IC Time: March 31st, 2007 6:00pm
Location: Castaways Restaurant and Nightclub in Port Angeles
Synopsis: A night of dancing, dining, and unexpected pairings heat up in Port Angeles. Highlights of the night include Esme and Amaya winning the costume contest; Jacob and Esme dancing; Luc and Rosalie dancing. One donation exceeds 10k, by a Mr. C.W. Saunders.
Submitted by: Staff

Jacob arrives, somewhat late but that's good. The party is warming up. He slips through the gathering line outside easily enough, wearing an easy grin. At the door, he stops to greet someone he knows and then purchases his ticket, donating a bit more than is required. He stops at the bar for a frizzy soft drink and nurses it carefully, pausing there to have a look at the other costumed patrons.

As more of the guests start to enter the ball, it doesn't take long for people to start to notice that there is a stranger amongst them. Cal nods his head towards a few of the people who are whispering amongst themselves, before stepping up to the booth to pay for his admission. He reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a checkbook with a silver pen clipped onto it. He carefully starts to fill out the check, before handing it and the admission cost in cash to the person handling the tickets. He smiles softly towards the person as he slips the checkbook back into his jacket. He jerks his right shoulder, causing the cape to billow outwards wildly, before moving to step into the restaurant, completely at ease with this kind of atmosphere.

He nods towards a few more of the people within the building, easily making his way to the nightclub area. He steps up to the bar, and smiles towards the bartender, his voice coming out with a soft British accent. "I'd like a scotch. Make it neat if you can." The bartender nods, setting off to fill Cal's order.

Volunteers are just opening the doors to the benefit ball. All volunteers wear standard tuxedos paired with gold masks, greeting visitors with a smile. There are clearly a number of officers in attendance tonight, dressed in formal uniforms and wearing various masks, most with few frills. Inside, soft music plays for the dinner course. Some tables have place cards while others remain open for visitors to sit in. It appears the dining is buffet style, the staff seems to be setting it up right now. There is a stage on the dance floor, indicating perhaps some announcements will be made later. The bar is open for drink service, for an additional fee.

Moving with the grace of someone who knows her own body, Tzipporah makes her own, understated entrance. She pays for her entrance with a roll of small bills and moves further inwards. Silver eyes peer out from behind the mask, noting details and searching for familiar faces. It's always tough being the new kid. That same grace seems to add years to her appearance, and the dress doesn't hurt either. She catches a few eyes wandering her way, but no one approaches and she is content to move among the people until she finds something-or someone-interesting.

Despite the party having only just started, there's already a line out the door of festively costumed folk, lining up down the block. For such a small area, there's quite a bit of turnout. There is a low rumble as a red BMW slides into the parking lot; Emmett gets out, reaching in for a large hammer before sliding it into a harness on his back and walking to the other side, opening the door for Rosalie, who glitters in the streetlight. They bypass the line, Emmett murmuring something to the bouncer and tucking something into the bouncer's vest pocket. The rope is unchained and they enter into the main club, Rose's arm through his.

Alice enters on Jasper's arm, sparkling as as Greek goddess Artemis. She smiles at the bouncer as they follow her brother and sister to the front of the line, slipping the bouncer a similar tip. Leaning a bit of her weight on her black oak staff with a crystal moon on top, she smiles up at her husband, entering the main area that the ball is being held in.

Amaya enters the room, luckily enough being near the front of the line. She pays, donates and enters, tentatively looking around. Even with the mask, Amaya is tall enough that she'll likely be recognized by any that know her. She turns, and heads for a table off to the side.

Ah. There is just something about a man in leather. Black leather. Rosalie enters on Emmett's arm, a beaming smile on her lips as she makes her way forward in those dangerously high red heels. The Goddess Aphrodite is here, if no one else is. She waited for him to open her door, and yes, she actually let him drive her baby. Lowering her voice, she leans close to whisper to him.

Jacob wrinkles his nose. Oh no. Them. The Cullens are tolerated, of course and Jake is on his best behavior tonight but there's nothing he can do about his nose. Or is there, He asks the barkeep, "Do you have any Vics?" and gets a negative reply. He turns to greet the Cullens, particularly Alice and Jasper. His greeting is carefully controlled, even somewhat warm. He must be really trying. "Hi guys….", he says, with a genuine smile. "Brought some of your friends?", he wrinkles his nose again.

Theresa happened to be near the front of the line as well, and after paying and tucking her small wallet away somewhere she makes her way on into the room following the others. Her mask at the moment leans against her shoulder while her bright gaze drifts around the area taking in who all might be here. So far no one she knows, there's a surprize, well not really.

Emmett is good with cars and driving up in a big, muddy red Jeep probably wouldn't have looked quite as good. He leans his head towards Rosalie as she whispers and he grins - the silver mask cuts off half the big grin, making it look awkward. He looks like he's about to say something as equally naughty to her before he catches Jacob's question to the barkeep. He conciously stops breathing, but with the dim lights, it's not even noticable unless you're the gorgeous woman beside him. "Well, look what the dog dragged in!" Emmett offers Jacob jokingly, grinning again.

Unlike some, Ramona has opted to stand in line. After all, only while standing in line can you scope out the other guests, decide which are worthy of conversation and such. She adjusts her mask, knowing full-well she's not terribly disguised; her hair is rather obvious, as is her pale skin. She finally enters the restaurant just as Alice is let in by the bouncer. "…I must say, Little Miss Cullen, the silver looks good," she murmurs, brushing past a uniformed officer and watching as Amaya seats herself at a table on the side. Hmm, she looked strangely familiar. Her lips purse into a frown as she freezes to consider the younger human girl before turning sharply and heading to the bar. She wouldn't be dining, obviously, so she needed a drink to pull off that alcoholic-waif thing. Ramona catches the last of Cal's order and lifts a brow. "Scotch, huh? In a town full of beer drinkers." She orders a beer herself.

Cal nods his head towards the bartender, as he reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a small money clip. He pays for his drink, leaving a little extra for a tip, and moves back towards the restaurant area, only to stop to hear Jacob's request to the bartender. He pulls out a small bottle, and hands it to the man. "I guess I'm not the only one with allergies. Here. Always keep some on me." He gives a slight wave as he heads towards the restaurant area, moving to sit down at an empty table. He takes a small sip from his drink, watching the gathering people with slight interest.

Finally, someone she recognizes! Like a fly to honey, Tzip makes for Jacob, seeking the sense of security another wolf provides-even if she won't ever admit it. Without thinking, she inhales through her nose to speak, only to be washed in a sickly sweet scent. Scrambling to keep the nausea from showing on her face, the L.A. native forces a smile and elbows Jacob in the ribs. "I /thought/ I smelled wet dog." She looks him up and down. "Or should I say, wet cat?" Shooting him a teasing smile, she nods to Emmett and Rose. "Who're your friends?"

Alice passes a grin to Ramona, murmuring, "Thanks. You look pretty snazzy, yourself," before Ramona leaves for the bar. Inhaling, she catches the whiff of wolf, and she looks up to see a familiar face - Jacob. Alice breaks out in a warm, genuine smile. "Hey, Jacob. Haven't seen you around in a while," she greets him, casting a curious look to the female at his elbow. "Yes, do introduce us."

Luc enters wearing a simple green mask and scans the crowd, placing his money back in his money clip. He spots Rosalie and Emmett, recalling them from a conversation in the woods months ago and nods, though they seem engaged in conversation. He makes his way toward a table, spotting Theresa on the way, and frowning a bit. .oO( That vampire… ) He settles at a table where Amaya is, since there were no empty tables, and smiles. "Evening."

