrible Trio, as she has begun to think of them, and sets down her cards, rising to retrieve her stuff. "Great! Thank you so much," she replies to Joyce. Never hurts to stay on fair-to-good terms with one of the three, after all.

Beverley sighs and puts her cards down. "I guess we're done the game," she gives before getting up and going to get her dry ski stuff, which is snow pants and a coat, which is promptly pulled over her jeans and sweater. The necessary boots are then tugged onto her feet and she chugs the last of her now lukewarm hot chocolate. "C'mon girls, let's go watch me fall on my arse a few more times," she addresses Alice, Lore and Anastasia, with a slight smirk. She then pulls her gloves on, and a toque, cause she doesn't want her ears to freeze off. Now she looks like a dark blue marshmallow. Awesome!

Sarah arrives not soon after, stretching as she goes. She was still sleepy dangit but had dragged herself grudgingly off the sofa not far away. She grabs her stuff wordlessly and goes to putting on her outer shell. When she's done the Forks officer slumps down beside Anastasia and glances at her, "I'm tempted to stay in bed.. it was warm and snuggly there too.." she laughs though as she begins to wake up more her smile is more genuine.

Lorelei glances up curiously a moment and then sets her cards down. "Well it sounds good to me. She looks towards Sarah and chuckles softly. "Oh come on.. it'll be fun." Well Lore hopes it will be anyway.

Emily emerges with Sam from the kitchen, both munching on PopTarts. "Time to go already?" Emily looks reluctantly outside. "It /is/ warm in here," she says, agreeing with the good officer as she marches by. Sam is also close enough to here Lorelei's reply, to which he says, "Oh, yes. This weekend's been nothing but fun!" His jaw grinds angrily.

Mitch Anderson elects not to wear a snowsuit, because (if anyone asks) he likes the cold. For once, this is actually true - he's always found it refreshing, even relaxing, especially after three years in a sweltering jungle. This particular personality quirk resulted in many instances of frostbite in his younger years. He does pull on gloves, however, and a hand-knitted wool hat, both for the sake of appearances.

She has a pair of those fuzzy pink earmuffs, too. It's very mother-like, really. "Now. Is everyone ready to attempt the medium hill? The bunny hill really isn't safe at night, not enough lighting."
Justin steps inside, pointing a ski pole at Bev and then winking."

Joyce Hudson quirks a brow at Mitch and zips up her own parka. She has a pair of those fuzzy pink earmuffs, too. It's very mother-like, really. "Now. Is everyone ready to attempt the medium hill? The bunny hill really isn't safe at night, not enough lighting."
Justin steps inside, pointing a ski pole at Bev and then winking.

Stacy nods hurriedly to Joyce, with an equally hurried smile. Struggling into her mostly white snow clothes, she edges back a little to whisper to Alice, Lorelei, and Bev.

Beverley blinks at Joyce. "Medium…. hill?" she inquires, almost gulping. "So long as nothing gets broken," ie, none of her bones, "I'm up for it," she's not a klutz, she's just a klutz when on ski's. "Next time we should do cross country, at least there's less downhill and falling on face…" or ass, or… what have you. At Justin's motion she… gulps again, slightly, before grinning at Anastasia. "You really do look like a marshmallow, and you'll get lost in the snow," she offers with a laugh and shake of her head, accompanied by a lopsided grin from the girl, who simply offers a slight nod at the whispered comment.

The point to Bev from the creepster is given a flat look. She stretches where she stands and perks up abit at the mention of the medium hill. Ooooo. The officer folds her arms across her chest and wait patiently, brown eyes casually trailing after Stacy before flitting back to Joyce and her rather annoying pink ear muffs.

Lorelei glances towards Sam a few moments and hehes softly, guessing he finally heard about the other night. "Hey.. Come on Sam.." She offers softly. "Lighten up won't ya?" Well she knows she'll pay for it later, might as well make the best of it now. She looks to Joyce while zipping up her jacket and finds her gloves. "Oh ya.. sounds like a blast." The whisper is caught an she nods agreeing with what is said. A glance is offered to Bev as she catches the look from Justin and she clears her throat faintly while whispering to Bev. "Just keep close to me and Alice alright?"

Sam rubs at his neck and winces, though the wince is exaggerated. "Fine. I'll lighten up. Guess nothing bad has happened so far, and I am a pretty good skiier." He sticks out his chest a little and then grins playfully at Lorelei. "I'll lighten up, but if something happens that's uh, not so fun tonight, then… that's it."
Emily rolls her eyes. "Sam, learn something. Us ladies are very rarely wrong. Come on." She thrusts his coat at him, and he puts it on.

After snagging some skis - rather narrow skis, which look like they're an absolute pain to ski with - and poles, Mitch takes up a position near the door, leaning up against the wall and removing a half-smoked cigar stub from his pocket. He doesn't even bother to light it, he just sticks it in his mouth.

Alice shrugs into her bright red outwear, all fuzzy and knitted and warm, thanks to Esme. She nods to Stacy after her whispered comment, and squared her shoulders. "Middle hill it is!" She announced, draping an arm protectively over Bev's shoulder. "I'm sure you'll do fine, Bev."

