IC Time: Late at night, April 1.
Location: Caius's chambers, Castle Volterra, Italy.
Synopsis: Kiri meets with Caius and brings interesting tidings from Forks.
Submitted by: Caius

Time has no real meaning within the castle in Volterra. With only a couple, rare, exceptions, the denizens of the
castle do not keep to an activity cycle that corresponds to day and night. Consequently, one is likely to find the
castle as active in the darkest part of night, as it would be in the middle of the day.

Caius Volturi is found in his private chambers this night. His sanctuary is filled with tokens and trinkets from his
many, many years. There is a vertiable fortune in artwork and relics in the room. The ancient vampire sits at a
massive oak desk, expertly crafted from a single piece of wood. Looking quite out of place among the ancient decor
of the room, a very modern Mac computer sits in the center. Despite his three millenia on this planet, Caius has
able to change with the times. Ancient scrolls were replaced with parchment, then paper, then a typewriter and
finally a computer.

His red eyes regard the screen thoughtfully, expression inscrutiable, until one of his massive grey-cloaked guards
announces a caller to his chambers.

Carrying a stick as tall as she is, adorned with black feathers near the top and big enough around to just make a
comfortable grasp of her hand (it's a rainstick), Kiri enters the chambers, stopping just inside. With a polite nod,
long enough to lower her eyes she greets the ancient man, "Caius." She stays where she is, already somewhat familiar
with the room, but taking a moment or two to look it over once again eyes alighting on the Mac. With a grace
probably not parallelled by anyone her age, she takes a few steps more in mostly to the side, allowing the guard to
close the door. "How can I be of service this evening?"

Caius beckons the young vampire closer, studying his computer screen a moment longer before he closes the laptop
with a 'click.' His gaze skims over the rainstick briefly, without recognition, then regards Kiri with an unreadable
expression. "You have been in the Americas, near to our old friend Carlisle. Tell me, young one, what news from the
New World?"

Kiri shrugs slightly at the question, moving closer to the desk, using the stick casually, keeping to its pace.
"Interesting news, no doubt. Probably not the kind you were hoping for, however." She stops a few feet from the
desk, leaning slightly on the stick. "I have, twice now, encountered a shifter with some interesting delusions." She
grasps the stick more firmly, not meeting Caius's gaze directly, "He doesn't appear to be from the local La Push
pack, nor Native American, but he has knowledge of the Volturi and seems to be waging a war against us, in a manner
of speaking." She lets the sentence trail off at that point, gauging Caius' reaction.

Caius frowns at this bit of news, steepling his fingers carefully. "Waging a war? In what manner?"

Kiri sighs slightly, "In an odd sort of manner." She gazes at the stick briefly, "It appears he is video taping
supernatural acts and threatening to expose these acts to the humans." She shrugs slightly, "Though I'm not quite
sure what he hopes to gain by that. Mutual destruction came out during our last conversation." She smiles awkwardly,
"He has less than a full understanding of what he is dealing with, no doubt."

Caius's frown deepens. "Have you seen these video tapes? What does he hope to accomplish?"

Kiri purses her lips thoughtfully as she gazes at the ancient vampire, "I have not." She lowers her gaze to the
floor and shifts the stick slightly, "But I know he has video of myself chasing him and retrieving my phone which he
held out from his perch on a tree limb." She shrugs with a slight bit of embarrassment. Looking back up to meet your
eyes she blinks to clear the dust from her eyes, "However… I think I have made him realize the simple futility of
the entire situation and he has slightly recanted his views, and wishes to ….." Again she shrugs helplessly,
"Obtain a manner of peace between our species."

Caius's mouth twitches in something that could be amusement. "Considering the ability humans have to make a very
realistic artifice for their picture shows, video tape evidence has less impact now. Humans claim to have video tape
evidence of creatures from outer space, the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. Nobody takes them seriously. What does he
bring to the negotiation table for peace?" Clearly that means 'what do I get out of it'?

Kiri smiles slightly, and peers at the stick she is holding, waving it slightly back and forth, "This. Is a present
for Aro." She rests her gaze back on Caius and shifts her body slightly, drawing her small purse within reach of her
other hand, "For you, however, I think something a bit more interesting." She withdraws a simple black velvet pouch.
The simple act of withdrawing it sends the things inside clattering plastic against plastic, probably very easy for
Caius to identify. "These. These represent perhaps half of what I personally saw the shifter display. He says they
contain some of the videos he spoke of, including the one of myself." She sets the pouch carefully on the desk
within his reach.

"I will review them. But as I said, in an age where any student of cinema can create such an illusion, these videos
have little value in the way of bargaining chips." Caius sets the pouch on his massive desk without opening it. "You
may give the stick to Aro, but first, tell me more of the recent events at your posting. Was a vampire destroyed?"

Kiri says, "I don't personally know of any vampire having been destroyed. There are rumours of something that might
indicate something of that nature, but nothing I have been able to pin down." She sighs once again, "I will continue
to look into it, but have been unable to really talk to anyone who may know something more. I'm still settling in,
so to speak." She lowers her gaze slightly, "My apologies."

Caius's eyes tighten, marginally irritated at the lack of progress. But since Kiri brought additional information of
interest, he does not reprimmand her further. "Very well. I will consult with my brothers after viewing this…
evidence… and we will send further instruction. You may return. If your shapeshifter contacts you again, inform
him you have presented the message and we are considering everything. Say no more about our thoughts on the matter
and give no speculation. Do you understand?"

Kiri chuckles softly, "I understand." She takes a few steps backwards taking her stick with her, "That should make
conversation challenging, at least." She shrugs as she smiles, "No matter. I have plenty of other things to look
into and will as always be waiting for any other instructions."

"If there is nothing else, you are dismissed. Relay my regards to your brother and sister in the field." Even as he
speaks, Caius's attention returns to his laptop, opening it once more.

Kiri walks over to Volterra - Castle: Private Hallway.
Kiri has left.

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