Rosalie pauses when Emmett does. Her golden eyes sweep the room from behind her mask. She too, isn't breathing, but hasn't been since this dress was put on. Alice laced up the back just a bit too tight. It's a good thing breathing is no longer required. Hearing that all-too familiar voice of Jacob, her eyes move in his direction. She says nothing, however. She just stares. Hard.

Theresa lifts her mask up to her face now that she is around more people; well it is part of the party after all. Her gaze drifts over a few people; she catches sight of the Cullens after a few moments, not like it’s that hard to spot them from others here. A slight scent catches her attention and she tilts her head to look back towards Luc, a friendly smile and nod is offered to the man. Oh yes she does remember that one, it’s been a while though.

And fashionably, somewhat, late, Esme steps through the door, with no husband on her arms. The woman, however, puts on a bright, if not potentially fake, smile, and makes her way in the basic direction of various other Cullen's. She has to compliment her little gods and goddesses on their outfits, after all.

Her hair has been done up in long curls and half pulled up upon her head, green and gold clips are found in her hair as well. The color of her eyes tonight is lovely lavender thanks to a pair of contact.
Amaya nods, and gives a small smile, the mask raising a bit as her face moves beneath it, and looks at the guy who sat down- she had been observing the room at random- "Evening."

Jacob gratefully takes the small Jar from Cal, "Hey thanks!", he beams his crooked smile, "You're a lifesaver." He smears some under his nose. It's better than vampire. Turning just slightly he offers some discretely to Tzipporah, fairly certain that Cal won't notice. First, to the Cullens he says, "I'm sorry, yeah, I guess I haven't been around much - after that thing we did together I needed a little break. How's Bella?" and then. "This is Tzipporah, she's one of the tribe. Tzipporah, this is, and he's careful to point out the Cullens specifically, Alice, Emmett, Esme (pausing a moment to admire her costume), Jasper of course, and even Rosalie, mimicking her stare uncannily well. Then he laughs, "I'm glad someone caught the irony of my costume. This dog dressed as a cat." There's a slight catch at the word 'dog' that a human wouldn't probably notice, but the others will.

Ramona waits as the bartender slides the beer over, foaming over a little at the top. She frowns down at it - maybe it wasn't the best choice. Beer, after all, couldn't be sipped. Leaning forward on the bar, she glares at the bartender, "This is not what I /ordered/. I ordered a seven and seven," she hisses rudely, crossing her arms and waiting for another order. She scans the crowd, pausing to observe the strange mix of conversation between the Cullens and the two wolfy smelling ones. She spots Theresa but doesn't recognize her, and manages to shoot a glare in Cal's direction for not answering her. Hmph.

Tzipporah takes the discreetly offered Vick's and smears a bit under her nostrils. Ah, /much/ better. "Only by default," she adds when he introduces her as tribal. "If it weren't for my 'anger management problem', I'd still be in L.A." She rolls her eyes and offers the present Cullens a sardonic grin. "My mother felt I could benefit from the experience of tribal life. I'll judge the benefits only if the boredom doesn't kill me first." She offers her hand around to Alice, Rose, then Emmett, as is polite when introduced. "It's really nice to finally meet you. Much more fun than all the second-hand information." Whee for doubletalk! Tzip shifts her weight, wondering if it's actually possible to make oneself dizzy via careful wording.

Emmett elbows Rosalie gently with a sidelong glance. "Honestly, I haven't a clue how Bella's been doing. I haven't seen much of her except when Alice drags her over to look at fabric samples…" He looks baffled. Fabric swatches. Wedding planning. Yeah, he's always left that to Rosalie. Esme is greeted with more enthuisasm than Jacob is, however, as he notices her when introduced. "You look gorgeous, Esme. Could Carlisle not make it, after all?"

Cal notices the glare, and smiles sweetly towards Ramona, even going as far to give her a slight wave. He takes another sip from his scotch, then makes his way back towards the bar. He reaches into his jacket once more, and pulls his money clip. His voice once more comes out with a soft british accent. "Here. Your drinks are on me. It seems I've done something to anger you, and I can't quite have someone I don't even know upset with me. I have to make sure its well earned first." He sets down a twenty dollar bill for the bartender, as he smiles towards Ramona, moving back towards Jacob to retrieve his jar of Vics. "I hope its helped you Mister…?"

"Nice costume," Luc says genially to Amaya, in attempt to make conversation. "I didn't even think to have a theme - I just went out and ordered the first mask I found on the web," he explains with a chuckle. "Oh, and let me know if I'm in someone's seat. I wouldn't want that."
Esme makes her way towards the crowd that currently includes Alice, Emmett and Rose, the woman paying little attention to Jacob, other than a very formal nod. "He got called away," she answers simply. "Nothing new there," the Cullen attired as Demeter states, her voice holding maybe a bit of a chilled tone to it, but only if one where to notice. "And I couldn't let my babies come to the party without me, could I?"

Rosalie extends her arm to wrap it around Esme as she joins. With one arm around Esme, and one looped on Emmett's, she has no hand to offer to shake to the tribal girl. Ain't /that/ a shame. Instead, she just smiles, beaming sweetly at both the girl and Jacob. "Of course you couldn't, mother. Who would keep us in line, and dance with our boys while we go powder our noses?"

Kate enters on the arm of no one, as she prefers. A bit of flirtation with the bouncer gets her to the head of the line, and into the restaurant. Kate is a vision in a deep blue corseted medieval-style gown, with a full skirt and petticoat. Her mask is also blue, bejeweled with tiny chips of sapphire and blue opal that shimmer in any available light. Her golden eyes peer out from the eye slits, and her red hair has been curled to perfection, falling nearly to her waist.

Ramona eyes the twenty Cal lays down and then glances back at him. "I doubt I'll have more than this tonight. I had my fill last night," she responds vaguely, lifting the drink the bartender delivered. "…How do you know you don't know me? Masked ball, you know," she says wryly, lips pursing into a smirk. As the man heads off, Ramona gazes toward the woman in jade again. She looked familiar, and oh-so-pale. Hmm. She takes a few steps through the crowd toward Theresa.

Jacob returns the little bottle of Vics to Cal, "Oh man, did it ever help… listen what's your name? I'm Jacob… Jacob Black, have we met? "You ever been to La Push?" his smile warms for Cal, "I owe you." "I would have been miserable without that." He says, his eyes darting apologetically to the Cullens. "Rose.", he greets her in a controlled voice, downright civilized for him." He even adds, "Nice costume.", and then turns to watch someone new come in for a moment, missing nothing despite the growing chaos of the bar.

Amaya shakes her head, "No, you're fine. And your mask isn't bad at all." She shrugs at the compliment, her slight blush hidden by her mask. "Thank you. I actually made the mask myself. The tail, well.." She trails off, shrugging. "Thanks."

Alice links her arm through Esme's other arm, though she stops to shake Tzipporah's hand first. "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm sure." Alice leans against her mother, smiling up at Esme. "I'd be lost without you, you know that. I'm glad you came."

Sabriel slips into the room quietly. She managed to slip past the man taking the tickets without much difficulty even though there wasn't much point in avoiding it, since she had purchased a ticket. With a faint smile, the young woman takes up a place against the back wall, content to stand still and observe. At least, for now.