Justin goes back outside, fastening his skis on while sitting on one of the long, narrow benches. He hums a tune while doing so, it sounds a bit like 'You Are My Sunshine.' Maybe he is taking a page from Joy's book.
Joyce heads out as well, smiling at Mitch. "Are you ready for this? I know you look forward to the last night always, Mitch," she says warmly. "Is the lift on?" She glances out to make sure and then heads outside. Her skis are leaning against the cabin, and she gets to putting them on right away. "If you need assistance with your skis, let us know. We'll go up together for the first run. There's a contest, too." She finishes strapping in her skis and stands in front of the bench. "The most talented skiier will be offered a special gift."

Stacy's eyes go wide, and she hurriedly pulls up her goggles to mask it, whispering a quick comment to Alice, Lorelei, and Beverley. That said, she catches up her skis and poles and boots and moves over to finish gearing up next to Sarah. "I hate to end on a low note, so let's have as much fun as we can, 'kay?" She smiles from under her goggles, then whispers something to her friend.

Beverley just rolls her eyes at Alice. "Of course I'll do fine, fine at turning myself into a big snowball," she gives with a laugh and shake of her head as she pulls a pair of goggles on, they're not over her eyes, yet. "Shall try, Ana, shall try, no promises, though. Not unless fun is falling ass over teakettle," is stated with a snicker before she steps outside and grabs a pair of skis. "I'm sure she'll be fine, Ana," she responds to Anastasia's whispers, with a lopsided grin as she finishes getting the necessary equipment on.

Lorelei follows along after Beverley listioning to the others and the whisper from Anastasia. She ponders something while putting her goggles on as well and then picks up her skis and works at getting them on without much trouble. "I'm sure everyone will do just fine. Really." She can at least hope for the best right? Her poles are picked up and she waits for both Bev and Alice.

Sam has to agree with Lorelei. "It should be fun, I guess." Emily eyes him. "Alright, no, really, I'm looking forward to beating all of you guys back down here shortly," he teases, even making out a gruff smile in Alice and Stacy's direction, despite the fact he'd been rather ignoring them the entire stay.
Emily finishes putting her skis and and peers at the lift. "So we're going to head up there then…?" She stands a bit wobbly-like.

Mitch Anderson straps on his skis, nodding to Joyce. "Best night of the trip," he replies without enthusiasm. "Alrighty," he adds after a moment, "I'm good to go, or as good as I can be."

Alice slips into her skis, standing gracefully and holding onto the poles. "Okay, let's go." She proceeds towards the lift, sliding her skis forward and stabbing her pole into the ground to move.

The lift is on and ready to go. Justin approaches the stand and prepares to help everyone on. "Let's line up now and go ahead and get on. The lift's having some issues, so it might not be best to pair up on the seats tonight…" he frowns at the lift. "But it should get us up there okay, right Mitch?"
Joy nods encouragingly. "Alright, everyone. Please wait for all of us at the top, don't head down right away. We're going to send people with like-abilities down together in a race!" The slim woman gets on the first seat and then as it moves, proceeds slowly up the mountain.

Stacy finishes with her skis, long enough to nervously return Sam's smile, and moves with Sarah to the line to board the lift. She stays behind Beverley and Sarah, and as close to Alice and Lorelei as she can manage. Joy and Justin's words aren't encouraging.

Beverley laughs. "Like abilities, that'd be me and, what… the cat?" she enquires with an upraised brow and a shake of her head as she makes her way towards the lift, lining up as instructed. She too is one of those to stick fairly close to Alice, Lore and the rest of the group, as much as she can. Once she gets to the lifts, she stops and waits to get on said lift.

"Hate to tell you Bev, the cat is better." Lorelei says as she follows after the other, a grin seen. Hearing the stuff about the lifts she peers at it faintly while waiting for her turn. "Well that's great.. Hope we don't fall out the thing." She murmurs faintly.

"It's not that far of a fall," Emily encourages Lorelei with a chuckle, though she doesn't sound too convinced. "Too bad we can't just use the tow rope."
Sam catches Stacy's smile, which does seem nervous indeed — he can't help feeling a bit of the same way, but he doesn't show it as he hops onto a seat after helping Emily get on hers (no way he's letting Justin help her on).

"It might get you up there a time or two, yeah," Mitch replies. "Think I'll take an alternate route, for an entirely unrelated reason. Have fun!" he says cheerfully, slapping one of the lift chairs as it coasts past.

Joy smirks in a cheerful way, if that's even possible. "Oh, Mitch, you kidder, you." The lift takes approximately five minutes to take one up the hill. Joy uses the time to glance back at the others. "Care to sing a song while we travel?"
Down below, still helping the last of the people in line, Justin boos. "No, please, no." He lazily watches Sam and Emily's seat go up.
At the top, Joy jumps off very gracefully (takes years of practice, you know) and waits for the others to gather.

