IC Time: April 3, 2007
Location: Volterra - Castle Throne Room - Italy
Synopsis: Caius considers his moves and summons Jane.
Submitted by: Caius

Jane received a summons from Caius just a few moments earlier, and like a good little Guard, she hastened to the
Throne Room. Maybe he had something fun for her to do. The last few days had been spent playing a lot of poker
with Demetri, something that they did during any slow period in Volterra. Her steps sounded louder than they were as
she entered the throne room, signaling her presence to any already in the room.

The ancient vampire is seated on his throne, one of the three ornate chairs in the room. For purposes of this
meeting, a small table has been brought in as well… though it is equally as ornate and exquisite as the chairs.
Upon this table rests an open laptop, the latest and greatest that Apple-Mac has to offer (lending credence to the
rumors that Caius, with his various aliases, is the controlling shareholder of the company).

Caius regards the computer screen, a hint of a bemused smile quirking one corner of his mouth. That expression alone
is enough to cause terror among the lesser vampires in the castle. Angry Caius is one thing. Amused Caius can mean

Caius twitches a finger to bring Jane closer, without looking up from the computer. "Ah, Jane. I have a task for

As Amused Jane is feared nearly as much as Amused Caius, Jane doesn't shake in her finely crafted suede ankle boots.
Rather her last few steps are almost skips, because this almost definitely means something /fun/. Admiring the
laptop - Jane had a similar, if not entirely recent, model in her own room - Jane approaches Caius, standing in
front of the table. "A task? What might that be?" She asks in her childlike voice.

"We're being blackmailed, my dear." Caius replies, in a tone that an adult might used while being held at finger-gun
point by a child. "A shapeshifter in Forks sent us some… ahem… video evidence of vampiric activity. A long, pale
finger touches a key on the laptop and the video plays. Kiri is seen, running and jumping in a superhuman fashion.
"The video was of very poor quality, but we have enhanced it. This next segment is interesting." And the next bit
shows a vampire entering a river, only to be suddenly pulled underwater from beneath the depths. There is some
thrashing, maybe a glimpse of an arm or a leg, but then the first vampire surfaces briefly, nearly decapitated,
before she is dragged under once more, by clearly another vampire, fastened onto the back of the other's neck like a
pit bull. Then the video shuts off.

Jane tilts her head. "Really?" She queries, before turning her red eyes to watch the footage. A single eyebrow
raises during the first one, and once the second has finished, the other eyebrow lifts to join its fellow. "That's..
quite interesting. What are we going to do about it?" Her eyebrows lower, but her head remains questioningly

"I am less concerned with the impacts of the shapeshifter's threats to us. Any human student of cinema can create a
realistic illusion of a vampire. Or even two. This is less leverage than it was, even a half-century ago. Our friend
has overplayed his hand. But he requires a sharp lesson. Something that will be a lasting reminder of the
foolishness of such actions." Caius inclines his head, looking down at Jane. "As to the other, this does prove that
the rumors reported to us were true. There was a murder in Forks." He pauses. "Interesting tactics." That amused
look returns. "I will be sending you to Forks. Choose a team to accompany you. And be careful of crocodiles in the

Jane claps her hands briefly, bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet. "For a tiny town, Forks has a lot of action
in it. Does this mean I can inflict a little something on the Cullens? Ooh, what if there's another newborn scare?
Can I play with them?" Jane asks in the same tone a regular child would, when asking if they could go outside and
conduct a game of hopscotch.

"Indeed. Kiri also reports that there are other vampires of a similar… persuasion… to our friend Carlisle,
coming to Forks. I wonder if he is trying to attract more to his coven and what that means to the rest of us." Caius
muses, his expression darkening. "Leave Carlisle's coven, for the nonce. Theresa believes there is a connection
between them and this attack, but if so, we may need to draw it out carefully, before we use it to our advantage."
Caius is somewhat less concerned with having "legal" justification for his actions, than Aro might be. But he knows
he will need it for this.

Again, the eyebrow goes up. It was a move Jane had perfected a few centuries ago. "More 'vegetarians'? Really? You'd
think in this day and age, there'd be less, not more. Pansies." Her voice is scornful, then she nods at Caius's
intructions. "I will do as you say, and report back."

"Find out what you can about this wolfling. I am still contemplating our course of action but I will need more
information. Look into this murder as well. Find out who our little river crocodile is and see if there is any…
potiential worth investing." Caius has always been a proponet of using the law as a recruitment tool, when it suits
him. "Also, look into these other gold-eyed vampires. See if they are coming to Carlisle's banner." He closes his
laptop. "Theresa, Algernon and Kiri have been keeping a low profile. You, however, need no introduction." He smiles,
faintly. "Announce yourself to the locals but be careful. The Cullens are in league with these shapeshifters and I
do not wish to tip off our wolfling."

Jane nods, glancing again at the display of the computer, where the last frame of the second video lingered. She
absently strokes the arm of her robe, then nods again. "I will form a team and get them ready to leave within a day.
Should Demetri perhaps join us?"

"Yes, I think so. He will be needed eventually, at any rate. And he might enjoy the outing." Caius's filmy, red eyes
focus on Jane. "Report back as soon as you are underway. If we need to send other support… Chelsea, perhaps, we

Jane smiles. Chelsea's power was nearly as formidable as her own, as was Demetri's. It would be quite a fun trip,
she thought. Neatening her robe, she bows her head and torso respectfully, then straightens. "It shall be done,

"Thank you, Jane." Though his affection for Jane is not as overstated as Aro's sentiments, Caius does have a
fondness for the dangerous little vampire. "You are dismissed." Caius smiles faintly, feeling twinges of excitement
in his ancient heart. This could be … interesting.

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