Theresa hums to herself while she wanders along quietly, taking in the sights, sounds and well scents but she doesn't make that to well known. Sooner or later she makes her way towards where Luc and Amaya's table. A friendly smile is offered while she lifts her free hand and waves slightly to them. "Good evening.. What an interesting night huh?" Is questioned with a equally friendly tone.

Luc nearly chokes on the scent of vampires in the room. He closes his eyes for a moment, listening to the beating hearts and glancing around warily. "Well, thank you. I can't believe you made that yourself - you must be an artist, mademoiselle. Would you like a drink? I'm going to the bar. Shirley temple?" He's about to get up when Theresa arrives. "'Evening. Yes, though I hope it is rather uneventful," he says, oddly.

The lines have calmed down and most people are in the room. The buffet opens - dinner is served, but of course, those not dining are still welcome to socialize.

Beverley quietly steps into the room, and looks about the rather large crowd. With a slight eep she peers through her mask around the room, seeing a few familiar faces. Some of the Cullen's, but they're all together, and, OOH! Amaya. the teen moves forward, trying to keep some grace, and not get caught up in her little train.

"Nope. Haven't been many places. It's only my second time here in Port Angeles as well. I've only been in the area for about a week at most." Cal pockets the bottle of Vics, nodding towards Jacob. "I'm Cal Saunders. I'm glad I was able to help, Mister Black." He gives slight bow towards Jacob and Tzipporah, seemingly trying to pretend to be in character for the event. He then bows towards the Cullens, seemingly not wanting to slight them as well.

Esme offers Rose a warm smile and relocates her flowers to her other hand, wrapping the one closest to Rose about her daughter. "I will, of course, Rose, someone has to keep you group out of trouble," she gives, laughing and shaking her head. "And what, exactly, did you get your Emmett into this time?" she enquires with anupraised brow. The flower filled arm wraps it's way about Alice, smiling at her pixie-esque daughter. "You wouldn't be lost without me, Alice, you know that perfectly well. Besides, Jasper would keep you in line.

Shaking Alice's hand, Tzipporah opens her mouth to say something, but the influx of family talk changes her mind. Excusing herself with a smile, she turns to Cal. "Nice to meet you," she mumbles and then turns to find herself an empty space at the bar. "Can I have a champagne?" she inquires of the bartender smoothly, wondering if she can, indeed, get by with that at a police-sponsored event.
Jacob stiffens a little as Theresa greets Amaya. HIs protective instincts kick in a little. His right hand starts to tremble a little, but he controls it quickly. His smile is easy-going and warm for Cal. "Mister Saunders.", he replies in kind. "If you're ever in my neighborhood come see us. The beach is open to everyone and some people even surf." His eyes flicker to Tzipporah, "Did you surf much in California?"

Amaya shakes her head, "Artist, non. Highschool art class. And no, I'm fine. Thanks, though." To Theresa, she gives a somewhat uncertain, "Sure?" Amaya glances around, and spots Beverly, and smiles, the movement in her cheekbones causing her mask to raise up again, and she offers a small wave at the other teen.

Theresa tilts her head while peering at Luc curiously. "My my.. why would there be a problem?" She questions after a moment and smirks while she pulls out a chair with her free hand and sits down, she doesn't see a name on it so figures it is up for grabs. She looks to Amaya and offers her a smile once more before looking off, catching a few conversations.

Rosalie keeps her arm around Esme, sandwiched between her mother and husband. "I am glad you came then, even without Carlisle. It wouldn't have been the same without you. I'll even share Emmett with you. Doesn't he look good as Hephaestus? I should remember how good he looks in black leather." Her golden eyes move around the room again. "They opened the food up. But when does the dancing start?"

"Ahh. Well, it's very fine," Luc says to Amaya, complimenting her mask once more before she greets the other teen and he lets them talk. He shifts his body slowly toward Theresa after she sits, pasting a neutral smile on his lips. "Lots of different types of people. Lots of liquid flowing," he notes lightly to Theresa. "I didn't know you were still in Forks. Forgive me, I forgot your name - if I ever did get it - but you look very nice tonight." As nice as a vampire can.

Beverley takes as little time as possible getting across the room to Amaya, wherein she smiles. "Hi," she greets, extending her smile to both Ama and her company, almost sighing in relief at the friendly face that is Amaya. "I'm Bev," she offers to those at the table whom she doesn't know.

Ramona watches Theresa drift toward a table, and not wanting to sit she instead scans the area with interest, eyes locking onto Kate and her red curls with gold eyes. She takes a few careful steps toward the redhead, then smiles sweetly. "Hello. Are you new to town?"

Cal rolls back his right sleeve, glancing at the watch upon it. "Well.. It's been nice meeting you Mister Black. I do hope you have a pleasant evening.. However, I've got a lot of unpacking still to do. So I think I'm going to retire. Miss." He nods towards Tzipporah, only to set his drink down upon the bar. He nimbly starts weaving his way through the crowd, heading towards the exit.

Amaya nods, "Again, thanks." She turns slightly towards Bev, but blushes as Bev introduces herself, although it's again hidden by the mask. She turns back to the other two, "Oh, yeah. Sorry. I'm Amaya."
Theresa chuckles softly. "This is true.. I don't think there will be a problem though. Seems things are going well so far." She points out to Luc, her gaze turns to Beverley and she smiles and nods to the girl. "Hello there, pleasure to meet you Bev, Amaya." Her attention turns back to Luc. "Why thank you.. That is very nice of you to say. I'm Theresa." Though this is also said to the two girls at the table as well.

Jacob catches Amaya's name, maneuvering a little closer. He keeps an ear on the conversation under the pretense of going to refill his drink. His eyes flicker to Tzipporah and then to the Cullens, suddenly grateful that they're here, after a fashion.

After twenty minutes or so, a petite woman introduces the Clallam County sheriff, who gives a short speech about his extended thanks to his staff, making a few jokes along the way. Afterwards, the Port Angeles police chief speaks, and finally, Charlie Swan gives a few words - very few. The presentation is humor-filled and fun, and when it's over, the petite woman resumes the mic: "In a few moments the floor will be open for dancing. At the end of the night we do have a prize for best costume, if you want to enter please notify me, I'll be at the table over there all night." She points to the volunteer table and then goes to sit down.

Accepting the glass of champagne brought to her, Tzipporah catches Jacob's eye and then turns her attention to his direction. Tzip, being Tzip, takes the more aggressive approach and heads right on over. She does that. "Hello," she greets, spying an empty seat. "Mind if I join you? There don't seem to be a lot of spare seats." At an appropriate moment, she inhales deeply. The Vick's helps, but she can still scent the vampire. That…certainly explains Jacob.

"Luc," he announces to the table, smiling pleasantly toward Beverley and Amaya. "Nice to meet you." He isn't quite sure what else to say, the girls are quite a bit younger than him; he doesn't usually associate with teenagers. Somewhat awkwardly, he turns back toward Theresa. "You should enter the said costume contest. People like you a great at disguise." He nearly smirks but hides it, instead nodding to Tzip as she arrives. "Sure, open seat." To Theresa, he adds, "You don't think there will be a problem?" He gapes. Isn't she /the/ problem?

Amaya nods, "Same to you." As the announcement is made, Amaya peers at the woman, tilting her head a bit as if contemplating something. But then Tzipporah is there, and Amaya nods and gives a small, but genuine smile, "You're welcome to." In response to Luc, she nods, "Likewise."

Taking a last look back, Cal removes his mask as he reaches the door. He neatly unclasps the cape from his shoulders, folding it over his arms. He quietly slips out of the door, leaving without much notice from anyone.