Stacy watches Mitch depart, whispering something to Beverley as she wraps her scarf around her face, now looking something like an amateur ski ninja. She makes a silent resolution to be last in line on the lift and moves to accomplish this, with a quick whisper to Sarah in passing.

Alice gets on the lift and hums softly to herself as she soars higher and higher, peering down at the height below her. She wasn't particularly disturbed by heights. Alice finally jumps down, landing fairly smoothly, and waits for the rest of the group.

Beverley laughs at Lore's comment. "I know, I know, the cat'll win the raise, but at least she's got a comparable skill level," is stated with a snicker. "Don't worry, Lore, if you fall I'll be there to break it, you can squish me instead of the snow," the teen gives, trying very hard not to laugh, but she's failing, miserably. The teen, of course, continues to wait for the chairlift, and, saddly, she will have to succumb to being assisted onto the chair, it's that or break her nose when she doesn't make it onto the chair. At Anastasia's whispered comment Bev nods, sending a slight smile towards her friend, sending a whispered response back.

Lorelei smirks at Justin and doesn't take his help, wonder why. She does hear that Mitch is going off on his own, an has to ponder why on the trip up to the top of the hill. "I'm good without the singing.. Really.." She peers back catching sight of whisper and ponders what is going on before she looks in front of her eyeing the hill a few moments.

Sam and Emily were among the first on the lift, so they arrive at the hill first, and wait for the others. "Lorelei, you're about the same skill as I am, right…?" Emily asks, raising a brow and looking worried. "I want to race someone that's not going to beat me too bad."

The top of the hill is a bit darker than the rest, the high-beam lights shine brightly across the surface of the hill, but up here, clustered by the trees, it's dark, and very quiet, aside from the rustle of the wind. Joy 'inhales' deeply. "Ah, it's so beautiful out here at night." She smiles at Stacy, the last person off the lift save for Justin, who creeps behind, as usual.
"Now then! According to the scores and my personal observation, I'm going to divide you up." She paces to the far side. "Over here, Mr. Uley, Mr. Marone, and Ms. Smith." She continues on. "Over here, I'd put Ms. Cullen, but she has no competitiors, so she can either go with Mr. Uley or stick with the next group, Ms. Young and Ms. Meinkoth." She points to the last area, "and over here, Ms. Ravenwood and Ms. McKinnon, although you, missy, could do a lot better if you tried!" she scolds Stacy. Pointing to the respective spots, she indicates that the beginners should start first when she blows the whistle.

Stacy somehow manages not to glare holes in Justin on the way up, but it's a near thing. As it is, she spends more time looking back than forward, to the point of nearly missing her turn to exit the lift.
Lining up, she manages not to roll her eyes at Joy's comment, stating, "I'm a musician, not a skier, ma'am. Only room for one passion in my life, y'know?" She trades a smile with Bev as she lines up with her, adding a quick whispered comment before preparing to take off.

Beverley is finally at the top of the hill, cause she was one of the last ones up, of course. The teen then grimaces as she's paired off, but at least it's with Anastasia. "I'll see you after you beat my butt down there," she gives laughing. "Where's that darn cat…" the non-existent one, "I could go against the cat… at least I might see the cat for most of the way down the hill," she states simply, trying to laugh at herself, which is definitely not hard. "I'm with you, Stacy, singer, not skier, for sure," she gives with a laugh, before she too preps for the take off… likely to result in injuries. A nod is given to her buddy at the whispered comment, an affirmation, in all likelihood.

Lorelei grins at Emily once she's off the lift and moves over near her. "Well.. I guess we get to find out who's better huh?" She questions with a joking tone before looking around a moment. Pondering where Mitch is it would seem. Her gaze then turns back to Bev and Stacy.

Alice joins Lore and Emily, "I guess it's between us three, huh?" She asks with a grin, looking from one lovely lady from the other, hands gripping her ski poles. "I hope Bev doesn't break anything.. she's almost as bad as Bella."

Mitch Anderson has apparently elected not to actually ski, apparently, instead vanishing to go look at the machinery powering the lift. An occasional loud swear drifts up to the top of the mountain.

Joy's whistle goes off again and again as she paces 'cross the hill, sending the groups off. The beginners go first, then the average group, and then finally, the super skiiers head off. It should only take moments to arrive at the bottom, the question is, who will win? The lodge is merry and brightly lit below, appearing welcoming. Joyce herself stays up at the top. Joyce herself jets off faster than most of the skiiers, and Justin was already gone. They both wait at the bottom to see who will win the competition… Mitch's disappearance doesn't seem to rock them at all, although Justin shuffles over to mutter something to Mitch about the lift or something or other.

Alice pushes herself forward when the whistle is blown, getting ready to do her best. She's feeling a tad off today, though, which isn't helped by the patches of ice she keeps coming across. When she reaches the bottom of the slope, it's much after both Lore and Emily.