Beverley smiles and takes a seat at the table. "Pleasure to meet both of you," she gives, flashing her smile, causing her own mask to shift slightly as she speaks, before giving a polite nod to Tzip.

Jacob makes an effort to mingle now. He introduces himself to a few new human faces, looking relaxed. He sips on his refilled soda, avoiding the other choices as a practical matter. He chuckles at the announcement quietly, He watches Cal go with real disappointment, and yet, is that relief too? Good for you human, be safe.

Ramona wanders away from Kate, assuming she might just be another Cullen or something. Wait, there was only seven of them… right? Her head spins for a moment and she turns sharply to try and escape a very wolfy smell, but a hoard of officers pushes by and instead she's sandwiched up next to Jacob. Ramona scowls underneath her mask. "Such filth at an upscale party? …Oh well. It is Washington, after all," she laments in a rude whisper toward Jacob.

Theresa tilts her head as she catches the announcement and humms as she hears Luc before smiling. "Perhaps I will enter it." This said happily. "Though I get the felling another group will win for sure." Meaning the Cullens all dressed up some distance away. Her gaze drifts to Tzip, her mask still over her face while she just smiles. "Not at all.. Please sit down." If she just doesn't breath to much then the scent of the wolves around her doesn't seem to bother her. At least this is what she keeps telling herself.

Jacob smiles, saying under his breath, "Yeah, and I'm the filth that doesn't wash off." His eyes make his message clear. I see you. I know who you are, but his smile never wavers. His comment is said in a very low voice, but he knows she can hear him.

Kate turns to catch up with Ramona after finishing a conversation with a police officer, smiling at the woman. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch what you said - I was too busy trying to extract myself from an uncomfortable conversation." Kate flashes a charming grin, and lifts one hand in a wave, "Hi."

Settling herself in the available seat, Tzip eyes the buffet and silently thanks her grandmother for feeding her beforehand. "I'm Tzipporah Clarke. Just moved to La Push a few weeks ago. Bored out of my mind already." Another inhalation and she finds Luc's scent particularly interesting. Similar, but…off, somehow. She can't put her finger on it and it bugs her. "I highly doubt there'll be /any/ problems." She puts just a hint of stress on the word. The humans will miss it, but Theresa and Luc should pick it up, no problem. "Not with so many watchful eyes." Hers being one of those sets. "What could possibly go wrong?" Really? Did she just say that? Seriously, she should /so/ know better.

"So, Theresa, tell me more about yourself. What brings you here? I'm here on business." Luc's eyes burn intensely behind the mask. Maybe it's time he gets to know some of /them/ instead of watching from afar. Maybe he could prove something… his gaze drifts back toward Tzip, "I'm Luc, by the way. This seems to be the table for us people arriving alone," he jokes, a smiling settling into his face. "Aha. La Push. I met some people from there." He can't say more, especially with the bloodsucker next to him. "I agree, Tzipporah. Lots of police."

Esme smiles. "Of course he looks good, Darling. He doesn't really have a choice with you, does he?" she enquires with a slight little wink towards her family and whomever may have managed to find themselves in the Cullen's company.

"I know, I visited your gross little village," Ramona says back. "My clothes stank for weeks." Smiling sweetly, she turns as she's addressed by Kate, a much sweeter-smelling being, indeed. "It's alright. I just asked if you were new in town. And nice dress."

Beverley nods towards Tzip. "Nice to meet you," she offers. "I'm Beverley McKinnon," she responds in kind, quietly listening to the speeches, or, as quiet as she can, which isn't much.
Kate lifts a hand to touch the skirt of her gown, and smiles. "Yes, I am, actually. I'm from Alaska." She extends her hand to Ramona. "Kate Denali," she introduces herself, then tilts her head. "Say.. aren't you from Crimson Delirium? You played bass, right?"

Some patrons are beginning to finish dinner, and on the dance floor, dots of silver light bounce around as the disco ball begins to turn and laser lights are turned on above the dance floor. The first song is a slow song, a tribute, the DJ announces, to the former officers: "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan.

"Ooh, they're starting the music!" Alice bounces up and down, causing her dress to billow around frantically. "Jazz, c'mon, let's dance," she begins to steer her husband towards the dance floor.
Jacob startles, seeing Kate here for the first time. It takes only a moment to recognize her. He smiles in spite of himself, "Kate?", he offers quietly, hoping to get the word in before the music starts, not that that matters.

Ahha! Music! Once the music starts, Rosalie pushes her mother and Emmett toward the dance floor. "Go on. You two dance first. I can wait. I'll just go stand over here and look pretty. When you are done dancing, I can dance with Emmett."

Amaya nods, "Amaya Mitsu. I got here a few weeks ago, haven't bben more bored then I was back home. Yet, at least. Then again, I lived in a smaller town than Forks." She shrugs, "Nice to meet you." She eyes the buffet briefly, but turns back to Bev, "How's it been going?"

Theresa hums softly to Luc and ohs a moment while lowering her mask so she can speak without holding it up at the moment. "Well I'm from Japan…Came here with a friend to get some sightseeing in and the like. We're staying for a while more while I take some classes at the local college. It’s a rather interesting place I must say." She looks to Tzip at the talk of La Push and hums softly. "I've heard some interesting stories about that place.."

"Yeah! Guess the mask didn't do much - I'm not one for disguises," Ramona responds, taking the woman's hand and shaking it firmly. "From Alaska?" She's about to ask about the hunt there, but she reminds herself of the woman's gold eyes and then merely shakes her head: "Not much sun there either! Probably makes for a nice home." She watches warily as Jacob addresses Kate and snarls.

Jasper has been silently observing everyone around him, feeling the tension coming from Esme he was battling the want to calm her nerves. He wouldn't break a vow to manipulate feelings that she deserves to have, but before he can really make any decision he looks towards Alice with a simple nod as she begins to pull him towards the dance floor.

"Really? That's interesting," Luc says, a ghost of a smile on his lips. .oO( I'm not so sure I believe /that/. ) "I hope to see you around again, Theresa." He smiles in a friendly manner toward all of them, and then excuses himself: "I'm getting a drink." Stepping toward the bar and dance floor, Rosalie catches his eye - as she might for any red-blooded male - and he pauses. "Evening. Perhaps this breaks taboo, but would you fancy a dance?" Luc doesn't exactly smile, but adds, "I had something I'd like to ask you."
Kate chuckles, shaking her head. "It helps that I'm a fan. But you carry yourself very distinctly.. you're not really a blend-into-the-crowd type, are you?" Kate arches an eyebrow, then cranes her head as she hears someone call her name, trying to place the voice. "Did you hear that? I didn't think anyone knew I was here…"

Alice is bound for the dance floor, but she turns back to wave at Rose and hears Luc ask her for a dance. "Ooh, let's see what she says," she murmurs, whisper-quiet, to Jasper, nodding towards Rose and the unknown wolf. "She's probably regretting not getting a drink, so she could throw it in his face," Alice observes cheerfully.

Tzipporah laughs! "The legends? Yeah, my mom used to tell them to me as bedtime stories. Even as a kid, I knew they were fake." She winks at Luc. "Though whether that's more due to the stories themselves or my mom's pitiful storytelling, I'm not really sure." She offers Theresa a warm enough smile, but even as she continues conversation, her eyes never leave the vampire for long. "Oh? Who did you m- Oh." .oO( Now /that/ is unexpected. Have to ask Jake later… ) Seeing as Luc has excused himself to…Rosalie Cullen of all people, Tzip shrugs and turns to the other girls. "So. What do you guys do for fun around here? Besides fish or hike or hunt or camp or…well, you get it." Every so often, just for an instant, her eyes shift to the dance floor…is that…yes, a bit wistfully.

Jacob's eyes narrow and he looks toward the one who snarled. He decides not to introduce himself right at this very moment. Maybe he's wrong. He only has her description from Carlisle. Instead he makes his way toward the dance floor, looking a little dazed. He shares a quick look with Tzipporah and gains some support there.

Esme smiles as she's pushed off towards the dance floor, with her son, no less. "Well, seems like instructions have been given," is offered as she moves with all sorts of grace to dance with Emmett. Of course, Esme can't help but hear Luc's question of Rose, which causes Esme to chuckle, quietly, as she makes sure to pay attention to what her daughter says.

Beverley looks about the group a bit longer before responding to Amaya's enquiry. "It's been going, I've been keeping busy with school and the like," she gives with a faint nod of her head, as she briefly rubs a bit underneath the mask, not used to wearing such a thing.

The next song starts. Debussy's "Clair de Lune." No bronze-haired boy to be seen, but maybe he had some influence here or there?

Amaya raises her eyebrows, although the action is invisible under her mask, and asks, "Japan? Cool." Her tone of voice that she isn't being sarcastic in that statement. A brief nod is given toward Luc as he gets up, and she shrugs in response to Tzip, "Climb trees, read, write. But I'm wierd." She smiles, and gives another shrug.
Rosalie had every intention of standing there and waiting on her Emmett. She certainly was enjoying the view of him dancing. In black leather. Did I mention it is black leather he's wearing? Oh. What was that?? Her nose twitching, just a little, Rose turns her gaze to Luc. And stares at him. What a jerk, asking her to dance. He doesn't really mean it. He's just doing it to look brave, asking one of the most untouchable women in the room. He doesn't actually /want/ to. So, it is with a wicked, wicked grin, that Rose dips a curtsy. "I would be delighted…"

Jasper watches Rosalie as he dances with his wife around the floor. He is glad at least she is being /nice/ in public. "This should be interesting." he whispers lightly though looking towards Alice he grins. Dancing her around the floor, "Did I mention how ravishing you look tonight?"

Jacob chuckles, flashing rose a sunlight smile as he catches her intention through her body language just a moment before she puts it into action. He nods, like a knight of old acknowledging a good thrust from his opponent.

Alice chuckles at Rose, clearly interested in watching them dance, but soon her attention turns back to what's really important: her husband. She smiles up at Jasper, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Why, no, you didn't. You look quite ravishing, yourself." Alice plays with a lock of Jasper's hair, lying at the nape of his neck.

Esme lets herself be twirled about the dancefloor by her son, chuckling as she see's, and hears, Rosalie's response to the werewolf. This should /certainly/ be incredibly interesting, definately something worth watching. "Careful Emmett… looks like you might have some competition," she gives with a chuckle, motioning with her head towards Emmett's wife and her dance partner.

"Very well." Luc studies Rosalie for a moment and that grin - enough to make any man feel nervous, and indeed his heart does skip a beat, but only because she looked like… He bows a small bow at the waist and then offers a hand out to her, unsure of how the cold, pale flesh will feel. Dead? Once on the floor, the music is soft and elegant enough to speak in tones just beyond a whisper. "I met with your brother… I daresay 'twin' the other day. You remember… I spoke to you on the street before, and in the woods." Luc pauses, starting to lead the dance, keeping a further distance than normal to his partner, so long as she actually /dances/ along with him. "I too, am worried about this town and the recent population changes. I told Jasper I hoped we could be allies - but I need to know something from your kind, if you would be so kind to divulge."

Theresa offers a smile to Luc, "Yes indeed.. An I do hope to speak with you again sometime." This offered before she looks to Tzip once more and tilts her head. "For fun?.. Ah yes.. Well I work on finding rare pieces of artwork actually.." Which she is sure these girl can't be /that/ interested in. "Excuse me I'm going to go sign up for that contest thingy.." Is offered while she stands up and slips of that'a'way.

"I didn't know we had fans way up in Alaska. Thank you," Ramona says, obviously flattered, but trying not to show it. "Er, nope, didn't hear anything." She smirks, thinking Kate's just not wanting to talk to the wolf, which is fine with her. "So, do you have a c… er, family, or are you solo?"

Without so much as a flinch, Rosalie puts her hand in Luc's, hard and ice cold. Her eyes remain on his face as she squeezes just a liiiiiiiitttle harder than she would have to. Not enough to actually hurt him, mind. Just enough to make sure she has his attention. Yes. That's it. She turns with him, and once she reaches the dance floor, takes up perfect waltzing posture.

With Theresa out of range from Bev and Amaya, Tzipporah relaxes, her shoulders slumping forward, just a bit. Spying Jacob alone for the moment, she excuses herself and heads his way, downing the rest of her 'bubbly' mid-way there. Finally, she reaches his side and sets her empty glass on a passing tray, uncaring of whether it's meant for that purpose or no. Tzip nods once towards Luc. "Who is he?" she inquires calmly, completely unaware that the bassist for one of her favorite bands is just feet away. "He said he's met some of us before."

"Why not go sign us up for the contest?" Jasper nods towards the lady to go see, "Give me a moment to dance with Esme. Pull Emmett with you before Rosalie notices all the females are gawking towards him." He stops the dance kissing Alice on top of her hand, then walking towards Esme and Emmett. "May I cut in?" he asks holding his hand out with a genuine smile.

Alice nods, giving Jasper's hand a squeeze and then gently pulling Emmett by his hammer towards the booth where people can sign up for the costume contest. "Emmett, you owe me a dance," she informs her brother, signing the piece of paper with all five Cullens' names with a flourish - Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Esme Cullen, Rosalie Cullen. Then she drags Emmett towards the dance floor, no mean feat for a vampire half his size.

The crowd appears to be growing anxious, so the DJ next plays a more upbeat song to appease - an old classic rock favorite, "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard. The woman at the table begins to organize the entries.

Jacob answers Tzipporah in a low voice, "It's true, Zip.", he says "We met with him before you…", he doesn't finish. He doesn't need to. "Still, stay on your toes. He's…. unpredictable best I can figure." He turns to nod her direction and then turns back.

Kate grins at Ramona. "My sisters and I," she puts emphasis on the second word, which would probably answer her question about being solo or not, "are all fans, actually. Alaska isn't really the culture center of the world, but we have heard of rock music," Kate comments wryly. She actually wasn't brushing Jacob off, but in the crowd, it was hard to place an unfamiliar voice. Oh, well, there would be time enough to talk to him later, if he sought her out again. "Did I hear right? Did you break off from the band, you and Ginny?"

Esme chuckles as Emmett is stolen from her, but is quick to flash her motherly smile towards Jasper. "You're always welcome to cut in, Dear," she responds with a chuckle as she watches Alice sign the family up for the costume contest, momentarily chuckling at some of the human males, occupying their unoccupied time with oogling her daughters. Of this she seems to take great delight.

Luc doesn't wince outwardly, but holding a vampire's hand was downright chilling. Plus, she didn't seem to be breathing. He leads the waltz, messing up a few times. "…So, as I was saying. After the incident in the woods last week with the er, beheading…" Okay, that sounded awkward said outloud. At least it was said in extremely low tones. He gets the rest out fast: "Would it be safe to assume your 'authorities' might be arriving? As you can guess, this would be a bad situation for me." The fast song begins, and he clears his throat, unsure of where to go from there.