Beverley crinkles her nose at Alice. "I'm not as bad as Bella, I just can't ski to save my life," the last part she mutters as she lodges her ski poles firmly into the snow, maybe that way she'll stay on her feet up until it's time to take off. "Besides, I haven't broken anything yet, except my ego… but that was out the door on the first day," see, she's having fun with the whole thing, at any rate. As she hears the whistle Bev… waits for Stacy to take off, and then kinda, almost falls into the musician's tracks and, well, pretty much just stays in them, as best as she can. Admittedly, though, she's not that great. Her ski's move from side to side a bit more than wanted, and yes, Bev even plants her butt into the snow the odd time or two, once she even acquires a face wash on her way down. One of the times that her ski's go outside of Stacy's tracks Bev can be heard saying 'Oh crap. TREE! Ow.' A few mumbled 'where the hell's the finish line' is also accompanied by this when she finally gets herself back to her feet.

"Good luck." Is offered to Emily and Alice from Lorelei before the whistle blows.. An once it does blow she's gone. She's a bit slow at first but soon goes quicker, and she just hopes she doesn't fall flat on her face at some point. Catching sight of the finish line she grins a bit seems rather happy at the fact that she actually made it down the hill without a problem. She doesn't even pay attention to what place she comes it once shes over the finshline either.

Sam finishes first, of course, He was pretty confident in his abilities, and there was no bluffing. Emily, however, isn't so lucky to win her contest. She falls once and quickly gets back up, but still finishes in only half the time Lorelei did. Panting a bit, she smiles. "Nicely done, Lorelei." Sam's already there, as is Alice. "That was fun! I wonder what the prize is? You won the average-to-sucky, I'd say," she teases Lore.

Alice grins at everyone at the bottom. "I think you won our group, Lore. And you won the boys group, Sam. Congrats!" She beams at everyone, even as she looks around a tad warily for the instructors. "I wonder what the prizes are?"

"Congrats! I wrote down all the winners right here. They've won a special gift that's inside. But for now, I'd like to encourage everyone to join us at the top one last time for a special presentation: Justin's going to show off some snowboarding skills, and we have snowboards at the top. After that, it will be free ski. Come along now!" She pockets a fuzzy pink notebook and then walks toward the lift, helping the first of the people onto it again.
Justin is helping people on again, looking a little less bored than usual.

Beverley finally makes it to the bottom, dismally so, and she definately looks like she had one helluva time. "Right, back up, but can I just take the chair down this time? That was not fun," she mutters as she makes her way back to the lift to get back on, rubbing her arm just a little bit… that musta been the ow.

Lorelei chuckles and smiles while nodding a bit. "Thanks guys." What did she blush there for a moment? Its possible! Not like she was planning on beating anyone, let alone winning. Talk of going back up and she oys softly while moving past Bev. "Come on.. I'll try andhelp you not fall again how's that?"

"Try the snowboard! Maybe it's easier?" Emily tries hopefully, although she isn't so sure that's true. "One more time and then we'll go inside." Emily looks wistfully at the cabin. Sam's pretty into it now, so he tries to grab Lorelei and Emily and drag them onto the lift. He gets there first, and hops right in. Emily waits a moment, but gets in as well.

Alice murmurs something in Sam's ear, then Lore's, as she walks past them, before getting into the next lift chair. "It'll be okay, Bev, I promise."

There is an odd clanking sound, and the lift gradually grinds to a halt. From somewhere out of sight is heard a shout of, "Uh…that wasn't supposed to happen," followed by, "Hold on. Let's see if this does it…" One by one the lights on the hill flicker out. "Dammit!" Mitch shouts. "Sit tight, guys'n'gals."

Conveniently enough, Joyce or Justin didn't get on yet, so they are available to help — as much as one can from the ground? The lift is stopped so that the last person on if still several feet off the ground, and the first ones on are stuck in the middle of the hill — Sam and Emily (last minute, Sam sat with Emily, despite the protests from Justin).
Justin walks up the hill, having abandoned his skis. His speed is surprising for the hill's steepness, and very soon he is standing below Lorelei's lift. "Don't you worry, my feline friend."
The lights atop the hill, quite suddenly, go out, Joyce is nowhere to be seen for a long moment, and then, from beneath Beverley's lift, a voice can be heard. "Hi, dear. Let me just help you there." She leaps with ease and does her best to land right next to Bev, smiling too kindly. "I think you'll fit right in here." She leans in disturbingly close to the human girl suddenly, aiming maybe nuzzle her? Or something else completely?

Beverley chuckles in Lore's direction. "Watch me break my arm next time, instead of just whack it into a tree," she points out, shaking her head as she tries, very hard, to look in the bright side of skiing, she did have a good weekend, got to meet new people, this is all good. At Alice's comment Bev snickers. "What? You know I won't break any bones?" she enquires, grinning as much as she can, it's a pretty wide grin, considering. And on the lift Bev is, and then she's cringing as it stops. "Oh, great… now we're stuck on this lift. At least I can't ski into a tree from up here," is given jovially as she swings her legs, ski's included, back and forth. For a moment Bev is relieved as she hears Joyce's voice, that is until the woman is somehow on the chair with her, of course, the teen tries to rationalize it, she must be fairly close to the ground, Joy probably just climbed up. "What do you mean, fit it? I hope so, my friends are all here, and…" she stutters as the woman leans in closer, is that fear, yah, her hearts not beating a mile a minute, at all.