"Unpredictable?" Tzipporah shifts her weight to get more comfortable-a bit hard to do in heels. "How d'you figure?" She bites her lip, desperately wanting to ask. Finally, she caves, but does so in tones meant for his ears only. "Why does he smell…like that?" She can only assume that Jacob knows what she means. "Like us but…not."

Ramona shrugs with a slight smile on her face, "Never visited there - you know the stories. No radios, TVs… it's good to hear there is some civilization yet. Aha. Sisters." She sets down the pesky drink, which is getting warm anyway, and not fooling anyone except the humans. "Yep, that's true. We had a slight problem with Lev's new squeeze. Just like a newborn, that one," she hints heavily.

The song might change, but Rose keeps her grip on Luc and keeps waltzing. Because there is no /way/ she is dancing with /him/ to Pour Some Sugar On Me. It is not happening. No. She simply ignores the song. "The authorities on the matter, as you put it, have already examined the situation, I believe. If they were interested in examining anything more closely, they will likely be back to do so, with older, more qualified people."

Jasper being from the era of the slow dances, stops as the fast song begins. Staring at Esme he notices the others and their moves but decides purposely to try and not mimic. Offering her his arm, "Come?" he smiles using this moment to try and channel some positive energy to lift her spirits just a touch.
Amaya blinks as the table is suddenly down to only Bev and Amaya. She looks around, and stands, "I'm going to go grab some food, quick."

Beverley nods towards Amaya. "I should do the same, actually," she gives before nodding to their company and rising to her feet. With care she makes her way towards the food, ensuring that she doesn't get the little train caught on anything as she goes.

Jacob answers Tzipporah by taping his head, "I'll tell you later." "Doesn't look like there's going to be any trouble here. I'm going to leave soon if I can."

Esme raises a brow as the song raises, she wasn't exactly brought up to 'boogie' with the younger generation, thus, she takes Jasper's arm and lets him lead her away. "Remind me to convince Mr. Black that a dance could be fun," she gives in a very, very low voice, with a playful smile and a laugh, seems the atmosphere as lifted her spirits, at least a little bit, maybe enough that she won't be attempting any husband damage later. Despite that she's just bitter that he won't be there.

Theresa watches the ones out on the dance floor curiously, she signed herself up for the 'contest' and is now merely watching and listioning to what conversation she can catch as she moves around, heading back to the table she was at before.

Luc goes along with the waltz, albeit with a wince on his face. It's unclear if the wince is from the music, the dance, or the murmured conversation. "Ah. I have not been as observant as I thought, then. It may be wise for me to skip town for awhile, then, if the older ones come. They will remember, just as Carlisle does," he says simply. "Thanks for the waltz." In the middle of the chorus, he politely drops her hand and steps cleanly away. "And the information. I am indebted."

Tzip nods. "I'll be here for a while yet. Any trouble, I'll make sure you know." There are plenty of dark alleys around here, right? Brushing his arm with her fingers as a silent farewell, she moves on, doing her best to find someone else who seems interesting.

Only Rose does not let go of his hand. She stops dancing, holding tightly, and maybe a little painfully, onto it as she steps closer, voice lowering to a whisper. Just judging by the look on her face, whatever she is telling him, she is not pleased about. "You are welcome for the information. But so help me, if you ever, /ever/, show up on my doorstep again, and LIE to my family to get within our home? I /will/ harm you." Her eyes are deadly cold as she steps back to release him, giving a practiced warm smile and a curtsy. "Thank you for the dance."

The DJ makes an announcement before the next song. "Ms. Little wants me to tell you that the costume contest will be announced shortly. Also, next song is per request from a Ms. Mallory." "Unforgettable" begins to play in all of its sultry goodness.

Amaya heads towards the food, but quickly swings by the sign-up-place, and signs up for the costume contest. Just for gits and shiggles. She quickly heads back to the food, getting there right before the DJ announcement.

Kate quirks an eyebrow at Ramona. "A newborn? Really? That's some heavy stuff. Do you intend to start your own band?" Kate tilts her head, raising an eyebrow. She sways absently to the music, her hands free of drinks.

Esme smiles as an appropriate song is played and removes her arm from Jasper. "Go spoile Alice, Dear," she gives as she makes her way across the floor, looking for the entirely noticeable form of one Jacob Black. "Jacob," she greets, pleasently, brightly, even, once she's within human earshot before making a backwards request for someone as old as she is. "Might I ask a dance of you, Mister Black," she gives, quite formally, but her voice is still quite pleasent. Upon hearing Rose's words, though, she momentarily turns her head, and levels an even 'don't you dare' glare upon her daughter, though she doesn't say anything.

"Lie?" Luc's eyes narrow. "Oh, don't flatter yourself, madame. Getting into your home is not important to me; I merely thought your group might be interested in meeting a like-minded spirit. It seems I misunderstood, and for that, I am more sorry than you know." He bows stiffly and turns to walk away, shaking out his hand. .oO( The longer I stay the more I realize Abbey might be right about everything. ) He moodily walks through the crowd.

Jacob freezes in shock. "Uh… Sure, sure…", he says weakly. He wants to bolt but it's Esme asking. He can't refuse, exactly, after what happened in the meadow. "Uh…" He actually misses a step and stumbles a little. So much for reflexes. After a moment more of indecision he regains himself and his body responds with its former grace. "I'd be delighted.", he says, matching Roselie's earlier tone well. His russet face is red-shifting a little bit more every second now.

"I don't need to flatter myself. You were the ones that spoke the lie." With that, and the wolf leaving, Rose turns to step off the dance floor. Her only consolation? The dude leaves coated in fairy dust wherever she touched him. He'll never get it off his clothes. Muahahahahaha.

"Yep. She's only about 16 or so," Ramona says, for the sake of any human eavesdroppers. "Yep, we're starting our own group. …Do you have any talent?" she inquires, part serious, part not.

And her search through the crowd brings Tzip nearly straight into Luc once more. "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." She offers a pretty-if sheepish-smile and glances toward the dance floor. .oO( Well. ) She extends her hand towards him then. "Would you care to dance?"

Kate lets out a soft laugh. "I like to sing, a little. Play a couple instruments. Lots of free time, you know." If you'd lived 1,000 years, you'd have time to pick up a /lot/ of skills. She raises an eyebrow significantly, as if to communicate that thought.

Beverley gets through the line quickly, before making her way back to the table, food in hand, and sits down. Thus eating, and watching. She finds nothing odd about the group of people, nor who some have partnered up with for dances.

Esme offers Jacob her bright smile, trying so very hard not to laugh as the big wolf stumbles, and stutters too, so much for grace. "Excellent, thank you, Jacob," she gives, though she uses as little breath as is vampirically possible. Unlike Luc's earlier mission, though, Esme is purely intent on enjoying herself. "How have you been, Jake?" she questions, attempting to be endearing, but she's certain her smell is getting to the dog, even in such a short period of time.

Theresa gaze drifts to Luc and Rose as she barely catches any of the conversation between the two. She ponders to herself a few moments before she humms and glances off. Stretching a moment she turns her attention towards Esme as she wanders over to Jake.
Luc, stuck in his brooding thoughts, doesn't see Tzip either, and looks startled for a moment before smiling gently. "Sure. If you don't mind the uh, glitter," he says with a grin, extending his hand that is pretty-ified by Rosalie's fairy dust. "Sorry for ducking out so fast over at the table." He doesn't give much of an excuse, just a shrug before he moves toward the dance floor, moving into a much more relaxed dance, if Tzip follows.