Lorelei glowers slightly as the lift stops, oh great.. Just what she wanted to hear and feel. She glances towards Sam and Emily as she was behind them. "I so blame you for this Sam." Is said with a faint huff before she glances towards Bev and grins at her. "Could be.." Worse? She slips quiet as she watches Joyce and humms faintly before glancing towards Justin. "So not cool." This said with a simple tone while she moves to undo her skis, so she can jump down.

Sam heard her, of course. "ME? You're the one that was all excited for tonight and I /knew/ I had a bad feeling." He lets out a string of swears and then sheepishly apologizes to Emily before turning more serious. "Take off your skis, Em. We're jumping."
"Uh?" She looks down incredulously, but starts to take them off. "It's just a broken lift… right?"

Alice peers out from the other side of Bev, looking at Joy. "Is something wrong, ma'am?" She only pulled out her ma'ams when something was serious, a trick she learned from Jasper. Boy, what she wouldn't give to have him here. But she'd have to make do without. The petite vampire looked Joy straight in the face, assessing her.

On the ground below Emily and Sam's lift chair, there is a quiet sound - that of a match being struck. It is followed immediately by the appearance of a small source of illumination - a tiny flame, mostly concealed by a hand cupped around it. It vanishes after a moment, replaced by an equally tiny glowing red spot. "Waste of good tobacco," a quiet voice says bitterly. "Can't feel the damn nicotine anymore." The voice gets a bit louder and calls out, "I'd stay up there if I were you. Don't want to be breaking any bones, or getting any broken."

Justin watches Lorelei move for her skis, and decides it's the perfect moment to jump up toward her. He's not as graceful as some vampires, and kind of stumbles into the chair besides her. "I told you to leave. You didn't listen. I always wanted to meet one of you, though. You're one of /them/, aren't you? A werewolf?" he whispers excitedly. "Joy told me so. I'm gonna be the first inventor of a new species, see now. Just hold still." Talking was probably a waste of time, but that's the way of the villain, isn't it? Justin lunges for Lorelei's throat, teeth bared.
Meanwhile, a few lifts away, Joyce notices Alice with a slightly annoyed smile. "Yes, the lifts don't work. Now Ms. Cullen, why don't you go and check on them for me?" With that, the nice little lady tries to shove Alice with all her might off the lift.

Beverley attempts to get her skis off her feet, her success is limited, mind you, as her gaze darts rapidly between her chair-mate, Alice, and Joyce. "Hey! Leave Alice alone," Bev cries when the woman attempts to shove Alice off the chair. As much as she wants her friend away from the creepy lady, she also wants her friend with her. The teen, is of course, trying to also get as far away from Joy as possible.

Lorelei eyes Justin as he jumps up onto the seat next to her. "Only one ass to a chair bud.. This one is mine." She states with an unhappy tone. One of her skis falls to the ground while the other she has hold of with her fingers just barely. "Wouldn't you like to know what I am.." She says with an equally low tone. This is not a good spot to be in at all, off the ground and in the air makes it rather hard to go wolf, specially with all the humans around. Her eyes widen as Justin lunges for her and she shoves her arm up to protect her throat, which means her arm is going to get chomped on. Her other hand with the ski swings up quickly to try and slam the ski into Justin anyway.

The match makes Sam freeze. He holds a breath in and peers between the wooden slats at Mitch. "Thanks, but we don't take advice from folks like you. Damn shame we had to pay you money, but luckily, I don't think you'll be seeing it after tonight." He rises and grabs Emily — one ski still dangling from her leg — and jumps off, landing several feet away. And then he runs, looking regretfully back at Lorelei, but knowing she'll understand. Emily can't defend herself.
Emily, meanwhile, looking terrified and miffed at once. "Sam, nothing was really /happening/ it was weird, but…" She watches over his shoulder warily, looking for the creepy cigar guy.

Mitch Anderson chuckles darkly, taking a long drag from his cigar. "Hey, looks like this little excursion might end up being kinda fun after all," he says, taking off after the two, moving at a surprisingly rapid pace for someone his age.

Alice sees what Joy intends to do before it happens, and dodges, holding tight onto the seat. "Oh no you don't, ma'am. I think I'll stay here with you and Bev. Perhaps /you/ should be the one to go check on those lifts." She smiles sweetly, but her golden eyes are as hard as ice.