Jacob does dance lightly and well, for his part. "I'm doing okay Mrs. Cullen.", he says in a low voice, his voice, the one he uses with the people he's closest to. It's late, and it's been quite an evening, and his guard is down. "The wedding plans kinda… threw me for a loop for a while but… if it's what she wants." Poor Jake. Even now his love is plain to see, costume or not. "Uh… yeah." He continues to dance, tilting his head ever so slightly away. It helps a little.

Jasper crosses towards Rosalie taking her by the hand. "Tonight isn't the night." he mutters leaning close to her ear. Letting go of her hand he gives her a rather unreadable stare, before turning towards a table having a seat.

Amaya makes it through the line and heads back to the table, sitting down before standing up again almost immediately, adjusting her tail, and sitting again. She settles and simply observes, listening to the music.

Tzip does follow, and even throws in a bright sort of smile. "Don't worry about it," she assures him, sinking happily into the rhythm of the dance. "If it was important enough to risk the Ice Queen's wrath, I'd say it deserved the speediest exit around, and you only halved that." She chuckles under her breath. "You did, after all, excuse yourself first." With a daring sort of grin, she releases one of his hands and lifts the other over her head so she can twirl before trying to recapture it. Topping from the bottom, as it were. "How long've you been around Forks?"

Oh no he didn't! Rose blinks at Jasper, then scowls. "I didn't do anything wrong." Her voice is kept to a whisper. "I simply informed him what would happen if he ever lied about being my friend to get into our home again. I am defending our home, which is more than you did, I'll remind. Oh sure, friends with my sister, come right on in!"

Esme can't help the friendly smile that makes its way through. "You know it is, Jacob, but you know she'll always think of you as a friend," she gives quietly. "This isn't very pleasant for you, is it?" she enquires, being all… mom-like, to the dog, no less. Esme is, unsurprisingly, light on her feet as she actually lets Jacob take the lead in this dance. When the song seems about to wrap up, Esme smiles, again. "It was a pleasure speaking with you, Jacob. Don't be a stranger to Bella, please," she requests. Such a weird request, coming from a cold one, but, it is Esme, after all. Once her words are spoken, she makes her way to her family, still holding her breath, from the smell that's now settled on her. At least Jake smells like a vamp, and is covered in fairy dust, too!

Alice just went and sat with Jazz and Kate had to go but gave Ramona her number."
Jacob smiles his sidewise smile, "Thanks, Mrs. Cullen." He means it too, parting with confidence. Who cares about his reputation? Not Jake, that's for sure. He's in deep and that's just the way it is.

Jasper stands back up glaring towards Rosalie, "Why don't you just.. Go kiss a mirror! I can see why Edward ignores you, and Emmett is really the only one that can /stand/ you." He already regretted the words after they left his lips, but it was too late for now to deal with it. "I've had enough." he takes off his mask laying it on the table, "See everyone at home." turning he heads for the doors in a fast paced walk.

"Wrath doesn't quite describe it. See, I thought…" Luc cuts off, shaking his head (and fairy dust subsequently falling down; it somehow migrated up there when he touched his hair) and then smiling. "Forget it." He anticipates the twirl and easily lifts his hand up. "Ah, I've been staying here in the Port for the past few months. Business, you know. And a certain curiosity for old legends. I assume you are over in La Push?"

"Thought what?" Insatiable curiosity now seems to be a canine, rather than a feline, trait. "I am now, yeah." Tzip can't hold back the grin as her dance partner seems to anticipate her moves. Impressive. "I was in L.A. up until…" She trails off and shrugs. "You know. Being here is not my idea, but the city's no place for strays of my…stature." She tilts her head to one side. "What sort of business are you in?"

As the song winds down, the petite woman walks along the side of the dance floor holding two 'trophies' - gold-gilded police badges with 'BEST DRESSED!' embossed upon them. "Now, this was a difficult decision," she squeaks, "but the board has come to an agreement about the best costume." Over at the table, the board still seems to be bickering over the results: several of the men are obviously goggling over Rosalie (still), while the others weigh the other costumes.
"The first place best costume goes to Mrs. Esme Cullen, for her creativity and obvious effort. Congratulations, Mrs. Esme Cullen!" There is a pause while the award is offered to the winner.
After, the woman adds, "A runner up was selected as well. We congratulate Ms. Amaya Mitsu in her cat-themed outfit, reportedly made by hand."

Jacob departs quickly after that dance. Looking thoughtful. At the door the very sharp eyed might have seen him starting to slip out of the buckskin shirt that was part of his costume.

Not one to like seeing others in the lime light, Ramona leaves. No good humans around, anyway. She huffs and walks out shortly after Jacob departs, muttering.

Rose just stands there, staring at Jasper. How did this become about her being self-centered, when she was trying to protect the family from damn werewolves?! Is this really how they see her? FINE. Saying nothing, she lets Jasper leave. Oh. They hadn't seen the Ice Queen yet. Her arms fold around her chest, and if she could shoot bolts out of that staff, she would.

Esme had only just settled in her seat when her name is called, and her head snaps away from her bickering children towards the stage. "Oh," she gives, quietly, startled before leveling an eye at her children, with a clear question as to 'who did that' on her face. Not that she's irritated at all. "C'mon, Rose, dear, let's go accept an award," yup, she's dragging her daughter up there with her, or she intends to. "Besides, don't you want to give everyone the chance to stare at that gorgeous costume of yours?" Esme enquires as she makes her way to accept the award, with a gracious smile.

Theresa smiles as she hears the winners and lowers her mask to clap a moment after they are named. Good choices she thinks.

Amaya blinks, her head snapping up as her name was called. She didn't expect /that/. But she stands, blushing- again- and walks up to the woman with the trophies, behind Esme and Rose (if she's there).

Luc attempts to let Tzipporah turn once more before the song ends, answering her inquiry. "I thought perhaps I had struck an alliance of sorts. I think I may have moved too quickly." He bows gracefully as the song ends, listening idly to the winners and clapping politely, but turning his head to speak to his former dancing partner. "California? Lovely. Yes, indeed, I could see why you'd be needed here." He watches Amaya and smiles faintly before adding, "Real estate. Mostly in France, but since I had to be here anyway, I figured I'd invest."

Rosalie is, apparently, dragged up front with Esme. She might be angry beyond words, but she can fake it as much as the next person. She's had plenty of time to learn how. Joining Esme, and smiling like a good little daughter, Rose stays back behind so they are rather looking at the two winners instead of herself.

"Hmm," Tzip replies, noncommittally. She follows through on the twirl and joins in the polite applause at the end of the dance. "My mom always said that'd be my downfall." Her smile turns rueful. "Rushing things, I mean. No patience, me." Her silver eyes wander to the stage, where three people appear to accept two awards. "It is lovely. The surf, the sand…the sun." That last is added dryly, but with an air of real wistfulness. Judging by the rich copper of her skin, this is one pup who could have happily spent her entire life in the sun. "France?" Oh, boy. /Now/ he's got her, hook, line and sinker. "I've always wanted to travel. What's it like there?"

The rewards are handed out, and a final round of applause is given. "Thank you again for coming tonight. Feel free to stay until close!" The lady chirps, beaming at the winners and then privately complimenting them each in turn afterward before turning back toward her table.