"I would like to know, actually," Justin purrs back to Lorelei, after sinking a mouthful of flesh in her arm. He makes a face. "Putrid, really. What is your diet, anyway? Raw meat?" His lips are bright red with blood, and a bit runs down his chin, but he wipes it onto the sleeve of his jacket just in time for the ski to whack him upside the head. It's enough to unbalance the vampire — he didn't think Lorelei would be any more powerful than a human might — and he falls, regaining his grip by dangling on the edge. Justin lets a four letter word escape his lips before trying to yank hard on

Lorelei's leg, trying to pull her down. "C'mon, don't fight like a girl… show me some teeth."
All of the commotion can be heard faintly from Beverley's lift, where Joyce looks shocked to see Alice's stare. Since Alice dodged the push, Joy nearly fell off the lift herself, slamming her head into the pole, earmuffs askew. "Oh, no, no. I was hoping Beverley would be able to join us, first." She decides she cannot waste anymore time, and lunges for the human girl's neck, though she has to reach across Alice in the process…"

Beverley is relieved that Alice doesn't go crashing to the ground, but that doesn't ease her concern any. As of this point, Bev is still trapped in her ski's, and she's given up on her skis and is just trying to worm out of the chair, with or without ski's. Clearly Bev's attempt to get out of the chair is just not working. "Join you, what? I'm already here, obviously," she states, sending a glare towards Joyce. She's not fast enough to get out of the woman's way as she lunges at Bev… the question is whether or not Alice gets in the way.

Lorelei knows that Sam needs to get Emily out of here, she isn't going to fault either of them for it. She catches some of the conversation with Alice, Joyce and Bev and is glad the Cullen is still around at least. Still most of her attention is on Justin. A half yelp of pain escapes her once her arm is bitten down upon. With Justin falling she leans backwards and manages to drop the ski as well in the process. Well she wasn't expecting that to happen. Before she knows it her leg is grabbed and she's half yanked out of the seat, a hand goes to grab hold of the seats edge, the one with her now hurt arm. While half hanging she kicks out at Justin trying to get her other leg free before another tug as her falling right out of the lift seat. Choice curse words will for sure be heard as she hits the ground.

Emily is off with Sam. The tree are gone from sight completely, and even those that have inclined hearing wouldn't be able to hear them.

Alice doesn't pause to think, simply reacts. She puts her body between Joy's and Bev's as the other vampire leans in to bite Bev, hissing as she does so. "Back off, lady, or you'll regret it!"

Justin falls a moment before Lorelei, beginning a roll down the hill as his body smacks the ground with a dull thud. It takes him a second to reorient himself as he scans through the night. "Why did you come here? You weren't welcome. You weren't part of the plan." He pauses reflectively, "Although I do wonder, does the bite sting much? Maybe it needs more venom?" he laughs in a rather dim-witted way and then launches himself toward Lorelei again, wherever she might be headed after she gets up.
Several feet above, Joyce gets a mouthful of Alice, which doesn't get very far and doesn't taste very fine at all. She jerks back, eyes aflame. "I'm not backing off. This young lady shows so much promise, so much. I want her to be my daughter. I need another woman. Please Beverley, don't you want to join us? Remember what Justin told you?"

Beverley puts her arm on the back of the chair, set to try to get her feet, with skis, onto the chair, if possible, though not likely. Inevitably, this puts her arm a lot closer to Joyce than would probably be feasible. "Daughter? Seriously, I have a mom… and I thought you said Justin had issues and not to listen to him," she states with a brow upraised as she struggles to remove the skis, yet again. "Alice?" she turns her attention to her friend. "Are you okay, did she hurt you?" she enquires, her voice panicked, partially out of concern for Alice.

Once hitting the ground Lorelei rolled a few feet before using her hurt arm to stop the movement, which really didn't feel good. She's still for a few moments, her arm burning from the wound, which she presses into the snow trying to get the pain to stop. She hears Justin while shaking her head slowly as she sits up, while he talks she works at getting her jacket off. Catching sight of Justin she slowly stands moving backwards further away from the lift, she can only hope that Alice will be able to get Bev out of the area. "Oh.. Wouldn't you like to know why?" This is the last thing said before Lore turns into her wolf form which takes no time at all. The large black wolf glares back at Justin, strips of clothing clinging to her form while growls out at him.

Alice nods to Bev, "I'm fine, Bev." She then turns her attention to the other vampire. "She doesn't want to be your daughter. You are going about this all wrong. You cannot just find random, healthy humans who don't want any part of your life and turn them. There are plenty of other ways to get a daughter. This one is wrong. Walk. Away."

Justin's dive for Lorelei doesn't quite work; he misses because she transforms. He stands up looking baffled. "Wow, that was like, kind of cool." He stares for a moment. "Can you talk?" He tilts his head and gives her a moment to wait before shrugging. "Sorry. Joy said you had to die. Don't think fur will taste very good, but…" He's not very original in his attacks: he lunges for her again, teeth bared. This time, though, his hand goes to his pocket mid-launch, pulling at something shiny.
Joy smiles softly at Bev. "Oh honey, you will understand in a few days." To Alice, she huffs. "I can so. I've been doing it for the past year. Most of them… didn't make it. It's okay, this is another try. Mitch and Justin are helping, too. Now." She turns and smiles sweetly at Bev. "You're a nice girl, right? Tell your friend Alice here to leave and get help or else I'll have to hurt her and all of the ones she loves."

Beverley offers a faint nod when Alice confirms that she's okay. "She's right, you can't just… suddenly decide to take people and make them your 'daughter', especially not one's who have happy home lives," she gives, trying to look and seem calm, though her wildly flailing legs tell a different story as she's trying anything to kick her skis off. "Why would you hurt Alice, don't hurt Alice," she pleads, before looking at Alice. "Seriously, go, I don't want you to get hurt, just because some crazy lady is out to get me, for some reason," she gives, almost seeming resolved to whatever fate should befall her. "I'll do my best to get away from her, Ali, I promise, but, please," she pleads now, with her friend, "go, she won't hurt you if you go…"

The wolf shifts to the side to put a bit more distance between she and Justin as he starts to move closer. Her left forleg is where the bite wound can now be seen,and she is also not putting much weight on this leg because of it. Lorelei has more room to move around now then she did up in the seat so she doesn't have a problem when moving out of the way this time. She is quick she lunge back a thim though, her jaws trying to snap down and grab hold of one of his arms in the process.

Alice shakes her head, eyes narrowing. "I'm not going anywhere, Bev. I'd suggest you get out of here as soon as possible, though." Her eyes, now golden ice, never leave Joy. "You'll have to kill me to get to her, beastie." She says to the other vampire.

Justin collides with Lorelei in the air — he isn't bright enough to shift his path in the process, and the wolf's sharp teeth pierce his arm. He howls loudly, the sound echoing throughout the hills and sounding not unlike a demented animal in great pain. No blood leaks from the wound. It opens grotesquely, looking like a shredded Barbie doll's exterior might. In that hand was a gun. It flies out and lands in the snow near the wolf as he glares. "What the hell? Anyway, you know, you can't kill me. You'll have to rip me to pieces first. Go on, try." He makes a dash for the gun, only able to make it at a normal human speed.
Joyce heaves a sigh. "This is ridiculous! Leave me to the human." She thinks for a moment, and then suddenly maneuvers her body in such a way that she can easily drop off the lift, but as she falls, she makes a grab for Bev's leg.

Beverley grumbles. "I'm trying, Alice," she states, stripping her gloves off of her hands so that she can fumble around with her skis a bit easier, alas, Joyce now has a hold of her leg. "Great… now I'm really not going anywhere," she states as she tries to flail her legs wildly about in an attempt to dislodge Joyce from her. Her aim now is not to get her skis off, but to get Joyce off.

The wolf bounces off Justin after doing the damage, spitting out anything she might have gotten from bitting him in the process. Lorelei catches sight of the gun, but instead of trying to kick it away she lunges for Justin once again. A thick snarl escaping her open maw while she snaps out toward his face and neck trying to grab hold of some part of him in the process. She doesn't have a problem ripping him apart, if given the chance she could do it, even if it might be messy.

Alice had seen this coming, and is soon leaning as far out of the lift as she can, prying Joy's fingers off of Bev's legs one by one, with enough force to break them as she does this.

Justin manages to get the gun, but not in enough time to get anything. Indeed, his delayed movements make him not very aware of the wolf. That and the fact that he's never actually fought someone of equal strength before, much less fought… at all. He's struck by the force of the huge animal and he lets out another scream as she snaps at his face, tearing into his cheeks and his neck, which begin to emit a rather disgusting watery, pinkish liquid. The gun, however, is still in his hands, and he fires a random shot, aiming for the fur of the wolf with the last of his strength.
The gunshot can be heard for miles, probably. Joy certainly doesn't miss it — she struggled with Alice and Bev for a moment, continuing to try and yank Bev down, but she catches sight of Justin and gasps. "My baby! Noooo! You… you monster!" She lets go and runs toward the scene. Her eyes narrow and the rage begins to build up as Justin groans and doesn't move, much. Of course, he's not dead yet, but having a face pretty much torn off doesn't do even a vampire much good.

Beverley grumbles and drops to the ground when Joyce let's go… that, of course, doesn't do her any good either, as she lands on skis, on face, on injured wrist, yah, she's looking good now. "Okay, good, she's distracted, now…" she mutters as she sits herself upright and fumbles with the bracings on her skis. It's a bit easier this time, now that she can uses her hands, admittedly, she probably fractured her wrist as she tried to cushion her fall. "Alice, you okay?" she inquires, turning towards her friend. "Where's everyone else??" Yup, she's a true blue friend, worry about everyone else first.

The wolf doesn't stop bitting at Justin's face or neck, huge forepaws are used to hold him down to keep him put and she is about to try and go in for the kill so to speak, an then the gun goes off. A crying yelp echoes around the area mere seconds after the gunshot. Lorelei scrambles backwards, getting shot wasn't what she was planning on. She stumbles a few feet back, grimacing at the feeling. Ears flick forward and then back as she hears another voice, Joy's in fact.. A thick snarl escaping her, warning Joyce off, or at least trying to.

Alice jumps down to stand next to Bev, nodding. "I'm okay. Are you? We should get out of here.. though I'm not sure I feel right leaving Lore here on her own.."