Esme offers a smile towards Amaya, along with a polite congratulations on the win, before she turns that smile on Rosalie and whispering at a level below human hearing, "We'll be home soon, Dear, then you can take Jasper out… just… not inside," she gives, still smiling. A polite 'thank you' is given to the lady as Esme accepts her award and makes to head off the stage, hopeful that Rose is right behind her. She's well aware that her daughter would like to give Jasper a few things to think about.

Some of the men at the table watch as Rosalie goes by with Esme, one even waves weakly. It's obvious these fellows got tickets just to see all of the pretty ladies in the gowns, though they /are/ very way of Emmett Cullen. They remain wallflowers most of the night, merely watching creepily from the sides.

Amaya receives the badge, returning Esme's smile and the congratulations, then heads back to her table, sitting again, remembering to adjust her tail /before/ she sat down this time. she comments, seemingly to herself, "Heh. Didn't expect /that/."

Rosalie follows her mother away from the stage, again, like a good little girl. However, what she does behind her mother's back….giving a wink to some guy who keeps staring at her, a tiny wave to the guy who dared to wave to her, walking a little more wiggly on those high heels….oh yes. What Esme doesn't know won't hurt her.

"Patience is a virtue… is that what they say?" Luc says lightly, smiling. He doesn't offer his own downfall, but he does get introspective, and thus, quiet for a moment. "I live in the countryside. I don't go out much, aside to visit my properties. I have lived there for years and years, and my family was rather well know, so you can suppose why I would need to stay indoors." His tone lowers to a dwindling whisper. "But it's nice there. Peaceful, I suppose. Not the answer you were looking for, I daresay." He watches Amaya go by with a smile, "See? Told you it was a great costume." As he looks back toward the table, he notices Theresa again. "Japan. Hm."

Beverley applauds as Amaya accepts her award, sure to offer her a congratulations when she's within speaking range again. "Good job, you deserved it," she gives, smiling and nodding her head.
You paged Tzipporah with 'He is assuming she just knows about what he is, since she's "like Lorelei".'
Amaya nods, thanking both Luc and Beverly, before finishing her plate full of food, bringing it to the appropriate place, and heading back to the table again.

"What 'they say' and what's actually good for you are, more often than not, mutually exclusive ideas." Only the daughter of two lawyers could pick up vocabulary like that at such a young age. She shrugs at his description of France. Peaceful was all well and good, but not very interesting. Her silver gaze follows his to Amaya and then Theresa. "It's all in the eyes…" she murmurs, almost to herself. With a shake, she turns back to Luc and just watches him intently, weighing him. Whether he was found worthy or lacking, she does not say, but she does step closer and lean in. Her voice is once more very low, quite akin to the tone he must have used with Rosalie. "You're like me-like us-but not. There's…" She struggles to put the slight 'wrongness' into words. "It's like having a puzzle piece that fits into the slot, but isn't quite the right shade to complete the picture." She glances up at him, a bit sheepish. "Does that even make sense?" Many times, things that made sense in her head, didn't always equate to sense outside it.

Esme certainly doesn't see Rosalie's response to the waving, winking, oggling men, and she certainly isn't surprised by their response to her. Rose is, after all, the most beautiful creature Esme's ever seen. "C'mon, Rosie, let's go home. We can show Alice what her work on these outfits earned," she gives, keeping her voice pleasant as she offers her arm to her daughter.
Rosalie takes Esme

Rosalie takes Esme's arm, growing quiet now. She is not looking forward to going home, really. As she passes through the doors to leave, she blows a kiss at whatever man is gawking at her as she passes. Give the guy a good story to tell at the office tomorrow.

The man that earns a wave is instantly a celebrity among the group of guys, he earns a few shoulder claps before he turns a bit pale with disbelief himself and excuses himself. The rest linger, teasing the other guy for his apparent wimp out, but secretly wishing they were him.

Theresa is sitting at the table she was before speaking to some lady who took a liking to her dress it seems. The vampire is somewhat amused by how the human seems so interested in it. She's had the dress for years after all. She glances after Rose and Esme once they pass by. "It is a lovely outfit.. Good job winning!" This said as she offers a faint wave to the leaving pair. Well she has spoke with Esme a few times.

Esme stops, just long enough, when she hears Theresa's words, and flashes the woman a smile, accompanied by a wave. "It was my daughter’s idea," she gives, referring to both of the other Cullen women. Finally, she steps out into the night air, leaving behind the ball, undoubtedly to go lecture a son.

Luc laughs at Tzipporah's comment about patience. "This is true." He watches Theresa, too, recalling her bright violet eyes and nodding, but not adding another comment. he doesn't seem to notice Tzip watching him until a moment later. His brow arches with slight surprise as she leans in. He listens with confusion, at first, and then a gentle smile of recognition: "Of course it does." He leans in and answers in the same hushed tone, "It's like this. You - well, not you /specifically/, but from what I understand, your people chose what you are. I did not, I was attacked."

Beverley sends a slight wave after Amaya and the Cullen women, before her attention returns to her now empty plate. A slight shrug is given as she gets to her feet, plate in hand, and delivers it to where it should be. That done, she simply returns to people/wolf/vamp watching.

It takes her a moment to work out his meaning, but once it hits her, Tzip's entire face falls slack with shock. Silver eyes peer out from behind her mask, lifting to meet his as a myriad of emotions flit across their surface. Sadness seems prevalent, and then a raw anger. "No matter which story it is, it's always someone else that makes the choices for us, isn't it?" She huffs out a breath, straining to rein in her anger. "My ancestors made the choice for me. Your attacker made the choice for you." Finally, she seems to clamp down on the emotion, replacing it with bitter humor. "In that, at least, we're not so different from them. Any of them." She nods towards Theresa to illustrate 'them'. There's a pause then, stretching almost to the point of rudeness before she breaks it again. "What sort of alliance was it you wanted, Luc?"

"Exactly. That's it /exactly/. It's like… a disease," Luc says, his passion dying at the end of his short response and heading into a rasp. He's clearly audible now, and Theresa could probably hear his response. He tones it back down a bit. "Sometimes, I don't think we /are/ different. Hence the alliance." He shifts his weight, suddenly skeptical. He hadn't even met their pack leader yet. "Which is complicated. Perhaps something I will have time to explain later. But it's late, now, and I have a meeting with someone early tomorrow." He takes a step back, imparting a smile that masks a more thoughtful look on Tzipporah. He fishes a business card out of his pocket. The name reads 'Seraphin Bussey' - not Luc, and has his cell. "I do hope we can speak again." He debates going back to the table and biding his farewells to Beverley and Theresa, but decides against it, wanting to avoid possible questions from the vampiress.

Astonished to hear her own thoughts repeated to her almost word for word, Tzipporah doesn't even have the presence of mind to try and prolong the discussion. Silently, she accepts his business card and absentmindedly slips it into the top of her dress. Handy storage space, that. "Me too," she responds quietly, and then seems to regather herself with a good shake. "Have a safe trip home, Luc. It was very good to meet you." And with that, she herself fades into the dwindling crowd. Steal one more drink before heading home. Plenty of things to mull over now.

Beverley watches the dwindling crowd, before she eventually gets to her feet. To those left, whom she knows or has become somewhat acquainted with during the evening, she gives a pleasant little nod. "Have a good evening," she gives, before she grabs her coat and pulls it about herself, to ward off the chill of the night air.

Theresa tilts her head, her gaze drifts towards Luc a few moments as she catches the disease part. Her gaze narrows faintly and she smirks a tad. Everyone thinks they know something better then someone else huh. Everyone has a past that isn't that bright, most just don't talk about it. "Good night.. Sir." She offers while waving faintly back at him.

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