Justin has for the most part, stopped moving besides a groan and a kick. His pain tolerance is low, and the lack of venom is making him feel a bit dizzy. If Lorelei was going for the kill, she surely had it if she had a match or two. Joyce stares at the animal. "I'm glad you were shot. I hope you bleed to death out here. There's no hospital in miles and miles." Not exactly up to date on the wolf healing properties, that one. She freezes, unsure if she should help Justin or hurt the wolf, and in the confusion of things, she runs off in the opposite direction. "Mitch! Mitch!" she cries, leaving Justin alone.
If anyone wanted to leave, there were certainly options. For one, more than one person brought their own car, currently parked in front of the lodge.

Beverley jumps as she hears the wolf. "Okay, so we have wolves and crazy people. What the hell is this place, and who are these people, Alice?" she inquires as she eventually just decides to screw with teh fumbling of the skis and rips the boots off all together. Stocking foot in the snow, awesome! Someone is definitely gonna have frostbite by the end of the evening. "Lore's still here? We've got to get her out of here…" she states, scrambling to her feet as best she can and turning in the direction that the most recent noise came from. "She's wasn't anywhere near that shot, was she?" she enquires with an upraised brow and in a panicked voice. Judging by her gait… there's more than her wrist injured, but she'll worry about that later. "Let's get Lore and go, Alice," she pleads. "We can't leave her here," is noted as she starts jog-limping towards the lone wolf. She's smart, not.

Alice glances at Bev's stockinged feet and then the snow, then without another word, scoops up the taller girl and begins walking in her skis over to the wolf. "Lore. Lore. Can you hear me? Can you shift? We have to get out of here, fast. I can get a first aid kit from my stuff in the cabin, but we have to get there first. How bad are you hurt?"

Lucky for Justin then that the wolf doesn't have any matches at the moment, even if she did in this form how could she possible use them? Lorelei standing there panting hard as she just watches Joyce flee off into after Mitch, the way that Sam and Emily left. Limping the large wolf slowly starts to move away from Justin's form and towards where Beverley and Alice is, though not by choice. She got herself a bit turned around during the fight on the chair and then after everything that happened here. While she might not die it still hurt like hell, and with the way she's bleeding from the gunshot it might take some time for that. Voices.. Wait.. She just blinks at Beverley and Alice, bright gold eyes watching them both before she just stumbles and drops laying in the snow. Shifting isn't a option at the moment it would seem.

"This isn't the last you'll see of me. I will have a daughter, I willllllll," Joy's voice carries into the distance, eerie and disturbed sounding.
Justin groans and rolls over into the snow, oblivious.

Beverley squacks as she's promptly not on her feet. "Okay, serious explanations are going to occur when we get back, right?" she enquires of Alice as she looks frantically about for Lore, obviously she's not going to find the human. "Shift? We'll get into that later," she notes. "Lore! Come on, we /have/ to go!" she calls, as loud as she can. "Crap, my favorite boots are at the cabin…" but then the teen shrugs. Clearly, fashion is overruled by… living, right now. "Alice, I can't see Lore," she states, concerned, now intent on getting onto her feet to go find their companion. She turns her head about wildly, where or where oh where is Lorelei. "Alice, we'll find her much faster if you put me down, at least you'll be able to move faster without me holding you down," is stated, stubbornly. "And maybe I can draw them away from her… I'm obviously what Joyce wanted in the first place…"

Alice notices another wolf arive. "Marshall? Is that you? Can you take care of Lore? I kind of have my arms full.." When the wolf whuffs an affirmative, she nods, and begins her trek towards the parking lot. "Oh, all my clothes. After this, we'll have to go on a big shopping spree to replace everything. Yes, that'll be just the thing to soothe our frazzled souls."

The two wolves don't hang around the area for long, and once Marshall is able to get Lorelei up and moving again she limps off with his help. Once Alice and Bev have left the pair leave in the truck to escape this places like all the others.

Beverley stops her attempt to get free when she hears Alice speak to Marshall, and breaths a sigh of relief that Lore'll be fine. "Shopping, great, I'm thinking a trip to the hospital, first, though," she states, now feeling the multiple throbbing pains. "Please, never let me jump off a chairlift again, that was just a bad idea, anyway," she notes with a crinkle of her nose and a shake of her head.

Alice nods. "Hospital first, definitely." They'd reached the parking lot by now, and there were a few neglected cars still left there. Alice chose the fastest looking one, obviously, which just happened to be unlocked. After helping Bev in, she bent down under the steering column to pull out wires and begin to fiddle, remembering what Rosalie had taught her about hotwiring cars. Soon, the engine roared to life. "Let's get the hell out of here." She cranked up the heat, backed up, and took off at top speed for the main road that would take them back to civilization.

Beverley does up the seatbelt and doesn't even ask where Alice learned to hotwire a car, she'll file that away with the rest of the evenings events for questions to ask. "So, when do y'all tell me what the hell happened?" she questions, because, yes, Alice is going to have /all/ the answers.

"Later. I promise." Alice draws a little X over her heart with her free hand, holding the wheel with only one hand as she does this. "First, we have to get you to a doctor. Just tell them you fell from a ski lift."

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